The New Biology


"Let's see." Holly said.

She was completely naked, and was standing over me with her legs apart. She reached down and pulled off my underwear. My contribution to the occasion popped out and surveyed the awaiting challenge. My penis was directly under her pussy. She looked moist and ready to begin our adventure.

The look on Holly's face conveyed that she had seen more than a few naked guys in her time, but that everyone was special in their own way to her.

"That is not bad, Will. I am surprised. I have had longer, but yours is one of the thickest I have been treated to." She said.

I felt happy she said that. I felt that I belonged in her presence for the matter at hand.

She knelt down at my side and grabbed a hold of me for a second and stroked me a few times before taking me in her mouth. I heard her struggle a bit. Holly was coating me with her saliva. It felt so warm and made my body tingle. She was slurping as she put pressure on me. Her lips forced us together tightly. The incoherent noises she made were such a turn on. I had filled her pretty mouth with my penis.

"That feels amazing." I said.

I started to moan myself, but she stopped.

She stood above me and stared down at me with the look of a predator. Holly now lowered herself and was quickly squatting on top of me. She lined up her pussy with my dick and slowly started to take me in. She was wet enough that there was ease of entry. She moved slow and was careful not to drop too quickly. My eyes must have looked frightened as we commingled in a biological union of teenagers. She acted almost professionally. Her movements all in rhythm to the dance we were involved in.

Her body was almost animalistic. She could not help herself in doing what came so natural to her. She was innately preying on me, and was taking something I felt I had held on for way too long. Her boobs bounced as she thrust all of me into her. I felt tightly ensconced by her slippery walls. I was not going anywhere until the inevitable happened.

I reached up and slapped her tits again. She came down on me with her hand and slapped me. I felt her nails across my face. She laughed as she did so. I was not going to slap her again.

Holly was like a jockey, riding me to a finish line. She straightened herself as if to display her many treasures. I was looking at a proud young woman. Holly started to use her hips more. Her arms hung quietly at her sides. No part of her body was moving except for her hips. She was doing pelvic thrusts as though I was the exercise ball. She was grinding on top of me. Her glorious mounds were within my reach. I gently touched one. She slapped me in the face again. This slap hurt.

She acted as though I was not there, and lost herself in the act of sex. Her body gave off a warm glow that almost shined. The high school boob queen was relentless in her movements. She seemed free to do what she loved most: sex.

Holly was starting to perspire. She was combining sex and exercise. I was starting to feel the strength of her ride. She was so accomplished in her routine. I had no control over the situation. Then suddenly, my orgasm seemed to start without me even knowing. I was in the middle of it before I realized it felt more real than anything I had ever known. I let the waves of electricity lengthen them-selves out. I had completed a journey of youth.

"Wow!" She screamed.

"What?" I muttered.

"I'm actually going to... hang on... just a second. There it is! Yes! Yes!" She yelled.

She kept on yelling and bucking.

She was out of breath as she crossed the finish line. Her head was turning to all sides.

"You are beautiful." I said.

"I'm full! Wow! You had a load!" She said.

"I did?" I said.

I was in disbelief that not only had I found pleasure, but that she also was satisfied.

"Welcome to the club rookie." She said.

"Glad to be here."

She had to balance herself a she raised herself up. My dick was bobbing to and fro. It was covered in juices. Holly stood looking down at her vagina that was oozing a mixture of both our fluids.

"Take a picture. This is awesome." She said.

Holly grabbed her cell phone off the desk and tossed it down to me.

"Ready?" I said.

"Just take the picture!" She snapped.

I took a few pictures and quickly sent one to my phone.

"Are you all right?" I said.

"I am just a little high from my orgasm."

I was about to get up when we were interrupted by her mother.

"So, is this is the new biology I have been hearing about?" Ms. Hawthorne said.

I looked at her, and was shocked that I did not feel embarrassed. Holly just nodded her head.

"Yes." Holly said.

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