tagBDSMThe Nap

The Nap


I've come into the house where you are lying down to take a nap, but when I check on you, you're not sleeping yet. You complain that you can't sleep, you're too tense for a nap.

I sit on the bed next to you, the weight of my body causing yours to roll just a bit toward me. I quietly tell you to close your eyes and begin to rub your back over your shirt. With the palm of my hand, I trace gentle circles over your back, trying to help ease the tension out of your body. I feel you relaxing a bit, as your shoulders drop and you stretch out, your body calling out for more of my touch.

Now warmed from the friction of rubbing over your shirt, I take my hand and lift your shirt, transferring my massage to your bare skin. I knew you weren't wearing a bra, and I now feel the soft skin on your back. You continue to relax even further, as I lift your shirt up, bunching it near your neck. I gently massage your shoulders with both hands, then rub down the sides of your body, lightly touching the sides of your breasts which are flattened under you. I continue this motion, up your back to your shoulders, then down the sides, with increasing pressure on your breasts with each stroke.

Soft "ahhhs" emanate from your lips as my fingertips now explore the waistband of your loose pajamas. I lightly run my fingers just an inch or so under the waistband, all the way from one side, over your back, and down the other. I feel your body lift just slightly, with the hope that I will touch your belly too, but I move my fingers once again to your back.

I now slide them a bit further down your pajamas, gliding them back and forth still, from side to side, as you continue to sigh in satisfaction. A little further down, and I now feel the top of your crack, just an almost imperceptible valley between your two cheeks. I let my finger linger there for a moment, causing you to wonder what I am going to do next. . . .

My finger lingers at the top of your crack, as your body starts to rock back and forth, as if you were trying to direct my finger to a certain part. I remove it from under the waistband of your pajamas, and return them to the shirt bunched around your neck. I lift the shirt over your head, leaving you naked from the waist up, and with my hands on your side, I ease you over on your back.

I now gaze at your beautiful breasts, dominating the front of your body. Both of your nipples are erect, demonstrating your arousal and testimony to the effect my touch has already had on you. I place the left nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pressing gently, and much to my surprise it immediately grows even larger, almost throbbing under my fingers. An audible sigh emanates from between your lips, as your hand rises up to join mine in touching your breast. I take your hand and place it over your other breast, and you begin to fondle that nipple, making it grow to match its partner.

I begin rubbing your stomach, running my hands in circles, mirroring what I had done earlier to your back. At the top of the circles, my fingers reach under your breasts, stroking that sensitive spot where your breast is attached to your chest. I lift your large breast, hefting it in one hand, and continue stroking it underneath. Your nipples remain erect, as your arousal continues. I repeat the action on the other breast, lightly stroking both under the breast and on your chest.

I let your breasts flop back down on your chest, and continue rubbing your belly, moving slowly downward toward your PJs. As I gently slip the pads of my fingers underneath the waistband, your arousal becomes even more evident, as I can now smell a sweet scent coming from between your legs. I look down, and notice a growing wet spot on your pajamas, right at your crotch. I take a finger, and lightly draw over the fabric, feeling the wetness on my finger and pushing the fabric ever so gently between your engorged lips. You gasp as you first feel my touch on that part of your body, and you open your legs slightly, hoping to draw my finger in even further. . . .

"Please touch me there," you say, pushing your crotch up in the hope you'll receive more pressure from fingers.

"Be patient, my love," I respond as I feel the wetness seeping into your pajamas. "I'll touch you when and where I want, not what you desire." I remove my finger from your crotch, much to your frustration, and trace a line around your nipple. You feel your own wetness on your areola, which only serves to make you even more aroused.

"Sit up," I command. You rise, still sitting on the bed, naked from the waist up, your big tits with their erect nipples hanging down. I love this view of you, and sit for a moment just taking it in. I then reach down into the bag I brought into the room with me, and take out a blindfold. I place it over your head, adjusting the straps so that it is pulled tightly against your face, blocking all light from reaching your eyes. I give a gentle push on your breast, and you flop back down on the bed again.

