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The Narc


"Back when I used to live in Miami," Elizabeth said. "We'd get dressed up in the skankiest club clothes you've ever seen, drop a hit of E, and party all night. What do you girls do for fun around here?"

"Ha-ha you are in the wrong place for that stuff. No one ever does anything like that." Amber laughed. She could imagine her friend all dressed up in weird clothes and lots of garish makeup. Elizabeth was small and thin, but she had fine features and could pull it off much better than Amber ever could. "But when Jimmy can score some beer, we get drunk in the woods after home games."

"No E?" Elizabeth asked. "Uppers? Downers?"

"Sorry," Amber said. "But I've always wondered what it'd be like."

"Anything else?" Elizabeth said.

"...nothing fun," Amber said. "Wait..the girls basketball team must have something- especially with what happened to Amy."

"What happened to Amy?" Elizabeth asked, all the while trying to keep too much excitement from reaching her voice.

"I'm surprised you haven't heard the story yet. Well, out of the blue, this nerd, Amy starts hanging out with the girls basketball team. Next thing you know, she's dressing like a slut and then a picture was passed around showing her taking a hit off a bong her eyes all glazed over. It was all over school. Amy moved soon after...the rumor is she went to rehab."

"So these girls must like to party?" Elizabeth said. "Do they go to any of the usual hangouts?"

"They don't hangout with us," Amber said. "Especially Jill, who's kind of like their gang leader or something."

Elizabeth wasn't surprised. In many schools the drug cliques kept to themselves.

"You mean Jill Pierce," Elizabeth said, putting two and two together, and placing a certain 5 foot 11 girl on the basketball team. "She's in our world history class right?"

"That's her."

"So Amy was getting drugs from Jill?"

"Look, I don't know how things were in Miami," Amber said. "But there different around here. Amy used to be a perfect student. She didn't hang with us, she hung with the geeks. Next thing you know, she's....she's dressing like ...some kind of weird slut or something. And she seemed...strangely preoccupied."

"I dress like a slut when I want," Elizabeth argued. "It's fun to dress up. It doesn't make me a slut."

"You don't get it," Amber said. "See Stacy over there."

"The girl with the big boobs," Elizabeth answered following the direction of Amber's stare.

"Yeah," Amber said. "She's flaunting it. A girl can tell these things. But Amy..well Amy ...she wasn't dressed like a high school slut, she looked like some kind of wannabe slut from middle school. And even then, it always seemed that the last thing Amy wanted was to be dressed like she was."

"Oh come on," Elizabeth said, while her mind wondered at what she'd been told. Maybe she'd been hooked on drugs and then blackmailed. Stranger things had happened.

"I'm serious," Amber continued. "You leave those girls alone. They are trouble. Especially Jill...there's something wrong with that girl. She laughs at all the wrong jokes. Her weird eyes seem to look right through you. And people she doesn't like..have a way of...having troubles."

"Okay," Elizabeth said, letting it drop. But inside...

At last. At long last. For Elizabeth wasn't quite what she appeared. She was a 22 year old narcotics officer. She'd taken a job at Riverdale PD and been assigned to the local high school. She was determined to make some busts and make them quickly, because the last thing she wanted to be was a high school narc. She wanted to be a detective. And if she needed to bust some of these poor kids with some drugs in order for that to happen, it was going to happen. No matter if they seemed like perfectly typical kids.

Elizabeth was certain that she needed a big bust in order to make detective. It wasn't her smarts. She was plenty smart and had the marks to prove it. However, at 105 pounds, tall and skinny, she looked more like a high school student than a detective. It was hard to get hired, much less get respect.

That very afternoon, Elizabeth showed up to watch the girl's basketball team practice. She sat on the first bleacher and began to cheer the girls on.

"Wooo!" Elizabeth stood and clapped after an impressive 3 pointer. "Nice shot!"

Five minutes later a sweat drenched player came over to her with a ball in her hands. What luck. It was Jill Pierce.

"You play?" Jill asked. The number on her jersey said 43. She shifted the ball from one hand to the other.

"I wish," Elizabeth said. "I love basketball. My dad tried to teach me to play, but my hand eye coordination sucks."

"What's your name?" the girl asked, spinning the ball on a finger before passing it back and forth again.

"Elizabeth." The ball was distracting the narcotics officer. She tried to ignore it, but it was impossible. She looked up at the girl's ice blue eyes. Amber was right...they were strange eyes. They didn't blink they way they ought.

