tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 09

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 09


It was early Saturday, the morning after Amanda and Katie explored each other's bodies making passionate love in their boss's bed. They woke up in each other's arms, kissed, and decided to take a dip in Vida's pool before going out for breakfast. They found some bikini's in one of Vida's dresser drawers and put them on. Amanda wore a dark blue bandeau top and bikini bottom and Katie wore a small pink top which showed off the sides of her boobs, and a t-back bottom which let Amanda get an eyeful of Katie's beautiful ass.

They walked downstairs, through the kitchen and out to the deck, but never got into the water. Amanda embraced Katie and they started kissing, their tongues exploring each other's mouth, their legs becoming entwined together.

Amanda broke the kiss and stared deep into Katie's eyes. Amanda reached in behind Katie and undid the back of the bikini top. With her gorgeous breasts exposed, Katie pulled off Amanda's top, revealing her sexy boobs.

With both girls now extremely turned on, Amanda pushed Katie onto a lounger and was on top of Katie just to the ledge of the pool. Amanda was sucking on one of Katie's nipples while her hand was fondling her other breast, pulling on the nipple to make it rock hard. Katie threw her head back, panting as Amanda's tongue was sending electric currents through her whole body, her hands caressing Amanda's hair and lightly pressing her face closer to her breasts.

"Oh! Oh my! Oh Amanda! Yes! Oh!" Katie was having trouble getting a whole sentence out. Amanda switched breasts and started working similar magic on the other boob. Katie's head was thrashing from side to side, moaning louder and more frequently. Katie's pleasure was rising, she was getting very hot. Amanda reached inside Katie's legs and pulled down her bikini bottom and traced her fingers around the outline of Katie's pussy. Katie was enjoying Amanda's actions tremendously. First Amanda started lightly rubbing her pussy, then started stroking Katie faster and faster until she was going as fast as she could.

Katie grabbed onto Amanda as she had a strong orgasm. Amanda let go of the hold her mouth had on Katie's tits, and kissed her deeply. Katie wanted to return the favor and whispered in Amanda's ear, "Can I make you cum?" Amanda nodded her head yes. Amanda turned around on the lounger and had her pussy right over Katie's face.

Katie started slowing licking at her clit, causing Amanda's juices to start flowing. Amanda started to grind her pussy into Katie's face. Katie picked up the pace and struck one finger in along side her tongue and started licking and fucking her at the same time. Amanda's head was swimming, she had never been this hot. She was now bucking down to meet each thrust. As she approached the brink, Katie removed her finger and held on to Amanda's hips, preventing her from grinding her hips. She slowed down her licking to drive her crazy with lust. Amanda began to coo in delight and moaned deeply as she tried to buck down on Katie, but Katie held on tight, not letting her move.

"Please... Katie... fuck me!! Oh gosh! Please! I'll do anything....please.. I'm gonna...Oh my gosh!! Please!"

Katie blew kisses on Amanda's dripping pussy and held her on the brink for 30 seconds but what must have seemed like an eternity for Amanda. Finally Katie decided to end the torture, she pulled Amanda's pussy down on her face and sucked hard on her clit, sending Amanda instantly over the edge of an enormous orgasm. Amanda let out a glass shattering scream as her whole body convulsed on top of Katie's body. Amanda collapsed on top of Katie, completely exhausted from her pleasures.

Once Amanda's strength returned to her, she rolled off Katie, still panting, she turned to Katie, with desire in her eyes, "That was like nothing I've ever experienced before."

"I know," said Katie with a sly smile. They both got in the pool and swam laps together, looking at each other. When they started getting tired, the girls got to the ledge of the pool. Amanda got out and sat on the ledge. Looking at Katie, she said, "Now it's my turn again." She pulled Katie out of the water and laid her down on the patio, spread her legs as wide as she could and put her face down in between her thighs. She began to slide one finger in and out of Katie's pussy at a medium pace, then added a second finger and increased her speed. Katie began to moan and Amanda started to run her other hand all over Katie's body. She caressed her tits, played with her nipples, ran her fingers through her hair then settled back on her breasts.

She mauled them and Amanda added a third finger to the group and fucked her even faster. Katie was in heaven, Amanda was working her G-spot while she was squeezing her tits, trying to hold them as much as possible in one hand.

Amanda was now fucking Katie as hard as she could, and added a fourth finger to the others. Katie was screaming now as she was getting closer to orgasm.

"Gosh...Amanda...don't - stop!!!!" Katie couldn't believe how turned on she was. Katie was white hot now as she writhed back and fourth, she tossed her head from side to side as the tempo of Amanda's thrusts eventually reached they're inevitable conclusion, with her orgasm leaking out of her. Katie stop breathing for a second as Amanda pinched her nipples and pulled on them as hard as she could, and Amanda started rubbing Katie's G-spot. Katie arched her back and let an ear splitting scream as she came again in the quickest and strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

It was as if wave after wave of pleasure radiated from her pussy, from head to toe, she trembled as one wave after another shook her.

Amanda felt the contractions of Katie's pussy on her fingers, she continued to fuck Katie to the point where she lapsed right from one powerful orgasm, right into another even stronger. This was too much for Katie, all her senses shut down as she blacked out.

Amanda leaned up as she watched a pool of cum which had formed between Katie's legs. Amanda picked up her lover from the patio and placed her in the small wading area in the pool. It was two minutes before Katie was even able to speak again. Amanda held Katie's body close to hers. They locked their lips together and kissed slowly, each hoping the morning would never end.

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