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The Neglected


Author's Note: My apologies to my readers. Every now and again, something strange crawls into my mind. This story was caused by reading Anne Rice's book 'The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.' I thought the book was one thing, and found it to be something very different. It is out of my system now and I will return to my novel that nears completion. It will be on Lit in the coming weeks.


The Neglected

My anger, suppressed though it was, built to bonfire heat. My knees ached as I watched my precious Master hold the lady's eyes. Her laughter was a curse to my ears, almost painful the way it echoed. Oh, how hurt some the smile he returned. I should have been looking to the floor, but so enthralled was Master, he had forgotten my existence. If it would not displease him, I would thrust a blade between the lady's ample breast, taking pleasure in her last breaths.

It was jealousy, something I never felt before, that clawed at my insides. My breasts were small, nothing like the lady's who sat playing Jackolink with my Master. I had plan hair, long black tresses that used to please him. Now those cornsilk curls held his eyes. He didn't even see my disobedient stares. Where was the paddle, the shackles? Was I forgotten, shelved for that blue eyed bitch? Yes, it was jealousy. Hate had formed and buried itself it deep in my stomach.

"A wager, my Prince," the lady said, a chuckle poised on her full red lips. My hateful eyes wondered how Master could stand her, clothed as she was. A billowing gown of white embroidered with gold trim. Her breasts pushed upward and thrust at his eyes. I was sure they sagged ghastly once her corset was removed. No one could be so perfect.

"You think you have me?" my Prince asked, his lips glowing. I felt the strength in his voice. I smiled, though I wasn't given permission, at the idea that the lady could best such a perfect example of a man. His brown eyes could dig deep into a woman's soul and promise pleasure with a mere glance. I re-grasped my hands behind my back as memories warmed the parts he had neglected since the lady had made herself known.

"I think I have a strategy you have not seen," the lady replied. Her eyes glowed as she bounced her eyebrows. She was so pretty that ugliness grew in my mind. I wanted to jump up and point out her faults. Tell my Prince of the evil she wrought in his heart. I felt my eyes water as he looked at her with those lovely eyes that were meant for me.

"And what would you risk?" my Prince wisely asked. I had seen the position of his pieces and knew the strategies and his skill. He had her in four or five moves. Whatever her wager, my Prince would take it. Secretly, I wished she would risk something valuable to her heart.

"Why, my family bracelet," the lady said, "it is wrought in gold and has jeweled charms added by each generation of mothers for the daughter that followed." I gasped as she displayed her wrist. It was more valuable than anything I could have hoped. I drove my eyes downward, thinking my gasp had attracted attention to my kneeling naked body. My shy eyes soon found that I was still ignored.

"For what stakes would you risk such a thing?" my Prince asked, his eyes wide in surprise. I too wondered at the peril she had placed herself. To return to her family without such heirloom would cost her more than I could imagine.

"Time, my dear Prince," she said softly, "a moment alone with your Angel." My breath caught, and I disobeyed with great prejudice. My eyes, unasked, boldly found the perfect face of my Prince. I awaited her chastisement. Some statement of how precious I was to him. His eyes found mine, and I melted before them. I pushed my naked breasts as forward as my kneeling would allow. My intent was to remind him who submitted, who pleasured him with every fiber of her being. Ignore this fine lady and see the softness that yields to your climax.

"Angel!" Master scolded. I dropped my eyes and spread my knees farther apart. I displayed my sex as expected, pleased at being remembered. The world heard an angry reprimand. I heard 'I love you, my precious Angel.' One word from that strong mouth and my moisture flowed. I prayed he would remember my insolence and punish me before he took me.

"My Angel is more precious than that bauble," my Prince stated. My whole body warmed at his words. He had not forgotten me. The lady was just brief entertainment. I didn't dare look up, but I knew what jealousy she must feel. I took pleasure in it. I spread my legs farther so that Master would remember what he owned.

"Surely," the lady responded, "but I risk forever for but a moment. What is an hour or two compared to eternity?" I tightened my hands together and pushed them into the small of my back. They would have shaken embarrassingly otherwise. A moment with me was surely worth less than a gold bracelet laced with jewels.

