tagFirst TimeThe New Biology

The New Biology


I was always a good student. I usually put my studies ahead of everything else in my life. I played sports in high school, but wasn't the star of any team, and was basically there to fill out the roster. My fellow students knew that school was more important to me than partying or hanging out. I had a couple of friends, but mostly kept to myself. Towards the end of the last semester of high school, I had a chance to breeze, having already secured a 4.0, but still did not feel comfortable letting up. I had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to going away to college.

The biology class that I had signed up for was full and there were twelve students that ended up in an overfill class. I had never heard of that, but figured the teachers knew what they were doing. I ended up being paired with two other students for lab assignments. First, there was Ted. He usually did not attend his classes in the afternoon, the time biology class was to take place. So my lab group was going to be missing one person from the start. The other member of my group was Holly. She was usually in school, but did not participate too much in any aspect of class, aside from looking cool and acting sexy

I would not say she was popular on her own, but the crowd she associated with was the most popular in school. She was quiet and played the role of eye candy very well. Holly was a dark haired, busty beauty that gave boners throughout the day. Her high cheekbones gave her an aura of sophistication when she walked down the hall with her shoes clicking to a seemingly choreographed sequence. She was about 5'9" tall without heels. She could definitely be counted on during the day to give something to masturbate to later: the way she calculated what body movements showed her off the best, or the way she stood poised, with her boobs dominating her personal space, and the space of anyone who ventured near her. She had a seductive way of flipping her hair then would give a sultry look to anyone who was watching.

Her symmetrical face allowed her to stand proud with her beauty. The skin was flawless and she did not seem to be wearing more than the minimal amount of makeup.

I never spoke to her before being partnered with her in biology class. I think once I excused myself as we passed in the hall. Her tits were hard to navigate around when there was a crowded hallway. I got a good feel for them as I brushed past her. She didn't mind. I thought I heard her giggle.

For me, being grouped with her in my last class of the day, during my last semester in school, felt like a reward for having missed out on so much during my four years of high school. Sitting next to the girl with the best boobs in school was something I felt almost thankful for. She may have not had the biggest, that honor went to a couple of BBW.'s, but hers were the nicest to look at. I wondered if the biology teacher, a shy man himself, empathized with me and partnered me with her out of pity for someone seemingly excluded from the social aspect of high school.

The first day of class, I noticed that she spent most of the hour texting. Her perfume was a definite distraction. I was happy though, and looked forward all day to my time with Holly.

"I wonder if Ted is ever going to show up." I said, rather meekly.

She just smiled at me and didn't say anything.

We went to a private school, but she still was able to dress sexily. Her nipples sometimes made a grand entrance into the room. I wondered what could have gotten them so. I figured she was able to meet with her boyfriend prior to class. I didn't know him. He was someone Ted hung out with, and probably missed his afternoon classes too.

The dress code at our school led to an interesting interaction between the two of us. She caught me as I was walking to the Principal's office on an errand for a teacher. She almost had to chase after me and was acting rather silly. She grabbed me by the arm and led me into a stairwell.

"I have to change out of this sweater and into this blouse. Watch that no one comes in O.K. Stand guard for me." She said.

She was wearing a white sweater, and it didn't look like she had a bra on. The dress code allowed for sweaters if there was a shirt or blouse underneath.

"Sure. Do you want me to wait outside the door?" I said.

"No, just look through the window to see if anyone is coming." She said.

"Everything looks clear." I said.

She went down to the landing and began to change. I held my head straight ahead. My reflection in the small door window was that of someone who was unsure of himself. I wanted to turn around so badly, but was afraid to. I wondered if she was wearing a bra and imagined her to be topless. I heard the sound of clothes coming off and then back on her body. I felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of my face. After she was done, she climbed back up the stairs.

"Thanks." She said.

"You're welcome." I said.

Holly gave me a friendly pat on my cheek. One finger grazed my lips. I wanted more of her touch.

Later, I told my friend Terrance what had happened and he could not believe I did not turn around to get a peek of her famous cleavage.

