tagRomanceThe Naked Truth

The Naked Truth


I sighed as I pulled the car in the driveway. Another day another dollar but work had been especially stressful tonight. I shut off the ignition and just sat for a moment, looking at the dark house, realizing that Brad had already gone to bed. Happy Valentine's Day.

Brad is a man's man, a quiet man, and a good one. He works on cars, farms, and watches TV. That's all, really. I knew that when we got married and I feel a little ashamed now to nearly hate the way we've become. Boring. Stale. Hell, even to say we were just above platonic might be giving us more credit than we deserve. We have sex once a month, maybe. When we do its rub here, lick there, insert A into B, and...we're done. I can barely stand the excitement.

We've been married for 8 years, I thought. Eight years of last-minute gas station chocolates, hastily picked roadside flowers, and almost no romance. I don't know why I thought this year would be any different. After all, he doesn't see the way I ache for him to look at me the same way he did when we were dating, or the way I cherish even the simplest of touches, or the way I cry sometimes when I just can't take the indifference anymore.

It had been different when we first got together though, at least a little. I could actually see his temperature rise when he looked at me, his hand would caress the small of my back as he passed behind me in a casual caress, and he had showed the smallest bit of passion, which I mistakenly had though was a promise of bigger and better things.

I gathered up my stuff and stepped out of the car, into the chilly night, and shivered. It was all I could do to keep walking toward the house. One of the broodmares nickered at me from the pasture. I glared at her. Sure, she only got laid once a year but I had seen them breed. It was all lust and excitement and passion. Not, "Hey, babe. You wanna do it?"

I stopped and breathed, watching my breath steam out in clouds and looked up at the star filled sky. I was suddenly filled with the urge to run. Brad might never know. I could tell him that I had to work late. The bar in town was full of perverts who just might be what I needed to make it a few more years with barely any sex and little displayed affection.

My shoulders slumped. My hair looked awful, thrown into a hasty pony tail, its normal wavy sable locks grown stringy with sweat and fatigue. I probably smelled, had on next to no makeup, and I couldn't go anywhere in my scrubs. Yeah, I just might as well go in the house.

I stepped into the laundry room and plopped my bags down on the dryer. Stripping down to bra and panties, like I do every night since the kids are already in bed, I dropped my worn uniforms into the basket. When I opened the door and stepped into the kitchen I stopped in my tracks, completely confused.

Candles were lit everywhere. The countertops, the stove, the coffee and end tables, all were littered with candles. A trail of red rose petals started at the laundry room door and led into the living room, the scent of them rising to confuse me further, the texture of them caressing my feet.

My first thought was, Oh My God! Someone has broken into our house!

Then I saw the note, in Brad's handwriting, propped up on the bar. "Follow the path"

I bit my lower lip. Had he had a head injury today? My mind was still convinced this was a trick of some sort but my body had already begun to respond. I felt my nipples tighten and my areolas shrink, my breasts felt softer and heavier with unaccustomed arousal. Moisture and heat bloomed between my legs.

I tentatively took a few steps into the kitchen and realized, with open mouthed shock, that the house was completely clean. No dishes waiting for me in the sink, no dirty socks by his recliner, no toys and shoes clogging up every inch of floor space, waiting for me to pick it all up. It must be snowing in hell.

I continued my trek, staying on the rose petals simply because they felt so good on my bare soles. The path led out of the living room, down the hall, and into the bathroom. There I found candles lit on the surface of the vanity and at all four corners of the tub. Steam rose from the water in the tub while generous bubbles threatened to overflow its top. More rose petals were sprinkled on top of the bubbles. Soft music played from the portable CD player sitting on the floor.

Another note was taped to the mirror. "Bathe. You have thirty minutes."

He didn't have to tell me twice. I nearly ripped my undies in my haste to get them off, followed by the bra and pony tail holder. I eased myself into the tub, hissing a bit at the temperature of the water, but feeling my muscles relax as I sank into the heat. I actually moaned a little as I settled in, startling myself.

The scent of the rose petals and the bubble bath was like ambrosia to my nose. I closed my eyes and descended under the water completely. When I surfaced I realized that the bathroom door had been shut.

I relaxed, closing my eyes and just feeling the heat of the water work on my body. I slid my hands over my water slicked skin and cupped my own breasts, squeezing them softly, causing my nipples to draw up and beg for attention. I touched them lightly, tracing wet circles around both of them, teasing myself before rolling them between my fingers, pinching and pulling in gentle caresses. I felt the answering pull between my legs and felt my pussy throb with desire and need.

