The Neglected Son Ch. 03


She put her hands over her ears. Her body stayed perfectly still, and an aura of defeat surrounded her. She was giving up. Trying to distance herself from whatever might happen.

I rose to my hands and knees, watching her. Renee stayed as she was, eyes shut, body rigid. She didn't try to escape even when the unmistakable sound of my zipper resonated in the studio. I got out of my clothes quickly and stretched out beside my lovely sister.

"Have you let him go down on you?" I asked in a low, confidential tone.

Renee didn't answer. She seemed to be trying to shut herself off by sheer force of will. I grinned. A challenge. She didn't think I could get her to react. We'd see about that.

"I bet you didn't," I said, arranging her wooden, unresponsive legs so that they were knees-raised, wide apart. Tremors like tiny galvanic shocks coursed steadily through her body. "I bet that you were making out and things just went too far. I bet he had his dick in you before either of you really knew what was going on, and I bet he came almost at once."

She still didn't answer. I caressed the insides of her thighs, then ran my thumbs lightly along the edges of her labia. Renee shuddered. I did it again, eliciting another shudder, then parted her folds like the petals of a rare and fragile flower.

"You must love him a lot to be letting me do this," I said.

I quit talking then, having something far more interesting to do with my tongue. I darted it in quick fluttering tastes, purposefully going all around the nestled little nub of her clitoris without touching it.

Renee tried to act the mannequin, but for the helpless continual shuddering. But she gave herself away with the clear flow of her body's musky oils, and the mewling kitten-cry she couldn't quite silence in time.

"That's more like it," I said, and slid two fingers into her pussy. At the same instant, I covered her clit with the flat of my tongue and applied a waxing-and-waning pressure.

"Mmph!" was her muffled reply. Her hips jumped helplessly. Her inner sheath was tight damp velvet clasping around my fingers.

The woodenness melted from her body as I continued my delicious labors. Soon I had her pliant and, if not entirely cooperative, at least accepting when I withdrew my fingers and made ready to replace them with my dick.

"Look at me, Renee," I urged as I nudged her clit with my cockhead. "Open your eyes and look at me."

She did, those enormous dark brown eyes fixed on my face. I saw passion, unwilling perhaps but undeniable. And then there was something else. I saw her see me, perhaps really see me for the first time.


Renee said my name, my real name, with shock and incredulity.

I gave one good firm thrust, and was embedded inside her before she could prevent it. Her cry was a tormented blend of ardor and horror as she comprehended what was happening to her. That I was her brother, and that what I was doing felt good. It was exquisite to watch her wrestle with these two diametrically opposed concepts, almost as exquisite as it felt to be fucking her in sure, steady strokes.

"No, oh, no, it can't be," Renee gasped. "Winchester, no, you have to stop."

"Way too late for that even if you really wanted me to," I said. "Congratulations, Renee. Someone finally recognized me."

"But … but Mindy … ooh, oh, no, you can't do this."

"Mindy doesn't know. Nobody does except you. And I can do this. I am doing this. And you love it."

"No, nooo!"

But she was coming even as she cried out her denial. She began shaking again, in earnest, her thighs clasping my hips. I maintained my pace, wringing every last sweet convulsion from her as she moaned and babbled incoherently. I paused then, having averted my orgasm by monumental willpower, and looked down into Renee's flushed, perspiring face.

"You see, Renee," I said, "I may have blackmailed you, but now we both have secrets we don't want the family to know. You keep quiet about who I really am, and I'll keep quiet about you and Gregor. Deal?"

She peered up at me, dazed. "Winchester …"

"And we can't have them finding out about this, can we?" I eased my still-hard dick out of her until only the tip was in, then slid it slowly back.

"Ooh –" and she turned crimson with shame. "Why are you doing this?"


"But we can't have sex, Winchester. We can't. I'm your sister!"

"I've got news for you, Renee. We already are. And I'm not done yet. I want to do you up against the mirrors, with you holding onto the bar, the way you and your sweetheart were when I saw you."

"It's wrong!"

"I know."

I withdrew from her, saw her glance flick to that part of me so stiff and glistening with her juices, and reached to help her to her feet. I wondered if she might lash out at me, or run for it, but she only staggered on weak knees to an upright posture.

"Don't," she said. "Please don't."

"Unless you want the whole world to know everything that's gone on in this room," I said, "you'll be quiet and cooperate."

Her back was to the mirrors, her bottom against the bar. She gripped it with both hands and regarded me fearfully as I advanced on her with my dick leading the way.

"Oh, God," she whispered.

"Put your leg around me like you did with Gregor."

She hesitated, tears spilling in glittery diamond trails over her cheeks to spangle her breasts. Then, once more shutting her eyes and turning away, she did as I ordered. When her dancer's leg rose, I stepped close, and positioned myself at the entrance to her slick and slippery channel.

"Now use your leg to pull me to you," I said hoarsely. I knew that this time I wasn't going to be able to last long. "Into you."

Weeping silently, Renee did. Her leg curled around my ass and drew me in. I stifled a groan and grabbed the bar on either side of her. I used it to rock myself back and forth, pumping vigorously.

To my surprise, Renee suddenly brought her other leg up and around too, locking it around my waist. I plunged into her with abandon, so intently pursuing my own delayed orgasm that I might have missed hers if she hadn't cried out.

"Oh, oh, yes, I'm coming again!" Renee exclaimed.

I didn't speak, probably couldn't have even if I'd tried. My climax shook me head to toe, and despite Mindy's frequent ministrations at depleting my balls of their contents, I loosed what felt like quarts of it into Renee, like I'd been deprived for a year.

If not for my iron grip on the ballet bar, I would have collapsed in a heap. As it was, I had to lean heavily into Renee, sucking in great rasping inhalations of breath. She stayed as she was, legs locked around me, but turned her head to face me.

"That was …" She stopped, and shook her head, and looked at me with heartbreaking appeal. "You won't tell. You promised."

"If you don't." The words tottered out as I gradually felt the room stop spinning. "A deal's a deal."

She lowered her legs as we parted. The mirror's glass bore the sweaty imprint of her back. I went over to my clothes and began to put them on.

"Shouldn't we … talk about this?" asked Renee plaintively.

"It's probably better if we don't," I said. "You'd want an explanation, and I don't have one. Except that I hate Dad, and I've spent the past six years of my life wishing I could get back at you all. Now's my chance."

"But what did I do?"

My smile was crooked. "Nothing. It's nothing personal, Renee. It's just because you're my sister."

I left her pondering that statement and returned to the main house. Mindy might be back from her skating soon, Dad and Paula from their party. I wanted to be cleaned up before any of then arrived.

I'd thought that my revenge would be complete once I'd fucked all three of them, my father's wife and both his daughters. All I had to do was let the truth be found out and watch the shockwaves shake the family to pieces.

But, as I crossed the snowy yard to Pinewood, an idea occurred to me. A way to utterly and abjectly destroy my father.

I was glad that the holidays were still a long way from being over.


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