"Lift your hips up." You hesitate for a moment, not sure if you should comply with this. I see your hesitation, and lightly slap the side of your breast, not hard, but enough to elicit a small gasp from your lips, though I don't know if it is from pain or surprise. "Do it now, or the next time I will not be so gentle with these," I say, putting my hand under a breast and hefting it, then letting it flop back down on your chest again..

You plant your feet flat on the bed, and lift your hips up and hold that position. I can see it's not easy for you, but I make you stay like that for about 30 seconds, wondering what is going to happen. Finally, I reach my hands on both sides of your hips, grasping your pajamas, and yank them down to your knees.

"Okay, put your hips down now and lift your legs." This time you comply much faster, not wanting to feel the sting of my hand on your breast again. I pull your pajama bottoms off your legs, now leaving you fully naked in all your glory in front of me. What I sensed before through my touch is confirmed both by sight and smell; I can see the wetness leaking out of your pussy, and the pungent smell reaches both of us at the same time, as I see you twitch your nose in the realization of what you are smelling.

I sit down next to you on the side of the bed, and wait. The anticipation is burning in you, as you know not what I will be doing, and you have no visual cues. I move around a bit on the bed, but without touching you, leaving you wondering what I am going to do to you.

"Are you ready to do everything I ask of you?"

I can see a little bit of panic in your face, even though your eyes are covered by the mask. Your facial expression makes clear that you were not expecting this. You don't respond, and I reach out and pinch a nipple hard between my fingers.

"Ow," you respond, but before you can say anything else, I place the same finger on your lips.

"I asked you a question, my pet, and I expect a response," I say.

Once again, you know you cannot hesitate, and you quickly respond, "Yes, I will."

"Good girl," I say, pleased with your acquiescence. I continue sitting next to you on the bed, not moving, letting your anticipation build. I watch you, your chest, breasts, and belly rising and lowering with each breath you take.

After three minutes, I reach over and run a finger through your slit to see if you are still wet. As I make contact and feel that you are still wet, you moan once again. I take my finger and raise it up, placing it under your nose. I see your nostrils flare out as you inhale your scent, recognizing what it is. I then drop my finger down, letting it linger on your lips. You now taste your own arousal on your lips.

"Open your mouth, pet," I say, and your lips part slightly. I place my finger between your lips and into your mouth. "Clean it."

You hesitate a second, but before I can remind you not to disobey me, I feel your tongue on my finger, licking your juices off of it. I let you swirl your tongue around, cleaning my finger, then I withdraw it, your tongue trying to follow as it pulls away.

"Up on your knees, sweetie," I say, giving you a gentle push on your hip. You comply, and roll over onto your stomach before getting up on your knees. I love seeing you in this position, your large breasts dangling down, with your nipples -- still erect -- hanging below each. Your ample ass is right next to me, presenting an inviting target for my ministrations.

"Move your body, pet -- I want to see your breasts swinging." You know the drill, as I've had you do this many times before. You slowly swing your hips from side-to-side, not very hard, but just enough to make your breasts swing in unison. I watch them gently moving back and forth underneath your torso for a minute or so.

"Okay, stop." You immediately stop, your large breasts slowly coming to a halt after a few more gentle swings. I reach over and once again pinch one of your nipples between my fingers, gently at first, but then harder. As it gets harder, you gasp, and I enjoy feeling the reaction I get from you. As I keep rolling it, I reach over with my other hand, feeling your pussy, and see that your wetness has increased.

I pull my hand away from your pussy. "Spread your legs, pet," I say, and you inch your knees apart. I relinquish my hold on your nipple, and get up from the bed. You feel me move, and look over your shoulder to see where I am going, but the blindfold still prevents you from seeing anything. I move around the bed, now mounting it from the bottom, and kneel right behind your luscious ass. You feel my presence there, but are still unsure what I am going to do.

I lean over you, not allowing my body to touch you, and tap the inside of your thighs. I lean into your ear and whisper, "Farther, sweetie," then pull back again. I see you ease your knees further apart. "That's enough," I tell you.

