The Neighbour


At the age of 18, I spent the summer at my parent's country chalet. Our neighbour had promised them that he would keep an eye on me. He lived there year round and was always alone. Our family came on the week-ends and I would be alone during the week.

André, the neighbour, would often come for supper with us and he proposed to my parents to take me for three days on a canoe trip. Since they had known him for years, they accepted. Our trop was planned for Monday morning, on Sunday night I prepared myself, clothes, food and fishing gear.

At six in the morning he came to wake me up. I brought my things in his canoe and we left for a nice place with lots of small islands that I did not know. We paddled for two hours and we often stopped so he could show me the nice spots that he knew. We are far from any house or chalets at this place it is quite secluded with no people around. After eating he tells me that we still have a good hour before we get to his favourite place. It is very hot and I am eager to arrive.

Finally we arrive in a kind of lagoon, there is a beach and we stop there. We unload the canoe and get ur things out. "You like?" he said. ''Yes it is beautiful!' I reply. It is around noon and very hot. I decide to go for a swim and he follows me. After that we prepare the camp and we set the tent up.

André tells me, ''I will show you a wonderful place in the woods later.'' He spreads a large blanket on the beach. '' It is too nice not to enjoy the sun,'' he says. He asks me if I have a bathing suit instead of my Bermuda shorts. "You will be all wet. I go and put on my speedo bathing suit. He puts on a string type suit. "I want to have a nice tan", he says. We spend some time taking in the sun and swimming. He offers me a beer. I accept and drink it a bit fast, not too brilliant as I do not support alcohol very well. I go in the water to cool myself a bit.

As I come back he gives me another one and I drink it more slowly but it is stronger than the first. I am feeling dizzy. He tells me "You must put on suntan lotion if you do not want to get sunburn." He spreads some on my shoulders and back and I do the rest myself. I also spread some for him on his back and shoulders.

"Do you want a suit like mine, I think I have one that will fit you. It will give you a nicer tan." I do not know why but I told him yes. I put it on in the tent. It was small but fit me well. I went back into the water. He tells me "It suits you very well, and you will be more at ease when you swim."

I was almost in the clouds. I swam very well and went too far from the beach. André was in the water and told me to be careful as the water was cold. I swim to try and recover myself from the beers. Suddenly I have a terrible cramp in my thigh, the pain was so high. I try to stay calm. But André realizes that something is wrong. He come to me and brought me back to the beach where I try to walk but the pain was too much and I screamed. He takes me in his arms and places me on the blanket. "Do not move I will be back." He brings back a bottle of massage oil and tells me to let him take care of me. He massages my painful thigh. I am a bit embarrassed but I let him take care of my thigh. The pain slowly dissipates. "You can not stay in the sun you will dehydrate. Can you walk to the tent?" He asks. ''Yes I think so''.

I stand up and he helps me

I stand up and he helps me to get to the tent. He gives me a towel and told me to remove my swimsuit as not to wet my sleeping bag. He brings a water bottle and told me to lie with my back exposed. He places a small towel on my buttocks. His hands massage my thighs and he gradually moves up under the small towel. I am surprised.

"Let me do, do not be embarrassed. Does the pain go higher than your thigh? He asks.

"Yes," I answer.

He removes the towel and massages my buttocks and my back, but he lingers on my buttocks. I was so embarrassed but it felt good. "Turn around and give me the towel" he said. I did and he replaced it on my genitals.

He resumes his massage, his hands go higher and higher on my thigh, he almost touches my balls. I do not know why but I started to get hard. I soon realized that and he continued his massage.

''Stop please, I am embarrassed.'' I tell him. I am ashamed but he seems quite at ease.

"No your reaction is quite normal, do not be timid with me." I let him continue and he removes the towel.

"You are young and your testosterones are at your maximum, it is normal to get an erection." He continues massaging me and he says, "While we are here let me give you a complete massage."

He has me turn around and massages me from my feet to my head, taking his time on my buttocks. I start to feel calm and I let him do what he wants.

"You have a beautiful body, you should sunbathe nude. Your buttocks are white. When I come here I am always nude."

