tagLesbian SexThe Naomi Chronicles Ch. 01

The Naomi Chronicles Ch. 01


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel) more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is in the link below. All of my stories and more are now available at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site.

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out (including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Chapter 1: A Little Chess

We are having a little party at our house, and I just can't take my eyes off of you. After spending a few hours entertaining the guests at our new pool, we slip off into the background for a little private relaxation.

We set up the chess set, and start to play. Now while chess may not sound like a very erotic game to some people, they have never seen us play before. I smile as I capture one of your pawns. Removing it from the board, I bring it up to my lips, kissing the top of it, then running it in a slow circle over my lips. Starting at the center of my bottom lip, I look into your eyes as I slide it to the right, then when I reach the corner I run it up over my top lip sliding left. I see your eyes glaze over a bit as I finish making the circle, then once again kiss the top before I place it in the little drawer on the side for holding loose pieces.

I watch you looking around the backyard, seeing if anybody else has seen this little show of mine. But everybody is so busy flirting it is like we are in our own little world. I let you make a few more moves, then I strike again.

This time I lean way forward as I pick up my knight and move it to where it can challenge your bishop. You do not even seem to notice my move, because your eyes are locked onto the globes of my breasts, moving under the thin fabric of my bikini top. As I straighten up again, I can feel them start to firm up under your gaze. Oh, how you always affect me this way. Just knowing you are watching me excites me all the more.

I clear my throat and your eyes look up into mine again. "Your move." I softly say, and your attention moves back to the board. I smile inside as you move your pawn, having totally missed my last move. I pause for a moment, seeming to take my time, and even pretend like I am going to move a rook. Then I grab my knight and take your bishop.

You groan slightly and shake your head. "Another one for you babe" you say, and start to ease your queen forward.

I reach across my body as I try to think about what to move next. As my fingers scratch along where the strap for my bikini lies. I find my eyes lingering along your neck as I do, and brush my arm against my breasts. I softly moan inside my head as I feel them responding, nipples now starting to poke out. I let my fingertips trail down the strap and over the swell of my breast as if I am not paying attention as I examine the board. I can sense your eyes locked on me as I reach forward and move my knight back, away from your queen.

You are definitely looking flustered as you return your gaze to the chessboard. I give one of my mischievous grins as I slide my feet out of the sandals I was wearing, and slide my right foot up the back of your calf. Your skin feels so silky and smooth against the top of my foot, as I slowly slide it up.

Your concentration is definitely going now, and I can sense in you how much you do NOT want to be playing chess. I let my gaze wander over your body, so unusual to see you like this.

Never much one for feminine clothes, you look truly striking in your new bikini. And I can see that in the center of the swells of your breasts, 2 concentric circles. I am positive I am getting to you now, as it is obvious that your own nipples have taken notice of my little show.

I take a quick glance around the yard as you capture one of my pawns. I watch you continue to hold it, twirling it in slow circled between your thumb and index finger. I am sure that if we were alone and in our room, those same fingers would be making the same motion against my nipples.

My previous glance reveals that nobody else is around us, and I take advantage of this. I arch my back a bit as I lean forward this time, and feel my right breast "pop" out of the cup of the bikini. I somehow pretend that this has not happened, and glance into your eyes, seeing them lock onto my breast. Gravity is pulling it down, making it seem even larger then it usually is, my nipple obvious in it turgid state. I move my pawn, and straighten back up.

"Ooops" I say, and reach down to return it to the cup. But instead of just a quick pull at the fabric, I make it another little show for you. I cup my breast in one hand as I pull the fabric over it with the other. Then once it is covered again, I pull the fabric tight against my breasts, making my nipples all the more evident.

You laugh it off, and try to return your mind to the game, since it is your turn. But my foot has started to move again, making it hard for you to concentrate. I watch you lean back in your chair, eyes closed as my foot slides up and down your calf. I move it down to play with your feet, and your eyes open again and take a quick look around. "Sorry babe, was thinking of what my next move will be." I nod at your words, and watch you make a move you would never do normally.

As I move forward to capture your knight, I let my foot move between your legs, now tracing it slowly up and down the inside of your calf, moving it up more and more with each pass, almost to your knee. Your skin feels so nice against my foot, but I finally look up into your eyes, seeing them half closed. "Are you going to move Naomi?" I say, bringing your attention back to the game.

"Ooops, sorry, I was daydreaming" you say as you look around the board and move a piece, seeming almost at random. I smile inside, thinking that I might actually win a game against you for a change. I decide that I DO want to win this game, and I press forward with the only advantage I have.

Your eyes widen a bit more as I slide my foot up past your knees. Now caressing against your inner thighs as I reach forward and move my rook forward, trying to set up your queen. And as I set up your queen, I am also setting up my queen. I watch you, my queen, as my foot is being trapped by your thighs. You take another glance around the yard. But nobody else seems to be paying attention.

