tagInterracial LoveThe New Boss

The New Boss


Out with the old in with the new.

I slowly pulled into my parking space. Sometimes I hated this place. But it paid the bills and for the most part it wasn't. Especially lately, my boss had been gone for almost a whole year now, I was left me in charge. At first I was glad she was gone but now I wanted her back. There was so much paper work involved. Locking up the car and bringing in my large folder of forms I had yet to look over. Who knew running a distribution center was so irritating. Usually all I did was look over the floor and make sure everybody got paid on time. I noticed a new car in the employee parking space. Shrugging it off I continued towards the door. "Maybe one of the cleaning personnel got a new car." I thought to myself. I pushed my key into the door and waited usually the cleaning people would hear my keys and come running to be let out. As usual all four of them came running to the door. I let three of them out and walked the large warehouse floor with the lead. He explained everything they did as usual and I signed his form. Just one of the many forms which I had to sign. I went around turning on all the machines that made our product, then waited for the floor manager. He was always running late. I looked upstairs in the main office that looked down on the floor. The lights were on. "Did I forget them on?" I asked myself. The cleaning crew did not have keys for the office. The last person to leave was me. Again I shrugged I must have. The door opened.

"Hey sorry about that." Luis said. "Floor looks good." he said as he walked towards me. We got into our usual conversation. As I pointed out a few forms and papers that showed some special orders that needed to be put in. Again I glanced up at the office window and saw that the blinds had moved.

"Ceiling fan on as well." I thought. After we sorted the days events out. I began to walk up the metal grated stairs up to the office. Opening the door I saw there was someone inside.

"Hello." she said. Standing in the middle of the office was a short Hispanic woman. She had dark hair that hung just past her shoulders. She must have been just by guessing around 5' 2 to 5' 4 at the most. She was wearing a tight gray one piece dress that hugged every inch of her figure. The skirt stopped just below the knees. She wore black dress shoes. She was very fit and slender, bright green/hazel eyes. But what stuck out the most was her huge breasts they stood out from her body almost daring gravity to take them. A long deep line of cleavage stood out so that any guy would have trouble not to stare at them.

"Hello?" I said as I put my folder down on my desk. There were two desks in this roomy office. Mine sat facing the door so that anyone came in they had to go to my desk first. The boss's desk was further back it was in a L shape with two monitors on it. This is where she had stood.

"Name is Rachelle." she pronounced it as "Rackell" instead of how it was spelled on her name badge. Her accent wasn't not to hard but it was definitely there. "I will be taking over for Monica." she said stepping forward as she gave me a hard handshake. Her boobs bounced as she shook. I kept my eyes on hers.

"Name is Ray." I said. I could see her give me the once over. I was dressed in my black dickey work pants, with a black polar shirt, my black steel toed boots. I didn't think I looked bad for my age. Pushing thirty-two years. I stood a lot taller than her at 6' 4, I kept my face and hair well shaven especially since I was in charge now. I was sure the company did not want a young black guy running one of the biggest distribution centers. But I was sure Monica would of came back.

"I know." She replied as she moved her hand to the seat. In front of her desk. I sat down. "Monica will not be returning to the company." she said as she slid her hands down the back of her skirt as she sat. She flipped her hair to the other side as she crossed her legs. "Did you know the reasons she went on leave?" she asked if knowing the answer already.

"Yes." I replied. Monica had told me to tell the others that she had a family emergency. But the truth was that she had come home to see her husband fucking the brains out of her best friend and her husband. According to Monica it was a horrific sight. She had taken the time to try and put her life together. I had seen her husband, and if the words flamer did not come into anyone's mind when they saw him, they weren't looking hard enough. So the three way did not shock me at all.

"Well she has left the state and returned home. And will not be returning." Rachelle said. I nodded. She clicked a few things on her computer. "But I see you have done well. Since her departure." she said as she scrolled through the years sales and invoices. "Looks like very well actually." she said. "I will inform corporate. That you have done very well." she said returning her gaze to me.

"Thanks." I said sitting back in my chair.

"Now that is done. I will be holding a meeting with everybody and let them know what is going on." she said. I smiled.

