tagBDSMThe Naughty Servant Girl

The Naughty Servant Girl


Roughly he held her hands behind her back as he pushed her into the small room. She looked around in the semi-darkness. The room was empty except for a single wooden bed with a slatted bedhead.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered.

Reluctantly she stripped down to her underwear.

“And your bra.”

She removed her bra, standing before him naked except for her panties. Using cord, he tied her wrists behind her back and then he tied a blindfold to her face. Pressing on her shoulder, he forced her to kneel beside the bed.

“Don’t move. I hope at least you can get that right,” he said with sarcasm. With that he left the room, closing the door behind him.

For what seemed an eternity, she knelt beside the bed. Her legs started to ache and her knees felt sore. She moved her weight to relieve the discomfort.

Suddenly he returned.

“You moved.” He pulled her panties down, exposing her soft bottom. ‘Thwack’ as he slapped her bottom hard, the sound echoing inside the small room.

“I told you not to move,” and he left her.

Blindfolded in the small room, she was feeling miserable and exposed. Although her hands are tied, she could just reach down as far as her hips to try to pull her little white panties up to cover herself. But, she can’t reach and only succeeded in covering one hip.

Unexpectedly he returned.

“What’s this?” he said with anger in his voice when he noticed she had tried to cover herself. “Looks like I’m going to teach you to do as you are told”.

He grabs her wrists, forcing her to stand. Then he pushes her onto the bed. He shoves her toward the head of the bed. Scared of him, she doesn’t struggle.

He unties her wrists and then re-ties them to the bedhead. He moves to her panties to pull them down. Now she is more scared of what is to come than she is scared of him. She tries to struggle.

‘Thwack’ and he slaps her on the side of her bottom again. She ceases to struggle as he pulls her panties off, leaving them draped around one of her ankles. She presses her legs together trying to hide herself from him.

She hears the rustle of clothing and a zipper as he undresses himself.

“Now I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget”.

“No, master, don’t do that,” she pleads. “Do anything to me but don’t do that.”

“Quiet!” he commands.

He spreads her legs, holding them apart with his knees. He reaches down to her pussy and feels her. Then he wipes his hand across her lips.

“See, your wetness gives you away.”

He continues to hold her legs and moves forward to kneel between her. She still tries to struggle.

‘Thwack’ on her bare bottom again. She ceases to struggle. He leans forward and enters her.

She feels his size. Oh my! It’s so big. Despite herself, that familiar tingling starts as he begins to thrust inside her.

He thrusts slowly. She can feel his manhood deep inside her on each stroke, and then he withdraws until she can just feel him on her wet lips. Then he thrusts forward again, filling her as she expands around his thick shaft.

This man should not be inside her. Despite that, the arousal starts to build. It is wrong, but it feels so good. She moves her hips to meet him on each stroke. She lifts her knees back to encourage him to be deeper inside her. Although she had been with men before, she may as well have been a virgin compared to the sensations she was feeling now. Everything feels so concentrated; her mind is focused on the feelings deep inside her. She feels so right when everything should feel so wrong. Although she is being violated, she needs to come now. She needs to release the tension building up inside her. Her mind is in confusion, but her body is reacting with clarity. She reaches her peak quickly, she gasps loudly and comes.

He immediately stops and pulls out of her.

“Did you come?” he asks harshly.

“Yes…No,” she stammers and turns her head away. Despite the blindfold hiding her eyes, she feels ashamed.

He slaps her again.

“I’ll say if you can come,” and with that he moves forward and enters her again.

Again he thrusts deep and slow. In the quiet room she can hear her heart beating. She can her the slurping sounds from her womanhood as it surrounds and massages his thick rod. The arousal starts again. She feels it build up as before. Despite her terror, she starts to rock her hips to meet his thrusts again. She feels the sensations building, same as last time. She gets closer, closer to the edge.

Ecstasy. She bites her lip when she comes so as not to give herself away.

“Now, you’re going to get your reward,” he says as he starts to pump faster. Faster and faster he thrusts. She feels the change of pace. The slurping sounds are much more intense now as he fucks her harder and harder. Again she feels the warm sensations. Again she doesn’t try to control them. She wants to come while he is inside her. She pulls her knees as far back as they will go, she wills him to go deeper, she wills him to make her come. Again the feelings overwhelm her. She doesn’t hide it this time when she comes. She can feel and hear his exertions as he pushes harder and faster inside her warm, wet tunnel. He pushes himself to come inside her.

Three or four deeper and harder thrusts and he grunts. He fills her with his come. She can feel him inside her, his manhood and his come.

He withdraws from her and leaves the room.


Julie is sitting on the bed, resting against the bedhead. Michael is laying his head on her lap and she is gently running her fingers through his hair.

“Oh Michael, that was too good. I came three times while you were in me.”

“You liked it, eh?”

“Yes. The blindfold made the difference. It was so …….. intense.”

“Well my naughty servant girl, who couldn’t seem to get anything right, next time it is your turn to think of something. Maybe your master will get his just reward.”

“Maybe he will,” and she kissed him.

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