tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Apartment Ch. 03

The New Apartment Ch. 03


Important note: while this story heats things up a bit, I still consider it a slow one...

The morning started badly. The shuffle I had heard sometime in the night, after Maeve left, had been Jack leaving the apartment. The problem was that Julia hadn't known that he would leave. Again. Bastard.

I woke up first (or so I thought since the entire place was silent as a church), slightly tired but with a smile that wouldn't go away. I noticed that Julia's door was opened and that her bed was empty (just like that church...). When I looked towards Maeve's room, I saw that the door was slightly ajar. Silently I walked closer and saw that both girls were inside and that Julia was crying once again. Damn that frigging guy!

An hour or so later Maeve came into the kitchen to fix herself a quick breakfast. Julia wasn't even hungry. She smiled at me but she was too preoccupied to talk about last night.

"The bugger left in the middle of the night... He had just wanted to fuck her one last time. He left a note on her desk, saying that she wouldn't see him ever again. And now Julia's feeling bad because the relationship is over and humiliated because he managed to fuck her last night. If ever he shows up once again, could you do me a favor and kick his ass?"

"Uh... No problems."


"Can I do anything else?"

"No, but thanks anyway... She just needs some time to put it behind her. We'll be leaving for the pool on Laurier and Parc in a few minutes. Feel free to explore the rest of the place while we're gone. I have a lot more Celtic CDs in my room if you feel like it. "

With that she gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and went back to her room. A few minutes later she came back out with Julia. She kissed me before leaving, but it was clear that she was still upset. A lot. All I could do was hope that she would get better soon...


Well, it took her three days. When we all had breakfast Thursday morning, she seemed much better. During those three days I'd had the chance to catch up with Maeve and to get to know Julia a lot better. Apparently she quite enjoyed my company and I was privileged to be invited to a few other bathside discussions. She even teased me a few more times, innocently of course. And with Maeve things were going great, if not fast. We had spent quite a lot of time together and even a long evening yesterday. I was hoping to catch more glances at her body during that intimate moment, but that didn't happen. We were definitely getting closer and closer.

And things were clearly taking a sexual, or at least sensual, turn around the place. Somehow I managed to be at the right place at the right time to see Julia or Maeve moving from their rooms to the bathroom wearing nothing but sexy lingerie. Very sexy. I even caught Maeve with only her panties and her arm to hide her breasts. Her arm is nowhere big enough to hide them, it was quite a sight. At other times those encounters only seemed random: seeing Julia standing on her toes, stretched up to open a window, meant that I saw most of her ass and her thong; while Maeve was explaining the major bus routes from her apartment, her mostly unbuttoned blouse allowed me to see her naked breasts, nipples and all; when Julia decided to shave her pussy and leave the door half-closed, I barged in on her only to see her smile naughtily...

I don't know why but things like that just kept happening. I was beginning to wonder why all of this was happening, but I couldn't figure it out. Anyway, this morning both Julia and Maeve were decently dressed. They left once again for the pool, something which they both enjoyed. One day I was going to join them, but right now it would only cause an erection-in-a-frail-swimsuit problem. So I finished my breakfast and enjoyed both their kisses as they left.

After breakfast I decided to take a long bath and perhaps even make up for the lost hours last night with Maeve. I love sleeping in baths, even if my skin doesn't: but I'm a guy so even if my skin is dried up for a day or two, why should I care?

With the place all to myself, I discarded my boxers and tee-shirt and enjoyed a bit of living-room nudism. As I waited for the bath to fill, I saw two bras hanging from a pole behind the door: a bright red one and a bigger, dark green one. Julia's and Maeve's. Maeve's bra was not particularly special, save for the fact that it was a very fine lace with a lot of holes in the design. And even though it now hung lifeless and empty, my guess is that the cut would push Maeve's breasts into a whole new world of lusciousness (Is that even a word? Well, it should!). My memories of her unambiguously bared breasts after her massage a few days ago was still fresh in my mind. Even so, I would have given a lot to see them again, lovingly sheltered in such fine art of lacework.

On closer inspection (alright, alright, since it's so obvious and you insist: it's another fetish of mine... A brief warning: I have quite a few others coming up...), I saw and felt that the red one was an all-satin thing: no elastics, no rims, no lace or such things. A 100% pure satin bra, nearly as soft as the skin it's meant to cover and embrace. I say "embrace" because there's no way that such a bra would push-up or hold anything. Then again, Julia's pearls (there I go again with that damned word!) don't need any pushing up!

