tagBDSMThe Naughty List

The Naughty List


It was the week before Christmas and final preparations at the North Pole where underway. Santa had been in his office going over the naughty and nice list. He's always happy yet, never surprised when the naughty begin to do good things in their attempt to get on the nice list. He especially enjoyed making house calls to punish certain naught individuals. Of course, those at the North Pole including Mrs. Claus had no idea he did these trips. Santa was always going out to check up on three certain ladies on his naughty list in person.

(There was a knock at the door)

"Come in."

"Ah. Hello Eldar. What can I do for you?"

"Mrs. Claus would like your presence in storage right away Santa."

Santa stared at his head elf for a moment before putting is pen and list down. Normally he wouldn't stop working for anyone. Mrs. Claus was a different story. He got up and made his way toward the door following Eldar out the door and down the hall to storage. Now wondering what she was doing in storage with everything else going on. They rounded the corner and the door was closed.

"Mrs. Claus you still in there?" asked Eldar knocking on the door.

The door swung open to her standing there before them. She lifted a hand and thanked Eldar for fetching Santa telling him to head back to the workshop to keep things in order. Once he was out of sight she pulled Santa into the room.

"I understand your preflight coming up. Before you go can you carry some of these boxes over to my office?"

"Ah. I have a lot of work to do. Why didn't you have Eldar do it?" He asked of course knowing that was a mistake as soon as the words left his mouth.

"Well, these are sensitive things, and I wanted to wish you a safe journey before you left to have your way with all those naughty girls."

Santa had to do a double take, making sure he heard her correctly. He couldn't even fathom what to do other than stare at Mrs. Claus.

"Owe you thought I'd never find out. Funny you only visit the naughty ones over the age of 25 on that list before Christmas. Besides that it's the same ones very year as well, which I can't blame them. On the outside you're a fat jolly man. But under the big red suit it's quite the sizable North Pole, and other talents that will have any woman begging for more."

"I'm s..o..r..r..y."

"You will be now move!"

He quickly picked up the boxes and made his way out of the room. His mind began to race wondering what she had in store for him. As well as what was in these boxes he had to carry up to her office. The walk took a little longer this time as her office is on the other side of the facility. He got to the top of the stairs and waited as she came around him and opened the door.

"Oh, just put those over there."

Walking over he put them down against the far wall. Turning back he stood and stared at her wondering if he should make a "b" line for the door, or stay and handle this now.

"Good, now I want you to strip. Before you even think of refusing or hesitating, just remember the more you resist the worse it will get. I hate for word to get out that Santa has been abusing his authority. The elves think so highly of you, I can only imagine what it would do to your reputation."

The hesitation lasted long enough for Mrs. Claus to say all of that. As soon as she was done he began to remove his clothes. Not taking too long since he only had on slippers, pants, and a shirt. He folded them nicely and placed them on a nearby chair.

"Well one never gets old of that view. I swear your cock looks bigger every time I see it." She chuckled to herself at this. Mrs. Claus saw his dick every day. Sometimes just to tease him enjoying watching him get erections. Santa's cock at full mast was 9 ½" long and 3-4" in girth.

"You should be aware that my little shopping trip last week wasn't really a shopping trip. I went to visit some friends of yours. You know them as Heather, Megan, and Tricia, but you knew that already didn't you?"

Santa gulped hard these women were the naughtiest of girls ever to cross his list. He took it upon himself to go and see them every year and try to change them of their naughty ways. Despite what you think he never had sex with any of them. Though he'd strip in front of them, allowing them to think they were going to get a go at his horse like cock. It was never allowed he'd tease them immensely though never letting them touch him.

Of course they couldn't as he would restrain them. Heather had a weakness for spankings which he learned after the first visit. Spanking her first with an open palm, then switching to a belt only made her more excited. He tried other tools that didn't work it only made her pussy wetter. However, spanking her pussy always had a positive effect. After about twenty lashes of the riding crop on her pussy she would be begging him to stop with promises to be good. As well as promising to satisfy his dick anyway he desired. He would always refuse telling her that is what got her on the naughty list in the first place. Her inability to keep it in her pants, though know she knew what it felt like for all those men who she beat their genitals into submission.