"I have a strong position," my Prince schooled her, "the chances of a victory are slim." I tried desperately to hide my grin. Maybe he would place the bracelet on me when he took me later. It would enhance his victory and further his pleasure. My grin faded when I remembered it had been nearly two weeks since he had forced me to bed. Two weeks in which the bitch had claimed his time.

"Than your risk is small," the lady said. I dared to raise my eyes. She was wearing a smug expression that I hated to admit looked charming. I wanted so much to use my fingernails to give her the ugliness her words awoke in me.

"It is a wager, my dear Lucinda," Master responded. He had bet me. I tried to hold them back, but they came none the less. Tears without pain. I loved my punishment tears, but these were so weak and horrible. It was the first time I had envisioned a dislike to my Master. I tried to think how I had displeased him. Nothing I had done warranted more than correction and certainly not the loss of love. I used all my muscles to close my jaw, but a sob escaped. I was losing the most precious thing in the world. I was losing my Master.

No reprimand came. No loving rebuke of my ghastly verbal display of emotion. I looked up as they resumed their game. I was neglected. A fate worse than death. My mind reeled at the implications. How would I live if this lady, with all her finery, took my place? My Prince had tired of me. It was just a step, a bet he couldn't lose, but I knew the direction. I would be lost soon enough. My throat tightened as my sobs increased. Neither noticed my tears. I could have risen and walked off and not even earned a paddle. I was becoming nothing.

The lady moved her warrior forward, orthogonal to my masters lieutenant. Master's victory was now guaranteed, yet the bet remained. He had never risked me before. The bracelet was a trinket. I was yielding love. Something that was given, not traded.

Master retreated his lieutenant, a losing move. I screamed. It came from somewhere deep and exited my mouth unbidden. He meant to lose me. There was no more time to alter his mind. He loved another. I heard the lady gasp at my cry. My Prince came running.

"Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin!" Master yelled as he rushed forward. My tears wouldn't stop as I rose. Even his arms and the word that released me from my bonds could quell them.

"You mean to lose me," I cried, folding into his strong arms, "send her away," I begged.

"My poor Angel," Reginald sighed. He encircled my small frame, pulling my naked form against his best clothes. The clothes meant to impress the bitch. "It was a ruse, I admit it," he whispered in my ear, "she desires your ear, and I wish to grant it. Now I wish I hadn't."

"You know," I said sobbing, "I give myself to you. Now you love another." I thought briefly of throwing myself off the balcony. My pain would be over in an instant. I could love no other.

I flinched when I felt a hand on my hip. Reginald's circled me, and there was only one other in the room. I turned my head and was surprised I had to look down. I blinked to clear the tears from my eyes and saw the lady, her dress wrinkling badly, as she knelt before me.

"Please," the lady begged, "a word alone." Her eyes watered like mine. They did not waver from my face, did not look at my Prince.

"I am yours," Reginald whispered in my ear, "that will not change." His lips found my neck and traveled with a caress only he could produce. My strength began to return. "She wishes only a word, a thing for you to consider," he breathed. I melted into the soft flicks of his tongue on my ear, a move that foreshadowed him claiming me.

"I hate that she lessens me," I admitted.

"Hear her," Reginald continued, "I will remember my duty and take pleasure from you tonight, I will do it hard as penance for the nights I have missed. I will correct your failings, make you perfect in my eyes as if you could be any other way." My body heated at his words. "I will strap you to the bed, the way that pleases me most, and thrust into you time and again." My sex was dripping, but I needed to know.

"And if I don't hear her?" I asked. My voice weak, unsure if it wanted the response.

"I will take you either way," Reginald responded. His smile quelled my tears. The tenderness in his arms was reserved for these rare detentes. His heart had not moved from mine. I looked down at the lady, who remained subservient on her knees. She wore a weak smile. Her eyes continued their pleading. I released my love, taking a step back.

"I will hear her," I said. I didn't enjoy my will being forefront. It was uncomfortable and forced decisions better left to others. I hated decisions. There was no point to them if my love was willing to make them on my account. I wished only to please, the perfect life as I saw it.

"Then I will leave you two," my Prince said, "when I return, your will drop to your knees or bear the consequences." A pleasant shiver ran down my spine. I wondered if I would be bold enough to defy to incur additional punishment. It had been a so long since he exacted a toll worthy of his dominance. My rear had felt so neglected of late. I watched him walk hesitantly from the room. I disliked how this lady's desire weakened him.

