tagBDSMThe Neighbor's Wife

The Neighbor's Wife


It was a warm, sunny day and I decided to go outside and tend my flowers. Mike and I decided to give up our apartment and rent a house in the suburbs. It gave us much more privacy and I liked to spend more time outside gardening. Even a dominatrix can care for such delicate things as flowers.

As I was digging, I heard a splash from next door. I peaked my head over the bushes and saw my neighbor's wife swimming in their large, outdoor pool. I was jealous because my house didn't have one, but I was even more jealous when I saw her climb out of the pool. She was tall and shapely with long legs and a gorgeous body. Her husband must be a lucky man. I peered through the bushes as she emerged from the pool and toweled off. She lay on a lounge chair and started to put lotion on her smooth body. I watched with interest as she untied the top of her bikini and pulled it so she could rub lotion on her breasts. They were perfectly shaped and her large nipples were hardening from the cool water. I never really considered myself a voyeur but I was extremely turned on from watching her.

Just as she moved her hands down to her bikini bottoms, I heard my back door open.

"Spying already, Diana?"

It was Mike.

I quickly put my head down and turned to shush him.

He laughed and walked out into the yard with a tall glass of lemonade. He handed it to me and crouched down. I showed him the opening I was looking through.

"Wow...", he whispered.

"I know."

We watched the woman spread more lotion across her now naked body. She carefully worked it along her stomach down to the top of her neatly trimmed mound. Then very slowly she ran her hand across the top of her pussy, slowly at first then a little faster. She looked around to make sure she was alone before she actually pushed a finger inside of her. We saw her open her legs wider and she began to rub herself in earnest.

The whole feeling was strange to me, not ever watching someone masturbate without knowing they were being watched. It was exciting and I think Mike felt that way too. I could see a bulge forming in his shorts.

Unfortunately we couldn't hear any moaning or sighing from this distance, but clearly she was getting off on playing with herself. Every once and a while her hand would glide up to her breast where she would tweak a nipple or cup one full, tanned breast. This went on for several agonizing minutes in which I though I would cum myself. Then finally we saw her arch her back high and cum very hard.

Apparently it was too much for Mike - he grabbed me and we went inside and had a good long fuck. I kept thinking about that woman the whole time.

About a week later we were finally introduced to her husband and found out some very interesting things.

I arrived home from some shopping to find Mike and a man I had never seen before drinking on the front porch. The man was clearly drunk. I looked at him - he was older than us, but pretty good-looking. He had a great tan and short, wavy black hair. Mike introduced him to me as our neighbor, Steve. I smiled at him and then realized he was the husband of the woman next door.

"Nice to meet you, Steve," I smiled warmly.

"Same here," he said smiling back. It was an interesting smile - almost like he knew something. I looked quickly at Mike and he winked.

We made some small talk for a while and I asked him if he wanted to come inside and have something to eat with us. I figured I ought to be 'neighborly'.

As I was preparing dinner I asked Steve where his wife was.

"Oh, you mean Dawn? Well, she's probably out with some of her friends." He seemed a little bitter in his remark.

I said nothing and continued to chop vegetables for the salad.

"Steve told me that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore," Mike said.

I almost cut off my finger.

"What? Mike...I don't think..."

Steve just laughed.

"It's ok. Us guys have progressed pretty far in our conversations." He took a sip of his drink. "Yeah, it's true. I guess she got bored of it."

I thought back to the other day and thought otherwise, but didn't say anything.

Steve went on: "She doesn't respond to anything - it's like she just gave up on it. Plus, she's a bitch all the time. Doesn't respect me at all."

I narrowed my gaze at Steve. "Really?" I was intrigued now.

"Yeah, she doesn't care about anyone but herself. She's always out spending my money or hanging out with friends. If she wasn't such an ice-queen, I 'd say she was cheating on me, but I doubt it."

I said nothing and went back to preparing dinner. The conversation was dropped for the moment and we went on to other things. We had a good meal and it was apparent that Steve had sobered up a little. He thanked us profusely and went home. I saw that there were lights on at his house. No doubt Dawn was there.

Later while we were in bed, Mike told me about the conversation he had with Steve. He told him that I was a dominatrix and that Steve immediately perked up when he heard that.

