The Neighbor


Editor's Note: This story contains a scene of graphic violence.

* * * * *

He watched her as she moved from the living room to the bedroom. Through the eye of his telescope, he was able to watch her in almost every inch of her house. Only the den and the basement were off limits to his voyeuristic desires.

He had been watching her for over seven months, ever since the first night she moved in. He had been up until almost three in the morning, first watching her carefully unpack her most precious and private belongings and place them in their proper places, then as she slept, innocently, totally unaware of his prying eyes.

After all this time, he could tell you every piece of information about her. He knew every inch of her home as well as her body. He knew what she kept in her cupboards and well as the secret toys she hid in the bottom drawer of her dresser, tucked at the back underneath the flannel sheets. He knew her more intimately than most lovers. His attic walls were papered with pictures he had taken of her every activity - eating, sleeping, jogging, washing television, showering - every moment of her life was recorded in his collage.

Watching her had filled a void in his life. With no friends or family, he was so very alone. He had shared this house with his mother until she had finally succumbed to the cancer. If he had been forced to work, he may have found a normal existence with other people but the ample settlement from the factory his mother had worked in that had caused her cancer allowed him to shut himself away from the world, receding from society - his only contact with others through his telescope. Once a week, a woman would come in to clean the house, restock the pantry and take care of the laundry. When she came, he would lock himself away in the attic, the one room she did not have access to. He had never even met her.

As always, he had agonized during the long hours that she was at work until he saw her car coming down the block. He had rushed up the stairs to the attic but was too late and she was already in the living room, sorting through the mail as she shed her coat and shoes.

Usually, the site of her abated his anxiety and he was filled with a sense of peace and comfort...but not tonight. Tonight, she was agitated. Instead of heading into the kitchen to start her single serving frozen entree after glancing through the mail and dropping it on the counter, she headed for the bedroom in a mad dash.

She hastily tore off her charcoal gray suit and through it in a wrinkled puddle in the corner. She grabbed a towel and moved to the bathroom, where she started the shower while she unpinned her hair and slipped out of her bra and panties.

She squatted on the toilet to quickly relieve herself before stepping into the shower and sliding closed the glass doors.

With the bathroom door wide open, he was able to have an unobstructed view of her rubbing soapy lather over her entire body. Normally, this would have caused his cock to throb painfully until he loosened his pants and slipped his hand onto his shaft to relieve his tension, but not this time. She was moving too fast, too hurriedly.

He moved the scope off of her, through the living room and into the kitchen where he could see her calendar on the refrigerator.

She was extremely obsessive about time and always wrote every meeting and appointment down on the calendar. As he had remembered, this evening was completely blank.

It was completely out of her character to do something last minute. From watching her as completely as he had for the past seven months, including reading her lips when she was on the phone and observing her unchanging routine day after day and week after week, he knew something was different. Something was happening and he was filled with dread in the pit of his stomach.

He moved his view back to the bathroom. She was out of the shower and drying herself off. He watched her as she almost ran to the dresser, letting the towel drop to the floor as she rooted through the drawers. She pulled out a matching bra and panty set, silky red, that he had never seen her wear before. He remembered the night she had moved in, how he had seen her carefully fold this particular set and place it in the drawer. He had laid in his bed on many occasions, stroking himself to the thought of her in that particular set. Now that his fantasy was about to become reality, he was not feeling in the least bit excited. To be exact, his cock had drawn itself up almost inside of him.

His face turned to a grimace as he watched her finish getting dressed - a short, slinky black dress with spaghetti straps, no nylons, three inch black stiletto pumps and her long strawberry blond hair cascading around her bare, smooth shoulders.

She had just finished applying her lipstick when a dark blue Buick Riviera pulled up in front of the house. A tall, handsome man in an obviously expensive black suit got out and walked to the door. Her face beamed as he rang the bell. She called out for him to wait a minute as she grabbed her evening bag and black shawl. She opened the door, trying not to show the obvious excitement she was feeling.

He took her arm in his as they walked to the car. He opened the door for her and then got in the drivers seat and they disappeared.

* * * * *

He paced the floor. It had been hours. Where was she? When was she coming back? How could she do this?

There was this tightness in his chest. He could barely breath. He took deep breaths but felt like there was no oxygen.

As the clock ticked away the minutes and then hours, the attic got hot and the air was thick.

His head throbbed, pulses of light obstructing his vision.

Every few minutes he would look through the telescope. There was no sign of her.

How could she leave with that imposter? Couldn't she see he was a fake - only pretending to care about her so he could get into those silky red panties? He didn't care about her. He didn't love her. She was just another notch on his expensive leather belt.