His hand goes higher in between my buttocks and he caresses my balls. I know very well what he wants and I do not know what to do. I turn around and he lets a large quantity of oil drip on my cock. He masturbates me slowly, and seeing my reactions he lingers on my balls. I am excited even though the situation is embarrassing. He takes my cock back and holds it tightly at the base. He comes down on it and takes my cock head in his mouth. I cum immediately. He lets my cum flow onto my belly and he licks it up and takes my cock back in him mouth. He sucks me for a few minutes and I cum again.

"You needed it and it felt good for both of us."

He proposes that we go and refresh ourselves. I look for my bathing suit, but he tells me, "You do not need it as we are all alone and you are full of massage oil." I go into the water and he joins me also naked and half-hard

After cleaning up he tells me that we can go to a small river get some fresh water. We have to walk 15 minutes, "You will see the place is wonderful."

We take the containers and as I am about to put on my short he tells me, "You do not need it there is never anybody there. You will see walking in the woods naked is great, do not be timid you must try at least once."

I agree and we leave. The river is not wide and it is rocky. There is a small waterfall. The water is cold and great to drink. I fill my container. André goes under the waterfall and asks me to come also. The water falls on our shoulders and it is relaxing. We discuss what has happened in the tent and he says that it will remain between us.

"Did you like it?"

"Yes but I had not expected that. I did not know what to say.

"Would you love to do it again?" he asks.

"I do not know.'' I replied

"Here right now, let yourself go," he says.

He gets down between my legs and licks my balls and cock. I get hard rapidly and he sucks me slowly. I was looking all around, afraid to see someone, but he was right we were all alone.

"Not here let's find a more discrete place," I said.

"OK, follow me."

We go to a big rock just around the waterfall, I sit on it and he goes back to sucking me. He raises my legs and lets his tongue slide between my balls and rosebud, then goes back up to my cock. I had shivers going through me but I let him have his way.

He gets up and I can see he was also hard.

"You want to play with it? He asks.

He takes my hand and places it on his cock. It was long and hairless.

I slowly masturbate him. "You like it? Go ahead enjoy."

He sits beside me and I caress him more.

"Get in front of me and caress my balls."

"I will not suck you," I told him.

"It is OK, just play with it, and caress me!"

I place myself in front of him and caress him completely. "Yes that is it, you do that very well." It lasts ten to fifteen minutes. He starts to moan.

"Are you going to cum?"

"Yes keep going, I will tell you!"

Suddenly he stands up and gets close to me, his cock against mine. He cums on my belly while moaning from the pleasure.

Caress me some more!" He says.

I caress him and he wets his cock with his cum and I caress him more. He again takes me in his mouth and I cum again. He licks my belly to swallow his cum.

We go back to the waterfall and then back to the camp. We find wood for a nice fire and we prepare the supper. We eat and we watch the nice fire during the evening. Early I go to the tent as I am very tired. He lets me sleep, which surprised me. He did not touch me all night. In the morning I wake up and he asks me if I slept well.

"Yes I did and you?

"Yes a very good night. It is early; I have something I want to show you."

He pulls out from his bag some magazines, he has them all, gay, bisexual, heterosexual, and he shows me his favourites. Gay and full of pictures of anal sex. We look at them and he opens his sleeping bag. His cock is very hard.

"Show me yours; I am sure you are hard also."

I open my sleeping bag and I show him how hard I am. He asks me which pictures I like the best and I show him of a man who cums on his belly. A very nice cum.

"Great let me show you the one I love." He shows me two men in a 69! "You love?"


"I would love to do it with you!"

''You want me to suck you?''

''You do not have to, but you can get on top of me and we give each other pleasure. If you take me in your mouth I will not cum, promise, unless you want to taste me. Come on get on top of me.''

He opens his sleeping bag completely and I get on top of him. I caress him and he licks y balls, he almost goes back to my rosebud.

"Let your saliva flow onto my cock!"

I do it and spread it as his tongue licks my balls again almost to my rosebud. He massages my buttocks. I am very excited as he makes me discover sensations that I never knew. I felt peculiar but it was so good. After letting my saliva flow onto his cock again, I finally start to lick his cock head, ten his balls. My hand was sliding well and I finally took his cock in my mouth and sucked him.

