tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 01

The New Client Ch. 01



This is a revision of the first story I submitted to Literotica. This is the first of series with Lynn and her cuckold husband. The main themes of my stories involve wife infidelity and cuckolding, voyeurism, etc.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


I have always had voyeur fantasies concerning my wife and other men. She likes them also. One of my favorite fantasy scenarios take place with my wife, Lynn, at parties where she can exhibit her body and flirt with other men while I am in the background watching. We also like the thrill of being in position to get caught doing something naughty. When at parties she sometimes pulls me into an out of the way room and sucks my cock. When we get home after a night of my wife's flirting the sex is fantastic as we relive the evening.

This particular night we are going to a party at the Smith's. They live in a large house in an upscale neighborhood. The layout of the house offers plenty of opportunities for my wife to show off and flirt. I am relaxing in our family room waiting for her to get dressed. I do a double take as she enters the room. She is dressed in a very classy two piece black outfit that contrasts with her blonde hair. The outfit consists of dress slacks with a matching low cut button up top that shows to a maximum her luscious mounds. She is wearing a new bra that reveals deep cleavage of her 36C breasts.

I give her a tight embrace. My cock swells against her abdomen. ""It really looks hot. Your breasts are really on display. I bet some of the other men will like the view."

"I am wearing this for you. I know you like it when I show my breasts to other men." She raises up to my ear and in her slutty voice I like so much, " My new decorating client will be there tonight. Maybe he will like to see them. You wouldn't mind if I give him a show tonight would you?"

"You know I get turned on when you show off like that. I will make sure I get a good view to watch you. Will you flirt with him also?"

She feels my cock hardening, "Mmmm, I think you will like that. If that turns you on I will."

"Yea. That will be a turn on to watch you flirt and show off to your new client."

Still in her slutty voice, "I will make sure he gets a good view. Maybe we will disappear for a few minutes. Would you like that? Looking around wondering what we are doing?"

This is a new level. The last time we were at the Smith's we found an out of the way alcove in the downstairs level and she gave me a great blowjob. I was hoping for a repeat tonight. She has never talked about meeting another man. She was at his house the other day. I wonder what went on? I just decide to play along to see how far this will go.

"That would be real hot. Sure that would be ok."

At this point I am fully erect. My wife looks down at my tent and laughingly says, "This really is turning you on and I haven't even shown him anything."

During the ride over, I keep glancing at the exposed tops of her breasts and fantasize what will take place later that evening when we return back home. I also fantasize what will go on at the Smith's. My wife catches my voyeurism and playfully tells me, "Do you like the view? Well my new client gets to look first. You are going to have to wait your turn."

I play along with the game, "Sure. It is only fair your client gets to look first."

"What does he get to look at first?"

She has never pushed my buttons like that. But I continue to play along, "He gets to look at your breasts."

"You are so understanding. When I am talking to him would you like me to sit on the couch in your favorite position?"

In this position Lynn sits with one of her legs resting on the floor and the other on the cushion which has the effect of stretching the fabric of her slacks taut across her pussy. Her is mound clearly visible. I love it when other men look at her pussy. That is another aspect that enhances sex after we get home..

"Yea that would be hot. You know I love it when you sit like that." I decide to see how far she will go, "Does that mean that your new client gets the first look at your pussy?"

"Maybe. Would you like him to look at my pussy? I could open my legs a little more than usual to make sure he gets a good view."

I remain silent, stunned but excited at her response.

"Well? Do you want my new client to get a good view of my pussy?"


'Sure what?"

In disbelief I respond, "I want your new client to get a good look at your pussy."

She leans over and kisses my cheek, "I knew you would."

I have a hard time concentrating on my driving. Luckily we do not live very far from the Smith's.

As we enter the house and greet our hosts, I watch with satisfaction other men scoping out Lynn's display of her breasts. I am anxious to see what my wife will do with her new client. After making small talk with some of her friends, she sits down on a couch in our hosts' large living room. I take a chair close by. Another man joins us, and my wife introduces him as Andrew, her new decorating client. I notice she bends over giving him a good look at her full breasts. It is one thing for her to tell me she is going to show him her tits, but quite another to watch her.