Wo! The bath was more than filled enough! Just before getting in, I remembered that Maeve once offered me a medicinal bath... In her room I found her stash of essential oils and selected a few: pine, rosemary and marjoram. An opened drawer caught my attention as I was walking out. It was overflowing with reds, blacks, blues and whites, with lace, cotton and satin: a drawer filled with her bras and panties... My cock, which had partially mutated as I was looking at the two bras in the bathroom, twitched. Hard. Breasts, buttocks and pussies swam before my imagination-enhanced vision, with unrepressed apparitions from that-thing-that-just-recently-twitched. But I restrained myself: I'm not the lecherous bastard you think I am. (At least, that's what it says at the top of this story.)

I spent the next two hours in the bath, constantly keeping the water hot. I slept a few naps during those hours, but not as much as I would've liked: I kept looking back at those bras and my cock kept poking out of the water to get some attention. Finally I couldn't keep my hands away from it any longer and I abandoned myself to a good, thorough jerk-off. Breasts whirled against the back of my eyelids, breasts both big and firm or young and perky and sometimes even all those things at once... Pussies and asses then joined in the fun. Afterwards Maeve and Julia appeared behind their respective body parts (What?! don't tell me this never happened to you?) and without my full accord this turned into an all-out threesome that never stopped... (What was I saying about not being a lecherous bastard?)

For the first time in my life, my first and second jets of sperm landed on my face... Weird feeling, that. The rest landed like bombs in the bath and soon they turned into underwater mines that threatened me on all fronts. Cleaning my face quickly, I jumped out of the bath and drained the mines along with the water. (I know it's disgusting but that's how it happens when you jerk off in the bath... Admit it guys!) Before leaving the bathroom, I smelled the bras: Julia's was spicy whereas Maeve's was something smoother, something much more homely.

They came back while I was still dozing on the couch. Still naked, lying on my towel, I was listening to something I'd found in Maeve's room: Luar na Lubre, a Galician band. Great music, a nice Spanish twist on Celtic music. But now I had to do a twist of my own to grab my boxers before the girls came in. Did it just in time. Sitting casually, waiting for them to pass by, I hear them laughing loudly: apparently, two hours in the pool did wonders to Julia's spirits once again!

I received two genial smiles when they saw me, but none came into the living room with me. Instead they both went into their own rooms, only to come back out a few minutes later wearing nothing but bath towels. Laughing, Maeve looked at me and said: "We're going to take a shower Loa... We'll try not to disturb you — much." With that she closed the door behind her as Julia was already turning the water on. The idea of having them taking a shower together was disturbing enough, but since they had closed the door, I couldn't understand what Maeve meant.

I soon began to figure it out: both of them were still laughing and playing in that shower... Once more this morning my imagination was working in overtime: two gorgeous girls naked in a shower, fooling around... But after a few minutes my imagination slowed down and my focus shifted to what Maeve and Julia were really saying. Through the laughter and the little shouts I was beginning to hear things such as: "Hey! You can't touch this!... Oh no! Oh no not there!... No! You can't shave it all off! No don't! Argh!!! Oh stop moving around!" This was mainly Julia, speaking through her laughter, with Maeve asking her not to move around at the end. Was Maeve shaving Julia's pussy? Suddenly my imagination was back in business...

A few seconds later and I was once more trying to listen to them more carefully: some of Julia's laughs were turning into subtle moans... As if she was trying to muffle them. I know I have this fetish of hearing women moan but some of them were pretty clear by now. Slowly I got up and walked to the bathroom door. Julia's breathing between her laughs gave her away: somehow she was getting caressed. My guess was that Maeve's fingers were pretty liberal when it came to handling Julia's pussy. In order to shave it better, of course.

Then Julia said: "Good Gods Maeve you shaved it all off! What will I look like now?" Then a pause. "What are you... Oh!" A sharp intake of breath... "Oh my! I look thaaaaaaaaat gooooood? Oh please don't stoooooop..." What? What were they doing in there? Was Maeve licking Julia's pussy? Impossible! That's too much! Then again Julia wasn't laughing anymore and her moans were quite unmistakable by now... Just as unmistakable as my cock in my boxers. Then I heard Maeve humming something then shouting: "Loa, come here, Julia has something she wants to show you!" Then she laughed while Julia shouted: "No! Don't come I'm... well I'm... Uh, I don't have any... anymore..."

