tagBDSMThe Nerd Pt. 04

The Nerd Pt. 04


Kathy got rid of her ex boyfriend Steve. She apologized to me, which was a first, for cheating and making a fool of me. Steve was her first boyfriend and they had to break up when he was sent to prison. He was her first love and when she ran into him one day she just got carried away. They came up with the idea of him pretending to be her brother so that they could resume their relationship. Later she realized she was wrong and that it was me she loved, not Steve. She knew she had been a bad girl, but she would make it up to me with lots of hugs and kisses. She was letting me make love to her whenever I wanted, although I had to wear a thick condom because I came to quickly. These condoms were so thick that it greatly reduced the pleasure I got from having sex. For Kathy it was the opposite. The condoms had ridges and bumps on them that gave her plenty of thrills, and she had great orgasms.

When I complained that sometimes I could not come because, I got so little sensation through the condom she said, "Billie you come to fast to pleasure me, so it's either wear these super thick condoms or go back to jerking off."

I did not want to tell her that sometimes I would jerk off after she went to sleep. I still had to suck her after making love. It did not seem right that Kathy got to come twice while I had to use my hand. Still I guess it's better than before when I couldn't put it in.

Another change; now she kissed me each morning, but she would not let me French kiss her. She told me I knew where she wanted to be French kissed, and it was not her mouth. Recently for her morning suck off she got on her hands and knees and made me lick her from behind. "This way you can lick my asshole too," she would say with a giggle.

Other things did not change. I still did most of the cooking. "You are so much better at that than I am," she purred. On weekends I still did the housecleaning, and washed all the clothes. Again, according to her reasoning, I was more experienced. She was home all day but she spent it watching TV, reading romance novels, or at her health club.

One evening I got a phone call from my sister, Mary. She was crying so hard that it was difficult to make out what she was saying. Apparently her husband had run off with another women. He cleaned out their joint bank account before he left. Now she had no money and the rent was overdue. They had impounded all her furniture. Could she come and stay with us until she got things straightened out?

I had to ask Kathy, of course, if she could come, and I was delighted when she said yes. I told her my wife had given her approval. This was my real sister, not like that phony brother Kathy had. {See part3}

When she arrived at the door, I was a little shocked. Mary had always been on the heavy side, but now she was just fat. Still, she was young and in good health so I suppose she could handle that weight. Kathy found it amusing when she saw the size of Mary. "What happened to you Billie? Where you the runt of the litter?"

Mary was so happy she actually kissed Kathy's hand. "Thank you so much for letting me come. I had nowhere else to go. I didn't know what to do."

"That's OK," Kathy replied. "I'm sure I'll find you something to do."

We got her settled in the spare bedroom. She did not have many clothes so unpacking was easy, and I was pleasantly surprised to see she had a good car.

That night in bed I thanked her again for letting my sister come. "Show your thanks by getting your tongue in my pussy. I want to come all over your face."

I was used to Kathy moaning some when I suck her off, but this time she was very vocal. I was sure Mary could hear us, and with Kathy saying, "Suck harder," she knew what we were doing.

The next morning I left for work feeling good. I was helping my sister over a rough spot, and my wife was thinking of somebody other than herself. Had I known what was going to happen, I would have been very depressed.

This is what Mary told me several weeks later.

I am an early riser, so after making coffee I thought it would be a nice gesture to offer Kathy one, if she was awake. I wanted to show her in a small way how appreciative I was. When I entered her bedroom I saw her sitting at her dresser brushing her hair. She was a beautiful woman. I wondered how you got her to marry you.

"Would you like a coffee Kathy? I just made it fresh."

"Never enter my bedroom without knocking first. Let's get the ground rules settled. You are going to be my maid for as long as you are here. You can call me mistress. That's not necessary when Billie is around, but under no circumstances are you to say my name. Now go make my breakfast. Bring it to me on a tray, and remember knock first, then curtsy after entering."

Was this the same woman that seemed so nice last night? I did not have a lot of options, so I decided to go along with it for now. When I returned with her breakfast I curtseyed like she told me.

Kathy had a smirk on her face saying, " You look ridiculous. After breakfast, I am taking you out to get you a maid's uniform. That is, if they make them that big. Maybe I'll have to settle for a tent."

