tagIncest/TabooThe Neglected Son Ch. 03

The Neglected Son Ch. 03


The Neglected Son, Ch. 3: Chet and Renee

My so-called girlfriend was royally pissed at me.

She thought I'd had sex with her mother.

The fact that I had didn't help my protestations. But I was a good actor, and sought diligently to convince Mindy of my innocence.

That wasn't even the funniest part. The funniest part was that I was such a good actor, Mindy still had no clue that I was really her brother. Her mother was both my aunt, and my father's wife.

Only, the rest of them had no idea. Sooner or later, the truth would come out, and when it did I was sure that it would shatter every single one of their lives.

I was really, gleefully, looking forward to that day.

It was their own fault. Dad's fault for divorcing my mom, cheating her out of alimony and ignoring me. Aunt Paula's fault for stealing Dad away from his first wife – I had no proof, but I knew it in my gut. Mindy's fault for the way she treated me when we were kids, making fun of me all the time, laughing at me.

My own fault? Maybe. Probably. There had to be something seriously bent and twisted in my psyche to have brought me to this point. Anger and resentment weren't good enough excuses for this kind of revenge.

But, boy, when I'd run into Mindy again after so many years, ready to shock her with how well I'd grown up after all, wanting to make her sorry for being mean to me … and she hadn't even recognized me … it was more than I could bear.

So, even though I knew it was sick and wrong, I hadn't protested all that much when Mindy threw herself at me. Hell, I'd enjoyed it. Who wouldn't? She was a sexy thing, my little sis. All bounce and curve and jiggle, a pouty mouth made to wrap around something fleshy and stiff, great tits, great ass, and a seemingly inexhaustible libido.

Renee's fault? Well … I didn't know about that. My other sister was the shy one, the strange one, preferring her own daydream world of the ballet to reality. She was the youngest, eighteen to my twenty-five, only a little kid when I was sent off to boarding school. Even now, she tended to be off in her own world most of the time.

It didn't matter, though. I might not have hated her as much as I hated the rest of them, but Renee was going to be part of my revenge all the same. It was Dad that I really wanted to hurt. When he found out that I, his own son, the one he'd forgotten and abandoned, had fucked not only his wife but both his precious daughters …

The mind boggles.

I suppose it would be fair to point out that they might be excused for not recognizing me. I wasn't the same person I'd been. The years and my own hard work had combined to re-make me from a skinny, clumsy dweeb into a fit, athletic guy.

They might be excused, yeah. By someone a lot more forgiving than I was.

At the moment, though, I had Mindy to contend with. She had returned from a shopping trip just knowing that her mother had been up to her usual tricks. Aunt Paula had a history of flirting with Mindy's boyfriends. She liked to tempt, and tease, knowing that it made Mindy absolutely rabid with fury.

Tempt and tease, but I hadn't been about to let it stop there. Paula wasn't going to get away from me with a few kisses and 'accidental' peeks at her cleavage. No, sir.

"What are you grinning about?" Mindy asked. Her expression was stormy. No, it was tornado warning.

I composed myself. "Nothing."

"Do you think it's funny? Huh? What if it was the other way around, Chet? Then what?"

"Mindy, I don't know what you're talking about."

"What if I had sex with your father?"

An uproarious bark of laugher burst from me. I hastily clapped my hand over my mouth, tried to turn it into a cough, but Mindy wasn't fooled.

"My father," I said, through a string of snickers. "Sorry, Mindy. You don't … that'd be …"

She stood with her fists on her hips and her shoulders back, a pose that made her tits thrust forth defiantly. "You don't think I could seduce your father?"

"Anything's possible." I got my mirth under control, but it wasn't easy.

"I'll find out," she said. "I'll find out if you did fuck her or not."

"Mindy, come on," I said. "Is that how much you trust me? You think I'm such a sleaze that I'd jump in bed with your mom the minute you were out of the house? Give me some credit."

After all, at least a couple of hours had gone by, and it had been the library couch, not a bed.

She studied me fiercely, then relented. "I'm sorry, Chet. I know you wouldn't do anything like that. It's just she makes me so crazy!"

I put an understanding arm around her, kissed her on the cheek. No worries that she'd catch her mother's scent on me; I had showered painstakingly afterwards. Mindy flung herself into my embrace and gave me a fervent kiss. When she indicated that she wanted more, I begged off, saying that it was almost time for dinner and I was starved.

