tagLoving WivesThe Neighborly Thing To Do

The Neighborly Thing To Do

bythe lady k©

"Hey, stop picking my flowers!"

The little girls shrieked gleefully and ran for the opposite side of the yard. They stopped near the fence and began tossing the freshly plucked impatiens buds up into the air, then jumped up and down as the blossoms fell about them like pink confetti.

Sheila regarded her flower with a scowl. "Unbelievable," she said. She placed her hands on her hips in exasperation. "I'm not going to have a single flower left by the end of the summer."

"I told you to put fake flowers out here," Dave replied. Sheila shot him a searing glance. Dave laughed out loud, knowing full well that artificial flowers would never do for his picky neighbor.

"Sure, and a couple of plastic flamingos, too," Sheila said sarcastically. In spite of her annoyance, she laughed at the situation. She was glad the kids had a nice yard to play in, even if some of her plants took a beating. Sighing, Sheila bent over to pull up a weed that was invading the carefully manicured bed.

Dave stole a glance at Sheila as she bent to pull the offending weed. Her legs were thin and well shaped. Nice, he thought to himself. His neighbor had a great figure that he never grew tired of looking at. It was a hot day, nearing ninety degrees. Sheila was barefoot and wore a sleeveless denim dress that hugged her shapely form.

"You missed one," Dave said as Sheila straightened.

"Where?" Sheila asked immediately. Dave grinned broadly, and she realized he was trying to get her to bend over again.

"God, you are such a pig, Dave." Sheila said as she pulled her dress down self-consciously. Dave roared.

This was typical banter for the two of them. They had lived next door to each other for almost three years and spent time together nearly every day. Their daughters were the same age and were constant companions.

The two families had become close. Sheila's husband, Mike, was good friends with Dave. They fished together, hung out together, and helped each other with projects around their homes. When they had first moved to the neighborhood, Sheila had almost been jealous of the amount of time Mike was spending with Dave. But once she had gotten to know Dave and his wife Tricia better, Sheila was thankful to have found such good friends.

The truth of the matter was that she sometimes felt lonely staying home all day with her two children. Dave was also a stay at home parent, while Tricia worked long hours as an advertising specialist. At Mike's insistence, Sheila had begun arranging play dates for the girls. She felt awkward about it initially. She was afraid Tricia might get angry but that had not been the case. The two couples were happy their children got along so well and encouraged them to play together often.

"Feel like doing me a huge favor?" Sheila asked.

Dave grinned at her. "Sure, what did you have in mind?"

Sighing, Sheila ignored him. Although she knew his insinuations were made lightheartedly, it sometimes annoyed her.

"Can you help me carry that old door out to the curb? Tomorrow is trash pick-up," she said briskly. She and Mike had just finished remodeling their bedroom. It was the last room they had worked on in the old colonial house. Sheila hadn't really noticed just how uninspiring their bedroom was until after they had fixed it up. It had been painted stark white when they bought the house, and aside from hanging up some old curtains she found in a box, Sheila hadn't done anything to the room for the next three years. The kids' rooms and the kitchen were the first orders of business, then the bathrooms. Finally, their private area had been painted and new furniture purchased. It was a much needed improvement in Sheila's estimation, and she was very happy that she and Mike had picked out the new things together.

"Oh, yeah, no problem," Dave said. They walked across the yard to the back door of the house. Sheila stopped before entering.

"Girls, we're going inside for a minute. We'll be right back," Sheila called to the children.

Dave rolled his eyes. "They probably wouldn't have noticed that we were gone, you know."

"True. But I want them to know where we are. Just in case they are looking for us."

"You worry too much, Sheila. You know they are fine out here for a couple of minutes by themselves. That fence Mike put up is escape-proof." Dave chuckled to himself. The dilapidated chain link fence that had surrounded the yard for years had come down within two months of Mike and Sheila moving in. In its place was a beautiful white picket fence. Their daughter had figured out how to unlatch the gate in a matter of minutes, so Mike had installed an elaborate locking mechanism. It was a bit much, but at least they didn't have to worry about their children getting out of the yard and roaming the neighborhood.

Sheila laughed and shook her head in agreement. She led Dave into the house and up the stairs. "Baby's sleeping," she said quietly as they passed the first bedroom.

"I could use a morning nap, too," Dave said.