"You're so stupid. Holly was half naked and you acted like a soldier keeping watch over her." Terrance said.

"She probably would have gotten her boyfriend to have a long talk with me. Have you seen him? He looks scary." I said.

"I would have taken a beating for one look at them." He said.

I felt disappointment for not having turned around.

What seemed like a reward at first was actually becoming a chore. Sitting through an hour of class with a hard on the entire time was not any easy feat. I usually went straight home and fantasized about Holly. My fantasies usually involved her taking the lead. She, I assumed was experienced, unlike myself.

I once heard her tell a friend that she had two orgasms in one night. She said she felt as though she was high on something from the way it made her feel. I slumped away when we made eye contact. I felt embarrassed that I was listening in on her conversation.

For our final activity in biology, we were assigned a project. It was intended to be a three person effort, but since the third member of the group had missed over half of the class, he was not expected to contribute much. I started early on in fulfilling the requirements, and actually completed the assignment myself, but something motivated me to ask Holly if she wanted to meet after school one day to piece everything together. To me, it felt like asking for a date with her.

"Do I have to? I figured you have it all under control. Your reputation is... you know what I mean, William. You have it all together." She said.

"You can call me Will." I said.

"Sure." She said.

"I just think the project needs your imprint on it. Just to make it official. I don't think we will take too much time." I said.

"Fine, Will, but let's meet at my house. We can complete this there." She said.

She didn't sound too excited, but I was actually invited to her house.

I arrived early for our appointment. I wanted to catch her in case she had plans of scurrying away before I got to her house. I was not early enough, because her mom told me she was not home, but I could wait on the porch for her. Her mom was an absolute milf. She had a body that compared well to her daughter's. Her tits were actually bigger. She was carrying a few extra pounds, but that did not detract from her desirability. She wore plenty of jewelry and had her hair done up in a style befitting someone younger.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes, her mother came out of the house.

"I have to go out, but you can wait for Holly as long as you want. I am not sure what time she is getting back. It was nice to meet you William." She said.

"Yes. Thank you. Nice meeting you also, Mrs. Hawthorne."

"It's Ms., actually." She said.

'Yes, Ms. Hawthorne." I said.

She drove away in an expensive car. It was a sporty model. I wondered if the house was empty. They lived in a well kept ranch style home.

I was keeping my eye on the driveway, in case Holly decided to back out if she caught me looking the other way. Another sporty car drove up. I could tell it was Holly. She drove fast even up the short driveway. When she noticed I was sitting on her porch, I sensed she became annoyed. She must have been thinking: biology, no way. She flung open the door but stayed inside the car talking into her phone. When she was done, she got out and started to make her way to the house.

My mouth dropped when I saw what she was wearing. She had on a pair of gold colored, short overalls and she had on a white crop top. I could see the sides of her stomach. She was tan and in no hurry to put her imprint on the project. She sauntered up to me wearing a pair of gold Cleopatra sandals.

"Hello, Holly." I said.

"Hi." She said.

She had on shades and did not seem in the best of moods. I followed her into her house. Her ass looked as curvy as her top half. I had never really paid attention to her rear end, having spent so much time being dizzied by her porn star boobs. I saw her look around apprehensively.

"Your mom just left. She had me wait for you on the porch." I said.

"That's all right, I guess."

The house was neat, but it did not have that warm, homey feeling. There was not a lot of furniture around.

"I brought over the material." I said.

I showed her my book bag. She looked at it dismissively.

"We can go in the basement. There is a desk down there."

"Sure." I said.

I followed her down the stairs. The basement had a treadmill and a weight machine. There was an exercise ball in the center of the room resting on top of an exercise mat. There was a desk with one chair off to the side of the stairs.

"Get those two chairs from the corner." She said.

I looked around the room and saw two identical chairs to the one by the desk. I did as I was told and went to get the chairs.

