tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 02

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 02


Following her first day at Xetymew, the computer company where Katie started working, she went home, took a long, hot bath, and considered what had happened.

Everything started out fine and then she got caught in a lie, a lie about not listening during the interview about the dress code, and now she was having to be the pet for her boss. Vida Reyes is an attractive lady, and Katie liked being around her, but having to bend over Vida's desk and get anally fucked just to keep her job? Maybe it was too much.

However, Katie knew in her heart that the job was a good start for her right out of college, and she needed the money.

The next morning, Katie got dressed for work but made a stop in a diner before going to the office. Vida told her the company's dress code was for new employees to not wear underwear at work. It actually was Vida's personal dress code for Katie.

"I don't mind not wearing underwear at work. It is kind of a free feeling," Katie thought to herself as she ducked into the ladies room. "But I can't walk on the street with my tits nearly hanging out my blouse. I'd never make it to work."

Katie removed her bra and panties, placed them in her clutch and went on to work. She arrived a few minutes early and noticed the coffee lady was already standing at her desk. She had seen quite a show the other day, with Katie's blouse soaked wet with perspiration and clinging against her skin. They exchanged hellos, Katie took a hot caramel latte from the cart and she left for his rounds.

Just as she took a sip her phone rang. It was Vida. "Hello, Katie speaking."

"Come to my office now." The phone clicked. Katie took a couple more sips of her latte before rushing off to Vida's office. She tapped lightly at the door and was invited inside.

"Katie, I guess you don't understand what it takes to work at Xetymew after all."

"No Ms. Reyes, I do."

"If you did you would know the proper way to answer the telephone when I call. Didn't you hear about it in the initial interview?"

"Vida knows I didn't hear half of what was said. She could just be making this up, but since I didn't hear it, maybe she's right," Katie thought to herself.

"No, I didn't hear how to answer the phone."

"You have given me nothing but trouble since you started. If you want to keep working here you better shape up."

"Oh I do. I will do anything to keep my job. Please, I really need it."

Vida motioned for Katie to come over to her side of the desk and asked Katie to bend over and lay across it. Vida opened a drawer and took out paddle. She lifted Katie's skirt over her back and gently rubbed the paddle over Katie's luscious ass.

"I will tell you the way to answer the phone and paddle you every time you get it wrong, and this is how it feels to get spanked." Vida moved the paddle back and with a lot of force swung it at Katie's ass, causing a stinging pain sensation to run up Katie's spine and a large red rectangular shape imprinted across her ass.

Over the morning, Katie learned that when Vida called, she was to say, "I will obey." When an outside call came in, she was to say, "Xetymew, this is Katie, how may I assist you."

The first response was easy to learn. Katie knew she had to obey Vida in order to stay at the company. But the second response was more difficult. Katie hadn't heard how the company's name was pronounced during her interview. She received 46 slaps on her ass before finally getting it right. Ordered back to her desk, Katie stepped gingerly as each step caused her ass to wiggle in pain. Sitting down was a bitch, but Katie used the large city phone book as a seat cushion.

It was not more than an hour before Katie's phone rang. It was Katie. "This is my first test," Katie thought to herself. "Now what was I supposed to say?"

The paddling had frazzled Katie. She quickly collected herself, answered the call and said, "I will obey."

"Good, now come to my office. It's time for lunch."

Katie knew that lunch meant she was to be used as Vida's sexual play toy. It was something she had endured during her college years in order to become a member of her sorority, and now she was having to do it to keep her job. Only this time, she felt as if she was in charge. "I'm choosing to work here and take what comes with the job," Katie thought as she walked toward Vida's office.

Tapping on the door lightly, as was Katie's practice, she opened it on Vida's command.

"Katie, come lie on the desk. I have something to show you."

Katie walked toward Vida and removed her skirt at Vida's direction then sat on the edge of the desk and leaned back. Vida pulled on her arms to stretch her out.

Vida went into her desk drawer and pulled out a large metal cock. It must have been 8 inches and 3 around, Katie thought. No was is that going to fit in m-ahhhh. Vida rubbed the tip of the cock on Katie's labia creating arousing sensations throughout her body. The cock plunged deeper into Katie and she started to close her legs.