"Jill." she shook Elizabeth's hand with a sweaty palm, spun the ball on a finger and passed it back and forth again.

The girl looked Elizabeth over with a critical eye. Elizabeth knew that it was a critical moment. In a few more seconds, she'd either be accepted or not.

It felt uncomfortable standing there with nothing being said. The girl stared at her directly, almost intimidatingly. Elizabeth could understand why Amber felt wary of this girl. So instead of staring into those uncomfortable blue and piercing eyes, she watch the basketball as the girl shifted it from hand to hand.

"You know," Jill said. "We could use a team manager. The last girl we had moved out of state."

You mean she went to rehab, Elizabeth thought to herself. She kept that bit of knowledge from her face.

"I'd love to!" Elizabeth beamed instead. She was in. If these girls were involved with drugs, she'd have them.

"I'm warning you in advance," Jill said, moving the ball back and forth back and forth. "It isn't a glamorous job. You hand out towels. Wash, dry, fold. Mix up Gatorade. Wrap up sprains. Stretch hamstrings. You'd have to go to all the games and practice....Jeez, I'm talking you out of it. But listen - we are a sure bet for the regional championship and while you won't get a scholarship to play for the big ten, you will be an official member of the team. It'll look great on your college application."

It would look great, but Elizabeth had already been to college. She still smiled and clapped her hands with glee. "My dad will be so happy," she said. "When can I start?"

"Let me talk to coach," Jill said. "But how does tomorrow sound?"


"Not so fast," Jill said. "The other girls have to vote on you first. We're having a little party after practice. Can you come?"

"I don't have any plans." Elizabeth said. "Just let me leave a message for my folks."

"Tell them you could be late." Jill volunteered.

"They don't mind," Elizabeth said. She was certain. She was going to have her first bust very soon. "They're cool."

"That's perfect," Jill said. Her nostrils flaring as the cute slim new girl phoned her parents. This girl was going to be easy. Much easier than Amy. She could tell.


When Elizabeth woke up, her head was pounding and her mouth was as dry as cotton. The alarm was buzzing, and it echoed in her head. She fumbled around and managed to shut it off. Then she realized she was naked.

What happened? How did she get back home?

The last thing she remembered was going over to Jill's house and playing a game with the girls prior voting for her as manager. They tried hypnotizing one another. It was silly - funny - as they took turns pretending to by hypnotized.

When it was Elizabeth's turn to be hypnotized, she'd been a little nervous, but she'd heard that you couldn't be hypnotized to do anything you didn't want to do in the first place. Besides, it was probably fake, and surely no eighteen year old high school seniors could hypnotize a grown woman - a police officer.

But why couldn't she remember anything...and why was she naked? She always wore a t-shirt and panties to bed. Always. And then she noticed her sex and her heart began to pound, her pulse drummed like a gong in her head. It was bare. Nothing there to hide her mound or her soft pink lips.

A series of images flooded her head. So vivid. So clear.

She was naked and surrounded by the basketball team. Jill was saying,"The hair on your pussy has caught on fire. You can smell the burning hair. It's hot.

She remembered fanning her pussy with her hands and blowing down there. She could fell the awful heat. She remembered hearing the sound of laughter.

"That's just making it worse, the only way to put the fire out is to pluck those little hairs..pluck 'em."

She remembered pulling at her pubic hair. Remembered how it hurt too much when she tried to pull a whole handful. Remembered how it hurt much less when she tugged just a few.

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt," she remembered a tall girl saying. "You're too cruel Jill."

"No I'm not," Jill said. "It feels good doesn't it Elizabeth? It feels less hot already. Keep going, it feels less and less hot with every hair you pluck."

Ouch. Ouch. Elizabeth pulled plucked and jerked. "Yes it feels better," she said as she worked over her crotch. The burning sensation being replaced by a dull ache from being denuded in such a primitive fashion. But the heat was diminishing.

"As a matter of fact," Jill continued. "You are glad I told you how to put out the fire aren't you? Otherwise, you could have really been hurt. Besides, being bare makes you feel tingly inside."

"I'm very glad..." Elizabeth said, while continuing to work her pubes over.

"You've gotten most all of 'em. The fire is out now. And look, you look so pretty now that those nasty hairs are gone," Jill said. "Doesn't she look pretty girls."

"Yes." Most said. "Like a flat little freshman," Another said.

"Don't listen to her," Jill said. "As a matter of fact, you can't hear anything Anne says."

And suddenly Elizabeth couldn't.