Andrew is around six feet tall and obviously keeps himself in shape. He is wearing dress slacks and a Polo button down shirt. He has a ruggedly handsome look a lot of women find attractive. Is Lynn one of them?

He sits down on the couch next to my wife and they begin to talk about some decorating ideas she has for his townhouse. She shifts positions with one of her legs resting on the floor and the other on the cushion just like she said she was going to do. The fabric of her slacks stretches taut across her pussy. Her mound clearly visible. She is partially facing him giving him a good view of her pussy. The conversation turns flirtatious even though I am sitting in a chair close by. After a few minutes I move across the room to talk to other people, while keeping an eye on my wife and her new client flirting with her. I see him leave and to bring get her another glass of wine. As she accepts the glass, my wife leans forward and gives him another good view of her swelling breasts.

I am across the room talking to a business acquaintance. During our conversation Charles keeps looking over at my wife and her new client. What is he thinking? Lynn has showed off before but not this blatantly. From across the room I cannot hear my wife and her client, but they seem to be getting more intimate. She leans into him as they talk and it even looks like she is brushing his arm with one of her breasts. I notice him taking glances at the exposed tops of her breasts and valley of her cleavage.

His eyes leave her breasts, moving down to her pussy. Through her posture it appears as though my wife is putting her pussy on display for him. At one point he lightly rests his hand on her mid-thigh. As he places his hand on her thigh my wife opens her legs a little wider, heightening the effect of framing her pussy for his view. She glances over at me over the top of her wine glass and gives me a little smile.

I go into the kitchen to get another beer and then outside on the patio to mingle with some of the other guests. One of our friends stops me and says she would like to ask Lynn something and if I know where she is.

"I haven't seen her for awhile, Michelle. Not sure where she is."

"I saw her with Andrew a little while ago. It looked like they were getting pretty close."

"He is her new decorating client. She is probably showing him around. The Smith's have a lot of interesting period pieces. Why?"

"Well, from what Jill told us, Lynn better watch out for him."

Then I remembered that Jill is Andrew's ex-wife. I wonder what Jill told them. "I'm not worried. I sure Lynn can handle him ok."

I drift back to the living room. When I return my wife and Andrew are no longer there. I look around and do not see them. I didn't really think she would disappear with him. I look around the house. It is getting late and the crowd has thinned out. I start to go upstairs but then remember what we did at the last party. I go downstairs and look around to see if I can find them. At the bottom of the stairs I look into the rec room and see a couple of guys playing pool. I turn in the opposite direction.

As I move through the downstairs rooms I hear the unmistakable sounds of passion coming from a small alcove. It is the same alcove where Lynn gave me a blowjob. The light is dim and it takes me a few seconds to realize that it is my wife and her new client. Lynn did say she was going to show him her breasts. Does she want me to walk in on them? Since my fantasies about my wife cuckolding me may come true, I do not let them know I am there but enjoy the sights and sounds.

Lynn and her new client are entwined on a love seat and I enjoy a good view without revealing I am watching. They are dressed which adds to the eroticism of the scene. Lynn is kissing Andrew passionately; he is lightly caressing the tops of her breasts. She has unbuttoned his shirt and is stroking one of his nipples. As their passion increases he begins to forcefully squeeze one of her breasts. She lets out a low moan. I instinctively look behind me to see if anyone else can hear her obvious pleasure.

I watch in fascination as my wife moves her hand from inside Andrew's shirt to his lap where she feels his cock. Even in the dim light I can see his erection through his slacks. She unbuckles his belt and unzips him to give her access to his semi-erect cock. She now has her hand in his boxers stroking him. As I watch, my wife strokes him until his cock is very erect and very thick. I notice how much of his cock is visible above her hand. He does have a big dick. Maybe this is what Michelle was warning me about.