"Did you tell him I don't discipline men?"

"No, no", Mike laughed. "He wants you to take care of his wife Dawn."


"You heard him at dinner. He couldn't ask you himself, but he really wants you to 'break her in' as he said."

I laughed. "I could do that, but you sure he really meant it?"

"I think so, but I'll wait until he calls me about it or stops by."

"Hmmm...well, I'm definitely up for the challenge. It's been hard to get any of my slaves out here for a good b&d weekend."

"I know. Hopefully this will be the thing. It sounds like she might be a challenge."

"Oh, I'm always up for a challenge," I said mischievously.

A few days later Mike told me Steve was coming over. He thought he might be ready to talk about Dawn again. True to his word, he was. He said that he was going out of town for the weekend without Dawn. He thought that we might invite her over then see what happens. I didn't think he knew exactly what I did, but it was clear Mike clued him in about some my previous activities.

He didn't stay long, I think he was a little nervous about the whole thing. I reassured him that everything would be just fine. When he got back, he would have a slut waiting for him.

Friday afternoon took forever to get here. All week I was anxious and horny. I wanted to break in this little slut. I knew she was a slut at heart after watching her masturbate by the pool that day. She just needed a little training.

We had arranged that Dawn would come over for dinner that evening and she arrived about a half hour later than I had asked for. I didn't say anything, but filed that away for later. When she came to the door, I was again taken by her beauty. Her short, brown hair was tucked a little behind the ears. She wore a little make-up and blue, cotton sundress. I smiled and let her in.

We sat outside and drank wine and talked while Mike cooked. While she talked I tried to analyze her and found that she was definitely wishing she was somewhere else. I kept my smile plastered on as we chatted and patiently waited for Mike to finish cooking.

Even after a glass of wine, Dawn didn't loosen all that much. Clearly she had some other agenda then spend time with neighbors. I smiled to myself thinking how she would look trussed up with a gag in her mouth and dildo up her cute little ass.

Finally the time arrived for us to get into motion. Dinner was finished and the dishes were cleared away. Mike and I agreed from the start to just tell her what was going to happen and get right down to it before she could do anything about it.

"Dawn, it was very nice of you to come over for dinner. However, I don't think you will be leaving right now."

She looked at us strangely. "Oh, I didn't mean to rush out...I have, some, ah..."

She looked from Mike to I with confusion on her face. I saw that confusion and instantly took advantage of it. I walked right up to her and pinned her against the wall. Even though she was a bit taller than me, I was stronger from working out all the time.

"For this weekend, you're mine, you bitch," I hissed in her face.

"What...what do you mean?"

"Whether you like it or not, you are going to be our sex slave."

She gasped and sputtered. "You can't do this. My husband-"

"Your husband wanted us to do this!" I said and laughed cruelly.

Her face showed a look of complete shock and she shook her head. "Believe what you want, but for the next few days you will learn how to serve us both."

Mike grabbed one arm and I grabbed the other and we led her downstairs to our little 'torture chamber'.

When we moved in, we thought the basement was the perfect place to entertain our 'guests'. Actually, there wasn't anything sinister or dark about it. It was a nice cozy room where we could play without anyone seeing or hearing what was going on. We forced Dawn down the stairs into the room and pushed her face down on the couch.

Knowing she would struggle, I already had everything set up. Mike and I quickly tied her arms from wrist to elbow behind her back. I yanked her head up and applied the ball gag, pulling the straps tight. She fought and squirmed until we tied a rope around her waist to her arms. That left the problem of her legs. I decided to bend them at the knee and tie her calves to her thighs so she couldn't kick. Both us sweated and grunted trying to get her in this position, but we finally did it.

I slumped in my chair with a drink and gazed at our toy on the couch. She had her head turned away from us and was breathing hard. Her dress had slid up just a bit showing us a glimpse of very sexy panties. Mike and I looked at each other and I went over to lift the dress up higher. She had on white lace panties - definitely not the kind you would wear if you were going to your neighbor's house for dinner.

"Looks like you definitely had other plans tonight sweetie," I said sarcastically. "No doubt your husband would have liked to known that."

She couldn't reply, but she was pissed off. She turned her head and glared at us. Mike just laughed.

