tagGroup SexThe Neglected Housewife

The Neglected Housewife


Cool crisp fall days are made for football. I'm very familiar with football jargon like the I-formation and the spread offense as I've been a serious fan since college. My appreciation for the game is what lead me to go to a coworkers home this past weekend. Karen and I have become good friends. Even though I'm twice her age, she's 24 and I just turned 50, we are like sisters. I've shared several personal issues with her about me. Knowing my love for football, especially college football, caused her to invite me over to her place to watch a big game between our state's two college football powers. She knew that my husband was going to be out of town for the week on a hunting trip and rather than watch the game at home alone she suggested that I come over and we watch the game and have dinner afterwards.

I'm 5"6' and 135 lbs. I ran track in college and have always been physically active. Now I run for fun in addition to swimming and yoga. All of this exercise has resulted in my being in pretty good shape. My body is trim and shapely. When I'm out, say at the mall, I turn the heads of men of all ages and even a few women. Except for my hair which I keep short somewhat Ellen like, which I've let go grey I could pass for a woman at least 15 years younger.

My sex life is basically nonexistent. My husband seems more interested in drinking than fucking. It doesn't matter how I try to entice him into going to bed he never seems interested. When we do have sex his half hard cock does little to satisfy me which leaves me in a constant state of horniness. I have shared this detail with Karen and she has jokingly said that perhaps I should look outside my marriage for sexual release. I'd never do that though because except for the sex part my husband and I have a pretty good life together.

When I got to Karen's I noticed right away that something seemed weird. When she answered the door her eyes seemed somewhat glazed over and her face was flushed. Her living room is in the back of her house and as we walked through the kitchen I could smell the distinct smell of marijuana. This explained the "glazed" look. When we got to the living room I was surprised to see two young men, Lee and Jeff. Apparently they were going to watch the game with us. It wasn't a big deal but I had assumed it would just be Karen and I. She made the introductions and when the guys heard my name their eyes short of lit up and Lee remarked "Oh, that Teresa". I wondered what that was all about. I sat down on the couch and after a few minutes the unmistakable smell of sex it me. It was as if it was hovering over the couch. This explained Karen's flushed appearance I thought and right away the horny side of my personality was sparked as I imagined what had been going on between the three of them before I arrived.

Watching the game with Karen and the guys proved to be a great time. They were both pretty good sized as they'd played college ball. They both had a great sense of humor and before long we were bantering back and forth as we enjoyed the game and started getting totally relaxed, sitting in front of a roaring fire having some wine. At one point Lee pulled out a pipe and loaded it with pot. I didn't want to be a prude so I ended up taking several tokes and soon had a nice buzz going which reminded me of old times. It also enhanced my horniness, as again my mind drifted back to what may have happened earlier on the very spot where I was sitting. At a commercial break I went into the kitchen to get more wine. I was pouring the wine when Lee walked in behind me.

He is an attractive young man on a number of levels and he and I joked a bit about being a little toasted. I was taken totally by surprise when he moved in close behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I initially laughed it off, asking him what are you up to? After all he couldn't have been more that 23 or so. He was younger than my two children for heaven's sake. He was pretty bold though and pulled me in closer, making me nearly spill my wine. Ignoring my protests he started softly kissing my neck paying particular attention to the area behind my ears, which has always been a turn-on for me. I was shocked to say the least, but between the pot, the wine and the length of time that I'd had this level of intimacy, instead of further resisting his advances I relaxed against him thinking it was a turn on but all pretty innocent. He continued to nestle against me and at one point I turned my head and kissed him full on the lips, more than once actually. We made out until he started fooling with my breasts. As good as it felt when his fingers grazed my nipples, I asked him to stop telling him we needed to go back in and watch the game. It was all so spontaneous and got me pretty revved up. I stayed behind to compose myself before rejoining them as my nipples had started to enlarge and show through my top.

The next time I went in for more wine Jeff followed me in and I ended up having a mini make out session with him too. This pattern continued a couple of more times with the guys alternating whenever I went into the kitchen. I remember thinking what the hell was I doing as I definitely enjoyed the attention. On each occasion they both got bolder and bolder resulting in me getting more and more worked up.

