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The Netball Girls


After my first year at college I returned to my parents' home for the summer. Now, summer in Britain translates to about three hot weeks in June or July but as my home town was a coastal resort I found part-time work at the holiday camp on the outskirts of our town.

The camp consisted of mobile homes and caravans, rented for periods of time with a central complex containing bars, a disco, shops, etc. Because we were fortunate to have a few miles of high sand dunes and a pretty good beach the camp was almost always full during the summer and a good place to find seasonal work.

My girlfriend at the time, a local girl called Kerry, also worked in the camp so it was pretty convenient for our relationship. What was even better was the camp's close proximity to the sprawling sand dunes and because we were both still living with our respective parents, the dunes became our secret little place for a bit of passion.

We wangled it that our shifts often coincided, trying to get mornings or lunchtimes in the bar or restaurant which meant we could sneak off to the beach in the afternoon when, and if, the sun was shining.

We knew the dunes were busy on hot days but that seemed to make Kerry even hotter sometimes. She was nineteen, tall, long-legged with nice high, firm breasts – a good handful topped by wide aureole and perky brown nipples. She had sallow skin that made her appear permanently tanned and along with big sparkling brown eyes and straight silken dark locks she exuded an exotic quality. As we became more daring in our sexual fun deep in the dunes I discovered her particular kink of loving to get completely naked and give me a blow job until the point of orgasm when she'd then direct my cum onto her chin and tits.

This happened quite a few times after our initial bit of daring and she eventually explained the buzz of getting naked in public – secluded though our spot was – got her hornier than she'd ever been in her life and her thing was to suck on my dick and make me cum all over her. She said it got her off without hardly needing touched and a further thrill was to parade about naked while I recovered for some full sex. She claimed the possibility of getting caught raised her arousal to uncontrollable levels.

Well, like any guy, having a nineteen year old hottie tell you all this and act upon it was a kick enough; to actually be the subject of her sexual fantasies and partake in them was a dream come true; let's just say I walked about with a perma-smile that summer, bugging the hell out of my grumpy old man.

On one of the hottest days of the year we both finished just after lunch and headed down to out favourite spot. To get there amongst the higher dunes we always needed to traverse the main stretch of beach – not a deep beach but quite long and very sandy with the rolling dunes just beginning to form a backdrop.

On the walk we'd usually be able to judge how busy the dunes would be – there were always people walking about them, either up to no good like us or just taking the air. You always saw the voyeurs as well, heads moving about like meerkats checking for predators. These were the guys I expected to catch us every time, but if any had then they certainly knew how to keep hidden – I always looked about for watchers, mildly wary but moreso buzzed by the idea of anyone seeing us and getting turned on; Kerry's enthusiasm for public sex play was catching.

That day, the beach was much busier than usual. That always made me a bit nervous but Kerry seemed to get the opposite effect – stimulation. As we hadn't indulged for nearly a week due to a rainy spell, she was incredibly bright-eyed and eager to get there, wearing just a bikini top and a tiny pair of shorts that moved beautifully as her taut ass swayed along the beach.

My heart leapt about a hundred yards from our destination just as we were climbing towards the dunes; A shout, both our names called. We looked about and pinpointed the source – five girls laid out on towels. It took me a few moments to recognise them – some of a netball youth team staying at the camp whilst competing in our town's annual summer invitational. The girls all went to a college some few hundred miles away – one that I'd considered and so I'd got talking to them while at work in the camp. The fact that most of the team was young, fit and pretty helped as well, of course.

Anyway, Kerry wanted to go over and talk and dragged me along. Because of the anticipation of some fun in the dunes I was already sporting a semi under my shorts so had to make moves to conceal it when stood looking down at five fit bodies clad in lovely little bikinis. We all had shades on, so I got some fun checking out the girls while they chatted mainly to Kerry.

We got an invite to join them and while the idea was pretty tempting Kerry knocked it back straight away, saying we had our own choice sunbathing spot in the dunes and had better get there before it was taken. So we departed with big smiles and a cheeky grin from the most outgoing of the girls, a brunette called Morven. I think she was their captain, maybe just because she was the loudest and most forthright. I might have picked her as captain myself just for the great figure she possessed - bigger tits than Kerry with hips to complete the hourglass and strong legs that had not a pick of excess flesh on them; perfectly toned they were. I liked her eyes but concealed then by shades, her pouting lips would suffice for some fantasising as Kerry sucked on my dick.