"Now lower your head to the pillow." You do as I say, laying you head gently on the pillow. This has the effect of raising your ass even higher in the air, making you more vulnerable. The anticipation is frustrating you; you know something is coming, but you don't know what it is I'm going to do.

I get up from the bed, leaving in your vulnerable position. I look in my bag, searching for something. Your head is facing me, resting on the pillow, but the blindfold still presents you from seeing what I am doing.

I find what I was looking for and come back to the bed. I'm sitting behind you, my face very close to your exposed ass, so close that you can feel my breath as I exhale. I take the silk scarf I retrieved from my bag and, holding both ends of it, rub it across your left ass cheek. You flinch at the touch at first, but when you realize it's not something that will hurt you, you relax again. I draw the cool silk over first one cheek, then the other, a number of times, a light touch at first, and then with more pressure. Again, soft moans are coming from your mouth against the pillow, demonstrating your enjoyment of the attention I am paying to you.

After a few passes back and forth over your cheeks, I stop, and you again wonder in anticipation of my next move. I take the fabric, and with a few deft twists of my hands, tie three loose knots in it. I then stretch the fabric between my two hands, and move over to your side. I lean down, and whispering into your ear, say, "Up on your hands again, my pet." You comply, putting yourself back on all fours once again.

I take the ends of the silk, and lightly wrap it around your large breast that is lewdly hanging down from your chest right in front of me. Circling your breast, I rotate the silk back and forth, the knots drawing tighter and working into the side of your breast as the silk passes. I do this a few times, tighter each time, until on the last pass I tie the entire scarf around the base of your breast, effectively tying it off, causing it to even more lewdly hang downward. I reach over, grabbing your nipple, and squeeze it a few times until it enlarges as before, eliciting a gasp from your lips again.

I get off the bed, retrieve another scarf from my bag, and move to your other side, repeating the treatment of your other breast until it too is tied off and hanging down. This time, rather than squeezing your nipple between my fingers, I instead lean down, and begin flicking it with my tongue.

"Ohhhhhh," you moan as my wet tongue makes contact with your nipple for the first time. After flicking it back and forth, I press my lips around it and suck it into my mouth. It becomes obscenely big at my touch, and I pull back from you, removing it from my lips with a "pop," causing you to gasp again.

"You enjoyed that, sweetie, didn't you," I whisper in your ear.

"Oh god, yes -- do you know what you are doing to me?" you say in a halting breath.

"Yes, my love, I have a very good idea what I am doing to you," I answer. "But this is just the beginning."

I spend a few minutes playing with your nipples this way, first one, then the other, teasing them with my lips and tongue. I put one on my mouth, and first lightly swirl my tongue around it, then I use my lips to suck on it hard. As I do this, each gets very large, only to soften back down as I turn to the other. You continue to moan as I do this, but I stop as I sense your arms are getting tired from holding you up.

I release the silks from each of your breasts, and pressing down on your head, say to you, "Lie flat now my pet." You comply with a sense of relief, as I see your breasts flatten against the bed and spread out to the side of your chest. I sit for a moment, admiring your nakedness, your entire body of soft flesh there under my gaze, as I anticipate my next move. I place a hand lightly on your back and feel your breathing, still very deep as you recover from the arousal under which I had placed you.

I take the two silks and undo the knots in them. I take one of your hands in mine, and pull it out from next to your body. I tie one end of the silk around your wrist, and the other to the bedpost. You know what I am doing, and do not dare to resist. I reach over you, my still-dressed body draped over your back, to do the same with your other hand. As I do, you feel my cock pressing against your back through my pants, and you know that I am as aroused as you are as I play with my little pet.

With both arms now firmly attached to the headboard, I get up from the bed. "Where are you going? You're not leaving me here like this, are you?" you quickly ask.

"Oh no, my dear, not to worry. I'm just getting more silks out of my bag so that I can finish tying you up," I reply. "And from this point on, pet, no words unless you are spoken to first and asked a question. Do you understand?"

"Yes," you answer.

I take my hand and swat one of your ass cheeks - not very hard, but hard enough to surprise you. You gasp. "Yes, what, my pet?" I ask you.

"Yes, master," you quickly respond.

