tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 05

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 05


Weeks had passed since Katie was last a part of Vida Reyes' lunchtime plans. Vida made Katie be her sex pet during Katie's lunch break as a way of breaking her into the company.

Katie still didn't know what her job was at Xetymew, the biggest computer corporation in the city. It hadn't dawned on her that her single role at the company was to be at Vida Reyes' disposal for sexual conquests. All were somewhat humiliating for Katie, but in each adventure, she had multiple orgasms to make up for any of her dismay.

The passage of time was good for Katie. It allowed her to pretend to work. Not really knowing her job, she always turned her computer on and always brought a new fashion magazine to read each day.

The phone on Katie's desk rang just as she was taking a sip of her caramel latte. It was Vida. "Oh boy. What does she want now," Katie thought to herself. Answering the phone in her usual "I will obey," Vida changed her usual answer and asked Katie if she had any plans for the upcoming weekend.

"Uh, no Ms. Reyes."

"The company is holding a retreat for its new employees and I thought you would get a lot out of it by attending."

"Tha-that's very kind of you."

"Yes, it is. Be ready to depart straight from work Friday. You should pack a little bag with change of clothes for a couple days. My assistant will give text you with further details."

The call ended. Katie didn't know who Vida's assistant was. What she didn't know is it was one of the women who took part in Katie's gang bang parties. She was also at one time a new employee who Vida liked to play with, but not as much as Vida did with Katie.

Katie got the text, which called for a variety of clothing. It also let Katie know that she was to obey everything that happened at the resort. Katie knew one of her roles at the company was to obey Vida. Now it seemed she had to obey everyone Vida told her to, yet she still didn't know what she actual did at Xetymew. The text continued letting Katie know there would be time spent at fine restaurants, times spent at a pool and times in-between. Katie packed accordingly and brought her suitcase with her to work Friday morning.

Lunch went by without Vida contacting Katie for a special rendezvous. Katie didn't mind as she continued sipping on caramel lattes and reading the latest fashion magazine.

A few minutes before the work day was over, Vida walked over to Katie's cubicle instead of calling her on the phone. Katie turned around and nearly spilled her drink as she fumbled for what to say.

"I obey-"

"Cut that out and follow me. Bring your suitcase."

Katie obeyed Vida and entered her office. "Step away from the bag. I need to see if you followed your orders."

Katie started to panic when Vida opened up the suitcase and had a look of astonishment.

"What the hell is this! Who the fuck said you could bring this!" Vida said as she held up a fashionable skirt and top.

Vida removed the sportswear and casual clothing, but left a couple hot bikinis, tiny short and jersey-cloth tops which would cling to Katie's body.

"This is all you will need. In fact, just put these items in your clutch when you get back to your desk. But, maybe you shouldn't even go to the retreat?"

"No I didn't know not to bring those items," Katie said.

"It's getting to be too much. You should have gotten this information in the text my assistant sent you. You got the text, didn't you?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"But nothing. I may have to fire you."

"No. Please Ms. Reyes, I always obey you. I obey you. I will do whatever it takes to keep this job. Anything."

Vida ordered Katie to remove her clothes and sit on her desk. Katie took off her low-neck line blouse and mid length skirt. Vida pulled out a little pocket rocket vibrator, turned it and told Katie to lie back. Vida pressed the buzzing vibrator on Katie's nipples which instantly became erect. She took the vibrator and rubbed it on Katie's scalp and her shoulders. Katie was becoming aroused and moaned loudly.

Vida kept Katie squirming when she ran the vibrator down Katie's body and pressed it on her pussy. Vida rubbed it on Katie's outer and inner labia and on her clit. Katie yelped as she had a massive orgasm and passed out on the desk.

When she came too, Vida was placing Katie's resort wear into her clutch and ordered Katie to get dressed and go outside where a car would take her to the retreat.

The car ride was uneventful. It was quite long and led Katie out of town. When the car stopped, the door was opened and Katie exited and was met by a woman who introduced herself.

"Welcome to La Xetymew, the company's resort. My name is Marcia. As a new employee you will be treated to the most gracious of amenities during your stay. Now follow me and we will get you registered and show you to your room."

Marcia took Katie by her hand to the front desk, and then personally brought her to a suite on the top floor of the resort. Katie was astonished at the lush carpeting and leather furniture. There was a patio door leading to a deck which overlooked the pool.

"Why don't you get settled and I'll check on you in a few moments. You need to read this before getting started." Marcia handed Katie a note before leaving the room. Katie was stunned with what she read.

"Katie, welcome to La Xetymew. While here you will obey ever command of your host as you do me at work. Now get undressed. You will not be needing clothes this weekend unless your orders change. And before Marcia comes back put on the robe in the closet. It will give her something to remove."