He also takes my cock and I cum rapidly. He presses on my back to place my buttocks near his face and lets my cum flow between them. He takes it back and he licks my rosebud. I had a shock. I sucked him harder while masturbating him. He pushed his tongue against my rosebud as if he wanted to penetrate it. I tasted his slightly salted precum and thought not too bad after all. I kept pleasuring him. He places a finger against my rosebud. I somewhat jumped a bit.

"You do not love it? ''

''No please.''

He takes my cock back in his mouth but continues to caress my buttocks, letting his finger slide against my rosebud but not trying to penetrate me. I had never been so aroused. He moans and I feel he will cum soon. I also have trouble holding back. He has me lower and licks my rosebud. His saliva flows onto my balls that he is caressing and I do not have any control on what he is doing to me. Slowly he lets a finger penetrate my rosebud and I do not move. He gets it deeper and it is not painful as I let him continue. I have shivers that coursed through me, especially in my buttocks and thighs that shivered also. He was going in and out with his finger and I had trouble restraining myself not to scream out of pleasure. He warns me that he is about to cum. I keep him in my mouth and he cums violently as I receive everything in my mouth. His cum was thick and salty, I swallowed some but not all. He asks me to continue and I took his cock back into my mouth. His finger was arousing me even more and I was about to cum. He lubricated me and then penetrated me with two fingers.

At that moment I could not take it anymore and I came on him. He kept his fingers deep in my asshole. I think I even screamed from the pleasure. He turned me around and as we faced each other he kissed me, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth and then I tasted my cum also, it was so special.

After the kiss I stood up and went to the lake to wash. We lighted a fire and he put some water on it so we could have breakfast and shave. As I was shaving he asks me if I want to be like him with no hair on my genitals.

"You will love it no hair on your balls and cock, it is wonderful!"

"I am afraid to cut myself," I said.

"I will do it for you, trust me. »

I place myself on a towel on the canoe and he prepares me with a large amount of shaving gel. He shaves me tenderly and cautiously, my genitals and around them also. He also puts shaving gel on my rosebud.

''Not there!''

''Trust me, it will be wonderful.''

I let him do and finally all goes well.

"Great go and rinse yourself and wash it off."

I dive in the lake and I come back al clean and hairless.

He asks me to shave him and since he had little hair it was easy.

After breakfast he tells me that we will go and have a nice long walk in the woods, "I will show you places that are very interesting." We prepare our back packs. We will walk nude. It will be very hot but he tells me to take some covering just in case. We leave our camp and we walk an hour and reach a little lake where we swim to refresh ourselves. We walk again in the woods. After another hour we arrive at a mountain where there is a nice waterfall. There are some people. I quickly realize that they are all nude. Some are swimming and others just sunbathe on the large flat rocks. There are some women but mostly men. André tells me that here everybody is nude but it is up to me. He also tells me that this place is known by others that like it, he has been coming here for years I feel embarrassed as we find a flat rock for ourselves. After eating, we go swimming. André salutes certain persons he knows. I look all around me and I see a man that is being sucked by a woman, they are all open and nobody seems disturbed. He tells me that here all is open and allowed. I also see two men caressing each other under the waterfall. André asks me if I want to go with him, but I refuse as I am too uncomfortable. We get out of the water and we sunbathe on a rock close to the others. I see some men that look at me. I need a moment to feel more at ease, but it passes. Finally I do not bother anymore. André and I apply suntan lotion to each other and we lie down on our towels.

Two men come and lie close to us and start caressing and kissing each other. I am lying on my front and André caresses my ass. I let myself be caressed while discreetly watching the others, they kiss and caress.

André asks me if I feel like doing like the. We would be a couple, it could be sensual. I tell his that I do not feel like it.

"Just a French Kiss, it is not that bad and we have done much more." He insists and I let him do. He comes over me and places his lips on mine. Slowly his tongue enters my mouth and we kiss passionately. He takes my cock in his hand and starts caressing me. Kissing a man in front of everybody made me feel embarrassed but he was very good with his tongue and I loved it. I got hard rapidly. He changed position and started licking my cock and balls; he came back up to kiss me again. He was on top of me and I felt his cock hardening on my belly. He asks me to do a 69. I look at our neighbours, they are still kissing. I place myself on him and take his cock in my mouth as he licks my cock, ball and asshole. While sucking him I look around and some are looking at us while others do not care. I am a bit embarrassed but also excited. I feel my buttocks tightening, he moans and takes my cock in his mouth. He penetrates me with a finger and I cum in his mouth. At the same time he also cums in my mouth. He penetrates me deeply in my asshole and tickles my cockhead with his tongue. I lick his cock as it softens. I stand up and dive into the water. He follows me and comes close to me and kisses me again. He tells me that he was surprised by my audacity.

