tagErotic CouplingsThe Neighbor Boy

The Neighbor Boy


I hopped out of the shower, grabbed my robe and sprinted down the stairs. It was Jeffrey, my neighbor's little boy. Although he wasn't so little anymore. He was now grown up, 19, with dark hair, a broad build, and handsome. I had asked if he could shovel the driveway in my husband's absence.

I gave him the remote for the garage door and pointed him in the direction of the snow shovel.... Apologizing for my appearance I turned and headed back up the stairs. I noted the drips of water that ran down my leg and onto the lush carpet. Once back in the steamy warmth of the bathroom I turned red as I noticed that my erect nipples had penetrated my silk robe for the world, and in this case I imagined, Jeffrey to see.

I removed my robe, admired my erect nipples and flat stomach, brushed my hair, and was stunned as I exited the bathroom. Jeffrey greeted me as I entered my room. Frozen and embarrassed, I didn't know what to say.

He approached quickly as I attempted to cover up. His now large hands grasped my shoulders and thrust me onto the bed. My legs shot up in the air. His head jetting downward and between my legs! I clamped them shut and smacked him on the back of the head. He was determined. He pushed my thighs apart with his strong hands, I fought him hard, landing another blow at the top of his head.

Then I felt it! His warm eager tongue was tickling the outside of my vagina walls and slowly making its way to my clit. I struggled mightily but could not fight him off. He placed both hands on the bottom of my thighs and with one big shove my legs and knees were soon back by my head.

I grabbed and attempted to pull at the back of his hair again, but that tongue, Oh My God, that tongue! Oh God that tongue! It found 'the spot'! He feverishly licked my clit. Oh God I thought! Oh God no! It felt so fucking good! I could feel how wet I was getting! My cunt aching and swelling with each flick of his tongue! He quickly completed the puzzle by jamming two fingers inside of me. I groaned loudly but accepted them with great pleasure. He used his fingers as a probe, examining inside of my cunt, finally curling them upward in a come hither motion that pushed me to the edge!

I parted my legs enough to allow him to get better positioned but clamped my thighs around his ears in anticipation of what was to come. My stomach tingled. My cunt ached with passion, and my toes began to cramp. I clutched his head harder hoping that the 'neighbor boy' wouldn't hear Mrs. Horstman experiencing a thunderous orgasm! Fuck! That tongue! I screamed out in complete ecstasy. Collapsing for a moment on the bed, shaking.

I then pulled him off of me, rolled him over, unzipped his pants and smiled at the 8 inch cock that greeted me. I didn't bother removing his shirt as I mounted him. His hard cock easily sliding into my aching cunt. Looking down at him and that snide smile, I slapped him across the face. Biting my bottom lip, arching my head back and positioning my hips I rode him with a hunger and passion that I didn't know I had.

Each inch of him filling me. He grabbed and squeezed my ass, my erect nipples and my hair. I clenched up and prepared to let him experience another orgasm. I let myself go, my juices flowing down his shaft as I shook the bed with my second orgasm!

Hopping off of him I centered my attention around that young cock. Enveloping it with my hot mouth, lips and tongue. Determined to taste him, to suck him hard and make him feel like he made me feel. I hungrily sucked him off, my cunt still aching and dripping wet. Faster and faster I could feel him reaching climax. I eased him down my throat in a move guaranteed to make him unleash into my mouth!

He obliged sending streams of his young cum down my throat. I gagged slightly not sure how I was going to handle all of it. Swallowing as much as I could of the warm salty substance, I let the rest drip down my bottom lip and onto my chin. I wiped my face off with the sheet..

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