Kerry led the way up into the sands and minutes later we found our spot. It was a spacious depression some six feet down between dunes along the top of which some sparse bushes were spread intermittently. It gave decent cover and made for a hot little sunspot. After laying out towels and having a drink, she virtually leapt on me and started some heavy kissing. During this session I definitely caught sight of someone along the top of the dunes. Hesitating, Kerry asked what was up then stood to check it out when I told her.

I lay there, a tent pitched in my shorts as she scrambled up the dune to peek over. It turned out it was someone – a guy who'd cruised past. She didn't know if he was gay or straight, she said, because he hadn't looked back. But the very fact he'd been there seemed enough for Kerry in her horned-up state. On her way back down to me she removed her bikini top to reveal those fabulous perky tits, nipples erect. I lay with a big grin and throbbing hardon. Kerry stood over me, smiling down, then slipped off her little white shorts.

She didn't have any underwear on – nor a bikini bottom. The look on my face made her grin some more as I looked right up between her taut spread thighs and gazed at her pussy – a lovely neat set of shaven puffy lips and a mound bearing a clipped triangle of dark pubic hair. Her white bikini lines against her sallow skin tone as the bright sunlight lit every dip and curve of her smooth flesh just added to my arousal.

She told me to get my cock out and let her see me jerk. I did so in record time. Kerry remained standing over me but rhythmically rubbed fingers along her own slit as I fisted my dick and fondled my balls with my other hand.

I could hear her juices building as her fingers squelched into her hole, and then saw the moisture run between her legs as her pussy became really wet. Kerry began to moan, concentrating more on her clit.

Something caught my eye just behind and to the left of her – movement between some bushes. A head? Definitely a figure, solid but shadowed. I debated internally whether to tell her – I was both turned on and cautious about it. After a few seconds I told her in a loud whisper.

Kerry didn't stop her masturbation. I asked again whether she'd heard me. She groaned a yes, but said she wasn't stopping. Was it him, she asked? I looked again, couldn't make out the person fully because of the strong sunlight. Said I didn't know; possibly.

That set Kerry off. She rubbed at her pussy, moaning loudly, her hips swaying and tits shaking delightfully. I was still wanking but nowhere near cumming although my head was swimming with the events. Kerry came on her fingers, actually splashing some juices onto me as her legs buckled; that certainly made my mind up to ignore the voyeur and get some action.

I didn't need to ask. Kerry dropped to her knees and engulfed my cock with her soft mouth. This presented her beautiful ass and open wet gash towards the voyeur's position above us atop the dune.

The thought of his view was thrilling and I grasped Kerry by the hair as she went to work on my cock with enthusiasm, moaning her lust.

I was torn between watching her tongue lick around the bulbous head of my cock and glancing up to see our voyeur. I got a shock. They were moving. I say they because I suddenly realised there was more than one person behind those bushes. I counted three silhouettes. My heart thundered in my chest. I was more alarmed than horny. Three could be trouble. But the first true glimpse of our voyeurs caused me to gasp - I saw a female form lead the other two to a different vantage point. Definitely female. And the other pair definitely female also.

They were moving round the side, I realised, in order to get a better look at my cock! Never mind Kerry's splendid ass and pussy – it seemed I was the main interest of these female voyeurs.

My mind was in turmoil. My gasps of shock then realisation were misinterpreted by Kerry – she took them as a sign of arousal and attacked my cock with more vigour. The sudden dual stimulation caught me out and I felt the sap rising; too quick to put a stop to it.

I announced I was about to cum in a breathless hiss. Kerry sat back, feeling my balls and working her hand up and down my shaft at pace. Her lovely face was a picture of desire as she wanked me off, guiding my jerking cock at her tits. I sprayed those firm orbs with jism, gasping and looking towards our voyeurs. They were very evident, scrambling to see better as I came.

It gave them away. The sun revealed them completely. I recognised Morven instantly, and the other two netball girls I knew as Tina and Christine.

