tagMatureThe Neighour's Son

The Neighour's Son


Here I am, two stories down and deciding what to write for my third. Now, this is pure fantasy, based on the rather hunky neighbour I have! He exists but unfortunately for me, the events in the story are no more than a personal fantasy!


It was middle of a great summer. In a typical English way it still rained occasionally but it dried up quickly and then sun was soon back creating that wonderful warmth that makes everything seem so great. I was lucky enough to live in area that was just on the edge of the city, in fact my house backed onto a field and beyond that there was nothing but hills, hedges and farms. Now, I'm not saying it's a posh area, it isn't, but it *is* a gem of a place, quiet, safe and out of the way.

Now, I loved the fact it was rather secluded, especially in Summer. Being a typical woman in many ways, I liked nothing better than spending a lazy day in my back garden. I'd sit in my lounger, sip several gin and slimline tonics and either read a good book or listen to music.

And that is where the story starts. A lazy Sunday early afternoon, the hum of a multitude of lawn movers only occasionally broken with the sound of playing children and music. I faint smell of burning charcoal was in the air and I knew there was a family nearby enjoying the delights of a BBQ! I lay back, closed my eyes and took everything in. Isn't it strange how you can hear so much more when relaxing, eyes shut?

Well, no sooner was I about to drift to sleep I heard a distinctive sound.


Then again.


I opened my eyes to see bits of twigs and leaves flying in the air. It didn't take me long to figure out that my neighbour must be cutting the bushes back. Good job too, they must be a couple of metres tall in places.

There was a family next door. The a fairly usual couple about ten years older than me and two kids, a boy and a girl. The perfect family. We exchanged pleasantries but didn't really know each other particularly well. They were a reasonable family to live next door too, they were quiet, didn't make much noise and didn't seem to mind the occasional parties I held.

Anyway, back to now. I knew what was coming next. The father next door always took a great interest in me when I was out sunbathing. I can appreciate that, I know how men react to a woman in a bikini and I guess it's hard not to stare and anyway I'd be lying if I said I didn't admire a man on the beach or pool now and then. Sometimes I'd go inside, other times I'd just close my eyes and forget he's there.

I looked over to give him my usual "why do you have to do that?" look when I had the shock of my life. It seems the little boy next door isn't so little anymore. Bare chested and with a thin film of sweat was this rather cute teenager cutting back the hedges, roughly cutting at that. I realised I was staring as soon as he looked up and caught my eyes. I smiled, then immediately regretted it. I must have looked like a shy youngster rather this woman in her 30's! He smiled back, I melted and before I could help myself I was running my fingers through my hair, preening, subconsciously trying to make myself look better for him.

Well. This made a change from the usual, I could look at this *all* day long!

I was on automatic now, as I have been on too many occasions. My hormones flow and there is no stopping me, I really should see somebody about getting myself fixed, it's getting me in too much trouble these days!

"Hey, do you fancy doing this side too?, " I'd asked before I could even stop myself. What was I doing?! He must be no more than 18 or 19 at most. Then I realised I must come across as extremely forward, after all I am lying here in my bikini, asking a young guy to come and trim my shrubs and bushes.

"Of course, I'll be right over." By which I assumed he meant he was going to pop round, but no, he literally meant right over and leapt right over the hedge and landed on my lawn. Surely a dangerous thing with shears in his hand but I guess that's part of being young and living a little dangerous, I was no different. Anyway, I chided myself for being so sensible, especially considering what was going through my mind and especially as I soon realised all he was wearing was a pair of shorts and some flip flops!

"Where shall I start?," he said pointing the shears at the hedge. He was so sweaty, little globes of salty water all over his torso which was pleasantly tanned. I wonder if he's been on holiday? I got to wondering if he had a girlfriend, after all a strapping lad like this wouldn't be single for long, but I'd never seen him with anyone though, so guessed he didn't. That made me feel a little better about having the thoughts I was having. Such filthy thoughts.

"Over there, " I said pointing towards an especially unruly plant, and before long I heard the snip-snip of the shears once more. To be honest, I had a messy garden as I'm such a lazy person but the longer I watched him the longer I realised he was never going to get it finished. Not if I had my way anyway. I watched his strong arms, his muscles flex as he opened and closed the blades. Little beads of sweat were forming and sliding rapidly down his body like rivers on a tropical plain. It was hot...and getting rapidly hotter.

In the back of my mind I could feel the mental switch flicking over, once that happens there is no stopping me. I've tried in the past to clear my thoughts but it never works. I know what I want and won't back off.