What was I to do? Maeve was playing both Julia and I like finely tuned sexual instruments. When I grabbed the door to make it rattle a bit, both girls shouted in surprise and giggled loudly. When I heard one of them grabbing the shower curtain I realized that they both expected me to come in. So when Maeve asked again: "Come in, what are you waiting for?" I opened the door and walked in. They both laughed again and Julia giggled like a schoolgirl... I was beginning to wonder if they had brought some beers or wine with them at the pool. Regardless, I was now looking at them through the lightly hazed shower curtain. I could easily see curves, silhouettes and even smaller colors like pink and black, but it was more of a tease than anything else.

I could see that Julia was facing me, her arms outstretched to keep the curtain closed. This offered me a great view of her breasts hanging and swinging freely. The strange out-of-focus view was frustrating, but it was a lot better than my imagination! Then Maeve moved behind her friend and pushed her into the curtain. Both of Julia's nipples came into noticeably clearer view and my eyes shot wide open. I had seen them a few times, stealing glances, but this was something else. And it was not over. I saw Maeve bending down behind Julia. Presumably she was keeping a hand on Julia's back to keep her breasts against the curtain. But now one of her hand snaked out from between Julia's legs to grab the curtain.

"Here you go Loa... What do you think of my work?" With that she pulled the clear curtain against Julia's pussy and it appeared in full glory. Shamelessly kneeling in front of her, I brought my face down to a few inches away from her mound. The sight was incredible! So erotic! I could see her mound plainly outlined as well as her lips and slit... Nearly nude, teasingly nearly nude... All that was missing was the feeling of her skin, the texture of her mound and sex.

I could see and hear that Julia was fighting an urge to push Maeve away; that would mean letting go of the curtain. And apparently she was not ready to do that. Anyway she was still laughing and giggling nervously. Then Maeve simply added: "You know Loa, the curtain's pretty clean..." Julia and I both paused for a seconds or two. Then we understood. Julia's reply was all I needed to make a decision. She burst out laughing and said: "Maeve! How could you! You're completely crazy... He'll never do thaaaaaat!"

But I did. As she was talking, leaning closer still, I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue directly against Julia's pussy. It tasted weird and it was not as intimate as I had thought it would be, but she moaned. It was all the thanks I needed. Maeve was laughing behind her, probably as surprised as Julia... Smiling I pulled away from Julia's pussy: "Why are you both surprised: I'm only a guy after all!" They both laughed at that and Julia was pulling away from the curtain. Impulsively I pushed my hands against the curtain and wrapped it around her hips. Impudently I closed my hands on her ass and pulled her to me again. Too surprised to protest, Julia moaned breathily when I pushed my tongue against her mound and lips again. Soon afterwards Maeve pulled Julia away saying:

"That's enough Loa, we don't want Julia cumming..."

"What?" Julia interrupted "why not?"

"As I was saying, we don't want Julia cumming so soon."

"Oh, that's much better Maeve."

I could hardly believe it: from sounds across a closed bathroom door to teasing through the curtain to a near cunnilingus and now this: explicit acceptance of the suddenly sexual nature of this encounter... Until this little conversation, it was all teasing and fun. Now it has turned into something else. My cock was already painfully hard: this little realization made it twitch in pain and pleasure...

As if Maeve could read my mind, she said:

"Now Loa if you want to stay here with us, you'll have to drop those boxers... We're both naked and you seem out of place. What do you say?"

I was indeed out of place: I should have been in there with them. But I didn't say this out loud: things were clearly sexual, but we were not in a second-rate erotic story! I replied by taking them down and off. As soon as I did, there was a short silence behind the curtain. "Maeve! He did it!" And then they both laughed and began to shout as if I was a stripper! Suddenly they both realized that they had an advantage and I saw both their head poking from the curtain's sides. Of course, shamelessly, they were looking directly at my erect cock.

Ok now, time to put things straight. Well, since I have a slight curve to the left, not so straight: somewhere between six and seven inches. Nothing to be proud of or ashamed. So I just stood there, keeping my hands to my sides. After a long minute, I was getting irritated and moved forward and tried to grab the curtain. They cried out in surprise and pulled back!