"Ok, let's get her ready," I said, getting down to business.

I selected a nice, big vibrator and lubed it up well. Mike forced her legs open and I slid it in deep and turned it on. The sound of humming filled the air. Next I got a small butt plug and similarly lubed it up. Muffled screams met my ears as I pushed it in and I realized she probably never had anything up there.

Once both devices were secure, we went upstairs to have some coffee and relax for a bit. All the while our little slut lay bound and gagged below. I wondered if she would cum while we left her alone.

It was almost an hour before we went back down. We found Dawn covered in sweat and laying limp. I pulled out the butt plug quickly and she jerked awake. When I pulled the vibe out of her pussy, it was covered with cum. I showed it to Mike and he grinned.

"Looks like the slut came at least once," I said. "Did you?" There was no movement from her. I yanked her head up by her hair. "I said: did you, bitch?"

I dropped her head back down and she tried to nod yes.

"Good girl. It will make it easier for Mike when he fucks you."

Her eyes went wide but I ignored that as we helped her up to her knees. I untied the leg bindings and removed the gag. Only her hands were still bound. We forced her onto her knees as she gasped for air. Mike pushed his shorts down to let his cock spring free. He wasted no time and began to rub it along her lips and face. She kept her mouth tightly shut.

I stepped over to her and slapped her face hard. "Open your mouth, you bitch and take his cock!"

She glared at me and said nothing. I hit her again and she whimpered, but her mouth opened. Mike immediately thrust it in and started fucking it. He grasped her head in his hands and used her mouth like a fuckhole, pumping hard. I watched him abuse her slut mouth and felt myself getting incredibly turned on. Again, the image of her playing with herself that day turned in my mind. I knew she was a true slut.

Mike stopped fucking her mouth and pushed her on her stomach. He spread her legs wide and yanked her panties down and off. His throbbing cock stood at attention and began to enter her cunt. She cried out in pain and he forced his way in. She was lucky his cock was lubed and she had cum - it could have been worse. Mike had a large 9 inch cock that I never tired of. He poked and stabbed at her tight hole and smacked her ass a few times with his hand. He was definitely enjoying himself as he rammed her from behind. Dawn moaned, but I wasn't sure if it was in pain or pleasure. I was hoping for a little of both.

Mike humped her viciously for lots of long strokes. Just when he was ready to cum, he pulled out and shot his load all over her lovely tight ass. He groaned loudly as his jizz spurted and coated her. I almost came watching him. Dawn merely whimpered underneath him.

When Mike was done, he went upstairs to watch TV and let me be alone with her. I let Dawn go in the small bathroom to clean up and use the toilet. When she came out, I was lying naked on the couch. She still had her dress on - it was rumpled and she was trying to smooth it out.

"I think you should take that off, don't you think?" I asked.


She looked disheveled and a little shell-shocked from the evening's activities. I decided to let her off easy. There was plenty of time to work on her tomorrow.

"Go on, take it off. I want to see those tits close up."

She pulled the dress up and over her head and dropped it on the floor. I looked up at her and saw the lacy, push-up bra. It was very low cut and sexy.

"Well, it definitely looks like you were planning to do other things this evening. I'm sure you will enjoy this much more. Now take off the bra."

She reached back to unhook her bra. I watched her breasts stick out as her arms went behind her back. Dawn slowly pushed the bra straps off her shoulders and pulled it away from her body. My breath came quick as I gazed at her lovely breasts and her large nipples that were already hardening. I desperately wanted to suck them and make them harder and long, but I would wait until tomorrow. Right now, I had to get off in a big way.

I leaned back and opened my legs wide.

"Kneel before me, slut. You're going to lick my pussy until I cum."

Her eyes widened when I said that.

"But, I...I don't do women..."

"I don't care what you do! I'm telling you to kneel before, now get to work, you worthless slut!"

I glared at her until she got on her knees. She leaned forward slightly, looking at my moist pussy lips. It delighted me to no end that she didn't want to do this.

She stopped moving and looked at me hopelessly. I sighed and grabbed her hair and pushed her face in my crotch.

"Start licking. I'm sure you'll know what to do. Don't tell me you've never had a man lick your sluttly little cunt before?"

She shook her head slightly.