How much time had passed? I didn't know but I wanted to wash my hair and shave before my time was up. I sat upright in the tub and reached for the shaving cream and razor. When I was done with them, I pulled the plug and started the shower head, washing my hair with more speed than I think I have ever exhibited on that particular task.

I stepped out of the tub after a final rinse and dried myself, wrapping my hair in a towel. My favorite lotion had been placed just beside the sink and I slathered it on, taking care to get every inch of skin that I could reach. Unwrapping my head, I toweled it as dry as possible and combed it out, a chore that usually takes awhile as it reaches my waist, but tonight I literally ripped through it in anticipation of what was coming next.

I had just put my comb away when I heard my husband's voice through the door. "Elizabeth? Close your eyes."

I did, immediately. I was suddenly shy as I heard the door open. It was absurd, this man had seen me naked for eight years, but I had to bite my lip to keep from covering myself with my hands. His callused hands touched mine and he drew me forward into his arms. I shivered violently as he ran his hands up and down my sensitive skin, starting at my shoulders and ending at my ass, caressing my whole back. I had always loved this, loved to be petted and stroked, especially by his work-roughened hands.

I arched into him, pressing my breasts into his chest, and feeling his bare erection on my belly. A gasp escaped me. He chuckled lowly and the sound sent tingles anew all over my body. "Keep your eyes closed."

He took both of my hands in his and led me out of the bathroom and into the hall. We walked slowly back into the living room. "Keep your eyes closed. Tonight is for you. Relax and enjoy yourself. The kid's are at my moms. We have all night. Only one rule. Do what I tell you to."

I nodded mutely. I was so starved for attention and so horny at this point that I probably would have shot roman candles out of my ass if he wanted me to.

A few steps forward and he stopped me. I heard him move and then he put one arm behind my knees and the other behind my back, literally sweeping my off my feet. He's a big man, around 6'3" and 240 lbs. I felt petite cuddled next to his chest even though I am 5'8" and around 180lbs. Give or take 5.

He leaned over and placed me on something soft and ...inflated? Oh, it was the air mattress from when we went camping, although now it had something plasticky covering it.

"Turn over onto your stomach."

I rolled over and then scooted back a bit, centering myself in the middle of the mattress. I again felt shy. I felt insecure about my ass, my thighs, the small mole on my left butt cheek, all of it. I also felt a little apprehensive. I hoped that he wasn't going to do anything too weird. Although, at this point...

I gasped as warmth flooded my back. A second later, his strong hands began to rub, smoothing the oil across my skin. I moaned aloud as he caressed me, massaging my back and shoulders with sure, deep strokes. He left nothing untouched from the tops of my shoulders to the crack of my ass, down both of my sides and he even rubbed my neck. I was nearly incoherent with pleasure already. My body had relaxed to the point of noodlism.

His hands cupped my ass, his big thumbs rubbing each cheek. "Have I ever told you how much I love your ass? It's the perfect shape. Sometimes I get hard just looking at it."

The mattress shifted and I felt his tongue at the top of my crack, flicking the sensitive skin, dipping between the folds. "Ahhh!" I couldn't stop the noise that escaped me. He had never done anything like this before. He had never talked to me like this before. My head swam and I felt overwhelmed with the sensation.

He chuckled again, that sexy low chuckle that invariably made me hot. "You like that?"

I nodded and panted, "Yes!"

He continued his ministrations on my behind, rubbing and stroking my cheeks with his oil slicked hands, daring to rub the inside of my crack with oil, brushing my asshole and making me gasp again. The next time he did it, it was a more purposeful and firmer touch. I almost leapt off of the mattress in ecstasy. He had never; I had never, oh my God.

He moved down to my legs, spending time massaging them as well, working his way down to my feet. He lingered over the backs of my knees, pressing kisses there, causing me to jolt and moan with surprised pleasure. He rubbed the soles of my feet, caressed my ankles and slid his oil coated finger between each toe. "The first thing I ever noticed about you was your toes. Did you know that?"

I mutely shook my head no. "I was under a 76 Nova and you came walking up in those strappy shoes with your toes painted bright red. I was so turned on by your toes alone I almost couldn't get out from under the car, I was afraid you'd think I was a pervert, getting a hard-on at your feet. It was just the sexiest thing, those little toes, screaming red."

