tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 01

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 01


After graduating from college, Katie was in need of a job. She needed to start repaying her student financial loans, and was starting to have bills pile up each month.

Jackie, the president of the sorority Katie was part of in school, sent Katie a text suggesting she should apply to Xetymew, a big computer company downtown. She said they were hiring.

Without anything else on the horizon, Katie worked on her resume and sent it to the Xetymew HR department. Within a week she got a call, asking for her to come in for an interview.

Katie dressed professionally for the interview to and met with the HR executive. She wore a mid-length black skirt, a white blouse which opened just below her neck, a pair of open toe heels and underneath a matching bra and bikini underwear set,

"So Katie, I hear you are looking for work at Xetymew."

"Yes, I heard about the company and it sounds like a good fit for me."

"How exactly did you hear about Xetymew?"

"Well, a good friend of mine told me about it. I don't know if you know her. Her name is Jackie-." Katie was cutoff by the interviewer, who took a call from someone watching the interview in another room. The room where Katie was talking was wired with hidden cameras.

"Katie, I don't know how to say this other than, welcome to the company."

Katie beamed with excitement. So happy that she would earn money to pay her bills and loans, she didn't quite hear everything the executive told her. What she made out was to report the following Monday morning and report to Vida Conseulo, whom will be her supervisor.

After leaving the interview, Katie texted Jackie about the good news and thanked her for the suggestion. Jackie texted back indicating it was no problem. Jackie so liked seeing Katie's naked body submit to other women. She knew Xetymew encouraged its new employees to submit in order to better the company. Jackie also knew Vida, and was looking forward to seeing more of Katie on her computer.

Katie arrived for work and met with Vida Reyes, who spent a good minute looking up and down her body. Katie is 5' 3'' tall and weighs 105 pounds.

"My you have such a lovely form," Vida said, noticing Katie's 32C breasts, her tiny waist and 33 inch hips.

"All my friends say I am really 100 pounds, and 5 pounds of boobs," Katie told Vida, and suddenly wondered what compelled her to talk like that.

"That's good to know. Now I assume you heard all the rules we have here at Xetymew. Any violation leaves me the option of terminating your employment."

"Yes Ms. Reyes." Actually, no. Katie didn't hear half of what was said during her interview. She was so happy to get the job she just, well, thought she could fling it at first.

"Katie, I don't think you understood what I said. Did you hear all the rules about working here, because I can tell you are lying."

Katie didn't know what to think. How could Vida know she wasn't listening during the interview?

"Didn't you hear about the dress code?"

"Uh, actually no. I didn't catch that. I thought it was dress professional."

"Yes, with one big exception. New employees cannot wear underwear at the behest of their supervisor. It allows us the chance to get to know you better, what turns you on, and what your full potential will be at Xeytmew."

"Oh, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry."

"That won't do. Now gather your things and leave. There are many other applicants who can easily fill your slot." Vida turned away from Katie and was ruffling papers together, really not doing anything as she knew what was about to come. Katie was in a trance, gazing at Vida's hot Latina ass, sexy hips and her long tan legs. Katie's tongue slightly drifted out her mouth as she thought of what she wanted to do to Vida.

"Ms. Reyes, please, give me another chance. I know I can follow the rules and be a good employees of this company, and I really need the job. Please give me a second chance."

Vida turned around, her black long hair whipping across her face, and said, "Katie, if you want to work here, under me, you need to follow orders. Can you do that?"


"Say it."

"Say wha-oh, that I can follow orders?"


"I can follow orders."

"You will follow who's orders?"

"I will follow your orders."

"You will obey my orders?"

"I will obey your orders."

"Who will you obey?"

"I will obey you."

"Good, now let's comply with the dress code shall we. Hand over your underwear."

Katie looked around and saw the blinds in Vida's office were slightly ajar. She wondered if anyone was watching. She didn't know about the camera's capturing every one of her humiliating moments. After a few seconds Katie reached up under her skirt and removed her bikini panties, and then unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse so she could remove her bra.

Vida was impressed that Katie could remove her bra without completely taking off her shirt. She would remember that for later.