We go back on the rock and one of the men besides us tells us that it was beautiful to watch and that I was superb, your friend is lucky. I thank him timidly. We talk and they offer us a beer. I take care not to drink too fast. We have another, they are quite nice. Each time I go for a swim one of them follows me. The ask us to go with them for a foursome, but we refuse as I have someone with me and it our first time together. André also prefers that we remain alone.

In the middle of the afternoon it is time for us to return to our camp. We take our things and make the long walk. Whenever we stop to rest André kisses me passionately, I let him do and I am starting to love it. We arrive just before supper and it is still hot. We prepare the fire for supper. We take a beer and wine, soon it is dark and we stay part of the evening in front of the fire. André asks me if I have ever smoked a joint, I had tried a few times. He asks me if I feel like one. He lights it and takes a few puffs and then gives it to me. The effect is very strong. He kisses me passionately and I feel more at ease.

"We will be more comfortable in the tens, I want you!"

He opens his sleeping bag and we lie on it. We kiss passionately and he caresses my ass. He tells me "Tonight I will make you discover something that you will adore." I ask him what but he asks me to trust him.

He has me lie down on my belly, legs spread and he licks my rosebud. His saliva flowed between my buttocks and on my balls. It lasted for quite a while. Then he penetrates me with one then two fingers.

''Your ass is beautiful I want to enjoy it all evening long!''

I am a bit in the clouds and I let him do. He puts lubricant between my buttocks and continues to penetrate me, he now has three fingers in me and it feels good. I know what he wants.

He gets on top of me and slides his cock between my ass cheeks while caressing them. I feel his cockhead on my rosebud and suddenly he penetrates me. I quiver but he asks me to let myself go. He goes in deeper. I tell him that it hurts. He pulls out and uses his fingers again.

''I will prepare you properly so it does not hurt,'' he says.

He takes a cock ring out of his bag and places it on his hard cock. It was the first time I saw one.

''With that I will last longer!"

"He penetrates me again. We are in the spoon position; he kisses me passionately and enters me slowly. I do not feel pain and shivers go through my body. I feel his large cock penetrate me deeper and the feeling is so different of all I had known before. He is finally completely in and he stays immobile in me. He kisses me and bites my neck.

''The most difficult is done. I will give you pleasure like you have never felt!''

He starts moving, I moan loudly, a mix of pain and pleasure, I do not know what exactly. He holds me tightly against him and turns me on my belly. He starts to come in and out. I hold my breath so not to scream. Gradually the pain goes away and he increases the rhythm. His balls slide on my buttocks. I try to slow him down with my arms but he holds them and keeps them over my head.

"Let yourself go, it is so wonderful and so good!"

He continues and I feel his cock going in and out in all its length. He takes his time when he is deep in me probably not to orgasm.

"You love, I knew it!"

He turns me around and kisses me passionately. He asks me to choose a position and I get on all fours. He penetrates me slowly and sensuously. I take him without too much pan and this position gives me stronger sensations. We change position and he asks me to sit on him, I take his cock and guide it into my ass hole and allow it to penetrate completely. I ride him. He pinches my nipples and tries to caress me.

"No, I will cum!"

I bend over and kiss him passionately. I go faster and caress his balls.

"Not so fast, I will cum!"

I increase the rhythm and he moans.

"I will cum, I will cum," I say.

He holds my waist and holds me. He screams and I feel his cock quiver as he cums into me, filling me with his seed. I move again and I cum on his belly while screaming myself. I could not move. He has me bend over him and he kisses passionately and lengthily. I could feel his cock softening. His hot cum flowed from my asshole. He takes it and spreads it on my buttocks. I stayed against him for a long time before getting up and going to wash myself in the lake. I had cum everywhere. He joins me in the water.

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