At one point with Lee I basically threw caution to the wind and not only allowed him to totally explore my breasts, letting him put his hands under my top and feel them through my bra. I also let him get his hand down my pants. My arousal by this point was indescribable as I felt his hand go down my pants and inside my panties as he searched for my cunt. Before I knew it his fingers were exploring my increasingly wet slit top to bottom up and down the entire length of it. The sensations were amazing and I felt myself losing control so i agonizingly begged him to stop while holding his hand still with mine before he started finger fucking me and I reached the point of no return. This is crazy I thought.

When I followed Lee into the living room I was now the one who was flushed and glazy eyed. I must have looked pretty disheveled because Karen asked me if I was okay. I wasn't. In fact I was as horny as I can ever remember being in my life. I excused myself to go to the bathroom to regain my composure by getting a cool washcloth to wipe my forehead and my wet pussy.

When I regained my composure I went back in to watch the game. Nothing prepared me for the next sequence of events as I entered the living room. It was just Lee and Jeff with Karen nowhere to be seen. I asked where she was and with big smiles on their faces they replied that she'd gone to run some errands and would be back in an hour or so. Then Lee remarked that this would give them plenty of time to help me with my "little" problem. I asked them what problem would that be and Lee just came out and said that they'd heard that there was a shortage of cock at my house. I couldn't believe that Karen had shared that intimate detail about my personal life with them.

I had never screwed around on my husband even with what had or more appropriately hadn't been going on between us. This situation between the guys and I being alone in the house after they'd been groping me all afternoon getting me all worked up, was totally unexpected. My conscious was screaming for me to get the hell out of there but it was no match for my carnal lust. I was still digging my heels in as Lee took my hand and pulled me towards him. By the time he eased onto the couch and pulled me onto his lap, I was a willing participant to whatever they had in mind. My surrender was evident at this point, as you could have heard a pin drop when I asked them to please use condoms.

Jeff ended out being the first man besides my husband to fuck me. It was surreal that while sitting on Lee's lap Jeff began pulling my pants off. I raised up as they slid down my hips . My wet panties were next. When he got my panties off he held the soggy material up to his nose and took a deep sniff. Then he stuffed them in his back pocket. As a trophy of sorts. I remember thinking, hey those were pretty expensive, but then I realized that my trophy was between his legs so it was a small price to pay. Now naked from the waist down Lee grabbed me by both of my ankles and spread my legs holding me in place, as if I was going anywhere. Then Jeff went down on my very willing cunt.

Jeff was very skillful. He began gently rubbing my clit spreading the juice from my aroused cunt up and down my slit. Then he alternated between sucking my clit and fingering me deeply. Lee's hands left my ankles as he reached around and spread my labia for his friend. I quickly came and Lee said; now you've got her going. This just encouraged Jeff more as he went to work on my neglected cunt. He sensed that very soon he would be getting some prime mature pussy which hadn't been tapped in a while and you could tell he was relishing the thought. He took his time and soon had me squirming like crazy, grinding my wet cunt all over his face, with my hands wrapped around his head pulling him deeper between my legs as I had another orgasm.

Jeff stopped at this point and I moaned in disappointment like a dog whose bone had been taken away. I opened my eyes to see why he'd stopped and watched as he unzipped his jeans and released his cock. It was truly a sight to behold, his hard cock just inches from my glistening cunt. I actually was drooling, feeling it run down the corner of my mouth as I watched him slip a condom over his more than adequate cock. By this time Lee had my top undone and after unfastening my bra, was roughly twisting and stretching my now hard fat nipples. I thought it's really going to happen, I'm about to get fucked. As Jeff moved between my legs I eagerly spread them as wide as possible and scooted my ass down towards the edge of the couch so that he could achieve maximum penetration. When I felt the head of his cock part my cunt lips I encouraged him to fuck my cunt like he owned it. I couldn't believe how wanton I was, acting like a total slut but it had simply been too long since I'd had a good fucking and I was more than ready for it to happen.