Normally the more passive of the two of us, I am enjoying this little play of mine. I press my foot forward, past the widest part of your thighs, and can now feel the heat that seems to be emanating from the junction of your thighs. I stop my foot just short of the ultimate goal, and hear a soft groan come from between your lips. I slide my foot forward and back, massaging your thighs as I advance a pawn, for possible use later.

I slide forward, surprising you as I feel my foot come in contact with the garden I prize so much. I press against it with the ball of my foot, hearing you moan as you move your rook across the board, capturing my knight. I start to move my foot against you, feeling how hot and damp you have become. I bite my lower lip and start to slide my foot up and down. I can feel how wet this has made you, and I smile to myself.

I so enjoy pleasing you. And once again here I am, giving my love the most special gift I can, a gift of myself. I feel your hand slide down, and pressing against the back of my foot, drawing it closer to you. Since your rook has now moved away, I advance my pawn again, counting the squares needed before I can promote it.

It is your turn, but you no longer seem to be paying attention to the game. Your chin is resting on your upper chest, your breathing deeper and slightly irregular as my foot massages your pussy. I watch as you reach forward, moving your remaining bishop to the outside edge of the board. I look, but it is not directly a threat to my king. I decide that enough is enough, and that I need to bring your attention to other matters.

I lean back in my chair and take another look around. Seeing nobody else paying any attention to us, I pull down on the cups of my bikini, revealing my nipples to your half-opened eyes. As I do this, I slide my foot down, pressing my big toe against the bulge of your clit.

"Oh gawd" you moan, and I feel you pull my foot even tighter against yourself. I start to slide my toe up and down against your clit as I give you pleasure. Looking around, you remove your hand from my foot. I look as you reach over and pull the gusset of your bikini bottoms to the side, revealing to me your most precious place.

I purr, knowing that this is all mine. Somehow out of everybody that we know, you are all mine. I slide my foot forward again, and at the same time you grab it and drag it forward, pressing it against your bare skin.

So hot, almost searing my foot. And you are also so wet. My toe slides gently between your labia, becoming instantly drenched with your fluids. I slide it up the cleft, pressing it on your clit again. I slide it up and down, feeling the quivering of your thighs as I press up and down, up and down, up and down.

Then pushing downwards, I turn my foot. Looking into your face, I look for any discomfort as I slide my foot down your cleft, seeking what I know I will find at the bottom of it.

There, there it is. I press forward, and feel my toe sinking inside. I press forward, easing my toe inside of you. The moan you give out tells me I am doing just fine. I feel a large grin light up my face as I start to wiggle my toe inside of you. So soft and wet, silky smooth. I feel your inner walls gripping my toe as I slide it around inside of your body.

I press the other toes up against your clit, and feel your hand once again giving assistance. Your other hand is squeezing your breasts, pulling the cup of your own bikini top down, and giving me teasing glimpses of your nipples from between your fingers.

I continue to masturbate you with my foot, now able to smell your excitement from across the board. But the game is totally forgotten as I slide my toe up and down inside of you.

I can sense you are getting close, the thrill of possible discovery making us both work harder for your release. I can feel my own juices starting to soak through my bottoms. You are not the only one affected this way baby.

I can see your muscled tighten up, your breathing growing ragged. Even your pussy is telling me it is close, as I feel the contractions inside growing stronger. Your nipples looking so hard, wishing it was my lips encircling them instead of your own fingers.

"Go ahead Naomi, let it go," I whisper. "I know you want it, go ahead, cum for your Kimmie."

With a deep moan, I watch as you do just that! Oh you look so beautiful as you have an orgasm. Hips bucking almost uncontrollably against my foot, I moan also in delight, watching you in the throws of bliss. I continue with my massaging, trying to drag it out as long as I can. Your hips give a quick twitch, then a second. A few seconds later a third slightly stronger twitch, then your hips return to the chair, almost pulling my foot away from you.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, nice baby, I love you" I softly croon, knowing that your climax is over. I continue to caress you with my foot though, still feeling the contractions ripple up and down inside of you. Finally, your eyes open, almost totally glazed over, what looks to be almost a tiny tear coming from the corner of one eye.

I purse my lips and blow a kiss to you, whispering "I love you", and you return the motions back to me. I smile, my entire face lighting up as I pull my toe out of you. A soft noise is heard, and we both look around, seeing if anybody noticed.

Seeing that we have been entirely unnoticed in our little love play, we discreetly readjust our clothing, covering anything that may have been revealed. You take a drink of beer, and I take a sip from my wine cooler as I return my attention to the game. I move another pawn up, trying to get the strategy I had in my mind before the interruption going again.

With a grin, your rook sweeps back across the board. Capturing my pawn, you say "Check, and mate baby."

I look, the only escape for my king is to the side, which is diagonally held by that bishop I ignored earlier. With a groan, I tip my king over, letting her know it was over. But I get a consolation prize as you whisper "But I think I already got the best mate of the game."

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