Katie stood there, holding the note and re-reading the message. "What is happening? What kind of resort is this?"

Hearing Marcia at the door, Katie quickly removed her top and skirt and put on a white terry clothe robe that was hanging in the closet.

The door opened and Marcia had a big smile on her face, she was so enamored at Katie's beauty. Marcia's role was more than host. She was the first in line at Katie. There really was no new employee retreat or company resort. Vida was taking Katie for a long sex bitch ride, seeing how far she could take her new employee before Katie just called it quits.

"I see you are wearing a robe. Did anyone tell you to do that?"

"Uh, no Marcia, um, I mean, I don't no what to call you or say."

Marcia walked up to Katie, kissed her on her forehead and removed the robe. "Let's see how things progress before I tell you what to call me."

When the robe hit the floor, Marcia's eyes hit on Katie's body. She gazed mesmerized at Katie's breasts, at her waist and at her waxed pussy, which she thought looked soft, moist and eager to touch.

Marcia began kissing Katie's neck, trailing down to the valley between her breasts, and then used her tongue to trail lightly around each nipple, making a wet spiral path. She continued sucking on Katie's right nipple and using her fingers to pinch Katie's left nipple. Soon she began pulling the left nipple and lightly bitting the right one, causing Katie to moan and reach onto Marcia's shoulders for support.

Marcia switched nipples and was biting Katie's left nipple and teasing it with her tongue while continuing to pinch, pull and caress Katie's right nipple. Marcia backed away and removed her dress, revealing a taut and tanned body. She pushed Katie onto the bed and continued kissing her breasts, making a trail down Katie's tummy and down to her pussy, which was already slippery with wetness.

The action was turning Marcia on, and she got onto the bed and straddled Katie's face in a 69 position, allowing her to taste Katie's tasty pussy. Katie was in a trance-like state, her nipples and pussy engorged by Marcia's touch, yet wanting to dive into Marcia's pussy and make her cum.

Katie used her tongue to dart into Marcia's waxed pussy, using her teeth on Marcia's clit, causing Marcia to grind her pussy hard into Katie's face. At the same time Marcia licked her way to Katie's pussy, using her fingers to spread it apart and place her whole mouth on Katie's inner labia. Marcia used her hands to push Katie's butt up into her mouth which caused Katie to arch her back as her aching pussy gave way to an orgasm. Marcia kept grinding her pussy into Katie's nose and mouth and came all over her face.

Marcia slid down Katie's body, wiping her pussy on Katie's tits. She turned around and forced Katie to clean Marcia's face and fingers. Marcia told Katie to stay as she put her dress on and left the room.

Katie was in a daze. She didn't know what had happened or what to think. All she knew was Vida had told her to obey Marcia, and she was apt at that.

Katie was a mess of sweat and cum. She wanted to clean herself up, but heard the door open. Could it be Marcia returning for more?

"Oh, I didn't know anyone was in this room. I was supposed to clean it up."

Rita, a woman dressed as a maid, had entered. She was a friend of Vida's and was invited to have a crack at the new girl on staff. Not saying anything, Rita ripped off her outfit and straddled her legs around Katie's hips, kissing her lips and mouth. Katie was still in a state of arousal and enjoyed this new attention.

Soon Rita moved down Katie's body and went straight to her open pussy. Rita started to suck and lick Katie's pussy lips, teasing her clit by sometimes lightly touching it with her tongue or grazing her teeth along it. Katie didn't take long before her hips started moving in short spasms. Rita surprised Katie inserted two fingers up her ass as she darted her tongue into the concaves of Katie's pussy. Rita was arousing Katie's pussy and ass at the same time, causing Katie to arch her back as if she was nearing another orgasm. Rita quickly took one of her hands and with a finger, tweaked her clit. This was the climax. As she shrieked and bucked in ecstasy, Katie let loose with a massive orgasm, her cum spurting out of her pussy and into Rita's mouth.

Rita captured most of the cum and moved up Katie's body to give her a taste. They kissed hard with Katie licking her own cum off Rita's face.

Getting up from the bed, Rita took Katie by the hand and placed her into an already running hot bath. Rita enjoyed bathing Katie. She loved rubbing her hands and large sponge over Katie's smooth skin. Rita started rubbing her pussy with her fingers while gazing at Katie's nakedness. This gave Rita the orgasm she was waiting for.

After a few more minutes Rita said she had to leave, but told Katie she shouldn't stay too long. There was a meeting downstairs in 10 minutes. Clothing would be provided. They knew Katie didn't pack much.

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