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The Naked Gymnast


Hello. My name is Miranda. It was during my second year at university that this incident happened. I hope you find the retelling of it interesting. I am blushing at the recall of the events and hope that by putting them here for everyone to read it will start to free me from my embarrassment.

I was a keen gymnast. Not a very good one, but I belonged to a club as a child and so, when I started at university I decided to join the gymnastics club, partly to keep fit and active but also to make friends.

During my second year our coach, a quite fierce lady called Carole Hathaway, decided that we should enter some competitions, to sharpen us up by giving us something to aim for. I was selected to do the floor exercises; my friends Trish (beam), Monica (asymmetric bars) and Julia (vault) were also selected. We all practised hard, but also had a good laugh.

I overslept on the day of the competition and was woken by Julia knocking frantically on my door. I got up, dressed hurriedly and threw my kit into my bag and dashed out. Miss Hathaway was driving, and I was squeezed in the back with Monica and Julia. I hadn't kept them waiting and we soon arrived at the venue, only a few minutes late.

We were directed to the changing room. To my dismay it was just a room with benches round it and not the changing cubicles I was used to at the university. This was a big thing for me, especially surrounded by other gymnasts, since I was rather self-conscious of my figure. By normal standards my figure is fine, but in the company of other gymnasts I am always one of the plumper and curvier ones. For some time now I have found it quite intimidating to be surrounded by so many stunning figures. Reluctantly I put my bag on the bench with the other girls and began to change.

I took my kit from my bag and saw that I had forgotten to pack my sports bra. Inwardly I groaned; if my ordinary bra didn't show under my leotard I would have to try to wear that. I took off my clothes folding them carefully. I felt that everyone else was staring at me as they sat round the edge of the room, already changed. I struggled into my leotard.

"You can't wear those with that Miranda!" said Monica in a whisper that was just too loud and attracted a few peoples attention.

"What can't I wear?" I mumbled back, conscious of the attention.

"Those knickers. They show!"

I looked down. She was right. I had forgotten how hi-cut the legs were on my competition leotard. Cursing under my breath, I struggled out of the leotard and then, blushing, slipped out of my panties. I wouldn't be the first time I had gone knicker-less under my leotard and no-one will know I told myself. Behind me I was sure I heard giggling as I redressed.

My bra was another no-no. The straps were in just the wrong places and the back just too high. I slipped my arms out of the leotard and reached back to unhook my bra. I was sure several of the girls were staring at my boobs, thinking how disgustingly big they were for me to do gym. I blushed some more and pulled my top back on.

There was nothing to do now but wait as the floor exercises were scheduled last. To be supportive we all made our way to the arena to watch each other.

As we walked through the crowd of spectators and competitors I noticed that I was attracting attention. Men couldn't take their eyes off my bust. As I walked my boobs were jiggling furiously, without the support of my sports bra. I blushed. My bum too was drawing attention from those behind me as the material rode up, exposing my bum cheeks. I was pleased when we reached the seating area and I could hide amongst my friends.

The seating was a system of wooden benches, we had quite a bit of room in our corner and I leant back, relaxing, trying to concentrate on the competition. My team mates did well in their events and we were in with a small chance of finishing in the top three teams.

My event was next. I sat up, or rather I tried to. The back of my leotard was caught on something. I tugged forward. This time I moved by there was a distinct ripping sound.

"Oh my god, Miranda, you've torn the back out of your leotard!" exclaimed Trish.

She was right. The material had torn in a gaping hole exposing my back all the way down to my bum.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, "What can I do?"

Like my leotard I was torn. If I didn't compete our chances of a medal were gone and it didn't seem fair on the others. On the other hand I couldn't compete looking like this. Then there was an announcement over the loudspeakers.

"Last call for the competitors in the floor exercises. Report to the judges table immediately!"

Julia had an idea.

"Quick Miranda, borrow my leotard, it shouldn't be too small" Julia offered and she began to take hers off. Under hers she was wearing a sports bra and panties, so for her it was no worse than being on the beach in a bikini.

"I've nothing on under mine" I whispered.

"No-one's looking, be quick" she urged.

She was wrong. I could see some of people around me smirking as I began to strip off my leotard, revealing my nakedness. Just as Julia handed me her leotard there was another announcement.

"Floor exercise competitors must report to the judges table within the next 30 seconds, please; otherwise they will be disqualified."

I looked at the people around me smirking at my predicament.

"You'll have to go!" said Julia. "Put it on over there."

The rule was really petty, but Julia was right. If I didn't go, they would throw me out of the competition and that would ruin our chances in the team competition. Blushing I clutched the leotard in front of me, hiding my boobs and pussy as best I could, very conscious of my naked bum as I made my way down the steps and around the arena floor. The stares of the passers-by burnt into me as I struggled not to expose too much flesh. I tried not to hear the comments, some rude ("look at the chubby one!") some rude, but complimentary ("nice bum!") and some just shocked ("She's got nothing on!"). I tried not to listen, but I couldn't. The comments burnt into my mind, just as much as my cheeks were burning. There was worse to come. The judges table was on the far side of the main hall. The main hall, full of spectators, officials and competitors! And so there I made my way; naked, clutching the leotard to my front, blushing and wishing this nightmare could be over.

The sight of a naked gymnast, clutching her leotard in front of her did not go un-noticed. A ripple of noise, people giggling or muttering, followed me round the hall, causing anyone who hadn't spotted me to look to see what the commotion was all about. I was the centre of attention. I blushed deeply and fought back the tears I could feel welling up in my eyes.

After what seemed like an eternity I arrived at the judges table and reported in.

"You appear to be having a bit of a problem" observed the chief judge, a sharp-faced woman.

"I ripped my leotard and I didn't have time to change properly."

"Well you'll have to slip it on as quickly as you can, you're first."

"First, can't I swap?" I pleaded.

"No!" snapped the woman nastily, "if you are not on the floor in 10 seconds you forfeit your go."

I quickly stepped into the leotard, not caring if anyone saw more than they had already seen, and staggered towards the mat trying to pull the leotard up my legs as I went. Julia was a size smaller than me and I was tricky to get it over my hips.

For a few seconds my boobs and pussy were completely exposed.

I tugged frantically and finally I just had to slip my arms into the sleeves and pull it up fully. Luckily I had got it on the right way round! I was not very comfortable. The leotard was cutting in round my crotch and riding up round my bum, but the music started and off I went into my routine. There was a murmur of approval form the men as I ran across the mat for my first jump sequence as my boobs jiggled, but I managed to concentrate and hit my landing. I managed to shut my embarrassment out of my find as I focussed on the next sequence. I performed admirably under the circumstances and it seemed that my ordeal had made me something of an audience favourite, as I received loud applause at the conclusion of each sequence, and evenly louder applause with a few cheers mixed in. As I ran off at the end I burst into teas of relief.

I didn't win, but did well enough for the team to sneak into third place. At the medal ceremony I borrowed a tracksuit, so Julia could have her leotard back, changing in the sanctuary of the changing rooms.

"Well done Miranda, you coped very well under difficult circumstances," said Miss Hathaway approvingly, as we drove home.

"Yes well done!" chorused the others.

Julia had the last word, making us all laugh.

"If flashing like that wins us bronze medals, you'll have to compete naked next time. You can be Miranda the naked gold medallist!"

"No way!" I said firmly.


And that was the story of the time I was naked in front of a hall full of people. Thanks to this site people all over the world will know about it. That should help me overcome my embarrassment... shouldn't it?

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