The Neighbor Boy


I heard Todd groan as I was tonguing his salty armpit, and seconds later felt something warm squirting onto my belly as he came again, this time all over me.

He grinned sheepishly at me as he lifted himself up above me, and then went down to clean up the mess he had made all over me before returning to my swollen member.

My cock was turning crimson and throbbing as Todd's mouth swooped down on me in earnest, and when I could take no more I felt myself tingle as my seed filled Todd's mouth. Todd's mouth kept going up and down as I ejaculated, and the sight of my cum drooling out of his mouth and back down my shaft was erotic as could be.

Even after I became completely flaccid Todd continued to lick and kiss my limp hose, and I had to smile as I watched while running my hands through his air.

"Hope you aren't trying to bring it back to life," I said, because even though my spirit was willing my flesh was not going to be willing for quite a while.

"I'm planning on it, at least at some point," Todd said. "I can stay can't I? Would you mind?"

"Mind? Of course not, but won't your folks be worried about you?"

"I told them I was staying over at a friends house, and besides, my father would be just as happy if I never came back," Todd suggested.

"Give him time," was all I could offer for advice, as I was distracted by the faint stirrings that Todd was creating within me.


Chapter Seven: Looking up.

On my back, I looked up at the delicious sight of Todd's genitals as he straddled my face. At the other end of the bed, Todd was busy doing what he seemed to have an insatiable need to do, which was sucking my cock.

There was no way that I was going to complain, because it had been rare to find someone who was able to handle the thickness of my cock without tearing it to shreads with their teeth. Todd was an artist orally; every bit as gifted as Ellie had been, and his youthful enthusiasm was contagious.

Not that I needed help, I thought while licking his balls which hung so low and tasted so sweet. My mouth carressed them tenderly, enjoying the feel of the golf ball-sized orbs against my tongue.

To think that this morning I would have bet anything that I would die without ever enjoying the pleasures of a man again. Who would want me? A old and broken down guy playing out the string.

Then Todd appeared, out of the blue. Not just a handsome and virile young fellow who was as charming as he was well hung, but someone who wanted me. Actually wanted me. Go figure.

"I was always wishing for this to happen," Todd had told me. "I'm surprised you never noticed me staring at you. I would ride my bike past your house hoping for that grass to grow fast, and every once in a while I would see you in the fields working, and if you had your shirt off? I was in heaven."

"I had no idea," I confessed.

"I've got a thing for older men anyway," Todd confessed. "And hairy men."

"Well, I'm old and hairy," I admitted. "I didn't know there was a market for me."

"Not to mention this," Todd had said, waving around my cock which he was bringing back to life slowly but surely. "Amazing that I spent the last year thinking about this, and you. Usually when you look forward to something that long and that much, it ends being a let down. Not this time."

"And this is somebody who claims that they're old," Todd added, working his hand up and down the saliva drenched shaft of my cock, which was fully erect again thanks to him.

"I'm glad you're spending the night," I said with a smile before going back to savor the sweetness of Todd once again.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/12/18

Wonderfully Refreshing....

This hot fantasy rang my chimes. Being an older, still in fairly decent shape Bi, divorced, horny, and somewhat lonely man, I could only hope to have an experience as hot as this! I would enjoy readingmore...

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by Anonymous09/17/17

Excellent writing

Many of us are hoping for an experience like this.

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