We went downstairs to the dining room. Aunt Paula looked refreshed and stunning, Dad remarking on how a day's rest must have done her a world of good. She batted her long lashes at him and replied that yes, she'd had a most pleasant afternoon.

Renee joined us, distracted as usual. I studied her surreptitiously, not wanting to rouse Mindy's ire anew. I wondered if Renee was a virgin or not. I thought she must be. Her parents, having seen the trouble they got from being permissive with Mindy, had overcompensated to be protective of Renee.

The next couple of days were busy with parties and other holiday activities. Too busy to get up to any new mischief. A few smoldering looks did pass between Paula and myself, and Mindy pounced on every one like a cat, but I continued to deny her accusations.

I knew some of the people who came and went during the gala affairs, but wouldn't have expected them to know me. Even when I'd lived at Pinewood, mixing with Dad's country club friends and business acquaintances hadn't been my thing. I was dutifully paraded around and introduced as Mindy's boyfriend, and called upon to embroider a respectable background when interrogated.

On the morning after one of those long cocktail-and-buffet events, Mindy tried to talk me into going ice skating with her and some of her old chums. Dad and Paula would be spending the day visiting with the Vandermeres, and most of the household staff had been given the day off.

"I'm not much of a skater," I said. "But don't let that stop you. Go ahead, and have a good time."

"I don't want to leave you here on your own," she said, pouting cutely, "and I don't want to be the only one there without a date."

"From the way those guys were crowding around you at the party, I bet they'd be glad to have me out of the way for a while. Besides, I could use a quiet day of relaxing with a book." I looked around to be sure we were unobserved, and pulled her close. As I nibbled her ear, I added, "That way, I'll be all rested up for tonight."

Mindy wriggled against me, twisting so that her back was to me. I licked her earlobe and kissed the sensitive hollow behind her jaw. "Still …"

"I'll be fine. Really."

"I guess with my mother being out of the house –"

"Mindy, jeez," I said. "Maybe you should lock a chastity belt on me and have done with it! Do you see me getting all stressed out about you spending the day with all those guys? Huh?"

"Okay, okay," she said. "You're right. I shouldn't be such a paranoid bitch. You take it easy, and I'll keep you up all night." She snuggled her round little ass into my groin.

"I'm holding you to that," I said. "So, better make sure you don't get all tired out."

She kissed me again and went up to get dressed for the icy outing. An hour or so later, Pinewood was still and silent but for the low drone of a television in the butler's room. The rest of the family had gone, and I'd seen Renee in her coat and galoshes trudging through the snow to her dance studio.

That, then, was my objective. I bundled up and left the house, my breath forming a frosty plume around my head. The air was brisk and bitingly cold, but it did nothing to diminish my excitement. Part of me was plenty warm, and looking forward to something even warmer.

I roamed the grounds for a while in case any of the servants had happened to be watching, and came around to the studio on a meandering course. I could hear the faint strains of classical music from within.

My plan was simple enough. I'd go in, watch Renee practice for a while, and turn on the charm. Play to her sense of romance, hoping that she'd be so caught up in the spirit of the ballet that she would let herself be carried away. A momentary rush inspired by the pure emotion of the music and the dance.

In the small entryway, I shed my outerwear. The music was louder and I could identity one of the pieces from Swan Lake. I proceeded to the studio itself, a long windowless room with mirrors the length of one wall, a polished hardwood floor, and a ballet bar set along the glass.

Renee was there, but to my jaw-dropping shock, Renee was not alone.

The young man with her had a lot of curly black hair and the build of a dancer. His skintight leotard exposed every ripple of muscle. His back was to me, his arms around my sister. They were locked in a deep kiss, eyes shut, oblivious to anything else.

Renee leaned against the bar, one hand gripping it for balance while her other strayed restlessly through the man's masses of hair. She was poised on one toe, which was clad in a ballet slipper with ribbons wrapping her calf. Her other leg was bent gracefully around the man's hip.

She wore pale tights and a seafoam green leotard that matched the color of her slippers. A scarf of the same color secured her auburn hair in a bun, drawing it up and away from the sleek white column of her neck.

I was riveted by the smooth flex of Renee's thigh as she moved her lower body languidly against her partner. Only when their kiss broke did I have the presence of mind to duck out of sight, and peek through the doorway.