Jeff toyed with me, slapping my wet cunt with his hard cock, making me whimper. Then he began sliding his cock up and down my slit. I was moaning as I thrust my hips towards him trying to capture his glorious cock. When he heard me pleading for him to please fuck the shit out of me, without warning he just rammed his cock all the way in, forcing himself deep inside me. I came immediately like the cock starved bitch I was gushing pussy juice over us both. Then that young kid started really putting it to me, giving me a fucking like I hadn't experienced in a lot of years. His wonderfully hard cock was a welcomed change from my husband's limp dick.

The action really heated up on the couch by then, so much so that Lee disengaged himself from beneath me as his friend went to town pounding my pussy. At that point I gave myself completely to Jeff wrapping my legs around his waist and both hands around his behind as I screamed at the top of my lungs for him to fuck me. When I started sucking on his nipple and squeezing his cock with my tight cunt it was his turn to moan as he filled his condom. When he withdrew I thought the condom had broken because of all the juices dripping from the end of it, but it was only the abundant flow of my juices. It was so hot looking at his half hard cock dripping with my crème that I bent down and licked it off. I considered pulling of his condom and draining that also. I was in heaven and prepared to fuck until neither of them could get it up. They had unleashed a desire that had not been quenched in quite awhile. My hungry cunt was fully awakened from its slumber. Now the smell of sex in the room was from my freshly fucked pussy hole. With that I gathered my clothes and padded behind the guys to Karen's bedroom for a very physically satisfying fuck session.

Once we were in the bedroom I slipped off my top and bra and sat on the side of the bed watching the guys undress. I was like a kid in a candy store as I admired their chiseled bodies and hard cocks. Lee gave me a wicked smile as he dropped a handful of condoms on the nightstand. I just hoped they planned to use them all because at that point I wanted to be fucked until I couldn't walk. I watched as Lee approached me with his cock at attention. Pre cum was leaking from the slit on its head. His cock was level with my face and when he directed it to my mouth I didn't hesitate to suck it. I sucked him off enjoying the taste and scent of another man. Jeff just watched as Lee fucked my face holding my head in his hands.

I wrapped both of my hands around Lee's ass as he fucked my throat. He was trying not to come as I relentlessly sucked his cock. Wanting to turn the tables I let some of the abundant flow of salvia which was dripping from my mouth coat my fingers, then reaching back around Lee I sought out his asshole and rimmed it with one of my slick digits. Jeff had no idea what I was up to but the look on Lee's face was priceless. His eyes opened wide when I slid my finger all the way up his ass. This drove him completely over the edge and standing on his tiptoes he emptied a load of hot come down my throat with a low moan. As I eased my finger out of his ass he called me a little slut and said that he was going to make me pay for what I'd done. I looked him in the eye as I licked my sullied finger and coyly asked him if that was a promise. With that he and Jeff maneuvered me into the middle of the bed sandwiching me between them.

For the next forty minutes or so that wasn't a second that I didn't have a hard cock deep inside me. They took turns fucking me however they wanted. Doggy style, missionary, me on top, the works. They gave me the fucking of my life. We were down to the last of the condoms and Jeff was on top of me fucking my brains out, when I heard Lee say let's give her a double dose. I had no idea what that meant but they must have done it before because Jeff automatically rolled us over so that I was on top. Then his hands moved down my hips and I felt him spread my asscheeks apart fully exposing my asshole. The next thing I felt was Lee's fingers which were coated with some type of gel working their way up my ass. I wasn't a total stranger to having both of my holes played with at once as when my husband and I were younger he use to slip a dildo up my ass while he was fucking my cunt.This always drove me crazy and I'd always wanted to take on two real cocks at once. That afternoon I got my chance. Once my asshole was sufficiently dilated Lee moved onto the bed and going very slowly worked his cock up my ass. After I got used to it and he was balls deep up my asshole, he and Jeff started fucking the daylights out of me. I started hyperventilating from sensory overload and after a long intense orgasm I passed out.

When I came to I was in bed alone and the guys were gone. I smelled food being prepared so I cleaned up and rather sheepishly limped down and joined Karen in the kitchen. She was all smiles and asked me if I had enjoyed myself? I gave her a big hug and thanked her for what she'd made happen. After a great dinner I helped clean up and left. As I headed out the door Karen yelled anytime you need a little release and want to watch a game you are welcomed to come over. I thought to myself that I just might take her up on that offer.

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