I lovingly stroke the same cheek I had just swatted. "Much better, my pet. Now spread those legs for me"

You wiggle your legs apart, and as you do, your pussy comes into view. I can see your lips, quite pink and full, and can see the wetness of your arousal on them. Underneath you on the bed there is already a small wet spot forming on the sheet. I take the first silk, tie it to your ankle, and pulling your leg just a little wider, attach it to a post on the foot of the bed. With the other silk, I repeat the procedure, pushing your other leg a little wider also -- not uncomfortably, but enough that I know you feel very exposed. Doing this provides me with a lovely view of your privates, from the crack of your ass, over your little rosebud winking out at me, and down to your labia, now dripping with even more wetness than before.

I lightly trace this path with the tip of my index finger, starting at the top of your crack and running it down, just very lightly touching your rosebud when I brush over it. As I reach your labia, I allow my finger to enter you, now feeling just how wet you are. Your hips rise up against my hand, trying to pull my finger deeper into you, but as you do I pull it out, glistening with your wetness. I reach up and touch your lips with my finger, and they immediately open once again to suck it again and taste it for yourself. After you swirl your tongue around it a few times, I remove it.

"Now that I have you in this vulnerable position, my pet, are you ready for the real fun to begin?" I ask you.

"Yes, sir, I am ready," you quickly respond with anticipation.

"Good, my pet," I reply. I look down on you, so vulnerable with your limbs spread across the bed like that. I watch you breathe, your breaths causing your back to rise gently up and down. I reach over and adjust your blindfold, tightening it to ensure it doesn't slip off. I then place my hand lightly on the small of your back and let it rest there. You flinch at first from my touch, but then settle back down to your patterned breathing.

After a few moments, I start tracing circles on the small of your back with the palm of my hand, the pressure very light at first, barely noticeable to you. I gradually increase the pressure, and I sense your arousal beginning to strengthen again. I look between your legs, so widely spread for me, and see the glistening returning to your pink, engorged cunt lips. Two more minutes of this attention to your back, and then I stop, lifting my hand from your body. I don't touch you for a minute or so, and you wonder what I'm doing. I just sit next to you, my clothed leg resting against your naked one, not moving. After a moment or two, my hand returns to your body, this time continuing the circling motion on your ass cheek closest to me. I start with the light pressure again, and then slowly increase it, until I am all but kneading your cheek, your flesh billowing under my touch.

I move my hand to your other cheek, repeating the procedure, enjoying the kneading of your flesh. I see you getting even wetter, the moisture now all but dripping onto the sheets of your bed. You struggle lightly against your ties, trying to get more pressure from my hand, but unable to shift your position enough to do so. After a minute or so, I stop, lifting my hand from your ass once again.

I lean forward, whispering in your ear, "Count for me, pet." You are confused at first, but then understand what's coming. I lean back, and lifting my hand in the air, spank your ass cheek, not too hard, but enough to make your body jump off the bed a bit.

"One," you respond, almost as if you were out of breath. Another blow, this one a bit harder, on the same cheek. "Two."

I continue, harder with each blow, first one cheek then the other, and you continue counting, up to twenty before I stop. I begin to see red marks rising on your cheeks, and with them even more wetness from your cunt lips. I take one finger and push it into your sopping cunt, and you gasp, looking for a release. I then add first a second, and then a third finger, and begin pistoning them in and out of your cunt, as your body rises as much as it can to pull my hand into you. I feel your orgasm approaching, you want it to come and wrack your body. I piston harder and deeper into you, now spanking you again with my other hand. Just as the crescendo approaches, and you're ready for an astounding orgasm, I stop, yanking my fingers out of your cunt.

"Oh god, no!" you scream, out of frustration to what I have done to you. "Please don't stop."

"Sorry, pet, this is my game, not yours. You'll cum when I tell you it's time to cum."

"Please don't stop," you beg again. "I need to cum."

I laugh gently, not mocking you, but enjoying the teasing I am doing to you. "No, not yet - and not until I decide you are ready, my sweet." I get up from the bed, and move away from it. You turn your head, as if to try to find me, but the blindfold still prevents it.

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