My eyes pricked with tears. I couldn't believe he even remembered those shoes, or my nail polish, from all those years ago.

"Roll over."

I did as he commanded, slipping a bit on the slick surface, panting with want. This time he worked his way up from my feet, caressing the insides of my thighs lightly and then with more force, nudging them further apart. He cupped my pussy with one hand, squeezing lightly. Tracing my slit with one finger, he gave a small laugh. "Somebody's wet."

He touched all over the outside of my aching, needy mound. I trembled and whimpered, finally begging him. "Please!"

He stilled. "Please, what?"

The words stuck in my throat. I don't know if I have ever even said the word "pussy" aloud before. I ached with need and he continued my torture with feather-light strokes. "Please, what?" He repeated.

"Please touch me!"

"Touch you where?" he countered, his tone encouraging and yet rough with arousal.

"Between my legs."I could feel each heartbeat in my clit and feel my own juices running down my ass crack.

"Where between your legs?" his hand moved to my inner thigh."Here?"

"No!" I almost growled with frustration. I knew he wanted me to say it. I shoved my prim and proper side in the dirt. "Please touch my pussy! My cunt! Oh, God!"

He thumbed my slit from bottom to top, rubbing crossways on my clit, as I bucked beneath his hands. He sank a finger into my cunt and I almost came. "Christ, you're so wet!"

From a distance I could hear a whimpering, panting beast and realized that it was me. The finger inside of me slowly eased out and he gave my clit one last rub before taking his hand away. I protested but to no avail. "It's time to move on."

His hands resumed massaging at my hips and worked their way to my belly, and eventually, finally, my breasts. I could feel my nipples standing straight up and imagined what I must look like. Hair everywhere, lips parted, chest heaving, large, dark nipples upright and puckered, legs spread, and pussy dripping.

He started much as I had before in the bathtub, small circles around each nipple, teasing and taunting their turgid tips. He suddenly pinched them roughly, making me gasp with shock and heat flood my cunt. He immediately began rubbing lightly again. He gave my nipples his undivided attention, rubbing, stroking, pinching, pulling, rolling, and eventually, licking and sucking. He incorporated just a little pain here too. He alternated between licking and sucking and nibbling just enough to pinch.

I had long given up trying to understand what was happening. He had never, ever, ever, behaved like this before. I had never felt so worshipped, so sexy, in my life. I was just going to shut off my brain and enjoy this.

I could feel his hard cock against my legs but when I tried reaching for it he backed away out of my reach. I frowned.

"No, babe. Tonight is about you." He paused. "Touch yourself."

My mouth fell open a little. "Touch...myself?"

"Start with your nipples. That's it, that's good. Rub them. Just like that. God damn, you are so sexy. Pinch them for me. Oh, yeah. That's right, right there. Don't hold it in, baby. If you want to make noise, make some noise. We're all alone. Yes, like that. I love that sexy little moan thing you do when you're just starting to let go. Flick your nipples. Just like that. Ok, cup your titties, push them together. That looks so fucking hot."

The mattress shifted and I felt his reposition down at the end between my feet. A second later I heard him start stroking himself and was again surprised. The thought of him watching me play with myself and touching himself was intoxicating. I felt like the sexiest woman alive.

"Spread your legs open more. Good girl. Slide your hands down, all the way down. I want you to open your pussy for me, show it to me. God, that's beautiful. You're all pink and wet. Rub you clit with your middle finger. Oh, you like that. Does it feel good? That's it baby, move your hips. Stop! Put your middle finger inside now, all the way, slowly. Finger yourself with it, slowly though. Now your index finger too. You're so juicy; I can see how horny you are. No, slow down. Why are you saying please? You want to come? When you come, baby, it'll be with me."

He crawled up between my shaking legs and pushed my hands away. I was almost mindless with need at this point, grasping his hair and shoving his head between my legs. I felt that chuckle right up against my clit. He lightly blew across my swollen, aching nub, making me cry out. He spread open my cunt lips further and slowly, oh God, so slow, began to give me long, deliberate licks. My hips ground into the mattress, frantic to fuck.

He teased my clit and tortured the insides of my lips with his tongue. I moaned loudly as he pushed my legs upward and then lifted my ass with his hands, using this advantageous position to slide his tongue in and out of my dripping snatch. I was almost weeping as he increased the tempo, tongue fucking me with a wildness and passion that I didn't know he had. Suddenly, he spread my ass cheeks and licked a trail from my pussy to my asshole, laving the latter with his tongue.

