tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe "New" Beach

The "New" Beach


Billy was exhausted. Every day was overtime and in 5 days he must have worked 60 hours. All he wanted to do was sleep. No friends no anything. At 7AM his cell phone rang. He ignored it. Then it rang again. Picking it up, the caller ID said Cindy.

"Hello," he said.

"Come on sleepy head, get up," said the voice on the other end. "You promised we go to that new beach today."

"Can I take a rain check," he mumbled.

"No," she said. "I'll be over in 15 minutes."

He climbed out of the bed. It seemed he couldn't say no to Cindy. Cindy wasn't a girl friend in the real sense. She was just a good friend who happened to be a girl.

True to her word, she was there in 10 minutes. She bleeped the horn.

"OK, I'm coming," Billy said climbing into the car. "So, where we going?"

"To a new beach."

The drive was less than an hour and it went quickly. The parking lot contained a few cars and there was a path that led to the beach. They gathered the beach blanket and cooler and headed off. After a short walk they reached the beach. Billy looked around and then stopped.

"Hey, Cindy," he whispered. "This is nude beach!"

"Yes, I know."

"You said a new beach, not a nude beach!" She just smiled.

I said, "You're really sneaky."

"Would you have come along?"

"Probably not."

Cindy said, "I just didn't want to waste the time trying to get you to go with me, and it is such a beautiful day."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Besides," she said, "you don't have to remove your swim trunks if you don't want to. But if you do and you get embarrassed just roll over and lay on your stomach. But I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself, so just relax."

"Ok," he said.

They walked out onto the beach and set their beach blanket and cooler down. There were other people there, but there was plenty of space. He watched her remove her bikini.

He tried not to look at Cindy's naked body. He had seen her in her bikini many times, but he felt a little strange this time. He had even seen her without a top before, but not totally naked. He thought "I'm being silly; besides Cindy and I are just good friends and we had been for many years." So he pushed down his trunks and stepped out of them.

"See," Cindy said with a smile, "that wasn't that hard, was it? See, no one is paying any attention to us."

"Yeah, you're right. I just hope I don't get a hard-on; that would be embarrassing."

Cindy looked down and said, "I bet you look cute when you do."

Billy looked at her a little shocked at what she'd just said. Then she smiled, "You're so easy to tease," and she laughed.

He felt himself getting hard, so he lay down on the blanket on his stomach.

He said, "See what you've done."

"Lying here, no, I can't see a thing."

He looked up at her. She was smiling down at him. He couldn't help but look up at her pussy. She had her hands on her hips and had pushed them forward exposing herself. Damn, she looked hot. She was having a good time at his expense. He looked back down and away from her because his cock was throbbing. Wow, Cindy looked great and she seemed to enjoy Billy looking at her.

Cindy was very easy on the eyes. Shoulder length mousy brown hair with bright green eyes, her smile could light up a room. Her breasts were not too large but filled her bikini top. She had a little tummy that Billy thought made her look soft and huggable. They had been friends since high school and even though they went to different colleges, they stayed in touch. Now they lived in the same town but worked at different jobs. She was a teacher; he a civil engineer.

"I thought you were my friend," he said.

He guessed she thought she had pushed this naked beach thing to far. She realized he was getting frustrated with her. So she sat next to him and said, "Billy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Please forgive me."

"Ok," he said.

"Then we're still friends?" she asked.

"You'll always be my friend."

"Can I ask you just one thing?"


"Did you get an erection looking at me?" she asked.


"I just want to know, that's all..."

He looked down, and then up into her eyes and said, "Yes."

Cindy smiled and said, "Thank you."


"Well, I was starting to think guys don't find me attractive."

"Well, maybe it is because we are together and they're just showing you respect. People that don't know us think I'm your boy friend." The people had been making that assumption since high school.

The two of them had been such friends that they were afraid to take it to the next level. If they had sex, could they still be friends?

"Yeah, that could be the reason."

Billy said, "I need to relax and all this talking about you being naked isn't helping."

She was sitting, and he was lying on his stomach. Cindy turned and lay on her stomach. She was lying next to him, and he could feel the heat from her body. It felt nice, but wasn't helping his erection any.

"Ok," she said, "we will just enjoy ourselves. It's a beautiful day."

Finally Billy was back to normal, and he tried lying on his side. Cindy sat up while they were talking.