He clenched his fists together, his mind filling with rage. How could she be so stupid? That man could never love her....only he loved her!!!! She was supposed to wear those silky panties for him on their wedding night, just like he had imagined. This man was going to ruin everything and she was too stupid to see it.

The blue Riviera pulled up in front of the house and turned off the lights. As the happy couple walked up to the door, he wiped his bloody palms on his jeans and adjusted the telescope.

* * * * *

"I've had a wonderful time", Melissa said softly to Jeremy as they stood on the porch saying their good-byes, "It is too bad the night had to end so soon. Are you sure you can't come in, just for one drink?"

The next thing she knew, he was in her bedroom. They were kissing passionately, pulling at each other's clothes as they fumbled their way to the bed.

When he entered her, it was more wonderful then she could ever have imagined. He was so gentle and knew exactly where to touch her.

She came three times before he finally filled her and then collapsed on the bed next to her.

She kissed him gently and curled up next to him.

The night was perfect.

* * * * *

They had finished making love about an hour before. They had turned off all the lights and fallen asleep in each other's arms.

The room still smelled of the passionate sex they had just had.

He walked over to the window and pulled the drapes closed. They didn't stir.

This wasn't the first time he had been in her house, in her bedroom, but it was the first time when she was home.

In some deep part of his mind, he knew this was dangerous and wrong, but he also knew he had to do this if she was going to be his.

He grabbed the crystal vase from on top of the dresser, dumping the fresh carnations onto the floor, and made his way to the bed.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. He raised the vase high up over his head and brought it down on the mans face shattering his nose and spraying blood over most of the pillow and blanket.

Before the guy could wake up enough to realize what was going on, there was duck tape securely over his mouth and his hands and feet were being bound with clothesline.

Melissa was awake and shrieking. "Who are you? What is going on? Oh my God, Jeremy?!"

She tried to run to her little boyfriend, bound and gagged in the corner. His naked body a curled up like the forgotten suit from earlier in the evening.

He knew he couldn't let her get to Jeremy. She still didn't see how much better he was then that pompous jackass. He would just have to show her, and if that meant he would have to hurt her a little to make her listen to him, well, she would forgive him later. He was only trying to help her.

He buried his fist into her stomach as she tried to rush by him.

He heard her gasp as the air was forced out of her and she collapsed in a heap on the ground.

He picked up her limp, naked body and carried her to the bed. She let out a groan as he dropped her onto the bed and began tying her wrists and ankles to the bedposts.

Seeing her spread out across the bed in the soft moonlight was starting to get him aroused. He ran his gaze up the length of her legs, starting with the smooth, tan skin of her ankles, past the swell of her muscular calves, to the soft pale flesh of her sculpted thighs.

His cock began to stiffen as he moved his eyes to the inviting V at the top of her legs. The hair was carefully shaven, leaving only a tuft at the bottom of her belly. With her feet pulled to the corners of the bed, the lips of her tender pussy were slightly parted. He could see the wetness that was the evidence of her indiscretion with Jeremy.

He moved his gaze away from there before his desire became a raging hunger he could no longer control. He moved up across the swell of her little belly to her beautiful breasts. They weren't very big but he thought they were perfect. The combination of the chilly night air and her fear had made her nipples stand erect.

He was getting ready to move to her face when he was interrupted by a commotion in the corner. Jeremy had managed to get himself into a sitting position and was trying to scramble to his feet.

In a fluid like motion, Jeremy was knocked back to the floor, hanging on to consciousness with a tenacious grip.

"Who are you?", Melissa said in a meek voice, "Are you going to kill us?"

She was still worried about him. She still cared what happened to him. When was she going to let go of the lie?

"How could you be so stupid?", he asked her, "He doesn't care about you! He is only using you! You don't have to be like that! I can't let him do this to you! You WILL understand!!!"

He pulled out the one item he had brought from his house, a 9mm. He pointed it at Jeremy, still staring blankly through clouded eyes.

He squeezed the trigger.

* * * * *

She heard herself screaming uncontrollably. She realized she had not heard the gunshot.

She opened her eyes and looked over to the corner. Jeremy was looking up at the man, eyes wide with fear, finally realizing what was happening.

The man was staring coldly down at Jeremy. He had squeezed the trigger but not enough to fire the gun.

He let his arm fall to his side and he turned to look at her. His eyes were wild. There was spittle running from his mouth and down his chin. She was sure he was going to kill them and was trying not to think of what else he may do to her before that.

He started towards the bed. He moved as though he were in a trance. Shuffling along like some creature from a cheap horror flick.

He sat down on the bed with his back to her, still watching Jeremy. Jeremy met her gaze and tried to give her a reassuring look through the blood and duct tape. She tried her best to smile and not show him how scared she was.