"I am sure they would like that." I said. I walked her downstairs to the floor, everybody was busy already as trucks pulled up to the bays, ready to be loaded and sent on their way. I shouted for everyone to meet at the bottom of the stairs for a short meeting. There was just under ninety people already here. Most of which were men. They all locked their eyes on Rachelle. She introduced herself and her accomplishments then told them that she was taking over. To which they welcomed her. She did not make the "There will be changes speech". Which I was hoping she wouldn't. After the meeting I told her there was papers I needed to catch up with and headed back up to the office. She said she was going to walk the floor.

It was almost an hour before, the door opened and she came in. I had almost forgotten that she was hear. I expected one of the floor guys to come up and say there was a problem. She looked tired.

"Everything ok?" I asked.

"Yeah just my feet are killing me." she said as she took off her shoes as she sat. As she bent over I had a great view down her chest. But turned back around before she sat back up.

"Yeah the cement floor is not forgiving." I said.

"I will have to remember that." she said as she turned to face her monitors. The rest of the day went well. It was a load off my mind to have someone there, that knew more than I did about what papers corporate wanted. As we locked up for the day. She looked over at me as we walked out. "Great job today. Thank you for making this an easy transition." she said with a smile.

"Thank you for showing me those papers I missed." I replied. I walked her out to her car and got in mine.

The next morning I arrived a bit early for no reason other than good timing with the traffic. I saw Rachelle was already there. Her car was parked in the same spot as the day before. I did the usual routine then walked upstairs. Rachelle was on the phone with someone.

"I told you I was coming in early." she said highly annoyed. "You did not wake up!" she said again annoyed. I sat at my desk and pulled up the daily orders. "I can't tell you everything I do all the time." she took a deep sigh. "I will try to leave early. But..." she said. I tried not to look back but I could tell this was her husband. "Look I have to go." she said. There was silence. She stormed past me from what I could tell she was going to the floor. I sat there alone for a while until the phone buzzed. It was the internal phone.

"Can you come to the rear dock please?" Rachelle said hanging up before I could answer. I walked down the stairs and made my way to the rear dock. Luis made a gesture that looked like cat claws and growling, pointing to the back door. I sighed and walked over.

"How long has that been there!" she shouted. She pointed to the graffiti on the back wall of the building. It had been there for years. Even before I was hired.

"About four years now." I said. "And I have called maintenance about it many times. Even offered to pay for the paint myself. But I keep getting told no." I said before she got a chance. She shook her head.

"Well I will have to call them myself." she said storming back inside. I followed behind making sure to lock the door.

"What is the dress code?" she asked. Even before the door was completely locked. I stated the dress code to her.

"Well that's not what she is wearing." she said pointing over to one of the quality check personnel. I turned my back to the lady and looked Rachelle in the eyes.

"She's pregnant and well within dress code. Her feet hurt in other shoes." I whispered. "I put that on your desk yesterday." I said as I smiled back at the lady. Who looked nervous. Rachelle looked like she was remembering.

"Oh that's right." she looked back at the lady. "Congratulations." she walked off embarrassed.

"Look I know your new and all. But everybody here is good. I would of got rid of them if they weren't" I said catching up her. "You seen the numbers. I have let go three people for things Monica looked over." I said.

"I know." she said aggravated. We walked back up to the office. She sat back in her chair and let out a deep sigh.

"Trouble in paradise?" I asked. She looked over with eyes that could kill.

"You have any Hispanic male friends?" she asked. I took a seat. I noticed she was wearing more conservative clothes today still a one piece but it was a dark blue. There was no deep cleavage today as the cut was much higher than yesterdays. Her shoes looked more comfortable.

"Yes" I said sitting back.

"So you know how controlling they could be?" she smiled. I nodded. She went on to tell me that her husband had been let go from his job. And since they had no kids. He had been a pain in the ass lately. Always calling or texting her about nothing and everything. At that moment her phone beeped. She waved her hand in the air.

"Yes!" she shouted into it. "Still at work!" she said turning away from me. I took the time to go downstairs and smooth everything out with everyone. A few moments went by and she came running down.

"You mind if I leave early?" she whispered to me.

"No go ahead." I said understanding the situation.

