tagInterracial LoveThe New Boss Ch. 02

The New Boss Ch. 02


I waited patiently downstairs as Monica and Rachelle finished their meeting. It was just yesterday that Monica had returned from her year long leave of absence. First thing she did was to tell us that our District Manager had gotten promoted to a different district and that she had taken over this district. She also wanted to talk to us one on one. I did not feel threatened by Monica, on the contrary, we had a very good work relationship in the past. But something about her made me a bit on the edge. I guess seeing your husband fucking another woman while being fucked by that woman's husband, would make anyone change. Apart from her hair, which had always been cut short, just above the shoulders, now it was longer, straight and nearly half way down her back. She had always been a big woman, but now she had lost a lot of weight. Still on the curvy side but nothing like she had been before. I stood up as I saw Rachelle and Monica coming down the stairs.

"We will have our talk tomorrow." Monica said to me. As she walked outside. Rachelle followed her out. I breathed a sigh of relief. I looked around and it seemed everyone was more relaxed now that she was gone. No one knew how to take her now, they had worked with her before she had took her leave. She used to be joyful and happy. Now she walked with a purpose and it seemed like she was judging you the moment she looked at you. Rachelle walked back in, she had a smile on her face.

"Relax everybody, everything is fine." she said. She motioned for me to follow her upstairs.

"What was that about?" I asked. As we got into the office.

"Oh the usual. She wanted to see who's breasts were bigger." Rachelle said letting her hair out of the pinned back position. She stood close to my desk.

"What?" I asked in shock.

"You know how when a new boss comes in they want to push their weight around. Show who is boss. Well that's what she wanted to do." Rachelle said with a smile and a shrug.

"So what now?" I asked. Thinking that things might change as far as work load. Monica had always been a numbers person. I made a move to my desk.

"What now? Well right now. You are going to take that big dick of yours and shove it down my throat." she said moving towards me. Before I could say anything she was on her knee's in front of me. My zipper was down,then I felt her lips wrap around my dick.

"Fuck me." I said as she began sucking it back and forth making it hard within the first few strokes.

"That will come later." she cooed. Holding my dick with one hand and licking it from the bottom to the top while looking up at me. "Sit down." she said pointing to my chair. I walked over to my chair and sat down. She crawled on her hands and knee's over to me waving her big Latin ass back and forth as she crawled. When she reached me she took hold of my pants at the hip, and with one swift move she had them down and at my ankles.

"I have been thinking about this big fucking black dick for hours now." she said. Her mouth glided back and forth along it while looking at me. "You like me sucking your dick. Don't you?" she said. All I could do was nod. "Say it." she smiled.

"I love when you suck my dick." I replied. She smiled more as she took into her mouth and deep throated it all the way down.

"Damn." I said relaxing back in the couch. She repeated the slow process over and over. I watched as all nine inches went down her throat. I grabbed a handful of black hair and began bouncing her head harder on my dick.

"mm. Mmmffh." she said as she took it all in. She slowly took my dick out of her mouth with an audible pop.

"I promised you something yesterday." she said. As she stood up. She took off her black blazer. I sat there watching as she took off her work shirt. Revealing a large black lacy bra. She strutted over to her desk. Then laid on top of it. I walked over to her. Her big boobs were barely held upright in that bra. "Well take it off." she said smiling at me. To which I happily obliged. Her large breasts fell naturally to the sides. I took a look at the bra. There in black bold letters and numbers 32JJ. "Now you know how big they are. Still think you can put that dick between them?"

"Fuck yes." I said as I hurriedly climbed on top of the desk, straddling her chest. She pulled her boobs apart as I lay my dick between them. She pushed them over my dick totally enveloping it. I began to steadily fuck her tits. Sliding back and forth between them. It was fucking heaven. She looked up at me with a big smile.

"That all you got?" she said smiling. "It's not coming out on my side. Fuck harder." she ordered. Which I took as a challenge. I began fucking her big tits harder. Grabbing the table just above her shoulders. I looked down at her as I fucked her big tits. "Still nothing." she half smiled and moaned at the same time. She squeezed her tits closer together by pushing and locking her arms over them.