We went shopping. I had to use my car and do the driving. Kathy rode in the back. She said it was more dignified that way. What she bought me was a French maid outfit. It was way too small for me. Since I am stout, I needed loose flowing garments. That was tight and ridiculously short. I was so embarrassed, and Kathy was laughing at my humiliation.

"As long as you please me, you can put this on after Billie leaves in the morning, and take it off before he comes home."

That afternoon I gave her a massage, bathed her, and washed her hair. Then she had me prepare dinner. When you got home you were pleased you did not have to make dinner, only help me with the dishes and cleanup. I noticed the first thing you did when you got home was make her a cocktail. You worked all day, yet you made her a cocktail! I could see that I was not the only one she bossed around.

The next morning I got more instructions. "As soon as Billie leaves in the morning I want you in here sucking my cunt. Billie sucks me off each night and you will do the same each morning. I expect you to do it with enthusiasm and keep it up until I am well satisfied and push you away. After that, put on your uniform and make my breakfast."

Why was she so mean to me? To look at her you would think she was an angel. Shoulder length blond hair framed her beautiful face. She had a body most women would die for. She just oozed sex appeal; yet she had the personality of a witch.

After lunch she was off to the health club to play some tennis, and work on her tan by the pool. Of course she had instructions for me before she left. "My flower garden is a mess. Get all the weeds out, dig up the soil and fertilize it. Make sure you wear your uniform while you are doing it."

Two weeks later I made a bad mistake. She caught me fingering myself. I may be fat but that does not mean I don't have a sex drive. Kathy got sucked off morning and night, but she was the only one in the house getting any sex.

"You slut. How dare you play with yourself, your job is to pleasure me. You want sex? I'll get you sex."

She made me drive her to a rundown part of town, and park in front of some sleazy bar. Still wearing my uniform, I followed her in. The bar was dark even though it was mid afternoon. There were only 5 or 6 people in the bar, all male, all black. Kathy sat at the bar, her short skirt sliding up her leg almost to her panties. I had to stand beside her at the end of the bar. She ordered a rum and coke, nothing for me.

Kathy looked around, and then in a load voice said, "Who would like some white pussy?" That got everyone's attention including the bartender.

They all crowded around Kathy. "This must be my lucky day," a tall lanky guy said as he leered at Kathy.

"Not me, you dork, but you can do my maid."

"Please, can I do you instead?"

"Only in your dreams. Get your cock out now and start fucking her or I am taking her somewhere else."

An old blanket appeared from somewhere, as they striped me and threw me down on it. The first guy thrust into me and it hurt. I was dry so his cock felt like a stick wrapped in sandpaper. My agony amused Kathy as she sat at the bar watching while sipping her drink.

My physical pain lessened as my pussy got moist, but the mental pain was severe. I was being raped on a dirty floor by a bunch of niggers for the amusement of Kathy. As the forth guy shot his dirty come into me, I looked over his shoulder at Kathy. The bartender was on his knees, between Kathy's legs, sucking her off. She was still sitting on the barstool, legs spread, sipping her drink and watched me being raped.

As the 5th and last guy came in my cunt, I could see Kathy jerking the bartender's hair with both hands, forcing his face hard into her pussy. She moaned, "This is soo hot, suck me harder you bastard."

After her come, Kathy sat and relaxed with another drink. "If any of you guys want to piss on my maid before she gets dressed, now is your chance."

Of course all the guys wanted to. I kept my eyes and mouth closed as they pissed all over me, but mainly in my face. Kathy was delighted at my humiliation. "You guys are so much fun; I may bring her back another time."

As I drove Kathy home, she was already making plans. "That was great entertainment. I had my best orgasm in a long time. Next time it has to last longer to prolong my pleasure. I want more men next time, and I want you beaten first. Your screams while I get sucked off will increase my enjoyment and the intensity of my orgasm."

Back at home, after my shower, I was annoyed to find that Kathy still wanted sex. She was still feeling horny from this afternoon. I had to thank her for the sex I received and show my appreciation by sucking her.

I could not believe that someone as beautiful as she could be so twisted. Her big green eyes and turned up nose gave her a little girl look that hid her black heart. For someone that evil, it should show on her face, but it doesn't. She is the picture of innocence.