"You and me both," Sheila commiserated. "I haven't been getting enough sleep lately."

"New bedroom too much for you?" Dave teased.

"It's working out just fine," Sheila said evenly. She smiled slightly. Dave could take that any way he wanted.

The old door was leaning against the wall in the hallway. Dave glanced into the newly made over bedroom. It wasn't something he would have done in his own house, but he liked it nonetheless. The walls were sponged with warm hues of orange, yellow and red, giving the room the aura of perennial sunset. The centerpiece of the room was definitely the bed. Sheila and Mike had not been able to agree on anything that they had seen in the furniture stores, so instead they had designed and built a headboard. It was a massive mahogany slab with a gently curving top. Sheila had applied layer after layer of stain until the wood seemed to glow. The final touch had been to install two small polished chrome lamps on either end of the headboard. Dave had made fun of his neighbors for the lamps, saying it was really sad they had nothing better to do in bed than reading.

But Dave knew his neighbors did more than flip through magazines in that bed. Mike did not mind sharing information from his sex life with his friend, so Dave was aware that it was active and enjoyable. As Dave glanced at the headboard, he felt suddenly uncomfortable. Mike had told to him how he and Sheila had christened the bed. As he was lying propped up with pillows against the headboard, Sheila had climbed into bed with her husband and given him a blow job until he was hard. Then Sheila got on top and rode him while both hands grasped the headboard, using it for leverage to help grind her pussy down on Mike's stiff cock. Mike said she had climaxed several times that evening. The couple had declared the headboard a huge success.

"I'll grab the bottom if you don't mind going down the stairs first," Sheila said as she bent to grasp the door.

Sheila's voice broke Dave from his reverie about her exploits in the bedroom. "Ah, no. Let go, I'll get it," Dave waved her away with his hand.

"Have it your way."

Sheila knew he wouldn't let her help. Dave was not the kind of man to stand around and watch her do manual labor. And it wasn't as if he needed any help. Dave was not a tall man, but he had a powerful build. He lifted the door easily and started down the stairs. Sheila followed.

She watched Dave as he descended her staircase. He was not an unattractive man, although Sheila didn't think of him as good-looking. She actually never thought of him in sexual terms at all, which was strange considering all the comments he had lobbed her way. Dave was just the neighbor, and a friend. But there was one thing about Dave that completely disarmed Sheila, and that was his smile. One look at his devilish grin just melted her. Even when he was teasing Sheila unmercifully, she couldn't stay mad at him when he flashed that smile. The contrast of his bright white teeth against his dark complexion was dazzling.

As the couple reached the bottom of the stairs, Sheila mentally reprimanded herself. Dave was a good guy. He was here helping her out again, wasn't he? Besides, he couldn't possibly mean all those things he said. He was one of her husband's best friends. She was certain it was all in fun. Still, Sheila wondered to herself.

She looked at Dave's bulging shoulder muscles as he carried the door. Sheila suddenly felt a slight twinge between her legs. Mortified, she tried to ignore the sensation and ran ahead of Dave to hold the back door open for him. He easily navigated the old door outside and headed across the lawn. When he reached the fence, he set the door down on its end so he could lift it over the fence.

Sheila came up behind him. "Careful, Dave, the old screws are still in the hinges, and they look sharp," Sheila cautioned.

"Yes, mom," Dave answered her smugly. He rolled his eyes. Grasping the door with both hands, he hoisted it up over his head. As he set it down on the opposite side of the fence, the top hinge swung down and the screws sticking out scraped his arm. Sheila looked at her neighbor, but he made no sound.

"Think they will take that with the rest of the trash?" he asked. He turned and started to walk toward the other side of the yard where the kids were playing.

"Oh, yes, they take just about anything... Dave, you're bleeding."

Dave glanced at his arm and shrugged. "Just a scratch, mom, stop worrying."

"Yeah, but that hinge was rusty and covered with old paint. Go inside and wash it. Please, Dave." Sheila looked at him plaintively.

Dave sighed. He knew she would fret about his minor injury until he washed it out. "Okay, okay. But it's just a scratch. Really."

"I know, but I'm not going to let you get blood poisoning on my account. I'll get you something to clean it with," Sheila said as they walked back to the house.

Dave washed his hands at the kitchen sink. Sheila appeared at his elbow with some alcohol, cotton balls and a band-aid.