As he unfastens the top two buttons on her top, I watch him slide his hand in her bra to fondle her breast and massage her nipple. They stop kissing and she looks down at his cock with a lustful look on her face. She is stroking him with her left hand. I can see light glinting from the diamond on her engagement and wedding rings. She is telling him something but they are speaking in whispers and murmurs so I cannot catch the entire conversation but just snippets. I think I catch "cock," "bigger," and "Jill". I am straining to hear without giving myself away. He speaks a little more clearly. I think he asks her if she was attracted by his big cock. I also hear "bigger," and "husband." I'm frustrated by my inability to hear what they are saying. But there is no mistaking what they are dong. I'm beginning to think this is not the spontaneous act I first thought it was.

He pushes one of the cups of her bra down and releases the fullness of her breast into his palm. He cups her and lightly pinches her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He moves his hand down her front to cup and squeezes the mound of her pussy; leaving her breast exposed. Mesmerized, I watch my wife give herself to another man. I feel the twin emotions of jealousy and extreme arousal many cuckolds experience. He continues to play with her pussy. She becomes more vocal. I hear, "play with my pussy," "undressed," and "fuck."

Then she straightens up and looks like she is tonguing his ear. I cannot hear what she is saying. It sounds like he answers something about being curious.

With no further conversation, my wife bends over and takes his cock in her mouth. He just leans back against the back of the loveseat and lets my slutty wife work his cock with her mouth. She has the base in her left hand and slides as much of his cock in her mouth as she can. As she sucks, she slides her hand further down in his slacks and fondles his balls. His hand is resting lightly on her back caressing the nape of her neck. With his other hand he continues to caress her exposed nipple. After several strokes she takes the shaft out of her mouth and runs her tongue around his swollen head. Even in the dim light I can see his cock glistening from her saliva. She runs her tongue and lips up and down his shaft as he tells her she is even better than he thought she was going to be. She continues to suck and I pick up on "loves," ""cock" and "mouth."

In his reply he says something about "hot," "sucking my cock," "husband," "cocksucker."

Lynn slowly takes his cock deep in her mouth. While watching his cock slide in and out of her luscious full lips, I instinctively move my hand and stroke my cock through my pants. I resist the urge to unzip and pull out my now hardening cock. Lynn slides his cock out of her mouth and rubs the head against her exposed nipple and breast. She squeezes some of his cum out of his cock and coats her nipple. Lynn puts his cock back in her mouth and starts sucking him rapidly. I can tell he is about to cum. His body tenses as he releases his cum into my wife's mouth. She has his cock deep in her mouth and I can tell his cum is shooting right down her throat. He is putting more pressure on the back of her neck, keeping his cock deep in her mouth. She continues to pump him with her mouth until he gives a sigh and relaxes his body. She keeps him in her mouth as his erection goes slack. As she releases his cock from her mouth my wife gives the head a few light kisses and licks some more cum easing from his slit. Even limp his cock is still thick.

She sits back up but continues to lightly caress him. He strokes her exposed breast and I can hear him telling her what a fantastic cocksucker she is. I become even more erect hearing another man call my wife a great cocksucker. She has a dreamy expression on her face and her lips are moist from his cum. She takes one of her fingers and scoops up a small stream of his cum on her chin that escaped from her mouth. She cleans the cum from her fingers. He leans over and gives her another passionate kiss moving his hand caressing her pussy again.

While they kiss I hear ""cocksucker," "best blow job," "glad," and turn on."

He asks about her and I can hear her say, "My husband will take care of me when we get home. He was horny before we even got here when I told him I was going to show you my breasts and pussy."

"You told him everything you wanted to do?

"Well, everything but the blowjob."

"Speaking of your husband, we better go back to the party before he misses us. He may start looking for you."

He zips back up and my wife slips her breast back in her bra and buttons up her top.

I go back upstairs so they do not catch me watching. I am still trying to catch my breath from the excitement of watching Lynn suck another man's cock. Somehow, my cock relaxes. Andrew returns to the living room and my wife follows a few minutes later.

Andrew shakes my hand, "It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm looking forward to working with Lynn."

"I'm sure you will like her work. She is a very good decorator."