"Elizabeth," Jill said. "I want you to close your eyes and count to ten. When you open them, you aren't a high school girl anymore."

"I'm not?" Elizabeth asked.

"No. You are a porn star. A sexy porn star at a photo shoot. A sexy girl that everyone loves to look at her. You love attention. You are a sexy girl with no inhibitions. A sexy girl who loves being sexy." Jill pulled out her camera. "And I'm your photographer."

Just as suddenly as they'd come, the images faded. Elizabeth couldn't remember what happened after that. She needed coffee and lots of it. She needed to call someone and tell them what happened. But what would she say?

Hello, I was hypnotized, and told to strip. I pulled my own pubes out by the roots, and then I was probably photographed, though I'm not certain.

Elizabeth padded to the kitchen on her bare feet and made a pot of coffee. She added three sugars and some cream..a lot of cream. She took a sip. It tasted sweet.


The images come sudden and just as vivid as before. Elizabeth could taste the sugary sweet taste of a large lollipop she held in her hand.

"That's it Lizzy," Jill encouraged, the flash of the camera momentarily blinding Elizabeth. "Lick it. But more seductively. Pretend it's cock."

No. Don't do it, Elizabeth thought. But the other her, the her she was inside of, but didn't seem to be obeying her commands, licked up and down on the lollipop and gave a wicked smile before sucking it...sucking it up and down like a cock.Humming while she did so. Just like her boyfriend liked.

"That's so sexy Liz. You are turned on. You are hotter than you've ever been." Jill said. "Now stick it in your pussy."

No. Oh fuck no. She's taking pictures, Elizabeth shouted to herself. Even as she pulled the lollipop from her lips and moved it down to nether lips. Teasing them up and down. Plunging the lollipop home and giving a low growl.

"That a girl, right up in there. Now fuck yourself with it."

"mmmmmm..." Elizabeth moaned in response as she worked the lollipop in and out.

"Now lick it clean." Jill purred, as she moved in for a closeup of Elizabeth's sex and took a picture.

"Ewwww..." A girl said, as the narcotics officer brought the pop to her lips.

"How can I work under these conditions?" Elizabeth said angrily, pointing the lollipop accusingly at the large girl in a basketball jersey. "She is unprofessional."

Finally! Elizabeth was elated. This self she was trapped in was finally going to stop performing these humiliating tasks in front of these girls.

"Sorry," Jill said. "That's my assistant." To the girl: "Make yourself useful and go get Liz a glass of water."

"Now where were we," Jill said. "Yes. Lick it clean."

"I don't know," Elizabeth said with uncertainty, her nose wrinkling in disgust as she looked at the slick surface of the lollipop, her pearly juices thick around the rim. "It tastes bad."

"You're a porn star," Jill said. "You've tasted far worse. Now lick it. We are paying good money for this shoot. Do I need to call your agent or the lawyers?"

"No," Elizabeth said meekly.

"Baby," Jill continued. "You are so horny right now. So hot. You are dripping. You want to lick it. You really want to lick it."

Elizabeth game a shallow moan, and licked her lips and seductively licked up one side of the lollipop before sucking it in her mouth and working it in and out like a cock.

"Perfect. So sexy," Jill encouraged. "Now back in your pussy. But spread your legs more this time."

Elizabeth spread her legs and thrust her hips forward and began to pump the pop into her tight sex.

"Faster," Jill encouraged. "And play with your tits."

"What tits?" A girl heckled.

Elizabeth's cheeks reddened. She stopped once more.

"Don't listen to her," Jill said. "She's just jealous. You're the porn star. You have huge tits. Give 'em a good jiggle. Show her who is boss."

"Jealous much?" Elizabeth taunted, as she thrust out her chest, and moving her hands up and down where her huge boobs would be. Only the real Elizabeth who was trapped in this bad memory could only cringe as she knew that there was nothing there to jiggle as she was only and 32A.

"Let Becky hold your lollipop while I get a few more pictures," Jill said. "Get on your hands and knees and turn around. That's my girl. Now spread your ass. Perfect. Now take the lollipop from Becky. Oops. It's all dirty. Give it a suck. A nice long suck."

Don't! Elizabeth shouted. Becky has taken off her shorts and the pop was clean when you handed it to her. You cleaned it yourself. It certainly wasn't clean now. Don't be an idiot, Becky is fingering herself with her other hand. Only the other her didn't listen. She could taste the tang of Becky's secretions even over the taste of sugar.

"I want to hold it next." "Me too." "Me too." A chorus of cries erupted.