"Fuck. I can't." I began to give in. As I felt like cumming.

"Come on fuck my tits. Fuck my huge fucking tits."she screamed up at me.

"I'm cumming." I said as I started to slow down. She took my dick out of her cleavage and held it close to her face as she pumped it back and forth. I came hard, she held it there. Shooting my cum all over her face. "Good Boy. Now let me get some work done." she shooed me off. As she picked up her bra. I walked over to my desk, to pick up my pants. "Come back in an hour, hopefully you will have recuperated by then."she smiled as she put her clothes back on.

I went downstairs to see what everyone was doing. My mind was still on what had happened upstairs and what the talk with Monica was going to be like. I had totally forgot about what was happening down here. There was a few fires that needed my help to sort out as well as some people that needed to talk to me. But for the most part everything went well. Rachelle came downstairs in a hurry.

"Sorry emergency at home." she said as she hurried out. I smiled as I knew that meant she was going to be pissed. The rest of the day flew by. I began to close up when I got a phone call. Not recognizing the number I was reluctant to answer. But as I was still on the clock for a few more minutes I picked it up.

"Phew. Your still there." Monica said.

"Yeah. I was not going to answer." I replied.

"Well I am glad you did." she said. "That old storage room in the back, is it still empty?" she asked. I began to think.

"Hold on. Let me transfer you down there." I said as I transferred the call to the receiving area. I ran downstairs. It was a short walk across the floor and towards the back. I pulled open the storage room door. It was a large room, it was empty except for a few chairs for meetings as well as a few odds and ends. But nothing that could not get placed somewhere else. I picked up the phone.

"It's empty. Have to move a few things. But it's good. Why?" I asked.

"Have to make it my office. The room here at Store 234, is too small." she said. "Hate to throw this on you. But can you stay and help me?" she asked.

"I can do that." I said. I did have a game session with a few online friends. But that wasn't till much later. "But can I come in a little later tomorrow?" I asked.

"Sure." she said. As she hung up. I took off my work shirt, leaving my black sleeve less shirt on. I began to take the stuff out of the room. Then my cell phone rang. It was Rachelle.

"Hey." I said partly heavy breathing.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Moving stuff out of the storage room. Heavy desk was in the back." I said panting.

"Why are you doing that?" she asked.

"Monica is going to use it as her office." I replied.

"What!" she screamed into the phone. "That bitch!" she said.

"What the room at 234 is too small, so she said." I replied leaning against the wall.

"Too small huh?" I could hear the smile on her voice. "Fine!" she said. "Two can play this fucking game." she said.

"What game?" I asked.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." she said. "What are you doing after wards." she asked.

"I have to do a few things. That's why I am trying to hurry and get this done." I said. I did not want to tell her, that I was going home to play an online game with people I never met in person.

"Ok. Well I was going to let you fuck me in the ass again, but it can wait till tomorrow." she said. To this I perked up. Then I heard a man's voice. "Remember tomorrow, your dick, my ass. It's a date." she quickly said then hung up. I cursed myself. Hell I would rather fuck her perky Latin ass then play a fucking video game any day of the week. I kicked the wall which was not the brightest idea. As I began to move the last of the stuff. I heard keys jingling moving toward me.

"Wow look at you." Monica said from behind me.

"Yeah. Thought I would get a head start." I replied. She was dressed in all black dress skirt, with some cleavage showing, and a large slit on the side of the dress leg, that went from the ankle all the way up to the thigh. Which was unusual for her. She used to wear sundresses or jeans, and shirts that hid everything.

"Lets see what you got started." she said as she walked past me. "It's excellent. I will get the broom and dust pan. If you want to get started with moving things in. I got two guys to follow me from 234. So use them." she said back to me.

Between me and the two guys. We quickly moved a few things into the room. Mainly a rounded desk a double sided desk, three computers and some chairs. As we packed up the truck. One of the guys looked at me.

"So what's so important about this place?" he asked.

"What you mean?" I replied.

"She said, she had to set up here and not at our store." the other said.

"She told me the room there, was too small." I replied shutting the truck. They both looked at each other.