"Rise," I commanded the lady. An uncomfortable word that sent blackness through my mind. I prefer to be told rather than to tell. She rose with thankfulness in her eyes. She was so weak and weakened my Prince more in her wake.

"You dislike me," the lady commented, "my time with your master has worn hard on you." I turned away from her. My words would be strong, and I had little stomach for doing it eye to eye.

"I will love him to my grave," I said to the wall, "I expect certain things, acknowledgments that you have siphoned off. Could I claw your eyes, sometimes I think I would." I heard a loud sigh. I had expected an argument, which I would have honestly dreaded. I turned to find her sitting in the chair at the gaming table.

"You see me as a thief," the lady pointed out.

"Yes," I answered. A worse word I would have used, but it was sufficient for the conversation. There was a long silence. The conversation was her desire, so I waited, uncomfortably as an equal.

"You can not bear his children," she stated, "no one would recognize your offspring." I wanted to jump on her face and remove her eyes. I was not a royal, and everyone knew it. That didn't mean my love was any less grand. Nor my Prince's love for me. I nodded and held my tongue.

"My family and his have found profit in a union between the Prince and I," she continued, "do you deny that the kingdom would prosper from a child of our union?" I wondered how long it would take for her to die if I wrapped my hand around her throat. Wealth, status and magnificent breasts. Why was I devoid of all three? My anger rose.

"Will you take him from me?" I asked with fury in my voice. Unexpectedly, she laughed. It was an honest laugh that I failed to develop a proper counter. I wasn't sure if I should slap her or join in. I said nothing funny that I was aware.

"It would be easier to take the beauty from a rose," she laughed. I smiled though I had no desire too. Something in her demeanor made me join her levity. "You have no idea the hold you have on your handsome Prince."

"He owns me," I corrected. Again she laughed. I was sure she saw me as confused, which I was. The lady pulled my Prince's chair closer to her own and begged me to sit. I did. She took my hands in hers.

"Reginald loves you completely," the lady said. I flinched at his name, never had I used it, "it is I who must beg your permission, for he will not tear at your heart to make the request." I was truly confused as she held my hands securely in hers. They were warm and had a strength I didn't expect. "If your answer is no, I will not be allowed to ask again. He has told me as much."

"What is your desire, my Lady?" I asked. It came so quickly and in my submissive tone. I wanted to re-ask with a more condescending tone, the way she deserved. Her hands firmed, keeping mine in place and forcing me docile.

"A union between Reginald and I would be profitable for all concerned," the lady said. I wished she wouldn't use his birth name. The equality made me uncomfortable. "Reginald sees the benefits and finds me...well...not disagreeable."

"I hate it," I interjected. I tried to pull my hands back, but she held tight. I dropped my eyes, "I don't want to be second. I don't want to share."

"Of course not," the lady agreed, "and I would prefer my future husband to be unencumbered with such a lovely woman as yourself." Her tone increased. "Do you think I like the way he thinks of you. He will make no decision until he considers how it will affect his Angel." I sucked in my breath.

"He won't marry you," I surmised, " unless I agree." I saw the truth of it in her eyes. My heart grew tremendously, back to where it had been before the lady invaded our life.

"Nor can I kiss him," she admitted.

"You have not?" I asked, surprised that it had not occurred.

"I have snuck in a few on his cheek," she said, smiling, "How can you not kiss such a perfect face?"

"Oh," I sighed, "his lips are so forceful." I blushed when I realized what I said. The lady pulled my hands deeper into her lap. I had to lean forward to accommodate the movement.

"I so want to taste his lips," she said to me. Her eyes looked so dreamy as she said it.

"You wish me to tell him so?" I asked incredulously. I again tried to pull my hands back, but her grip was demanding. I left them there since it wasn't uncomfortable.

"Yes," she told me, "I wish you to tell him to make me his wife. I wish you to tell him to make babies in my belly. I wish you to allow him to love me as he loves you."

"You are so perfect," I complained, "to do so would send him away. I can not do it. I would rather die." She pulled my hands closer to her waist, her smile softened, but her eyes strengthened. I had to lean closer.