"Ok, so figure it out."

She used her fingers to pull my lips apart, exposing my throbbing clit. This bitch was turning me on and I couldn't wait too much longer. Her tongue tentatively snaked out to lick the outer lips of my slit. Just the slightness of it was enough to send shivers up and down my spine. "The faster you do this, the quicker you can go to bed."

That was all she needed. Her tongue pushed its way into my warm, wet walls. I sighed as she began to lick from end of my slit the other. I encouraged her to find my clit and start nibbling it. When she did, a spasm went through me. I couldn't believe I had this hot little bitch naked in my house eating me out.

My moaning and squirming encouraged her and she went faster - licking, nibbling and fucking my pussy with her tongue. I wondered briefly if she was inexperienced as she said she was. Pretty soon I could feel my whole body tensing. I clamped my hands on her head and suddenly I screamed out that I was cumming. I spasmed hard and I knew my cum was coating her face. Just that thought alone sent me over the edge and I came very hard.

She rode my orgasm for a while before pulling away. I slumped back exhausted from finally expelling all that pent up sexual energy. When I knew I was going to be training a slave, I refrained from sex for a week. It made the orgasm unbelievable when I finally got the release.

When I recovered, I pulled Dawn to her feet and kissed her so I could taste my cum. It was still smeared across her lips and face. She let me kiss her, but she didn't really return it. That was ok - I just wanted to taste myself.

"Ok, Dawn. That is enough for tonight. You can sleep down here."

I showed her where the blankets and pillows were and went upstairs.

"Don't even think about leaving - there is no way out of this basement."

I closed the door and locked it leaving her alone.

Part 2

Before I let Dawn upstairs for breakfast the next morning, I explained the rules. She had to call me 'Mistress' and Mike 'Sir'. She wasn't allowed to speak unless spoken to. She was required to be naked at all times and her primary purpose was to please both Mike and I sexually. She also had to serve anyone else we ordered her to. If she failed to obey us, she would be treated badly, but we would not physically harm her. And above all, we knew she was cheating on her husband, so we could always tell him.

Dawn accepted this quietly with a slight look of defiance in her eyes as she joined us for breakfast. She ate sparingly and was slightly uncomfortable about being naked while we were both dressed. Mike and I talked as if she wasn't there and then had her clean the kitchen after we ate.

When she was done, I had her come into the bathroom with me.

"Your pussy must be shaved," I announced. "I will do it myself, but it is more enjoyable for me if you are restrained. Let me see your hands."

To each hand, I attached leather cuffs which can be used to attach her to anything I want. I secured them to a rope and looped it over the shower curtain rod. Next I attached cuffs to her ankles and had her spread her legs wide. Each ankle was attached to a spreader rod.

I stepped back and admired this luscious beauty before me. It would be a pleasure to shave her.

I started by coating her pussy with warm water and soap. I rubbed the soap into the soft down of her pubic hair, making sure I got the whole area. Each time my hand stroked her soft lips, her body tensed slightly.

I started shaving the edges of her hair first then gradually moving to the sensitive lips of her pussy. She shuddered with each stroke, but she was quiet. I was definitely enjoying myself watching her twitch and squirm. When I got the most sensitive area, I pushed my fingers inside her slit and felt it slick and warm.

"You're enjoying this slut, aren't you?"

She said nothing, but her body was betraying her.

After I scraped off all her hair, I rinsed the soap and hair from her bare mound and patted it dry. I ran my hand over the smooth skin several times before I stood up.

"Since you did so well with that, you can have a little treat."

I got a butterfly clit stimulator and inserted that in her pussy. I tied it around her waist and turned it on. A soft humming noise filled the air and she closed her eyes.

"I am going to leave you alone for a while - enjoy yourself." I smiled at her and left the room, softly shutting the door.

It must have been at least an hour before I went back in the bathroom to check on her. Dawn's head was slumped down and there was thin coating of sweat between her breasts, on her stomach and on her back. I knelt down and shut the clit stimulator off and pulled it off. She raised her head and looked at me with dazed eyes. The stimulator and her thighs were covered with cum. It was obvious that she had cum several times. I looked at her clit and it was large and swollen. I knew that between her large nipples and clit, I could spend much time sucking them.

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