"Hey! You can't do that Loa!" It was Maeve.

"Why not?"

"Well, behind this curtain there are four magnificent breasts, four firm buttocks and two... delicious pussy. As well as two amazingly beautiful, completely naked girls."

By now both of them were laughing hard. But Maeve continued:

"All we got to see was one cock."

"But it definitely was, " Julia added, "A great cock Maeve... you got to admit."

"Hmmm. You're right Julia... Come here Loa. Closer to the curtain."

I did, uncertain as to why.

"The way I see it, you have two choices. Either one of us lets you see one of our many assets or you push your cock against the curtain and see what happens."

"Hmmm. Actually, I already saw seven of those numerous assets..."

"Seven?" that was Julia's surprise. "I knew you had shown him your breasts Maeve but..."

"And what about you Julia? Do you think he still hasn't figured out that your little shows in the bath weren't all planned out?"

"What? You told me you would keep it a secret... So what else did you show him Maeve? Your ass, your pussy?"

"Shhh... Stop it Julia!"

"You're all red! Your pussy? You've shown him your pussy?"

I could hardly believe it! Instead of being a salivating horny young male trying to see up women's skirts, I was being set up by those two! And apparently, Maeve's pussy flash before her massage was a set-up too! Shocked by this revelation, I simply stood there, listening.

"Ok stop it now Julia... we don't want him to get the wrong idea!"

"And what would that be?" She replied, giggling again.

"No, don't say it Julia..." Maeve laughed too, a lot more nervously.

"You see Loa..."

"No Julia, stop!"

"We wanted to see who would get to..."


Julia was laughing again but Maeve pushed her face under the water, effectively stopping her from revealing the secret... They wrestled a bit under the water, laughing and getting water in their mouths doing so. Then Julia finally said: "Ok ok Maeve, you win! I won't say it. I won't say a thing... Oh stop it. Ooooohhhh..." They were still wrapped in each other's arms, but somehow Maeve had apparently managed to push a hand against Julia's pussy again. And then, to my great delight, they started kissing.

But that was too much for me: I opened the curtain all the way and stood there, gaping at the sight. A Goddess and an Nymph kissing away and caressing each other (as I could now see Julia's hand between Maeve's legs). Everything was wet, from their hair to their toes. A long black mane of silken hair, all plastered on Maeve's back, shoulders and the sides of her breasts; the shorter reddish locks of Julia all smeared over her shoulders and face. Two pairs of breasts each perfect in their own ways: firm, big and oh Gods so womanly and / or smaller, perkier and schoolgirl naughty. Two tight silhouettes: Maeve strong and powerful, muscles just grazing the surface; Julia much leaner and tauter, longer limbs slimmed by workout. Hips and buttocks that flared, on Maeve, into pure womanhood again, generous but still firm and smooth as only a 22 year old can be. Julia was much more slender, the body of a mature teenager instead of that of a grown woman. (Ok, I have to say it plainly: a tight ass. A devilishly tight ass. There you go. That's what had to be said.)

As I was thinking of joining them, they both opened their eyes suddenly. A second later and they were both scrambling out of the shower, bumping against me on each side. The it hit me: between my bath and this too long shower, we had emptied the hot water tank. But for a few delicious seconds, we all decided to enjoy this little surprise and we took our time to disentangle. Only a few seconds, but it was memorable: both Julia and Maeve caressed me all over, squeezing my cock and buttocks a few times. On the other hand, I had enough time to squeeze both of Julia's breasts, slip my hand down on Maeve's hip and ass and I even dared to cup my hand over her pussy for a very long second. You heard me right: a very long second.

We all started laughing afterwards as we straightened out and away from each other. In the silence in the wake of our laughs, I simply said: "You are wonderful. Both of you. I love being here with you... God you're both so gorgeous! It's incredible!" Then we laughed again as we reached for towels. They both kissed me on the cheeks, thanking me for the compliment.

Maeve left first and when Julia moved in front of me, she grabbed my cock to give it a last squeeze. But I surprised her by grabbing her waist and pulling her back and ass against me. My other hand reached underneath her wrapped towel and I grabbed her pussy with my entire opened hand. Then, on impulse, two of my fingers curled against her slit and pushed inside her drenched pussy. I released her slowly and when she pulled away completely, she turned around to give me a real kiss.

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