"I'm not putting that band aid on, Sheila, just forget about it."

"Seriously, Dave, that hinge was filthy. You need to..."

"Just the alcohol, please." He waited for her to open the bottle with an expectant look on his face.

"What?" she asked.

"Aren't you going to clean it for me? After all, I carried that big, heavy door downstairs for you. It's the least you could do, you know." Dave looked at Sheila in a completely serious fashion, then slowly that wide grin spread over his face.

Damn, Sheila thought to herself. There he goes again.

"Oh, all right, all right," Sheila said reluctantly. "Next time I'm doing my own dirty work."

"Definitely call me first so I can come over and watch."


Sheila grabbed a couple of cotton balls and soaked them with alcohol. Without hesitation, she pressed them right into the scratch on Dave's arm.

"Ow! Jesus, Sheila!"

"Serves you right."

Sheila relented and began dabbing at Dave's triceps. His arms were covered in a thin layer of sweat from carrying the heavy door in the summer heat. Sheila found herself staring at his muscles again.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked him quietly.

"Rubbing alcohol in an open wound usually hurts," Dave quipped. "Kiss it better?" He grinned at her without a shred of embarrassment.

She couldn't understand how he could say such things without feeling uneasy. Yet she laughed at his comment, then became suddenly pensive. She wondered what Dave would do if she teased him back. She never did that, mainly because she did not want to encourage him. But after all he had put her through, why not? She would stop before it got out of hand. Without hesitation, she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. It was neither forceful nor lingering, just a soft kiss that could have been given to a relative or an old friend. She had been quite careful not to make it too wet or with any hint of tongue.

That'll teach him, she thought to herself. Maybe he'd think twice before dropping one of his little comments again. Sheila did not move a muscle. She stood her ground and was determined that he was going to have to move first. Just once she wanted to see him squirm, see him left speechless, run for the back door, something, anything.

What the hell was that? Dave said to himself. He was completely dumbstruck. Had his seemingly prudish neighbor just kissed him? He glanced out the window where the kids were playing. The situation was surreal. Unsure of what to do next, Dave stood looking at the floor. It occurred to him that he should go back outside. Yes, that was it. Just get the hell out of the kitchen and away from this woman who normally ignored his advances.

Dave looked up at Sheila and quickly lowered his eyes again. She had a look of steely determination on her face. Dave did not know what to make of the look, but his curiosity was certainly peaked. The thought of Sheila's lips brushing up against his own was intoxicating, and he had an overwhelming urge to touch her. Her skin looked so soft. Dave took a deep breath. His hand shot out and he abruptly grabbed her right arm just below the shoulder.

Sheila leveled her eyes at him, then let her gaze fall to where his hand rested on her arm. Slowly, she lifted her huge golden brown eyes back up to meet his. A slight smile played on the corners of her mouth. "Why, Dave, whatever are you doing?" she asked. "You're not thinking of kissing me back, are you?" she said leadingly.

Sheila honestly thought this would be the end of it. She figured Dave would leave tracks on her kitchen floor as he raced out of the house.

"No," Dave said. There was a tremor in his voice and he looked as if he were going to wet his pants. Sheila felt a triumphant surge and a broad smile appeared on her face. She did not move and allowed Dave's hand to remain on her arm.

Perhaps it was her smile that finally brought him to his senses. Dave managed to let go of her arm and attempted to walk around her. But Sheila did not yield, and in his hurry to get past her, Dave plowed into her shoulder.

"Uh, sorry," he mumbled as his arm instinctively shot out to steady her. His hand landed on her abdomen, firm from the many miles she ran. Again, Dave froze. His head was spinning. Just inches away from his hand were some of the best tits he had ever laid eyes on. Shit, this can't be happening, Dave told himself. Was she just screwing with him? He glanced at her face and was shocked to find that Sheila was staring right at him. His heart leapt and for the first time he became acutely aware that he had an enormous erection.

To his horror, he realized that Sheila had noticed as well. She glanced down quickly at the bulge in his crotch. The grin on her face grew even broader. She tipped her head to one side, saying nothing, but raised her eyebrows at Dave in a questioning fashion. And still she did not move.