"Ohmygod! Ohmygod!" It felt so good. Color exploded inside of my brain like the pleasure I felt was dyed with purples and blues and yellow. His tongue probed gently, prodding my tight hole with slick strokes. I felt extremely drunk, intoxicated with a feverish delight.

He alternated back and forth, tonguing first my pussy, then my ass. I moaned and rocked, feeling as though I might literally shatter into a thousand pieces. I came when he moved up to suck on my clit, screaming and almost sobbing with the force of my release, legs jerking and shaking as he kept sucking lightly.

When I finally quieted, he lowered my ass and then grasped my ankles, rolling my limp body onto my stomach. He pulled my hips up and back, positioning me on my knees, my ass sticking up in the air. He ran a finger down my ass crack, laughing softly as I moaned and spasmed when he got to my asshole and my cunt. My pussy was dripping; I could hear the drops of juice fall onto the plastic covering the mattress.

Strong hands gripped my hips and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my swollen opening. "Push up onto your hands."

My arms felt like wet noodles but I did as he said. As soon as I did, he plunged into me, making me cry out with shock and pleasure. I felt him deep inside, deeper than ever before. He pulled out slowly and then slammed his cock into my cunt. His hands gripped my hips tightly and he pulled me back to meet his hard thrusts, fucking me with wild abandon.

His balls slapped my exposed clit, sending ricochets of ecstasy throughout my body. I was overwhelmed with excitement and hearing his meaty thrusts meet my juicy cunt was almost enough to make me come again.

The pace slowed and Brad began to gather up my hair at the base of my neck. When he had it gathered into a low pony tail, he began fucking me hard again, using my hair to hold onto. It wasn't painful exactly, it being gathered up the way it was, and it was a heady feeling to be so controlled. I whimpered with joyful enthusiasm, my hands curling into fists, desperate for something to grab onto.

"You like that?" He growled behind me.

"Yes! God, yes!" I loved it, cross my clit and hope to die.

"You like it when I fuck you like this?"


Our oil slicked bodies slammed into each other with a violent passion that I had only previously fantasized about. I could feel his cock stroking so deep he was hitting my womb, his heavy balls slapping my pussy as he thrust. His hand gripping my hip shifted and his thumb rubbed my asshole, causing me to buck and cry out. It just felt so good; I was so sensitive there, besides the fact that it was taboo and naughty.

"You like that don't you?" I whimpered in response. "Tell me what you like."

"I like it when you fuck me!" I burst out, determined that he wouldn't have to ask me twice this time, terrified that he'd stop if I didn't answer.

"Good, what else?"

"I...I love it when you touch my ass like that. It feels so good."

The hand on my ass disappeared and I groaned with its sudden abandonment. A moment later, lukewarm oil poured down my crack, soaking my asshole, cunt, and his cock instantly. The hand returned to stroking my asshole and the fist in my hair tightened.

He slowly began to rub right at the opening of my hole, easing just the tip of his finger inside. I drove back against him with mindless need while he played with my ass. His finger tip was pushing in and out with the rhythm of his thrusts, going in a little more each time until he had his entire finger in my ass, fucking it just as fast and hard as he was fucking me. He eased a second finger inside and I shrieked with multipleasured bliss.

"That's it baby! Come for me!" He extended more effort; his harsh breathing a testament to his exertion. "I want to feel you come all around me! You feel so fucking good!"

It put me over the edge. I felt my pussy clamp tight around his dick and my ass squeeze his plunging fingers as I screamed; a raw, primal scream, full-throated and careless of inhibition. A second later his own noise, caught somewhere between a growl and a roar, joined my own and I felt his hot cum spurting deep inside of me.

My arms gave out and my top half slumped onto the oily mattress. My pussy was giving off little aftershocks of satisfied approval, squeezing his cock inside. Our jagged breathing was the only sound, each of us shattered with exhaustion and pleasure. He slowly pulled out, his hot cum spilling out with him, running down my pussy lips to drip onto the mattress. I slowly collapsed, easing my knees out and wilting onto my stomach. The mattress moved under me and I felt his warm body beside mine a moment later. His large, rough hand caressed my back and he laughed as I shivered head-to-toe.

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