The wide-eyed looks on their faces were a picture. Their shock at our antics and then their realisation they were discovered was hilarious. They ducked down. I chuckled. Kerry was rubbing my cum all over her tits, rolling her hard nipples. She opened her hooded, lustful eyes fully, her expression curiosity. She followed my gaze, asked if that's where our voyeur was. I didn't tell her who, just nodded and smiled.

With a wicked grin, she stood up naked and ran up the dune. I don't know who got the biggest shock – Kerry or the netball girls; they all shrieked. Kerry dropped to the sands, a picture of succulent nudity on the slope, all bubble butt and long legs.

I laughed, called out they'd been caught. Kerry stood up, initial fright replaced by a something approaching anger. She demanded the girls get over the edge and down into our hollow.

Two of them did, Morven leading the way trying not to appear embarrassed or sheepish. The third ran off, which had Kerry laughing.

I made a scrambled attempt to cover my subsiding dick with my shorts as Morven stalked down the sloping dune towards me, her firm legs flexing and glistening under the sun, her full tits quivering nicely. Behind her, carrying their bags was Tina, another tall slim netball chick. The great thing about them was that they all had long, lithe legs and looked damn fit. Tina didn't quite have a chest to match Morven's but her little tits were nice and firm beneath a yellow bikini. She did have a very sweet face, however, all light brown flicked hair and innocent eyes. She shot me a dazzling, if somewhat embarrassed smile as they all approached.

Kerry was defiantly naked, and due to her smearing my cum all over her chest then diving down onto the sand bank, her torso was covered in sand which made her tits and nipples look sculpted from the stuff. When she came right up to me I could still see the shine of her pussy juices all around her crotch and her labia were still aroused and swollen. I felt my cock twitch again as the three girls stood around me.

Morven offered profuse apologies to us, Tina seconding. They had followed our trail up to see what the dunes were like when the other two girls on the beach with them had decided to go back to the camp for a snack. The third netball voyeur, a statuesue blonde called Christine whom I'd cast an appreciative eye over during my camp work, had lost her nerve and ran upon discovery, offering them a lame excuse about having to meet up with some guy.

Kerry's indignation had subsided a bit and she joked at Christine's panic and told the girls that she'd thought they were male at first. Morven asked a few questions about our exploits and we got into a conversation about voyeuring, open-air sex and how much fun it all was. Kerry crouched beside me and told the two girls to sit down because we didn't want to attract even more attention from the busy beach.

It was kind of surreal, me sitting there with a cock approaching semi-erection once more, covered only by my loosely-placed bunched-up shorts. Every time I glanced to the side, Kerry's squatting position gave me sight of her wet pussy, lips gaping apart, clit budding from its hood. I suspected she was enjoying this exposue more than she might admit, even though it was two girls who'd joined us. Her nipples were solid and her face flushed not just with the heat.

I forced my eyes ahead at the two netball payers but there wasn't much there to quell my ardour either – both in bikinis with fine, toned bodies and Morven sitting legs akimbo, her small stripy bikini bottoms more the wicked weasel variety than panties. When she squirmed to get more comfortable in the sand I got a fabulous camel-toe as her bikini pulled up tight between what looked like a very defined set of pussy lips. Tina, more nervous and unsure of where to look, sat with her knees up, arms folded on top.

Morven asked if we always came up there – got our story of how it was our little private love nest. She joked that it wasn't that private at all was it? This opened up a conversation about Kerry's kink for being naked in the open air and the fun that it gave her. Morven commented on her uninhibited pose, not bothering to cover up. I asked that surely the netball girls were naked around one another in the changing rooms and showers, etc. They agreed it happened frequently, yes, but there was never a sexual connotation like there was being naked amongst sand dunes.

To my surprise it was the shyer Tina who asked if we sunbathed naked all the time. Because we usually got naked and had sex, our lust-driven nudity would end up with a nude sunbathing session so we had to say yes, but not always intended.

Then Kerry popped the killer question: "If you want to know what it's like, then why don't you try it?" she fired at them.

Two things happened then – my eyes popped wide open and my dick visibly moved under the shorts. Morven giggled. Kerry laughed and said, "Oh don't mind Andy. He's used to naked women on the beach. . ."