Dave was on fire. He had to get out of there. He kept telling himself this was wrong, so wrong. Why was she doing this? They had always been close, but always on friendly terms. Was it possible that she was attracted to him as much as he was to her? As these thoughts spun through his head, Dave's attention focused on her full lips. Sheila always wore lipstick. Today, it was a deep plum color that accentuated her round, pouty mouth. Dave thought she had never looked so kissable. Then he imagined those lips around his throbbing cock. He closed his eyes and prayed that she would break free from his awkward grasp and walk away.

Sheila had a pretty good idea what Dave was thinking while he stood there with his eyes closed. What she could not understand was why it was taking him so long to let go of her and get out of there. This had been entertaining and they would most likely have a good laugh about it some night over a glass of wine, but enough was enough. Her determination to break him was waning. She had shocked him enough for one day. Taking a hold of his hand, she removed it from her belly.

Dave's eyes flew open and he looked at her. She was holding his hand in hers, and it seemed to awaken something in both of them. Of all the things Dave had ever said or thought about doing with Sheila, holding her hand was not one of them. Yet it felt so good to be touching her that way. The moment was oddly tender. They were still standing within inches of each other. Dave noticed that she was breathing rapidly, causing her chest to rise and fall in a very appealing way. Dave wondered again if perhaps she wanted him, too. He gave her hand a slight squeeze and waited for a response.

Sheila reluctantly looked at him. There was no mistaking the lust in his eyes. Oh, God, she thought to herself. What am I doing? Her heart was pounding. This was not what she had intended, but she could not deny the feeling that was welling up inside her. She wanted him. All at once it came to her, why she wanted to tease him, how she had the courage to act so brazenly... she wanted him. She wanted to feel his arms around her and his tongue deep in her mouth. The thought of kissing him was driving her crazy. Instinctively, her tongue snaked out of her mouth to wet her lips.

Dave saw her tongue flash out of her mouth and he felt his cock grow harder. In her tongue's wake, Sheila's lips were left lusciously wet and inviting. Impulsively, he reached up with his free hand to grasp Sheila firmly behind the neck and drew her to him. She willingly opened her mouth to let him kiss her.

"Oh, baby," Dave whispered as he broke free from their first kiss. He was holding her tightly against him with one arm while his other hand reached down to squeeze her ass. Judging by the pleasurable noise that escaped from Sheila, he guessed she was enjoying it. She leaned into his body and kissed him again, slipping her tongue inside his mouth.

In the distance, the kids could be heard screaming. Dave turned his head toward the door. "Hold on," he whispered to Sheila. He walked to the back door and peered out. The girls were happily chasing the dog around the yard. Closing the door, Dave turned back to Sheila. She had retreated to the opposite side of the kitchen and was leaning against the counter as if waiting for him. Neither of them spoke. Dave hurried to her and the neighbors began kissing again.

"Mmmm," Sheila moaned softly as she ran her hands over Dave's chest. She clawed at his shirt, pulling it out of his shorts. She shoved her hands under the shirt and began massaging his back and shoulders. Dave rapidly unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to the floor. He leaned down to nibble on her neck and kiss her soft skin. Sheila threw her head back and groaned. As she stood there with her head hanging back, panting excitedly, she thought of the kids. She turned her head to look out the window over the kitchen sink.

"They're fine. You know they can't get out of the yard," Dave said quietly. He pressed his lips to hers again. They were both breathing heavily now and the feeling in the kitchen was electric. The thought that the children could interrupt them at any moment was in the back of their minds. The sense of urgency was incredibly arousing.

Dave could feel her full breasts rising and falling with her hurried breathing. He tore at the hooks of her pink lace bra and pulled it off to expose her large, round breasts. He fondled her tits with his hands while he licked first one nipple and then the other. She impatiently took one of his hands and guided it between her legs. Dave pushed her panties aside and dipped his fingers into her already wet pussy.

"Oh, god, Sheila," he groaned as his fingertips felt her smooth pussy lips. Dave knew she had her pubic hair waxed. Mike had tortured him with that information at the beginning of the summer. Now every time Dave saw Sheila in a pair of shorts, his thoughts drifted to the region between her legs. He often wondered what it looked like and how good it would feel to lick it. Actually touching it was beyond anything he could have imagined. He grabbed at her delicate black panties and hastily pulled them down. Then he dropped to his knees and pushed her legs apart.

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