The man turned to look at her. She could see his eyes soften as he looked up and down her body. His trembling hand reached out for her, touching her skin gently. She could see his jeans straining against the bulge that was rising in them.

She tried to pull away from him as he began to run his hand along the inside of her thigh, towards her exposed mound.

"Please don't do this", she whimpered, "Please, anything except this."

His eyes flashed with rage. "You give yourself to that pimp but not to the one you love?", he screamed, backhanding her across the face.

As quickly as his rage flared, it was gone, replaced by concern and regret.

"I am so sorry", he fawned over her, smoothing her hair and rubbing the quickly reddening cheek, "I never want to hurt you. You have to know that I would never hurt you unless you force me to. I just want to love you. Let me love you."

She pulled her face from his hand, looking away from him.

His hand left her face and fell to her neck. It rested there, motionless, for a moment and then he started rubbing her neck.

His hand began moving down her shoulder to her breast. He roughly worked her nipple between his fingers, his breath getting shallow and excited, then continued down her body.

She felt his hand between her legs, the fingers working at the lips, trying to part them. He was awkward, she knew he had never been with a woman before. He poked at her like a child fumbling with a stubborn knot.

After what seemed like forever, he managed to succeed in his endeavor and his fingers slid into her.

* * * * *

She was so soft and wet inside. He had never imagined anything so tender and inviting. He had never touched a woman before; he had waited for the perfect one. Finally, here he was with a woman he loved. This was almost perfect.

He moved his fingers around inside her, feeling her wetness. She squirmed on the bed, practically thrashing about. He had seen enough movies to know that this was a sign of impending orgasm. To think, he had been afraid that he wouldn't be good at this.

His cock was throbbing painfully in his pants. He wanted to give her more pleasure with his hands, so she would know that he cared about her needs too, but she would have to understand that he had needs of his own that had waited to long to be satisfied and would be put off no longer.

He stood and unzipped his pants. She snapped her head around as she heard the sound of the zipper. Her eyes grew big as he dropped his pants and underpants, revealing his erect cock.

She started to mime the word "No" over and over, shaking her head. The poor girl was truly frightened by his enormity, but he knew that he would be gentle with her and she could handle it.

He caressed her cheek, speaking softly into her ear with words of encouragement, reassuring her that he would be gentle. She stopped shaking her head back and forth but her eyes were still wide with fear. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She had obviously never been with a REAL man.

He cast a disgusted glance to the sorry excuse for a man in the corner as he climbed onto the bed and on top of his beautiful Melissa.

He positioned himself between her legs and used his hand to guide his cock to her awaiting pussy.

The feeling of her warmth and wetness on the head of his penis was almost enough to bring him to climax, but he closed his eyes tightly and bit the inside of his lip until the feeling passed.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her radiantly beautiful face. Her eyes were filled with tears.

He knew how she felt. He too was almost moved to tears now that it was about to happen. Finally, they were to be together as only two people who were truly in love could be. He wasn't going to use her the way that imposter had. He was going to fill her with a love greater then any had ever known.

He smiled down at her, braced himself and slid his cock inside of her.

* * * * *

She cried out in pain and shame as she felt him force himself inside of her. Her head fell to the side and the tears spilled down her cheeks and onto the pillows.

He was pumping himself in and out of her. She looked at his face briefly, repulsed by the satisfaction that was all over his face.

She closed her eyes, trying to convince herself that it wasn't that bad. Maybe he would leave when he was done with her and she would live through this.

He was getting close to his climax. His pumping was getting faster and more erratic. He was breathing heavily and sweat was dripping off of him onto her chest and belly.

The room was filled with a deafening noise and everything stopped.

* * * * *

He had never felt anything so beautiful and perfect. She had been squirming underneath him since he entered her and was making low mewing sounds. They were sharing this special, perfect moment.

He realized he was about to climax and he wasn't going to stop it.

He braced himself and threw his head back. The room was filled with a bright flash as he emptied himself into her.

* * * * *

Jeremy had been able to get his hands free while the crazed lunatic was busy with Melissa.

The gun had fallen off of the bed with as the man pumped her wildly.

He saw that the guy was about to climax and figured this was his only opportunity, while he was caught up in his orgasm.

He grabbed the gun, stood up, pointed it at the man's head and pulled the trigger.

* * * * *

He looked down at her. Blood was pouring from the gaping hole that had appeared where his right ear had been. As she looked, she realized in horror that most of the side of his head was missing.

Her eyes met his. They were filled with tenderness, a gentle smile on his face.

"I love you."

The words escaped his mouth on his last breath and his lifeless body collapsed on hers.

The room was filled with the sounds of her screams.

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