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The Neighbor


The best thing about living in an apartment building is that you usually have several beautiful women that you run into. My neighbor Julie, I never ran into but would see out my window. I always admired how hot she was. Usually when I saw her she would be returning from the gym, wearing the tight black leggings and a sweaty sports bra or tank shirt. She always kept her silky hair in a ponytail.

Oddly enough Julie and I never actually ran into each other during our comings and goings. Instead, I first learned Julie was interested in me when, she left a flirtatious note on my car. For a while we started trading flirtatious notes, until one day her phone number was on the note.

I called Julie that night and arranged to meet for dinner the next night. As we flirted on the phone, I knew she was a sex fiend and very adventurous. She then asked me what my fantasy would be. This is what I told her.

I would take you back to my place. As I showed you around my place, I would start to kiss you on your slender curvaceous neck. You would turn and kiss me full on the mouth, as our tongues would explore each other's mouths. I press you up against the wall as we continue to kiss. You then reach down into my pants as my hard-on strains to reach your soft hands. As you make first contact, I think to myself that there is no better feeling than when a girl sticks her hand down your pants for the first time.

I then start to unbutton your black leather pants with one hand as my other hand caresses your slender firm ass. You moan as you sense the ample size of my cock, and then you help me by unbuttoning your blouse. My hands run along the edges of your shear panties as I try to find out whether you are clean-shaven or neatly trimmed. I'm dying with anticipation. Your panties feel warm and moist and I then I feel the first whisper of your neatly trimmed bush.

You then pull your mouth off of mine and squat down! And because you are a good girl, and a considerate date, you put my cock into your mouth and forcefully pump your mouth and hand over my cock. You then unexpectedly pull off and stand back up, but you don't let go and you guide my cock in your hand you guide it into your pussy.

We violently pound against each other and against the wall causing a picture or two to crash to the floor. Our mouths again meet with a hunger for each other's soul. Since I know that you're a kink, I shamelessly move a finger to the opening of your asshole. I slowly work my digit in as your moaning and yelping increase in intensity. I then pull my dick out of your pussy, which is hard to do since I never experienced anything in the world so warm, and right.

I then spin you around and so you're facing the wall. I then pause a moment and visually take in your beautiful smooth round ass. Instinctively, I know that you want my tongue to explore your puckered secret, and I am too happy to oblige. As my tongue explores your opening, it starts to relax, inviting my tongue in deeper. I strain to lick deeper and deeper until my nose rubs against your crack. I then stand up and place the head of my hard-on against your inviting opening. It takes four or five plunges until I enter you completely and start hammering way so that my balls are slapping against your ass. You lean against the wall with one hand up over your head and the other strumming your clit like you're in a speed metal band. As your panting and yelping reach earsplitting levels you howl that your cumming. You experience wave, after wave of orgasm as you collapse against the wall taking comfort in its coolness. You then sense that I am near climax and you pull me away from my ass! In one swift motion you squat down again so I can deposit my shower of cum across your face.

After we clean up I try to tell you that I have to pee, and you ask if you can watch. Not wanting to disappoint, I bring you into the bathroom. You then ask if you can hold it as I pee. When you hold my hose and see the golden stream pour out you then put your other hand in the stream so you can feel the warmth of my urine. You then take your pee soaked hand rub your breasts and nipples. Seeing how turned on you become, I then take you gently by the hair and guide you back down so that my pee is spraying on your chest. I then slowly work the stream up to your swan like neck and into your beautiful mouth. You take my pee in letting it run across your pink tongue, beautiful white teeth and then letting it dribble back down to your chin and breasts.

I strain to give you a few more ounce of my golden nectar, but alas it runs out. You then sweetly kiss me on the tip of my flaccid member, and then on my right cheek.

After I finished my story, I told her that I had to get going. Julie was disappointed and told me that she would just have finish herself off by herself, as she had her hand on her pussy during the entire phone call. Hanging up, I knew we were going to fuck our brains out the next night. It turned out I was right!

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