tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 08

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 08


Vida was away for the week and her assistant, Amanda, was in charge of the department. Katie noticed Amanda watching her all morning and was not so surprised to get phone call.

"Hello, this is Katie."

"Hi Katie, it's Amanda West. I was wondering if you could come into my office, I mean Vida's office, I'm working for her this week and so I'm using her office. So, see ya."

That was weird, Katie thought. "She almost sounds like me?"

Katie walked to Vida's office and found the door open. Amanda asked her to close the door and have a seat.

"Katie, um, I know Vida has made you do certain things here, and I have not been part of it. But I find you so heavenly attractive that I was wondering if you would like to house sit with me this weekend. With Vida out of town, she asked, well, told me to stay at her house to make sure everything is OK."

"Amanda, I didn't know you knew about what Vida was doing to me, and I feel kind of awkward speaking about it."

"It's nothing like that Katie. I just wanted you to know that I'm not like Vida. I really have feelings for you."

Amanda got up from her chair and walked over to Katie, and placed her hands on Katie's shoulders.

"I just don't want to stay at her big home alone."

Katie relented and agreed to spend the weekend with Amanda. At least it would give her a chance to see Vida's house.

Arriving for dinner, Katie and Amanda talked through their meal, then had a couple of glasses of red wine and sat on a leather sofa in front of a gas fire place.

The continued talking when Amanda casually put her right arm around Katie's shoulder. Katie didn't push her away.

"Katie," Amanda whispered in her ear, "I like you. Do you like me?"

Katie turned her head toward Amanda and nodded yes.

"Why don't we check out Vida's bedroom." Amanda stood up and held Katie's hand, and they walked that way up the staircase and into Vida's bedroom.

Amanda took off Katie's blouse and Katie helped Amanda remove her own top. They kissed each other softly and then passionately, as each unzipped the other's skirt which fell to the floor. Amanda took off Katie's bra and reached around to unhook her own, allowing their breasts to press against each other. Amanda and Katie removed their panties and were pressing their nude bodies against each other. Amanda led Katie to Vida's queen sized bed and climbed on top of her, holding her head and kissing her soft lips as their bodies caressed each other.

"Open your legs," Amanda whispers. Katie spread her legs underneath Amanda. She busied herself with Katie's delicious body, kissing and sucking her breasts. She kissed Katie deeply on the lips. From there, she moved down Katie's firm tummy, kissing and licking her way down. Finally, Amanda buried her face between Katie's silky thighs. She tasted her completely, licking her legs, hands, ears. Amanda climbed on top of Katie once again, this time sliding one of her legs between Katie's.

Then Amanda wrapped her arms around Katie and leaned in for another. This time the kiss was more passionate. Katie slowly slid her tongue into Amanda's mouth. While their tongues danced in fiery intimacy, Katie's hands moved along Amanda's body, down to her waist, pulling her closer, then up to her breasts, where she ran her thumbs across Katie's erect nipples. Amanda laid Katie down and hovered over her. They kissed again. Amanda began to kiss Katie's neck and shoulders and then moved down to her breasts. She kissed then and began to lick one as her hand explored the other. Katie's moans of approval persuaded her to continue. As her lips continued, her other hand moved down between Katie's thighs. Amanda heard Katie's sharp intake of breath and smiled.

"You know, Katie. I could stop now if you want..." Amanda teased, playfully.

"Please. Don't. Stop. Amanda," Katie said in a halting way as she continued to breathe heavily.

Amanda slowly began to stroke Katie's inner lips. It was hot and wet inside. Amanda slipped in a finger. Katie moaned. As she continued this movement, Amanda kissed down Katie's stomach to right above her bare pussy. Amanda breathed in the sweet scent. She lowered herself into Katie, her tongue probing deep inside, eagerly tasting her sweet scent. Katie arched her back as Amanda replaced her finger with her tongue. She had never felt so good.

Amanda continued to caress Katie's insides with her tongue, quickening the pace. Katie's breath became sharper and faster; she pressed her hips into Amanda's face. Amanda slid her finger in along side her tongue, rubbing in alternate motions. Katie's body was white-hot. Her breath was quick and sharp as she convulsed on the bed to the rhythm of her orgasm. Amanda felt her tightening around her tongue and finger. She remained there until Katie relaxed, then kissed her way up to her mouth and planted a kiss on her lips. They held each other, peaceful, for a few moments before Katie kissed Amanda with driving force and then moved down her body, kissing here and there until she reached Amanda's wet throbbing hot pussy.

Amanda pressed her hands on Katie's head, positioning her where she wanted Katie to go. Katie ran her tongue along the outside of Amanda's pussy. Amanda moaned in approval. Katie then thrust her tongue inside. She lapped in increasing speed as Amanda writhed and spasmed. Amanda was already hot from the excitement she had been able to give Katie and it wasn't going to take much more to send her over the edge. She pressed her hips into Katie as she began to move her tongue in circles. This was enough for Amanda. Her body tightened as she was washed in an orgasmic wave of hot and cold ions bouncing against each other.

Katie laid next to Amanda. After Amanda regained the ability to move again, she snuggled closer to Katie and kissed her softly.

After a few minutes of kissing, Amanda finally rolled over, next to Katie, and they both fell asleep.

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