Morven looked me square in the eye, tossed her brunette locks and gave a wicked pout, slyly asking me, "Will you go naked as well, Andy?"

I smiled, looked down at the shorts, my only covering and shot back, "I am already. . ."

Tina said she was worried about anyone hearing about it. Kerry told her not to be stupid – that we hardly wanted anyone back at the camp to know so why would we tell anyone else? I nodded like a hungry dog. I'd have nodded at anything right then, just to see how far the girls would go.

The two netball girls had to agree. I took a quick glance at Kerry – noted to my wonder and arousal that she was now kneeling up and her parted thighs made her pussy's state highly noticeable – her cunt was open and wet; I could see her pink inner lips splayed. I realised then that this situation was having a dramatic effect on her. She was still highly aroused and despite the newcomers being female, I suspected Kerry was just buzzed to have been caught naked in any case.

Now she had the further motivation of seeing how far these voyeurs would go when the tables were turned. She dared Morven to take her bikini off. Morven narrowed her eyes and asked what kind of effect that would have on me. Kerry told her she'd take care of that.

I was sat there thinking if I much liked being two horny chicks plaything; I decided I did, after about two milliseconds, when Morven untied her bikini top, dropped it with a sexy smile and revealed those two marvellous globes, each big, firm only the way a young woman's can be with two small aureole yet nipples very thick and prominent. Her white bits were pure as snow. Eyes turned to Tina, who looked at first like she might bottle it but with a sigh, slowly loosed her own top and kept both tits covered by her hands.

"Come on, said Morven," and Tina showed us her little pale tits with two jutting pink nipples longer than either Kerry's or Morven's.

I was asked if the girls' met with my approval. Of course, I agreed with a big smile and nod of my head – I couldn't find my voice to speak.

Kerry squeezed my cock through the shorts, got me rising towards full length again. Morven gave a giggle, Tina covered her mouth with her hand. Morven's big tits shook and settled. She said that she only ever went topless abroad and that this was quite exciting. Kerry and Tina agreed, chatted about the freedom of it.

My cock throbbed as they declared their fondness for nudity, whilst Morven's camel-toe held my gaze. She saw me, asked cheekily if they should take off their bikini panties as well.

I wasn't about to be denied the greatest thrill of my young life so I managed to speak and seriously stated that they really should experience fresh-air nakedness, and that there was nothing to worry about.

The netball girls looked at one another. Then Morven gazed at Kerry – taking in her sandy torso and lovely wet pussy I noted. She asked Kerry if it really was worth it. Kerry bade her try it herself and find out. With a theatrical sigh - intended to tease me, I reckoned – Morven placed her legs together, pulled her knees up and slipped her bikini bottoms right down and off those sculpted pins. She tossed them aside but held her position so that her legs and feet tantalisingly covered her tits and pussy; it was agonising for me and my dick ached at the sight. Morven shot me a naughty wink. Kerry laughed.

Tina was told to follow suit. I think Morven being the team captain and from what I'd seen the most assertive of the netball girls, had an effect. Tina, already nervous with her topless state, looked mortified at the initial thought of full nudity. But seeing Morven's pose she relented and with a pearly-white smile, copied her captain. She gave a long, fluttery breath as she manoeuvred her bikini panties off. But her legs were longer, more fawn-like and her co-ordination more awkward.

It was the perfect recipe to give me a mindblowing sight – she didn't quite manage the same degree of coverage Morven had as she removed her panties. Her calves and ankles were not synchronised, and parted while she peeled the bikini off her feet. I was granted the heart-quickening, dick-bursting view of Tina's bare pussy bulging from between her butt-cheeks. For a slim girl her cunt was meaty, full outer labia and equally large inner labia which protruded, surrounded by a closely-cropped light-brown bush around the lips and a surprisingly thick curly triangle on her mound. She even rocked back slightly, making an annoyed little straining growl as she fiddled with her troublesome bikini. This gave a quick flash of her puckered little anus and forced her big pussy open just slightly – but enough for me to notice the glisten of moisture under the dazzling, but wonderfully revealing sunlight.

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