The Neighbors


"I guess you two had fun without me," he said.

"Not as much fun as we're going to have tomorrow..." Lana flirted.

"Good to hear," Mark replied as his wife returned with a small jewel-case protected CD in her hand. She handed it to Lana.

"Here, for you..."

Lana took it from the naked woman before her and looked at it... it was completely blank. She flipped it over for any identifying words or symbols. Nothing. It was just blank. She looked confused.

"Just go home and pop it in your DVD player at home... while you're naked."

Lana smiled.

"I can only imagine what is on this thing..."

"Well the sooner you run home and let us get our beauty sleep, the sooner you'll know. Unfortunately some of us have to work in the morning. But the fun has only just begun..." Tina was now holding out her silk robe for Lana. She looked up at her and then stood up, letting the naked married woman dress her in front of her naked husband. Tina turned her around and drew her into a deep kiss.

"See you tomorrow, kiddo," Tina said.

"See you..." Lana said.

Lana then turned to Mark who was standing at the bathroom door.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow, Mr. Saunders," she said and then squeezed his cock firmly in her grip. He breathed out heavily. Tina slapped Lana on the bottom.

"You little tease, get out of here!"

Lana smiled and then left the bathroom to gather her clothes off the floor of the bedroom, which reeked of sex. That's when she saw the photos of Tina's facial spread all over the dresser. She turned back to the bathroom.

"I'm taking these photos too..."

"Help yourself!" Tina called back. "Plenty more where those came from!"

Lana nearly collapsed right then and there.


When Lana finally got back to her apartment, still wearing Tina's silk robe that seemed to fit, she de-robed and stood naked in her dark living room. She glided on tiptoes across the carpeted floor to turn the thermostat up. Once she had done so, she turned back toward her TV and popped in the mysterious blank disc into her DVD player. A file menu appeared on the screen that Lana selected – the screen immediately filled with an image of Tina, on her knees, nude, in front of her husband who was aiming the camera down at her. Tina smiled up at Mark, just off camera.

"Is it on?"

"It's on."

Tina turned her attention back to the camera.

"Hey, Lana. If you're watching this then that means my husband and I have just had one of the most memorable experiences of our sex life. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to make you something extra to remember your experience by. We trust that this will stay in your hands and be viewed by you and you alone. So, without further adieu, this is a special POV video in which I'm going to suck my husband's dick dry and then let him shoot the thickest load of cum all over my pretty little face. Afterward, I'm going to let him film me masturbating on camera just for you..."

Lana's heart stopped dead in her chest.

She wasn't going to be getting much sleep tonight.


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