tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 03

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 03


Katie arrived at work the next day, hoping her boss would give her a break. Katie was struggling to understand why she was such a ditz and could not remember simple instructions given to her during her initial job interview.

In fact, Katie had not missed that much, it's just her boss, Vida Reyes, knew she wasn't paying attention and used that to her advantage to use Katie as her personal sex toy. A live woman who does anything she is told. A woman who obeys being humiliated. This is what Vida thought of Katie.

And on this day, Vida planned a little "get to know me" party, with Katie as the special guest.

Katie arrived at work, this time not wearing underwear during her commute. That was a big issue the other day. Vida knew Katie had been stripping off her underwear just prior to coming to work.

Katie was sipping her third caramel latte of the day when her phone rang. It was an inside ring, and it was from Vida. Katie knew how she had to answer the phone.

"I will obey."

"Get in my office."

Katie hung up the phone, and walked through a maze of cubicles to reach Vida's office. She lightly tapped on the door and was ordered in and was immediately blindfolded.

"Katie, you must learn to obey my commands. Doing otherwise is a risk you cannot take if you want to work here. Now be quiet. I don't want to hear a word from your mouth."

Just then Katie felt her clothes being removed. She wore a mid-length skirt and white blouse. Katie was placed on Vida's desk on her back and was instructed to wait for further instructions. Katie could hear the door open and close, and was nervous that Vida would bring someone else into the room.

Several minutes past before the door opened. Katie heard several footsteps and was unsure just how many people were there.

"My friends have agreed to teach you a lesson in the employee-boss relationship."

All of a sudden Katie felt a woman's hands stroking her nude body, massing her flat stomach and her soft breasts.

"Please, Ms. Reyes, I will obey you. Please let's work this out-" Katie was cut-off as the woman who was massaging her climbed on top of her chest, rubbing her pussy over Katie's breasts and hard nipples, and then moving forward so she straddled Katie's face.

"You will eat the pussy on your face until it gives you a cum facial," Vida said.

Not knowing whose pussy she had on her face, Katie did her best to make it cum quickly. She darted her tongue all around the lips and inner folds and drew out the clit. She sucked on the clit and then went back to mouth kissing the pussy until it rewarded Katie with a face full of cum.

The woman got up, wiped her pussy on Katie's forehead and was replaced by another woman who placed her pussy onto Katie's mouth.

It tasted like honey and the labia felt smooth and silky. All Katie could do was open her mouth and extend her tongue as the pussy ground itself into her face. The aroma emitting from the pussy was divine and invited Katie to keep going until this woman also left Katie with a mouth and face full of cum.

Vida's good friend Kendra was in the room. She stepped up toward the employee and stuck her fingers into Katie's pussy and Katie responded with moans. Kendra briefly stepped back, removed her clothes and had a strap-on swinging between her legs. She fucked Katie making her breathe hard. Katie's pussy was convulsing and she came multiple times.

Vida asked her other guest if she would like to fuck Katie, and she nodded yes. The woman stepped into a strap-on cock and put its tip in front of Katie's sloppy wet pussy. The woman entered her slowly and then began to increase her thrusting speed. The woman stroked her cock back and forth in a slow motion, only to adjust it to a faster speed which left Katie unable to control herself. Arching her back and still eating a woman's pussy, Katie's pussy started convulsing as she came in a big orgasm, leaving her spent on the desk.

Both women left Katie's body and were replaced by Vida, who used her fingers to knead Katie's nipples, pressing them and pinching them and pulling them until she came hard again.

While Katie was moaning the door open and another of Vida's friends entered. It was Marcie, wearing a little black miniskirt and low cut white blouse, showing off her size 34 DD boobs. Marcie stripped out of her clothes and began tickling Katie's toes. Katie struggled to keep quiet as was Vida's order. Marcie ran her finger around Katie's pussy, gathering some of the wetness, and rubbed her finger on her left nipple, than her right. She pinched Katie's left nipple and bit on her right one, causing Katie to moan in another orgasm.

Instead of straddling Katie's face, Marcie put her lips on Katie's pussy and started eating her out. Katie's cum tasted so sweet and Marcie licked it all up and used her tongue to scoop out Katie's cum inside her pussy while another woman was licking all the cum off of Katie's face, causing her to reach another orgasm.

Katie blacked out from all the excitement and came to with her blindfold off and Vida looking straight in her eyes. Placing a finger on Katie's lips, Vida started smothering the girl with small pecks along her neck and shoulders, her chin, her forehead, cheeks and then her lips. Vida then used her tongue to explore Katie's mouth causing the employee to squirm on her boss' desk.

Vida removed her top and skirt and took off her bra and bikini bottoms and got on top of Katie. Vida sucked on one of Katie's nipples while she pinched the other between her fingers. Katie let out muffled moans as she watched her boss move down her body, kissing her stomach, her navel and just underneath before diving into Katie's pussy. Vida used her fingers, tongue and lips to taste Katie's sweetness and bring her off to another orgasm.

Vida pressed her head on Katie's boobs and then sat on Katie in a 69 position. Vida rubbed her pussy on Katie's face until she came all over her employee. At the same time Vida was enjoying herself, eating out Katie's tasty pussy. Her lips were red and puffy and were begging for another release. Vida tickled her clit with her tongue for five minutes before letting Katie off in another massive come, causing her to flop back under Vida. Katie laid on her boss' desk for a little while as she collected her thoughts. Vida brought Katie a towel and helped clean her up before ordering her to get dressed and leave as her lunch break was over.

Walking back to her desk in a daze, Katie sat down in her chair and leaned back. Working at Xetymew was hard work, Katie thought. However, she still didn't know what her job was, other than being at her boss' beck and call.

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