"The room over there, is twice as big as that room." they both smiled.

"Then I don't know." I shrugged.

"Whatever. We get paid anyway." they both said as they got in the truck. I walked back inside. Now things were starting to bother me. I was sweating. I was irritated at missing the chance at a piece of ass. And now this bullshit. I walked into her make shift office.

"What's going on Moni." I asked.

"Oh no." she said as she arranged paper work on her desk. "You only call me Moni. When you're pissed." she said turning towards me she leaned against the desk. "What's up?" she said. She flipped her blonde hair to the side. Looking at me.

"You know. What's up. Why this place. The guys just told me the other room is twice as big." I said to which she rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Idiots!" she said under her breath. "Fine!" she said folding her arms under her breasts. Pushing them upwards. She knew I was a breast guy, this was to serve as a distraction. And it was working. Her cleavage was doubled with her arms under them. She had nice curves all over especially since she had lost the weight. Looking at her now, I could see how big they really were.

"I wanted to keep an eye on things. I miss this place. It was mine for nearly ten years." she said. "You can't expect me to just give it up." she shrugged.

"Yeah but you walked away." I said trying not to look.

"Very true. More like ran." she smiled. She walked over to me. "Look it is your place now. Well yours and Rachelle's." she said placing a hand on my chest. "Just think of me as an observer." she smiled. Her green eyes piercing at me.

"Ok. Just no more lies." I said looking at her.

"You got it." she said putting her hand out. We shook hands. I turned to leave. "Since you are coming in late. Mind if we have that talk. I have a few other stores to visit tomorrow." she said. I looked at the time. I still had an hour and a half to go before my gaming date. Maybe I could text Rachelle and reschedule our "date".

"If it won't take long." I said.

"Five minutes. Tops." she said sitting down at her desk. I sat on the other side.

"Good. I Will cut it short since we know each other." she said clearing her throat. "Sales are good, this warehouse is top in the region for getting items, to the stores in a timely fashion. Which is good. Only two problems. Hours and Pay. You might have to cut some hours and let loose some of your full timers." she said.

"Ok." I nodded. Which I already knew was coming from a previous email. "I planned on letting Tylene go. And Jamie should be leaving on maternal leave soon, so when she does. I will let her know when she comes back she will be part time." I said.

"Well, that was easy." she said clapping her hands. I stood up. "Wait." she said motioning me to sit down. I sat back down. She stood up and circled the desk to sit right down on it, right in front of me.

"How are things with you and Rachelle?" she asked. Her legs crossed so I could see down the slit to her thick white thighs.

"Good. It was a bit rocky at first. But it's gotten better." I said tearing my eyes from her thighs and her cleavage.

"Good to hear. She tells me nothing but good things about you so that's good, that the two of you have a good work relationship." she said then she leaned forward. "How about personal?" she said. She was doing this on purpose. I felt interrogated. She knew that I would look down at her cleavage and get distracted maybe say something I shouldn't.

"It's good. We get along. She tells me about the problems she is having with her husband." I said. I threw her off with the husband statement. She stood up and walked behind me.

"How you feel about that? Problems at home. I mean she could end up doing what I did and leave you. Is that ok?" she said as she leaned over my shoulder.

"What happens, happens. Not my problem. I come to work. Not be a councilor " I shrugged.

"Oh come off it Ray." she said as she span me around. Now I was staring directly at her cleavage. "She has nice big tits, and a nice ass, with an accent." she said angrily. "You don't think I don't know that you're fucking her." she said.

"I am leaving." I said. As I tried to leave. She pushed me back in the chair and sat on top of me. Her legs wrapped around the chair. She took my head and buried it in her cleavage.

"They aren't as big as hers. But I can still out fuck her any day." she said reaching between us. She grabbed hold of my hard dick. "And it seems you been thinking of doing that." she said as she got off me. My dick was now out of my pants and in her hand as she knelt in front of me slowly taking my dick and swirling her tongue around it. "Still want to leave?" she asked.

"Shut up!" I said as I grabbed her head and pushed it down on my dick. She began to bob her head up and down. "How long you wanted to suck this dick?" I asked her looking at her hungrily suck on it.