This time, it's this lad I want. At his peak, his prime, he'll have stamina, desire and won't want to stop. In my mind I was already imagining him naked, stripped of the few items he's wearing standing in front of me. Standing hard and proud, his body there for my examination, to admire every inch of him.

By this point my eyes were closed and I was buried deep within my fantasy world. A thought rushed through my mind like a jolt, maybe I was a little too deep. Not daring to peep I tried to figure out where my hands were. Oh no, too late. It was at that point that I noticed the noise of the shears had stopped.

I opened my eyes to find him smiling at me, not a friendly smile more a dark smile of desire. You know why? It may have something to do with the fact I had my right hand tucked inside my bikini bottoms playing with myself. I'd obviously been day dreaming longer than I realised as I was already quite wet. So how do I get out of this one then? Did I even want to get out of it?

No. Not a chance. I took the risk of my life and decided to ignore all the alarm bells going off in my mind. Leaving my right hand happily teasing my clit and labia I used my left to beckon him forward. The power in a single finger, he was walking almost immediately dropping the garden tool on the way. It was HIS tool I was more interested in, the time had passed for words, it was all about actions now.

Soon enough he was standing at the side of me, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Once again, I used this power I had over him and indicated I wanted his shorts off, NOW. He didn't need to be told again, his fingers gripped the waist of his short and pulled them down to his feet.


That's what it's all about. My biggest weakness. I'd seen all sorts, bendy ones, straight ones, thin ones, thick ones, small ones, big ones, really big ones! All basically did the same job, all felt amazing although I won't deny some felt more amazing than others.

Almost without realising I'd compared it to every one I'd ever seen. It was very smooth looking with pale skin. His balls weren't very hairy and were actually rather large, like two plum tomatoes. His rapidly enlarging shaft was gaining definition as it hardened. Short and fat. That's how I would describe it. It wasn't especially long, average in length but it was like a stout tree, thick and especially thick at the base. This is my idea of the perfect cock, it won't mash up my insides but it'll stretch me where it counts.

If there is one thing about young guys I like is that they get erect so easily and stay that way so long and this lad was no exception. His cock was only a foot or so away from me, proud and throbbing ever so slightly. It would have taken all my self control to not put my hand on it. I had no self control any more.

I reached over and started to stroke it gently, feeling it's thickness in my hands, it's heat. In my opinion, thick cocks are the best for wanking a guy, something to grip hold of. I started to slowly stroke him, gripping just tightly enough for his foreskin to slide back and forth over the head.

Then I remembered the downside of young guys as I watched the first shot of cum shoot from his cock. The thick gloop went over my forehead until I felt something hot land in my hair and on my back. The next shot hit me straight in the face on my cheek, thankfully missing my eye. Thinking it was all over I relaxed still stroking him until a third and final shot landed on my breasts, leaving a sticky mess on my bikini top.

"Sorry, so sorry, " he murmured. But I never even replied. I continued masturbating myself until I felt the first rush hit me. It was gentle but so pleasurable. I felt myself clench as the warmth rushed through me. So so nice...

I grabbed his ass and pulled his still hard cock to my mouth before taking the head in to taste him. Salty, fresh and a little bitter. I closed my lips around him and eagerly sucked. I closed my eyes, lay back once more and enjoyed having this thick object in my mouth. Then I felt him bucking, thrusting himself into my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his shaft to stop him pushing too far and simply left him to it. He started fucking my mouth eagerly and powerfully. I then realised there was no stopping him now, something had triggered in him, he was now in control and I didn't fight it. I got my second treat. I felt it hit the back of my mouth, one thick shot which I swallowed straight down.

I let him do what he wanted to me. I felt his hands on my bikini and with his strong arms he first tore my top off then my bottoms. I was naked to him. I was still playing with myself when he slid me around a little so I was lying across the lounger, my head hanging off one side and my legs on the floor over the other. He then grabbed my ankles, held them together and lifted them up. He knelt on the floor, his manhood pointing towards to my now unprotected femininity.

Then he pushed. Hard. I felt my lips give a little resistance before loosening then wrapping around his thick shaft as he rammed his cock deep within me, I gasped as he skewered me. As his heavy balls slapped against my backside I knew he was totally in and I let myself breath. Then he fucked me. And that's the right word. Fucked. My pussy was receiving a pounding like it had never known before and with my legs held together my pussy felt tighter than I ever remember.

It didn't take long before I started shaking and the inevitable came. I felt like he was forcing me to orgasm but how good it felt. Before I knew it another one took hold of me then another. Fuck me. Use me.

Then he let out a guttural roar as he shot his young seed deep within me. I came one final time before he pulled rapidly out, dressed and went back to his shears.

Oh, if only.

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