You had no clue what was going on. You just seemed happy as long as she was. I should have told you then what was happening; but you would have never believed me.

A week later, much to my surprise, my husband Nick showed up at the door. The young girl he had run off with had dumped him when his money ran out.

In one way I was glad to see him, but I was embarrassed for him to see me working as a maid. Kathy was at her health club, so I invited Nick in for a cup of tea. Before he finished it, she came home. I quickly tried to explain who he was, that he needed to find a place to live, and I was just giving him a cup of tea, a little money and would send him on his way.

Kathy examined him with a critical eye, and much to my amazement said, " I need a chauffeur and errant boy. He can stay."

I was pleased but dismayed at her arrogance. She said, "While you may be husband and wife, I allow no sex between my servants. If you can't handle that, get the hell out of my house now." In hindsight, that should have been the signal for us to get up and go. However, we were under financial and emotional stress, and not thinking too clearly. We nodded in agreement.

Remember when you got home Kathy announced, "Nick is going to stay here to be my chauffeur and do anything else I might need him for. This does not relieve you of helping Mary do the housework." This was part of her power game, to instantly humiliate you."

She also wanted to degrade me. "Mary, go put on your maid uniform and show my husband how pretty you look." When I returned, "Doesn't she look sweet Billie? And Mary, since you now have a strange man living in your room, I want you to wear your uniform all the time, both day and night."

Kathy led a life of leisure while the rest of us serviced her. I did the most. I cooked the meals, made the beds, and did the washing and half the housework. As her maid I bathed her, massaged her, did her nails, and brushed her hair. I also sucked her off each morning while she had her coffee.

I know you worked hard, earning a good salary so that Kathy had more money to spend. When you got home, the first thing you did was make her a cocktail, then help me prepare the dinner. You also did half the housework and helped me with the dishes and I know you sucked her off every night.

Nick drove her in my car anywhere she wanted to go, often waiting for an hour or two while she shopped. He did the gardening, cut and watered the lawn, and ran errands for her like picking up or dropping off her dry cleaning. He drove her to and from the health club. Kathy liked to keep him waiting at the club for her; then when he saw her coming, jump out and open the rear door for her. This was to impress her friends and embarrass my husband.

Kathy spent a lot of her time at her health club, doing things like playing tennis, swimming, and lounging by the pool. She also had a personal fitness trainer to look after her. The "princess" should have been happy, right? Wrong, her two friends at the health club had swimming pools in their back yards. Once Kathy found out she wanted one.

As I recall, the conversation went something like this.

Kathy in a demanding voice, "Billie, I want a backyard swimming pool. Everybody I know has one except me."

"But Kathy, you have a pool at your health club. Isn't that enough?"

"Are you as stupid as your dopey sister? If that were enough, would I be asking for another one? Dah!"

"But the summer is half over. Can't it wait until next spring?"

"Are you deaf as well as stupid? I want it right now. Call a contractor, have them put a rush on it. Tell them I want it finished in 10 days."

Once again, you gave in to her. If only you had a little more backbone, maybe she would not be such a pain in the ass.

The next day the crew arrived. The crew chief had been told to report to Kathy to find out what kind of pool she wanted and where it was to go. His name was Hank. When I answered the door I saw this tall Italian looking guy standing there. He was very well built and had a dark tan, probably from working outside so much. He wore cutoffs and a tight white T-shirt.

I could tell Kathy was impressed by the way she eyed him up and down. They went out so Kathy could show him where she wanted her pool. Then, while Hank's crew went for the equipment to start digging, Kathy and Hank returned to the den to discuss pool sizes and styles.

"Mary, bring us each a beer, and move your fat ass, we don't have all day." Then to Hank she sighs," Good servants are so hard to get." She goes out of her way to humiliate me.

Later I was busy working in the kitchen, listening to the sound of digging equipment outside, when I realized I had not seen Kathy or Hank. As I went looking for them, I saw them coming down the stairs. "Mary, change the sheets on the bed."