Megan wouldn't last long during her spankings. Unlike Heather, Megan hated to be spanked in anyway shape or form. He never got in more than 10 smacks before she was begging him to stop. Which he never would, just continuing until her ass had a nice rosy red tint to it. Her weakness had been vibrators. She loved to ride a good vibe for hours, so to tease her he would tie her bent over the kitchen table. He'd position the fucking machine behind her. Placing a vibe in each hole only he would put it on the lowest setting so she barely felt it. Then he would spank her ass, as the machine fucked both her holes. As one went in, the other pulled out doing this for 10 minute intervals. Before changing its rhythm again, so she couldn't get used to it. Santa would then let her know for every 10 smacks she took, he would turn the vibrator up a notch. This didn't work out well as she couldn't take a long spanking. Yet, she would always try her best to hold out wanting the fucking to continue.

Tricia now this is his favorite. She loved to dominate men humiliating them in any way she could. Santa enjoys this as she is a straight dominatrix. Tricia was not in any way into being submissive so making her his plaything always satisfied him. It was never easy to get her to submit, though he had his ways. He would use her slave to help over power her. Once tied down in position, she would then be forced to satisfy her slave's needs. Though the repercussions to her slave were severe it was always worth it to humiliate her Mistress for a few hours. Yes, Tricia had female slaves. Occasionally she would have male slaves as she did enjoy CBT from time to time. Though she only had males when she discovered there cocks didn't meet her needs.

Her slaves however loved the chance to tease her leaving her on the edge of orgasm for hours on end, while the whole time taking turns riding her tongue. Which despite having female slaves, Tricia wasn't into women in any sexual way at all. It turned her on to dominate them, but she never did anything to them. She loved cock too much and that is all she would ever have in her mouth. So the slaves making her suck and lick their pussies, was truly torture for her as she didn't like it. Though Santa knew it wasn't just any cock she loved big ones. So he would always stand over her dangling his big meat in front of her face making her drool for it.

"I guess by your silence I don't need to remind you of who these women are. I know you never slept with them which is good. Though I am aware of what you did do with them, and that was not nice Santa."

He put his head down and continued to stand there. Wondering now if he would get any brownie points as Mrs. Claus had to know now why she always got the best fucking of her life when he returned from this trip.

"Turn around now and bend over that table over there. Make sure your stretch your arms out in front of you."

"But...There has to be something we can do to work this out."

"There is, turn and bend over. No more talking from you unless I ask you a question. The more you hesitate the worse it will be."

He had to admit this bossy side of his wife was turning him on a bit. The word submissive wasn't something that crossed his mind unless he was the Master. Doing as instructed he made his way to the table stopping in front of it. Placing his thighs against the end he bent over the table arms stretched out in front of him.

"Good, now put your face down."

Once his face was down she walked in front of him and put a strap around each wrist pulling it to its limit and tying it to the table leg. She repeated this with the other arm, and then went and secured his legs to the table as well. This position also spread his legs a bit leaving his genitals on full display. Mrs. Claus wasn't done yet, returning to his head she placed a strap on one side of the table crossed it over the back of his head and attached it to the other side.

"There now we have you good and secure, don't want you to move or try to lift your head in protest."

She moved behind him and began to lightly rub her hands over his exposed ass. First, just lightly using her finger tips sending chills up his. After several minutes of this she began to spank it starting off with easy smacks only getting his attention. Then picking up the momentum going from little stings to a full onslaught of pain. There was no disguising the muffled moans that escaped his mouth with each blow. Then as quickly as it started it ended.

"Huh, well I have to say your cheeks aren't the only thing red anymore." She giggled to herself.

Santa hoped that it was over now, though deep down he knew it was only the beginning. Besides his wife he knew Heather, Megan, and Tricia where all gonna get to have some revenge on him. It would be a long night, and hopefully he could still sit when it was all over with.