She sat down at one end of the desk and placed a chair between us. I sat down at the other end. She put her feet up on the middle chair. She had on a couple of toe rings and she was wearing and ankle bracelet. Her toes were painted in a light shade of gold. She just sat there, expecting me to tell her that I had completed the work. I had, but wanted to spend some time with her. Seeing her in this outfit was a first for me. If I had ever gone to any parties or any of the dances, I probably would have seen her dressed so provocative.

I could not stop myself from staring at her tanned legs. They were in great shape for someone who did not play sports. She must have worked out on the exercise equipment to stay so fit, or she may have just had good genetics.

"Is there a problem?" She said, finally taking off her sun glasses.

Her dark eyes pierced through my awkwardness and made me feel even more inferior to her.

"I was just noticing how tanned you look and it isn't summer yet."

"Oh." She said.

I felt I had given her a compliment.

"You look like summer so soon." I said.

"Yeah, I got it from spring-break, and some tanning booths."

She seemed to relax. I busied myself with explaining what we were turning in. I showed her charts and gave her the results of my findings. I don't think she listened to any of it. Ted had not been around in weeks, and I even hinted that I knew she was too busy to really bother with anything as mundane as school work. I tried not to bore her too much. I could see she was interested in getting me out of her house as soon as possible.

"I really shouldn't be such a bitch. Thanks for doing this. All off this. Ted is strung out on who knows what. I have been too busy to bother. I figure we are about to graduate, what does any of this matter at this point? Thank you, Will." She said.

'You are welcome." I said.

She looked at me for a long while, and it made me nervous. I felt she was going to say something inappropriate. Being that she was amazing, it would have seemed perfectly normal coming from a high school diva.

"So what... part of me do you like the most?" She said.

"What?"I said.

I tried not to look dumbfounded.

She laughed and took her feet off the chair.

"What part of me do you fantasize the most about? Is it... my boobs?" She said.

I tried my best not to get flustered, but I could feel my face becoming full of embarrassment.

"Yes." I said.

"Yes to what." She teased.

"Your great chest is what."

"It's great now is it?" She said.

"Yes." I said.

I felt trapped, but part of me was enjoying her game.

"Tell me that I have big titties."

I looked away for a second then tried to focus on her question.

"You have big titties." I said.

"Tell me that you like the way they bounce down the hall."

"I like the way they bounce down the hall." I said.

She smiled and let out a small line of laughter. Holly stood up and moved the middle chair out of her way. She stood above me. I cowered under her breasts. She reached out a hand and slowly started to caress the top of my head. Her long fingernails were gently massaging my scalp. I could not believe that we were both eighteen years old. She had the confidence and experience of someone older.

"You're a virgin aren't you?" Holly said.

I was quiet. I had lied in the past and said I had had sex before with a relative's friend. It felt believable and I was sure it seemed so to others. I decided to be honest with her. I was sure she could spot my lie.

"Yes." I said.

She didn't say anything at first. She just kept on touching my hair. She bent a little and brought her tits to my face. They were so close that I could not see anything else. I felt her grab my left hand and bring it up under her crop top. She held it there for a second.

"Do you fantasize about me?" She asked.

"Yes, I do, especially this year because we were lab partners." I said.

"I wasn't much of a lab partner. Let me make it up to you."

My hand was now being led under her top. I felt the silkiness of her bra, then touched some flesh. I really had nothing to compare the moment to, but it felt wonderful. The skin was smooth and had a tautness that bespoke of perfection. I zeroed in on a nipple: one of two nipples that commanded attention when she walked into biology class. It felt large, and womanly. We were quiet as I explored under her top. I felt her breathing. She smelled and felt fresh. There was a hint of bubblegum.

Without her guidance, I reached in with my right hand. I felt as though I was stealing something, but when she kissed the top of my head, I knew I had not done anything wrong. She may have wanted this type of worship, I reasoned. In me she had virgin in total awe of her. I held on to both of her fantastic sisters as though clinging for safety, desperately hoping I was going to be leaving the world of celibacy and entering a world of pleasure. If I held onto her, there was surely no way I could remain a virgin.

