tagLesbian SexThe Naughty Neighbour

The Naughty Neighbour


Liz sighed as she looked at the empty dinner table. It was the third time this week her husband Jon hadn't been home for supper. She gazed at framed photo of the two of them - Jon, tall with broad shoulders and dark, wavy hair and herself with fiery red hair and clear green eyes.

She knew why he had never been home, and it was all her fault. Jon couldn't excite her anymore, give her the satisfaction she needed. He was boring. She needed something new. She had told him so and he hadn't been the same since. Liz slowly got up, gathering the un-used china and sauntered towards the kitchen. Her eyes wandered to the large bay window - someone was moving in! Couches, a piano and lamps were all followed out of the moving truck by a tall blonde with the biggest tits Liz had ever seen. Liz caught herself wondering how good they would taste and how big they really were. Her tits were perky, a 32DD,

pushing out of her skimpy white tank with every step she took. She wore her hair in a ponytail. Perfect for grabbing onto while I'm fucking her, Liz thought.

Liz shook her head. "She's off limits." she said out loud, trying to convince herself. The neighbour dropped something and bent down. Her ass in the air, a hot red thong peeked out the top of the jeans. Liz moaned, wondering why she lusted after this women. She moved away from the window, knowing she should calm down.

Settling down into the couch, she turned on the T.V. The sounds of moans and screams filled her house. Porn. Perfect. She stripped out of her leggings and spread her legs open, lying on the couch, with a clear view of the T.V. As the two lesbians on screen came all over each other, Liz thought of her neighbour and felt a earth-shaking orgasm coming on. She spit on her fingers, and swirled them around her clit. So wet and sensitive, Liz moaned as her body began to shake.

"Fuck me!" She yelled, as she spiraled upwards with her orgasm. She relaxed, catching her breath and smiling. She felt better instantly. Someone cleared their throat and Liz jumped up, grabbing a blanket to cover herself. It was her neighbour, still dressed in those sexy skimpy clothing. She had her arms crossed, which just made her tits look bigger and over spill from her shirt. The neighbour hesitated but opened her mouth, which Liz couldn't help staring at.

"I'm Alexis. I just moved in next door, and I wanted to come over to introduce myself, but seems I got more than I bargained for." She laughed nervously as she said this, her eyes roving everywhere except Liz. Liz tried to be angry, but secretly she was happy ... and horny. "Don't act like you didn't enjoy it.." Liz said coyly.

Liz walked slowly towards her, letting her fingers trail over Alexis' body. "I made you wet, and you want me to bend you over and drown myself in your pussy."

Alexis took a step back, speechless, shaking her head, but her nipples tightened and she felt a wave of heat go through her body. Liz saw her nipples harden and smiled. Liz stood behind Alexis, moved her hands to the front, grabbing her tits into her hands. They didn't fit but Liz rubbed and pinched and felt her own pussy become wet. Alexis responded, gasping with every touch. Liz whipped her around and pushed her towards the dining table she had just cleaned off minutes earlier. Alexis sat up on the table, and Liz quickly peeled her pants off her, seeing the wet panties made her growl. The lacy thong was ripped off, and Alexis gasped with the roughness. Liz trailed kisses down until Alexis was panting, begging for it. "Please, just touch me there! Lick my pussy, make me come!"

Liz smiled confidently and put her mouth into Alexis' clit, nipping at the bud, and slid two fingers inside of her. "More! Harder, fuck!"

"You are so wet, you naughty girl," Liz whispered. "You want me to make you come all over my fingers?"

Alexis nodded eagerly, unable to say anything. Liz lowered her mouth once again and stuck three fingers in. Liz felt Alexis tighten around her as she came violently, her body shaking and twisting. "Fuck me, you dirty slut, you make me come so hard!" Alexis yelled. Liz moved away, still thrumming with excitement.

"Wanna make me feel as good as you feel?" Liz said. Alexis smiled and moved towards her, grabbing her nipple with her mouth through the shirt.

Liz gasped, the shirt making a dreadful but wonderful rasp against her tight nipples. Liz had big tits, but not as big as Alexis' but it was amazing to feel another woman on her. "Where is the bedroom?" Alexis asked. Liz took her hand and led her up the stairs, knowing Alexis' eyes were on her ass. They walked into the bedroom and sunk on the bed.

...To Be Continued.

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