"Nooo!" Elizabeth groaned. Jill passed out several more lollipops around. "Here take one of these. That way you can juice them up while she sucks them clean."

"I'm not doing that!" Elizabeth pouted.

"Baby," Jill said. "These are the best tasting pops you've ever had. You crave them."

"I do?" Elizabeth asked timidly.

"You do," Jill insisted. "They taste better than anything."

Another sodden lollipop was held to Elizabeth's lips.

Elizabeth could feel the yearning of the girl she was trapped inside. She wanted to taste it. She needed to. Her lips parted. She groaned. No. Don't do it. No.

But the other her did it anyway. A tentative lick at first. Then it was in her mouth as she eagerly sucked it clean. Another was held to her lips before she'd finished the first. She hungrily snatched it and sucked them both. Dear God...and poor Elizabeth was trapped inside a nightmare of memories she didn't want while a camera flashed and recorded ever detail of her humiliation.

Finally the memory released a visibly shaken narcotics officer. Elizabeth poured her coffee down the drain. She made another, this time with no sugar and downed the bitter brew quickly.

God. What had she done? Every time she thought the worst was over, the forgotten memories came flooding back, each time worse than before. She headed to the shower to clean herself. She stunk, but she wanted a shower even more to try to get rid of how dirty she felt.

The water burned and she welcomed the sensation. She soaped up. Washed off her sex. It was sore. She wondered if it was from the mangled job of plucking or something else happened that she couldn't remember. To tell the truth, she didn't want to remember anymore. She squeezed out a handful of shampoo and worked it into her strawberry colored hair. She closed her eyes as she rinsed it out. The memories returned, grabbing her like a paper boat and whisking her away in the current.

They'd since moved to a cramped bedroom. Elizabeth was kneeling in front of a bed. Between the muscular thighs of Becky Johnson.

"She's your girlfriend Lizzy," Jill said. "Don't you love your girlfriend?"

"Sure I love her...but.." Elizabeth said. Her cheeks bloomed a bright red. "I can't. Do that. Not with everyone watching..."

You are damn right I can't, Elizabeth thought to herself, while trapped once again by the memories. That right there is a pussy in front of my face. I don't know how the hell I got on my knees or why she's naked from the waste down, but I don't play for that team.

"If you loved her wouldn't you want to make her happy?" Jill continued.

"Sure..but..this feels...wrong..."

Elizabeth felt the girl running her fingers through her hair. Get out of there! Get out of there! Elizabeth thought to herself as forcefully as she was able.

"Becky told us you weren't a very good lover," Jill said. "We don't want to embarrass you. We just wanted to give you a few pointers. That would help you please Becky. You want to please Becky don't you?"

"I guess..."

Don't. Don't. Elizabeth thought, but she could feel her body go slack as her face was pulled into the musky wet sex of a tall lanky basketball player.

"You don't want her to start going out with some other boy, do you?" Jill said.

"No." Elizabeth said determinedly. Now, she felt Jill's hand on the back of her head, pushing her forward- . Pushing her - mouth first- into another girl's sex.

"Then lick."

No! Elizabeth urged herself. But it was far too late. She was licking. She was going down on another girl.

Please. Elizabeth begged. Just let the memory end. Let me out.

But she wasn't let out. She licked. And the girls chimed in with pointers. Suck her lips. Now up and down her slit. Suck it. Now gently brush the clit. That's the way. Reach up and rub her nipples. Good. Flick her clit with your tongue. That's the way. Flick it. Flick it. Faster. Get right up in there. Work that pussy. Is she any good? Oh yeah? This one is going to be the best.

Finally it was over. Her tongue was tired. Her face was soaked. But Becky had finally been satisfied.

"My turn," another girl said, taking Becky's place.

"No way!" Elizabeth spat.

"Shhh..." Jill said. "Lisa only wants to give you a few more pointers, don't you Lisa?"

"Yes.." Lisa purred. "A lot of pointers."

"And Becky wants you to have these pointers," Jill said. "Don't you Becky."

"Yes," Becky said.

"So you can be a better lover for Becky. This is just for practice. Like we do at basketball," Jill continued. "If you were a better lover, you wouldn't need to practice. You do want to be a better lover don't you?"

"Yes.." Elizabeth whispered.

"There's plenty of boys and girls that would love to practice on Sue. But never mind," Jill said. "I think we are wasting our time girls. It doesn't like Lizzy wants to be a better lover. I guess Becky has been wasting her time too."

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