"I like riding my men." She whispered into my ear.

I was not sure I was up to her preferred manner of intercourse. I knew I had a decent sized penis, but to actually use it with someone like her seemed worrisome to me.

"You feel amazing." I said.

"Do you have something for me to ride? Something I can hang on to?" She whispered again.

"I have... something for you to ride." I said.

I forced out my response. I felt I sounded untruthful, but she had me raging and this was a moment of transcendence. I sought out any inner confidence that might have been hidden.

Holly unbuttoned her overalls and let the top of them fall to her waist. She took my hands away from under her top. She jiggled her breasts a few times. I was convinced she loved them as much as any guy could. Her top was so tight on her. Her nipples were poking through.

"Are you ready, Will?" She said.

"Yes." I said.

"Tell me how much you want to see them."

"I want to see them bounce with nothing... naked."


"Please, Holly. I have been dreaming of you for so long and never thought I would be alone with you. You are the greatest lab partner any guy could wish for. Please, Holly!" I said

She stepped back from me and went into the center of the room. She kicked the exercise ball away from her. She wiggled out of her overalls. She was wearing white panties that looked to have a thong cut. She turned around and let me see that indeed she did have a thong on. She bent down and unstrapped her shoes, then kicked them off. Her bottom was perfect. No tan lines and there was no cellulite to be found. She spun around slowly. Her tits seemingly were centering her from flying off. I had only seen bodies comparable to this on the internet or in the movies. My head started to clutter up with images blazing through it. I was only glad my dick was staying hard.

Holly shook her ass and stood on her toes. Her ass was clapping. I wanted to clap for her. The muscles in one of her legs were highlighted when she posed with an outstretched leg. That was something else for her to be proud of. I imagined her sweating on the treadmill. Why did she need to look so perfect? I hated myself for asking myself that. She was and that is all that should have mattered.

Holly then took off her top in one quick move. She stood there in matching bra and panties. She closed in on me and deftly took off her bra and covered my face with it. I wanted to see her tits, but did not want to disrupt her performance. I smelled her body on the fabric. She wrapped the bra around my neck. It was now time for the reveal. No tan lines and the nipples were pointing directly at me. They were large and buoyant. Her areolas were big and provided a sufficient base for her nipples. I wanted to salute them in reverence.

"Show them how much you want them." She said.

I reached out and touched a nipple. It felt alive in my hand, as though it had a power to lead me to more. I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth. She moaned when I did so. I continued sucking on it as though it held a lifeline for me. She caressed the back of my neck as I did so. My hands were holding on to her ass. It felt so smooth and seemed a source of endless enjoyment. I had both my hands inside of her crack and was tugging on the thong string. I reached to pull down her panties. I think my forcefulness surprised the both of us.

"Oh, yes, Will. Do that." She said.

Once the thong was off I could see she had a small patch of dark hair. I continued sucking on the other nipple now. I was so hungry for her flesh. I was waiting for her to decide which way we were going, but didn't mind what was already offered.

"Slap me across my tits, Will." She said.

"You really want me to do that?" I said.

I was unsure about her request.

"Yes. Slap me. I am a big titted bitch. I was a bad lab partner. Show me you are angry with me."

I stood up and slapped her gently on one tit.

"Harder, Will." She said

I slapped her harder, then once again even harder. She laughed and threw back her head. Then when she came forward she pushed me back and moved me with her hands into the center of the room. She lowered me onto the exercise mat.

"I hope you are sturdy down there." She said.

Her words made me wonder. I knew I had a more than average package, but was still afraid. This was it for me. This was my first time, and it wasn't with just anyone. I was with Holly Hawthorne.

She removed both my shoes and reached for my belt. She held my belt tight and looked into my eyes. Her greatness was swaying over me. I felt as though their pendulous movement rang in my induction into the senior class hall of fame of my school. She proceeded to unbuckle both belt and pants. With an adept yank, my jeans were off. My jockey shorts were bulging, if not throbbing, from the Holly Hawthorne experience.

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