"Katie, you look fantastic," said Vida, noticing Katie's pert nipples trying to break through her blouse. "Go over to your desk, get acquainted with our computer program, and at noon, come by my office. I like to take the new employees out for lunch."

Xeytmew was a big company. There must have been 400 employees in their downtown building, and thousands of others at locations around the United States and in other countries.

Katie found her desk in a pool of other cubicles. Her name was on a plaque on the desk, and she sat down, turned the computer on and started watching. A lady came by with a cart of coffee drinks and Katie picked out a caramel latte. When she reached into her purse to pay, the lady said it was all taken care of and left.

The computer program told Katie all she would have to know about the company and what her role would be, at least, according to the actual company manuel. Vida failed to tell Katie that there was no special dress code at the company. She knew Katie had not listened during the interview and wanted to see how far she could take Katie into eventually becoming her lover.

Katie didn't know that Vida had first spotted her while on a campus visit. She followed Katie back to the sorority house and waited a few minutes before knocking at the door. She spoke with Jackie, who indicating Katie would be graduating soon and was in need of a job. Vida offered her card and told Jackie to consider passing it along.

It was nearing noon and Katie didn't want to disappoint her boss any more, so she walked over to Vida's office and tapped lightly at the door. "Come in."

Katie opened the door and saw Vida was just finishing a salad. "Aren't we going to lunch," Katie thought to herself.

"I see you have a quizzical look on your adorable face," Vida said. "I so love that about you. Yes, I have had my lunch. Now its time for yours. Come over here."

Katie walked towards Vida and was startled by her next remarks. "Katie, be a good obedient girl and lean over the desk."

"What? She wants me to bend over the desk. Why," Katie said to herself, her brow showing little wrinkles which was Vida's tell-tale sign that Katie was questioning her order.

"Katie, if you don't want to work here, then leave. But if you do, get with the program and start doing what I say without question."

Knowing she had to obey Vida to keep her job, Katie bent at the waste over Vida's desk. "Keep your arms at your side while I lift up your skirt for a little after lunch examination."

Vida pulled Katie's mid-length skirt over her back exposing her adorable ass. Vida's long fingers starting touching Katie, making her squirm a little. Vida told Katie to be quiet as she continued to explore Katie's ass and her little pussy just underneath. Vida applied a little cooling gel to Katie's anal opening causing Katie to let out a little coo sound. "Coo, oh coo."

Vida inserted her finger into Katie's lubed ass, gently stroking it back and forth, and then added a second finger, causing Katie to begin moaning in delight. Vida pulled her fingers out, walked over to her desk and pulled something out of a drawer. She handed it to Katie. It was a pink vibrator, about 7-inches long and a couple inches around.

"What's this about," Katie thought. "Why is she giving me this unless, oh no."

"Twist it on Katie." Katie obeyed and turned the end of the vibrator which began convulsing in her hands.

"That's what it's going to feel like in your ass. Give it to me."

Katie handed over the vibrator and Vida applied some lube to its tip before gently easing it into Katie's ass. She stroked it in and out for a few minutes before leaving it in deep. Vida twisted the end of the vibrator on and watched as Katie began coming undone.

Katie's moans were getting louder and perspiration was covering her ass and legs. Her hair was getting matted from sweat and her hands were trying to hold onto the desk to keep from falling off.

"You like being fucked in the ass Katie?"

"Yes, yes, I like being fucked in the ass. I, I want you to fuck my ass." Moments later Katie began to come, with just a little bit dripping outside her pussy. Vida turned off the vibrator and removed it, then used her fingers to clean the come from Katie's pussy and putting her fingers to her mouth.

"You taste delicious. Now get off my desk and get back to work. Your 30-minute lunch break is almost over."

Katie pushed herself off the desk and her skirt fell down. She looked down and saw her blouse had become soaked with her sweat and was clinging to her body. Her breasts and nipples visible in the near-transparent garment. Katie fixed her hair and then walked back to her desk through the maze of cubicles, with other employees watching her every move.

The coffee lady made another appearance in the afternoon, and after seeing Katie, made sure to make a special third round just to see if she was thirsty and to get a closer look at her body.

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