"Far too long" she said in between slurps. She was not taking it as far down as Rachelle did but she did pay more attention to it. Licking it up and down sucking on my balls.

"Take them tits out." I ordered her. I could see she wanted to be ordered. Unlike Rachelle who liked to give the orders.

"What these?" she said spilling her big tits out of the confides of the dress. They were not as big as Rachelle's but definitely much bigger than anyone else I had been with.

"Fuck yeah." I said. "Wrap those fuckers around my dick." I said. She wrapped them around totally enveloping my dick. For the second time today my dick was buried between two big tits. She held them tightly as she rocked up and down and back and forth.

"Like that." she said. I more than liked it. I began to fuck upwards but again I barely made it to the top of her chest.

"Fuck yeah." I said.

"My turn." she said. As she let my dick go. She bent over the desk. I gladly stood up behind her. I lifted her skirt. She might not have tits as big as Rachelle but she had an ass. A nice big round, plump white ass with nice hips. I slid into her from behind her mouth opened wide as I slid it all the way in, without stopping. "Fuck that's a big fucking cock." she said lowering her head.

"And I am going to fuck you with it!" I said. I began to pound her deep and hard. My balls slapping against her filled the room. She was moaning her nails gripped the table, as I grabbed her hips and pulled her back on it. My fucking her sent ripples, all over her ass. This was a revenge fuck plain and simple, for her leaving me in this place with these people. I began to get angry at her for all the frustration I went through. "You deserve this!" I shouted at her as I pulled back on her hair.

"Yes! I do." she said. Her fat ass slapped against me with every stroke.

"You know what." I said. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and aimed it at her ass.

"No! It's too big. I never had a cock in my ass before." she began to say shaking her head.

"I don't care. After all the shit you left me with, without warning. Then today you lied to me." I shouted down at her. "You're going to take my dick in your ass, and then you're going to thank me for cumming in your ass." I said as I pushed it in. At first it did not want to go in then slowly the head popped in. She gasped. And buried her head on the table.

"Fuck that's a big fucking cock in my ass. Fuck" she kept saying. I pushed deeper. "FUCK FUCK. Slow down your tearing me." she said looking back at me.

"Shut up! You take it or I will leave." I said. Pulling it back out. "Rachelle took it up her ass." I said. "Maybe I should call her." I said reaching for my pants.

"No! Don't call that bitch!" she said. "Sit down." she said breathing slowly. I sat on the chair. She looked down at me. She turned around, slowly she began to lower her big round ass, down on me guiding it towards the entrance to her ass. "Fuck!" she said as it went in. Slowly she began to go up and down. "mmmm much better." she said as she began to go up and down slow at first then got a little faster.

"That's it. You like this big dick in your ass. Don't you?" I said to her.

"Yess." she began to say as she bounced her big ass up and down.

"Fuck yeah." I said slapping her ass. It shook with each slap. I had to admit having her fat ass bouncing on my dick was a good end to the day. I pushed her forward and onto the floor. She bent over on all fours. I straddled over her big ass. Lining my dick up with her asshole. I pushed it downward into her ass.

"Goddam!!" she shouted. As she took it all.

"That's right. Going to fuck this ass deep! Your going to take it balls deep." I said Fucking her ass deep Again the sound of us fucking filled the room. She moaned deep as I fucked downwards into her. I was barely able to contain myself watching my dick disappear into her ass and back out again.

"I am cumming." I said.

"Cum in my ass." she said.

"Beg me!" I said.

"Please cum in my ass." she said. I slapped her ass one more time as I buried my dick in her ass. I grunted as I began cumming deep inside her.

"Thank you." she said. I began to get dressed as she pulled her skirt down and put her tits back in her dress.

We walked out of the warehouse.

"Ray." she said as she got in her car.

"Yes." I replied.

"You better be on time tomorrow. I changed my mind about tomorrow." she smiled. I smiled and nodded.

"Yes Ma'am." I said. She flashed me her tits. "How big are those?"

"38FF" she smiled and got in the car. I nodded. I looked at the time. I had twenty minutes to get home for my game. I smiled as I punched the gas and headed home.

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