I went to the master bedroom to do what she asked. The bed was a mess and there were wet spots on the sheets. I had to know, so I sniffed. There was no doubt, it was the smell of semen. That bitch, she had met him less than 2 hours ago and she had fucked him in your bed. That became a daily ritual for each of the 10 days it took to make the pool. They would go upstairs for an hour or more, and have sex. My job was to change the sheets and make the bed before you got home.

I remember once I had to get something out of my room while they were upstairs. I did not look as I hurried bye the half- open bedroom door but I could hear her. "Oh Hank, that feels so good. Do it harder." A bit later, "You are wonderful. Go deep and stay. Yes, now don't pull out, just grind on me. Aah, that's the way." On my way back downstairs I heard, "No, no, don't thrust. I don't want you coming yet. Stay in me and twitch your cock. That's it; keep doing that." What a slut! Why doesn't she publish a book called, "How to fuck Kathy?"

I wanted to tell you that you were being cuckold, but unless I had definite proof, like a video, I knew you would never believe me. I breathed a sigh of relief when the pool was finished and Hank and his crew departed.

Now I thought things would return to normal. How wrong I was. Kathy turned her attention to Nick. She started to tease him. She was staying home now, most afternoons, to enjoy her new pool. She would lounge around in this tiny red bikini. It was indecent. The top barely covered her nipples and the bottom would disappear in the crack of her bum.

She made him rub her with suntan lotion. Lying on her stomach, she had him concentrate on massaging her ass. When on her back, she would spread her legs and have Nick kneel between them. She had him apply lotion and massage her upper thighs, but not touch her pussy. Each time she went for a dip in her pool, she would hand Nick a towel to dry her. This meant that he had his hands all over her. Once she pointed to her barely covered pussy, told Nick she was still wet and had him massage her pussy through the towel, while she lay back.

It was a hot summer. Nick wore long cotton workout style pants with no underwear and no shirt. She liked to look at the outline of his hard on while he pampered her. She made me wear my full uniform. My maid outfit was black and made of polyester. It was extremely uncomfortable and to make it worse, she had me wear black stockings and heavy shoes.

For her enjoyment she would have me run whenever she called me. It was supposed to show my respect for her. She often had lunch by the pool, and she let Nick join her, while I ate in the kitchen. I had to bring her cocktails and Nick beer while she sunned herself around the pool or took refreshing dips.

On one extremely hot day, after I had brought her drink, she pushed me into the pool. As I tried to drag myself out, Kathy laughing, pushed me back in with her foot. "Get out of my pool, you clumsy cow. You will get my water all greasy."

On my second attempt she let me get out. "You are not going to drip water into my house. Go stand over there in the sun until you dry off."

You have no idea how hot that was, standing in the blazing sun in my black uniform, while she lay on a recliner under a shade umbrella. I was starting to think I might get heat stroke when Kathy finally relented. "You look like an over ripe tomato. Don't you even have enough sense to get out of the sun. You had better go in and lie down, but before you do, bring me another drink."

She teased Nick not only with her body, but verbal teasing as well. She would wait until he was massaging her, or applying lotion before she would start. She had a lot of one liners; I don't remember them all, but here are a few I do remember.

Lying on her back, with her mouth half-open and licking her lips, "I feel like sucking something long and hard and full of juice. Do you have anything like that Nick or should I go and see my personal trainer?"

Another time after removing her bikini top and having Nick rub sun tan oil on her breasts she said, "My nipples are itchy, maybe they need to be sucked."

And the time I remember best was she was fingering herself right in front of my husband. "I need it so bad. Do you have anything better than my fingers?"

Once he did try and feel her pussy. I don't blame him for that; after all he is a man and can only take so much. She slapped his hand away. "Don't touch me unless I tell you to. If you want me you have to beg. Get down on your knees; tell me how beautiful I am, and that you would do anything for me and maybe I'll let you."

I was glad that Nick was man enough to resist, but I could see he was tempted. She kept me in physical heat and my husband in sexual heat.

Then the day I'll never forget. They were by the pool when she ordered me to bring her a Pina Colada and Nick a beer. I went to prepare her cocktail, when first the phone rang and then I realized I had to get the meat in the oven for dinner. I forgot what she had ordered. Usually it was a rum and coke, so I prepared one and took it out to her. Kathy was incensed.

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