When a beautiful, tall, naked, tanned woman came walking onto the beach, Billy couldn't help but stare at her. She was breath-taking. Cindy was talking, but he was like in a fog. All he could see was this woman and she was walking right over to them. He was lying on his side and exposed to her. His cock began to grow hard and he didn't even think to roll over onto his stomach.

She walked up to them and sat in the sand facing Billy, with her legs crossed in front of her. He looked right at her beautiful tanned body. She had light, sun-bleached blonde hair, the brightest blue eyes, and a beautiful smile. He couldn't help but look at her. Her breasts were large and firm; the sun had turned her nipples to a darker shade. Her thin waist looked even thinner because of the flare of her hips. He couldn't keep his eyes from her pussy; she had shaved all her hair off. Her pussy lips protruded, and he could see the skin that was hiding her clit. The way she was sitting, her lips were spread, and he could see the dark red flesh of the inside of her pussy. Billy groaned and she just smiled.

As Billy looked at her, she knew where he was looking and she returned his gaze. She had such a sexy look on her face, he felt his cock start to throb and the feeling only grew stronger the longer they looked at one another. Cindy was sitting there and watched all that was going on. The throbbing was getting much stronger and he felt that if he didn't roll onto his stomach and look away that he would start to cum; but instead he rolled onto his back.

The two women started a conversation and just talked about the day, and how wonderful it was to be sitting in the sand and feel the sun shining down on them, and the cool breeze coming off the ocean, and the wonderful view they had.

Cindy was sitting yoga style and she talked, she began to slowly rock on her feet. She had her hand on Billy's leg as she started talking to the woman. The more they talked, the more she massaged his leg and moved higher up it. Occasionally her hand brushed lightly on his balls

He could feel the cum boiling in his balls, and it wanted release. Then he felt his cock swell and jerk and the first spurt of cum shot from it. He could see the excitement in the women's eyes as they watched him continue to cum. The second and third spurt was as intense as the first. Cindy was enjoying the show as much as the beautiful stranger.

Billy groaned, "Oh God!" He wanted to stroke himself but didn't dare.

After his cock stopped jerking and the cum was just dripping from the end of his cock, the woman looked into his eyes and said, "That was really nice. I enjoyed you doing that for me." Then she stood up and walked away.

Cindy said, "WOW! That was intense. And you didn't even touch yourself."

Without thinking, Billy said, " Oh, I wanted to."

Cindy got up and sat in front of him blocking anyone's view. She took his cock in her hand and milked it until all the cum was squeezed out.

"You know we have been friends for a long time and you have never tried to touch me or kiss me or try and fool around with me," she said

"I know," Billy said. "I always wanted to try, but was afraid that our friendship would come to an end. I was really enjoying you stroking me just now."

Cindy asked, "Do you think I could excite you like that woman just did?"

He looked into her eyes and said, "There's only one way to find out."

Cindy sat the same way as the stranger had. He was almost afraid to look at her because of their friendship. He watched as she crossed her legs exposing her pussy. Cindy has a tan line and she normally wore a small bikini but he saw that she had trimmed her pubic hair really short and into a narrow strip. He could see that she was excited due to the flushed color of her folds on each side of her pussy, and her pussy lips were puffy and she was very wet.

She smiled and said, "I want to do something for you; you just watch me."


She slid her hand in between her legs and started to rub herself. This was so hot. She spread her lips with two of her fingers. She was a darker red inside and her clit was exposed as she pulled back on the skin that was covering it. Cindy ran her finger around her clit and shuttered each time she got really close to it.

It was so hot watching her play with herself, Billy's cock began to swell.

Cindy smiled and began to moan, "That's nice...." Her breathing was ragged and her nipples were very hard. They stuck out pretty far--a good half inch.

"You are so very sexy," he told her.

She then slid a finger into her pussy and shuttered. Billy started to slowly stroke his cock. She just watched as he did. She had two fingers in her pussy now and was pushing them in deep. He could see by the flushed look on her face and chest that she was very close to her climax. His cock started to throb and he knew was going to cum.

Cindy bit down onto her lip so she wouldn't make a lot of noise. "Cum with me, babe."

His first spurt flew and landed on her inner thigh. His second reached her belly.

She looked at him and said, "It's so hot...I want to feel you inside me." Then she came. "Oh, yes, it feels so good."

They gathered their stuff and left. They fucked like a couple of bunnies the rest of the weekend. Even though they knew each other, they spent the entire time finding out about each other.

They are still friends, and now they are lovers; thanks to the tall, tanned, naked stranger.

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