So, my sister wasn't as shy as I'd thought. At least, not around her dance instructor. I guessed that's who he was, anyway. Or some guy she'd met at a recital. Either way, I had the strong and sure feeling that nobody else in the family knew about this.

The black-haired man seemed to be imploring Renee, though I couldn't hear his words over the music. She fended him off for a while as he begged her with kisses, but at last he overcame her resolve and she leaned back so that her shoulder blades pressed the mirrored glass.

Her head turned to the side, her eyes closed again, and she did not move as her lover gingerly, almost reverently, peeled the straps of her leotard down her arms. He rolled the garment lower until he had exposed her breasts, and I had to bite the heel of my hand to keep from making some audible noise of appreciation. They were small but flawless, cream tipped in buds of palest pink.

Renee's lover admired them for a moment, then bent his head to worship them with his mouth. I couldn't tear my gaze from her face. A blush as pink as her nipples rose to delicately tint her cheeks. Her lips parted in a soft gasp. She was exquisite.

They went on in this fashion for some time, plenty long enough for me to develop a raging hardon. But when the man sought to pull the leotard lower, Renee's lovely dark eyes opened and she stopped him.

He went to his knees and clutched her thighs and begged her with adoring, pleading looks. She shook her head. He kissed her hands, lavishing attention on the palms and the tender insides of the wrists. She shook her head again, and when he released her hands, she drew her leotard back into place.

Defeated, her lover rose to his feet in a motion so agile I almost expected he'd leap, or arabesque. As he shifted position, I saw – far better than I had any interest in seeing – that I wasn't the only one who could have battered walls down with an erection.

I thought of how he had been standing so near her, one of her long legs around him. He'd been rubbing that against her. Rubbing it against her with only those couple of scraps of cloth between them. The lucky bastard.

The music ended and I froze. I couldn't risk making a single sound. The acoustics in here would alert them instantly to my spying presence. But, by the same token, I could now hear them.

"Oh, Renee, Renee," the guy moaned. "I love you. I want you so much that it aches."

I bet it did, having most of his blood flow dammed up in his crotch.

"I love you, too, Gregor," Renee said, stroking his face. "But we can't. Not yet."

"When?" he asked in agony. "When can we be together?"

My sister looked pensive and troubled. "My parents …"

"I don't care what they think!"

"If they knew about us, they'd send you away. Or send me away, to school or something. They'd say that I could do better than the butler's son."

I reeled, studying Gregor for any resemblance to the stodgy Parks. Not her dance instructor, then. Not her partner. One of the servants.

Dad and Paula wouldn't approve. They'd have a fit.

"This isn't the nineteenth century," said Gregor. "They can't tell you who to go out with, who you can and can't love."

Renee planted a light, sweet kiss on his lips. "Please. Let's not talk about this now. We'll think of something, I promise."

"But can't we even …" He finished his sentence with a longing look that was impossible to misinterpret.

"After what happened last time?" It was the first time I'd seen Renee look all the way in the world, all the way awake and alive. Here, for a change. "That was too close, Gregor."

"It was a false alarm," he said. "We'd be more careful."

Aha … so they had done it. Pretty Renee wasn't a virgin after all.

His entreaties were to no avail. Reminded by the scare, Renee was all the more firm in denying his efforts. Gregor was persistent but not stupid, and could see the writing on the wall when it was in large enough letters. They shared a farewell kiss and then he went out via a side door, and Renee began gathering her belongings.

She was in the process of switching ballet slippers for galoshes when I stepped into the studio. Her head came up and around, alert as a deer. I smiled. She only stared at me apprehensively.

"Hi, Renee," I said. "I thought I might find you out here. Nice studio."

Her mind had to be racing behind her veiled eyes. Wondering how long I'd been there, what I'd seen, what I'd heard. She slowly got up, barefoot, her hair loose from the bun to fall around her in a coppery curtain.

"Hi, Chet," she said, her voice not quite steady.

I let my smile turn into a knowing grin. "Gregor, huh?"

Dismay twisted her features. "You saw us?"

"I'll say." I dropped my gaze to her breasts and widened my grin.

Her cheeks flamed. "How long were you watching?" she demanded.

"Long enough."

"Oh, God." She covered her face.