The rest of the day went fast. Nothing really happened that wasn't expected. During the close up, I was making my rounds. When I heard the office phone going off. Cursing myself for leaving the portable upstairs. I began to run up the stairs. I got to the phone just in time.

"Hello, This is Alex at ..." I began to say.

"Hey Alex it is Tristan." the voice said. My heart dropped. It was the District manager. I only had one phone call with him since Monica first left.

"Yes sir." I said taking a seat.

"How is Rachelle working out? She teaching you new things?" he asked.

"Yes sir." I said trying to not give anything away. Tristan was known to fire managers at the drop of a dime.

"Can you put her on?" he asked. This is what I feared. Technically she had to be closing.

"I decided to close today. So she could come in early to put a special order on the computer for tomorrow." I lied. There was a dead silence. For a moment I was expecting him to ask for me to send him the order or something to verify my lie. Which I was prepared to do, there was an order, that I could of sent.

"Ok." he said. "Leave a note for her to call me tomorrow. Take tomorrow off." he said. This shocked me. Usually Thursday was one of our busiest days. "She has not been there by herself yet has she?" he asked.

"No not yet." I replied. "I was going to give her a week to get used to everyone." I said.

"That's good of you. But she is a big girl. She doesn't need to be held by the hand. Take tomorrow off." he said this time he meant it.

"Yes sir." I said I was not happy. Even though I could do with an extra day off. He hung up. I quickly picked up my phone. I called Rachelle's number but there was no answer. I sent a text and left. I barely made it into my apartment when my cell phone rang.

"Hey Ray." Rachelle said. She was whispering.

"Hi." I said back as I threw my grocery bags onto the kitchen floor. "Tristan called just before I left." I said as I sat on the couch.

"Damn." she said still whispering still. There was an echo, she must be in a small room or something.

"You ok?" I asked.

"Yeah you called at a bad time, he got mad but everything is ok now." she said. "What did he want?" she asked. I told her everything that was said and what he wanted. "Doesn't sound too bad. You actually need a day off. I am sure he will be showing up tomorrow too." she said. "Well I better go. Did you leave the special order on my desk?" she asked.

"Yes I did." I replied.

"Enjoy your day off." she said as she hung up. I sat back in the couch. It was the first time in a while that I felt relaxed.

My day off was going well. I had went to the gym for the first time in a while. Did some laundry. I had ordered some lunch, when my phone rang it was a video invite from Rachelle. I quickly looked at myself in the screen, thinking this was as good as I was going to look for now, I accepted.

"Sorry to bother you on your day off." she said.

"It's ok." I said.

"Tristan just called and is on the way. Anything I should know?" she said. This was the first time she was going to meet him I guessed.

"Haven't you met him before?" I asked.

"Once but there was other people there at the interview. Plus I had worked in another city so I was basically given the job." she said looking up at the door.

"Don't worry he never comes up there alone. Usually you will get a call to meet him downstairs, if he shows up." I said.

"Oh ok." she sighed. She looked stressed her hair looked a mess.

"You should relax. He will see your stress and attack it like a dog to a bone." I said with a smile.

"Yeah. It's been a hectic day. I now know what you do around here. Don't know how you did it by yourself." she said placing her phone against her computer to make it stand. She took a brush and began to tell me about her day. I stifled a laugh. It seemed like a normal day. As she turned back to face the phone again. I took a quick glance away.

"Rachelle." I said interrupting her. "We have to talk about them." I said trying to be polite. Again she was wearing a low cut top, that showed more than the usual amount of cleavage. She stopped as if she was thinking about what I was saying then she covered herself with her hands.

"Yes Luis pointed it out earlier." she said. "I was in a store before, didn't have to worry about it so much before." she said trying to give an explanation. I could see that trying to get sales in a male dominated cooperation, she would have had the upper hand but there was no sales in this part of the company.

"Just so you know. Tristan is very happily married and his..." I tried to think of the best way to put this. "His partner." I thought that was the best way to put it. "Would not be happy if he had to compete with those." I made a gesture to her ample chest.

"Got ya." she said looking around. She moved and got a small over coat. She pulled it over herself. "Better?" she asked.

"Much." I said. I heard the call from downstairs. It sounded like he was there. "Just in time." I said. She gave me a wave and then turned the phone off. I sat back and waited for my lunch.