"Keep your legs open." Katie tried to obey Vida's command but the more the cock stroked her pussy the more she wanted to wrap her legs around Vida's back and make her lunge the cock all the way in.

"Katie if you can't comply with my orders we will have to stop."

"Nooo. Please don't. I wanna keep going. Keep my legs open." Katie was having trouble speaking as Vida continued to stroke the cock in and out of Katie's pussy.

"If we continue will you obey me."

"I obey you. I will obey any command. Please keep going."

Vida picked a remote off the desk and lowered a set of leather straps from the ceiling hanging from thick chains. Katie complied with Vida's instructions to bring her knees up to her chest and hold onto her ankles. Vida placed one of the leather straps around her left ankle and left wrist, tightening it before doing the same to Katie's right ankle and wrist.

In this position Katie was unable to close her legs, leaving her pussy open for Vida to fuck harder then before. Katie was hitting her head on the desk as she was brought closer to a big climax. Vida leaned into Katie and with her other hand began pinching her nipples. Just as it appeared as if Katie's pussy would explode, Vida pulled the cock out and replaced it with her mouth, bitting on Katie's clit until she came over and over again. Vida licked up all the cum she could, then went back to Katie's mouth for an open mouth kiss.

Vida left the room to get a drink of water, leaving Katie tied to the ceiling, unable to move if someone happened to come in. Vida returned, untied Katie and threw her skirt at her, telling her she needed to report back to her desk.

Katie gingerly got off the desk, her top clinging to her boobs and erect nipples. She was just zippering the back of her skirt when the door opened. It was Vida's next appointment, a saleswoman who looked up and down at Katie as she left.

When Katie returned to her desk, the coffee lady was waiting and asked if she needed anything. A caramel latte would hit the spot. That would become Katie's breakfast and lunch for the time being.

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 3

Two weeks had past since Katie started her job at Xetymew. So far the job meant learning about the company, being the lunchtime sex pet to her boss, and recovering throughout the afternoon before heading home. She also had a taste for caramel lattes, drinking them for breakfast and lunch.

On this day, Katie arrived at work, having removed her panties and bra in the ladies room of a nearby diner. This was her protocol as she was told the company didn't allow new employees to wear underwear. It really was the rule of Vida Reyes, Katie's boss, and was just for Katie.

Arriving at her desk, the coffee lady was waiting as usual with a steaming hot caramel latte in his cart. After taking a sip, Katie noticed there was a message blinking on her computer. Someone must have already turned it on, so she thought.

Clicking on the link, Katie was astonished to find the following in bold: Katie Darling, I find this hard to say, but you are being terminated at the end of the day. It has come to my attention you are failing to comply with the rules of the company. Before anything goes on further, it is best that you leave. Vida.

Katie sat back in her chair in shock. "What have I done. What have I done," she thought. Looking up over her cubicle wall, she saw the light on in Vida's office. "There must be something I can do. At least find out what made Vida mad at me."

Walking toward the office, Katie tapped lightly at the door and was allowed in by Vida.

"What can I do for you. I'm very busy."

"Well, I, um, I want to, oh, what I."

"Say it already." "I want to know why I am fired."

"Oh that. Right. You're wearing underwear to work, clearly violating the company code of not wearing underwear. You know that you represent the company everywhere you go. How would it look to someone if they see you with your bra and panties underneath your clothing outside the office, but not wearing them inside."

"How did she know," Katie thought to herself.

"Give me your purse." Katie obeyed and handed it over. Vida opened the purse and grabbed the bra and panties tucked inside.

"What is this," she said holding them up.

"Um that's what I wear to work. I take them off before arriving."

"That's breaking the company code Katie. Now there's not much else I can do. Run along now."

"Ms. Reyes, you know I will do anything you say. I obey you. I have obeyed you since starting here. I do whatever you tell me. Please tell me what to do now."

"Let me think it over. Go back to your desk and wait for my call."

Katie wiped away tears that had formed at the corner of her eyes and walked back to her desk. Vida immediately began making plans for Katie to be at the receiving end of a gang bang. Picking up her phone, Vida scanned through her list of friends to see whom she would invite to the impromptu party.

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