"You are the perfection, " she said softly, "I am but a tool of royalty. The necessity of family obligations forces me to yield." She carefully pulled my hands to her hips and I leaned even closer, not wanting to rudely pull them back.

"He will love me less," I insisted. She spread my fingers on her hips, forcing me to feel their structure through her dress.

"He could not," she continued, "I would only be an addition. Something that held his position in check. Do you wish him to be less?"

"Never!" I answered quickly. For some reason, I kneaded her hips just below her hidden corset. They were soft, and her encouragement was helpful.

"Think of it," she whispered, her mouth moving closer, "our Prince, strong in the world, needing us more than any others." I shuddered as she spoke. She was so soft and decisive. Slowly she moved my hands up her waist, along her stiff corset. "You pliant, giving him the strength he needs to conquer and I lending my name and womb." Another shiver ran through me as my hands found the sides of her breasts.

"He would be stronger?" I queried. My hands were shaking as she moved them. I had no idea where they should move too. I needn't have worried; she knew where she wanted them.

"So strong," she whispered, "so demanding. I can only give so much. You would have to yield the rest." A shock pierced my stomach and settled between my legs. Her words were confusing me.

"What should I do?" I asked. My hands moved to the front of her corset. I squeezed the fullest breasts I had ever seen. They were so much firmer than I imagined. Pliable, but so very proud, so very strong.

"Accept me," the lady said.

"We would share?" I asked, mesmerized by the strong hands guiding mine over her breasts.

"Never!" she replied firmly. My eyes lifted to hers in shock. The strength I found there was intoxicating. "Reginald and I will share you." I shivered at the power of her words. Her grip tightened on my hands, almost painful.

"I would be yours?"

"You would be ours," she said. Her hands relaxed, releasing mine. The strength drained from her face, and a smile replaced it. I leaned closer, wondering why she released me.

"Would you love me as he does?" I asked. My whole body was shaking. I wanted her strength back. Only my Prince has made me feel this way. In answer, she closed the distance between us and her lips met mine. They weren't demanding, just soft luxury. I responded in kind, parting my lips so I might tickle her lips, please her with my tongue. All I felt was love. She separated.

"Will you yield to me?" the lady asked. Her words were genuine and made me smile. I was so afraid I would lose my Prince. Instead, I would gain a princess. In answer, I dropped from my chair to my knees.

"Mistress," I responded, my eyes toward the floor. I loved how her hand combed through the hair on the side of my head.

"Look at me, Angel," Mistress demanded. I looked up as ordered. She grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my lips back to hers. The force of her love exploded through my body. It took everything I had to remain still and allow her to use my lips as she willed. I could feel the joy coursing through her veins as I submitted. I had forgotten the pleasure a first encounter could deliver.

"Your Master desires your answer," Mistress stated, as she separated her mouth from mine. I wished to continue loving her lips, but Master needed me. I began to rise.

"Crawling is more appropriate," Mistress demanded. My body folded to the floor in a smooth motion that held more comfort than I had felt in weeks. She caressed my head as I crawled toward the door. I moved slowly, so her hand would not lose contact too soon. It was too slow. Her other hand spanked the right ass cheek causing me to speed up. My sex heated at the strike.

I opened the door and found my Prince with an anxious look on the other side. The concern in his eyes was weaker than I desired. I noted the love, but things were settled. I need not worry about anything beyond giving pleasure.

"My Mistress wishes to speak to you, Master," I said meekly, as I bowed my head to the floor.

"Up!" he commanded. I was on my feet in an instance. He extended his arms, and I jumped into them like a child, wrapping my legs around his waist and buried my head into his strong shoulder. He cradled my butt with his hands and walked as if my weight meant nothing to him. I loved collapsing into him. No worries but breathing.

My Prince found my Princess waiting on her feet. I was there, in his arms, when first their lips met. I felt no jealousy as their passion increased. I tried, but could not hide my smile.

"I have a promise to keep," Master told Mistress.

"And I shall help you keep it," Mistress responded. I could feel my pussy tingling. It had been so long since Master had taken me. I tried to control my breathing, not make my desperation known. I was a tool for their pleasure, my joy being secondary.

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