Just then he felt a cold pair of hands grip is cock and begin to stroke it downward though never touching the tip. The hands would keep going one of top of the other as if there was a conveyer belt of hands going down his cock. He felt himself getting hard though do to the table it just continue to point down word, which would be slightly uncomfortable. Once he hit maximum length one hand began to piston up and down his shaft as the other gripped his fat head making circular motions as if trying to shine a bowling ball.

This continued for some time as he now felt his balls begin to tighten and his load now building up. It would only be a matter of time before he shot his massive load. The point of no return was vastly approaching he wanted this so bad, no shaking his thighs trying to edge it on more. As soon as it was about to break through the stroking came to an abrupt stop. Leaving him hanging right on the edge more frustrated than he had ever been. It took some time for it to go down, but once it did, the edging continued for the next hour. With Mrs. Claus bringing him right to the edge and stopping.

He was getting close again when there was a knock on the door. His cock released from her grip yet again as he heard Mrs. Claus walk over and open the door.

"Well, Hello ladies come on in. As you can see he is all ready to go for the evening of fun. Now remember what we discussed."

"Yes, Ma'am." They all replied in unison.

"Good, as agreed Megan he is all yours for the next hour. I, Heather and Tricia are going to go. I am gonna go give them a tour of the facilities. Have fun, enjoy yourself, if you need anything just pick up that phone over there and dial #21, it will ring to my portable."

With that Mrs. Claus, Heather and Tricia left the room closing the door behind them. Megan walked over and locked the door behind them. Then turned to look at her revenge for the next hour.

"Oh, Santa... Santa... Santa... The fun we are about to have. Well, the fun I am about to have." She laughed out loud then stepped forward and landed a hard slap to Santa's ass.

He cringed at her laugh, and then before he could react jumped to the sudden sting to his ass. It didn't stop there he felt at least 25 more smacks before it stopped.

"That 25 smacks you just felt is my warm up. I intend to hit you at least that many times with each one of my new toys. Just know your ass isn't the only thing that will be beat either. No, when the others get back, I would say your thighs will match your ass. I am disappointed in not being able to assault your cock and balls, but I didn't draw that ticket."

Ticket, what had she been talking about he began to wonder. Had Mrs. Claus given them each an area that they were and were not allowed to punish, oh she was good.

"Well, enough chatter let's get started."

No sooner did the final words escape her mouth did the first blow from her ruler make contact with the right side of his ass. The fatty skin began to jiggle and shake with each blow. Right around the 25th blow she stopped. This made him wonder if he was now going to get 25 on the left. He didn't have to wonder long soon enough the left cheek began to scream in pain. Clearly she changed tools now using a whip of some kind.

The assault went on endlessly for 40 minutes she used 5 different whips on his ass cheeks switching the whips per cheek always leaving him guessing. She stood back for a moment admiring the welts that were now forming on his ass. Then thinking that it is gonna be some time before he will not only be able to comfortably wear pants but also sit properly.

She had one more tool the riding crop that she has waited all day to use. Pulling it from the bag she stepped forward and began to rub it down Santa's spine. This caused chills to run down his ass adding to the pain as his skin pulled tight. The crop as he called it, his favorite tool to make a point and the last resort. He dreaded it ever being used on him, and now here it was. She continued to lightly outline his body with it, causing him to clench up every time she pulled it off, as if preparing for the first blow. Though it would never come, and soon after there was a knock at the door. He knew her time was up and then the fear of who was next began to set in.

Opening the door Megan let the others inside.

"Ouch, that has got to be painful." Said, Mrs. Claus stepping up to his backside and placing a hand over his ass, not even touching it she could feel the heat coming off of it.

The others then walked over and did the same, then began to rub some lotion into his ass and thighs. The cooling gel stung at first before it started to do its job.

"Well, I see he is still hard as a rock, guess he enjoyed it." He heard his wife say.

Without warning he felt the riding crop strike his sac, the pain was unbelievable. Though once wasn't enough he felt five more hits from his balls to the tip of his cock.

"Did, you enjoy that as too? Well there will be more throughout the day. Nothing is off limits sweetie."