"You and Gregor. The butler's son." I clucked my tongue – tsk! "Mindy told me your parents have some pretty old-fashioned ideas about who their girls should date."

Her hands fell away and her large, dark, luminous eyes met mine. "Please don't tell anyone. You're right. They wouldn't understand. They'd say that he's not good enough for me, and wouldn't care how I feel."

"They'd probably fire him, too," I said, shrugging. "And his father, and any other relatives he's got working here. That's my guess, anyway. Your family seems like the vindictive type."

"That's why they can't know. Promise me you won't say anything. Not even to Mindy."

"You want me to lie to my girlfriend?"

"No, just … just don't say anything."

I was a heel to be enjoying this, but what the hell. Seeing her so despairing and pitiful gave me a real rush of power.

"Well, I wouldn't want anyone to get in trouble," I said. "Tell you what. We'll make a deal."

"Anything," she said.

"Show me your breasts."

She flinched like I'd slapped her. "What?"

"Let me see them. Touch them, maybe kiss them a little. Like Gregor did."

"You're insane!" Renee was paper-white and actually swayed on her feet as if she was liable to faint.

"Okay, suit yourself." I raised a sardonic eyebrow at her. "I bet your father will be really interested to hear about the pregnancy scare."

"You'd blackmail me?"

I paused and appeared to mull this over. "Um … yeah. Yeah, I think so. Blackmail, Renee. That's what this is. If you won't do what I want, I'll go straight to your parents and spill the beans. Your Gregor will end up delivering pizzas."


"Well, then?"

Renee's chin trembled, but she slid the top of her leotard down to her waist. Again, she did this with her head turned away and her eyes closed. I savored the sight of her, standing there so vulnerable. When I moved closer, she tensed, fists curled at her sides. I could see a rapid pulse beating in her throat.

I raised my hand and let it hover half an inch above her skin. Then, slowly, I settled it onto her breast. She twitched and whimpered but did not try to get away.

"Very pretty," I said.

Her mouth turned down in a hateful grimace. I petted her soft white breasts as if I held a pair of captive doves. The timid pink nipples stiffened under my fingers. I bent down and exhaled a warm, moist breath across them. They hardened into rosy points, which I circled with my tongue.

"No more, please," whispered Renee. "Isn't that enough?"

By way of answer, I sucked on one nipple and rolled the other gently between thumb and forefinger. Then switched, keeping everything fair and equal.

"Chet, please, stop it."

"Mmm, you taste so good," I said, raising my head.

"There, you've done what you wanted."

"True. But you know what, Renee? It isn't enough. I want to see the rest of you. Shimmy on out of that leotard and those tights."

"No!" She blanched in alarm.

"No? Okay." I frowned thoughtfully. "Let me see. 'Mr. Hollister, you are not going to believe what I saw today in the studio …'"

"You bastard," she said brokenly. "You promised."

"Give me something more to sweeten the pot."

"You can't do this."

"Watch me."

Sobbing, Renee hastily stripped off the rest of her garments. I surveyed her with great delight. Tall and lean, a taut belly, amazing legs, a neat bush of copper-colored pubic hair.

"Beautiful," I said. "You are really beautiful, Renee."

"Don’t make me do this."

"Life's full of choices. Not to be all philosophical, but it is. You could walk out of here right now. That's your choice."

"And you'd tell my parents about me and Gregor."

"That's my choice."

"What do you want from me, you rotten son of a bitch?" It came out nearly a shriek, but the infuriated effect was somewhat ruined when she immediately began to cry.

"Oh, Renee," I said. "Shh. It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you."

I tried to take her in my arms. She wrenched away. I seized her and held on.

In a sudden spate of fear and rage, she swept her strong leg under mine and we crashed to the hardwood floor. Our breath was jolted out of us by the fall, and for a moment we lay there, entangled and stunned.

I was half atop her, and my dick was jabbing her in the thigh. She thrashed to get out from under me, very conscious of what was poking at her, very conscious of what it meant. And, cad that I was, her struggles only turned me on more.

"I'll tell," I said. "Unless you let me."

She went perfectly still. "I hate you," she spat.

"I don't blame you. But I swear I'll be gentle. You might even like it."


"I bet you got all hot and bothered when Gregor was kissing you. Rubbing up against you. I saw the way your leg was around his ass. Holding him nice and snug with that big hard dick pushing against your pussy."

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