It was late afternoon when I got another phone call this time it was Rachelle again, But no video invitation this time.

"Hi." I answered.

"What are you doing?" she asked. She sounded like she was still at the office I could hear the ceiling fan.

"Nothing much. Why what's wrong?" I asked. She took a deep sigh.

"We have an audit tomorrow." she said. I shook my head. I knew it was nearly time for that to come up.

"Ok." I said. "We can come in early, they usually show up at seven, we should be able to get all the paper work ready. I will call Luis now and see how we are doing floor wise." I said.

"Thanks. Don't know what I would do without you." she said.

"Go home Rach. Nothing you can do there tonight anyway." I said.

"Ok see you in the morning." She said.

"Hey Rach. Wear some comfortable shoes. We will be running around a lot." I said.

"Thanks for the heads up." she said.

The night went by in a blink of an eye. It felt like I had gotten no sleep at all. As I pulled into my parking spot. I saw Luis's truck. Thank god I said to myself, he was early for a change. He got out of the truck with a large cup of Cuban coffee.

"Nectar of the gods." he said smiling at me. I shook his hand.

"Thank you." I said. As Rachelle pulled up. She looked exhausted but at least she was wearing some comfortable clothes and shoes. Her buttoned up shirt was less revealing but still did nothing to hide her chest. Luis looked at her and said something in Spanish to which she gave him a look while shaking her head.

"He called me Jugs." she said looking at me.

"Also told her she should of left them out, maybe the audit guys would give us a break." Luis laughed. He was an elder Latin man, but he knew his stuff work wise. Although I could do without the sexual innuendo's everyday. But it was a give and take relationship. We walked into the building and got to work. It was a nightmare as soon as the audit crew came in. They were constantly asking for back paper work from months ago, or numbers from two weeks ago. Before any of us knew it. It was almost five pm. They did their finishing numbers and gave us the print out as they left. I couldn't believe it. I ran up the stairs and gave the paper excitedly to Rachelle. She looked at them and her face lit up. We were ahead, not only good on all paper work but even all around. She hurriedly sent an email to Tristan.

"Think he will be happy?" she asked as she waited for a reply. Before I could answer her phone rang. She took a deep sigh.

"Soon!" she answered. "Well I told you. I would be working late!" she screamed into the phone. I shook my head and began working on the next days work. "Look!" she said standing up. "This is not my fault!" she then began to scream and yell some words in Spanish that even made me cringe. There was silence as she was listening for a reply. She shook her head and slammed the phone onto the table. I could tell from my vantage point she broke it. "Men!" she said aloud.

"Hey don't put us all into that category." I smiled. She smiled.

"Sorry." she said as she looked at her screen. "He says good job and give everybody a half day tomorrow. They deserved it." she said as she read the email.

"I was thinking a party. I am looking at the orders and its nothing we can't split into two days of work." I said shrugging. She nodded.

"If you think they can handle the extra work on another day. I don't see a problem." she said as she picked up her stuff. We walked out the door and headed our different ways. On the way home I picked up some stuff for the party. But as I got home, I looked it all over and saw that I forgot a few things. Remembering that Rachelle past a twenty four hour store on the way in. I texted her and asked for her to pick up a few things. Again there was no reply. I shrugged and went to bed early. Later in the night my phone rang.

"You have the worst timing!" Rachelle said.

"Rach?" I asked half asleep.

"Yeah, your text came at the wrong time again" she said. She was whispering again.

"Sorry." I said sitting up.

"It's ok. Just had to pull your tail." she said. "I will pick those things up." she said.

"Thanks. See you in the morning." I said as we hung up.

As I set up things for the party, with Luis's help. I had reservations about alcohol being served at the work place. But I knew trying to stop him would have been next to impossible. So we compromised, only the punch bowl had a small amount in it. And whoever drank from it needed to give me their keys. Rachelle was late but I knew she was stopping to get a few things. Some of the people came in and as they saw the decorations their mood lifted. As everybody gathered I gave them a good job speech and told them enjoy themselves, and that today was a half day. Their smiles made my late day the day before worth it. Rachelle came in she was in a good mood as she saw everybody dancing and having a good time.

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