He could only cringe at the thought.

"Ok, girls I believe Heather is up now. Save some of that gel he is going to need more in an hour. Have fun sweetheart, and just keep reminding yourself you did this to yourself."

With that they were gone again, the door was again locked. Santa was now alone with Heather. He hoped that she wasn't going to punish his ass.

"Well, Megan did a number on the ass of yours. Guess you won't be spanking her ass anymore. Now, it's my turn and as much as I would love to continue this beat down on your butt. I have my own section to assault. So, without further a due..."

She didn't even finish when he felt her foot slam into his sack. The pain worse than anything he had ever felt before and it didn't stop. He felt 10 kicks to his sack before he felt her hand wrap around his balls and begin to pull them backwards.

"Yup that's right I get to beat your genitals. Guess you never expect the tables to be turned for all those years you whipped my pussy. Pay back is a bitch fat man."

Putting all her weight and strength into stretching his balls. Santa thought for sure she would rip them off, or at least destroy them to the point of no return. Then he felt it a thick wrap going around his balls keeping them stretched out to the max. They were also pulled back and up and fastened to something keeping them that way. Then his cock was stretched backwards. Something was attached around the head to secure it as she pulled it back.

Once it was pulled tight she began to whip the underside of his cock and balls. The pain unbearable he knew for sure he would be ruined. The whipping, kicking and slapping continued for what seemed like hours, though he knew it couldn't have been that long as she should only get an hour.

He felt her hands on his cock as she released it, to his surprise he was still painfully rock hard. Nothing compared to the pain that came when his balls were released. Santa thought she was done until he felt the first blows of her punching his sack like a boxing bag. Then came the relief of a knock on the door. There was one more knockout punch.

"So, how did it go?" He heard his wife ask.

"It went well, his balls and cock can really stretch out nicely."

"Well that's good, and you got yourself 2hrs of beating his cock and balls which was a bonus I know you didn't expect."

"Yeah, it was nice, and fun."

"Clearly I see he is enjoying this, who knew beating the shit out of his dick would excite him. I thought for sure the assault would make him go soft. Guess he will be getting CBT on a regular basis now." He couldn't believe what his wife was saying. Though deep down Santa knew this was all turning him on.

He felt the familiar hands of his wife begin to stroke and edge his cock again. His genitals were so sensitive that just her touching it hurt. Yet, he remained hard through the whole ordeal as she brought him close five more times before stopping.

"Well, that's good. Now Tricia you're up and I know everyone else go to do this alone. But, you have requested that we stay to add to the humiliation of what is about to happen."

"Oh yes this fat boy is gonna know what I went though and he is going to do it with an audience."

"Good and I did make an arrangement for you."

(Just then there was another knock on the door)

"And there is our guest of honor."

"Well, hello there Eldar are you ready for your extra special Christmas bonus?"

"Yes, Mrs. Claus I've been hoping for the opportunity for many years."

Santa could only lay there and wonder what they were all talking about.

"Ok, he is all yours. Santa, since you have allowed Tricia's slave to have their way with her for so many years, Tricia has found that it would only be fitting to allow that your head elf who I am guessing you had no clue is bisexual, have his way with you. So, Eldar is going to fuck your ass. Of course first you're going to get him hard, and you better not resist, if you do we will each spank your balls 5 times for every second you delay."

With that she released the strap holding his head down, when he picked up his head Eldar was already on the table. His cock was right at its mark already starting to grow. Santa having suffered enough abuse for one day just opened his mouth and let him slide his cock inside. He could hear all the girls giggling as he did so.

Eldar tilted his head back as he never thought he would ever get the chance to make Santa his bitch, sucking his fat cock. He had spent so many years fantasizing of this moment. Santa began to move his tongue around it and gag a bit not anticipating how thick his cock was getting. For an elf his cock was massive in size. He continues to suck and move his tongue around just the head and a few other inches of cock were in his mouth now. Eldar slowly pulled his cock out watching it glisten in Santa's saliva as it popped out he lifted it and slapped Santa hard across the face with it.

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