"Well, I am impressed so far." Turning to Lynn, "I am glad you decided to decorate my townhouse. I look forward to getting started this Thursday."

After leaving the party, I am still in a state of deep arousal as well as disbelief after watching my wife, Lynn suck another man's cock. As we get into our car, I lean over and give her a deep, passionate kiss. I taste the sweetness of the wine on her lips as well as the salty residue of Andrew's cum on her tongue. While we kiss, I move my hand down to her lap to cup her mound. I can feel the heat and dampness right through her slacks.

"You are certainly hornier than usual tonight."

"I know, I was turned on before we left and watching you expose your breasts and pussy to your new client has made me even hornier."

"I like the way you get excited when I show off, it turns me on a lot."

As I concentrate on driving, Lynn leans back into the seat and closes her eyes, reliving the experience of sucking off Andrew. After arriving home and entering the house, I take my wife into a close embrace to feel the luscious of her body and the fullness of her breasts against my chest. I put my hand on the small of her back to press against her. She feels my arousal.

"I love it when you are turned on like this. I will go upstairs and change into something sexy while you get us a glass of wine. "

"You are already in the sexiest outfit you have. Just leave it on and I will be right up."

I get us each a glass of wine and take them upstairs to our bedroom. Lynn has lit candles and is reclining on a loveseat in a sitting room off of our bedroom. The sitting room is where we like to have our fantasy adventures. Under the glow of the candles, her blonde hair contrasting with her black outfit, and her recent experience with her new client, she is exuding heat and lust.

As I hand her a glass of wine, she bends forward to accept it, giving me the same view of her breasts and cleavage she gave Andrew earlier. I sit down beside her. Taking sips of our wine, I lightly caress the tops of her breasts. I know she needs release, but want to keep her at a high level of excitement.

"I got so turned on watching you show our tits to Andrew."

"Did you really like it? Now you get your turn just like I promised. What made you get turned on?"

"I really liked the view when you bent over to accept your wine. I bet Andrew liked it also."

"I know he did. He told me he enjoyed the view and that you were a lucky man. I got turned on showing off like that to him. You're not jealous that another man admired my breasts do you? He kind of surprised me he was that forward."

"No, I was not jealous, in fact, watching you from across the room I started to get turned on. I even started having one of my fantasies."

"Which fantasies?

"The fantasies I have about you fucking other men."

"I like those the best. I still do not know why you get turned on fantasying about me fucking other men, but the thought turns me on. I'm glad you did not get jealous or upset when I showed off and flirt for Andrew. Some husbands would barge over and make a big scene. Were you fantasying about other men at the party fucking me or just Andrew? "

"Just Andrew. I could tell you were getting turned on. "

We kiss passionately just like I watched her and Andrew earlier in the evening. I run my hand between her breasts down her cleavage; unbutton her top, exposing her bra encased breasts. Feeling the touch of my lips and tongue on her breasts, she begins to moan, putting her hand on the back of my head to increase the pressure of my lips on her skin. I pull down one of her cups to expose her nipple. I swirl my tongue around her erect bud. She really starts to moan and squirm under my tongue ministrations.

"Let me see your tits."

She takes off her top and unfastens the front clasp of her bra. Now I have total access to her breasts. She leans back against the love seat as I alternate between her full breasts sucking on her nipples.

"How else did you flirt?"

After she has been flirting and putting herself on display, Lynn gets more aroused and gives me more explicit details.

"I really got turned on leaning forward to give him a good look at my tits. I even leaned into him and brushed his arm with one of them. I was looking at him while I did it. He could tell that I was letting him feel me on purpose. He looked back at me and leaned his arm into my tit to get a good feel. My nipple was hardening. Did you see me do it? I know it turned you on if you did."

She moves her hand to my lap and feels my hard cock.

"Mmm..that does turn you on."

"I did think that was what you were doing. What did you want him to do?"

"I wanted him to reach out and feel my tits. You would really get turned on watching him put his hand in my bra wouldn't you? Would you like to see him take out one of my tits and suck my nipple? That is what I wanted him to do with you watching."

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