tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 02

The New Client Ch. 02


The continues the revised New Client. For context, Chapter 11 should be read first.

Like the other stories in this series it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Like a lot of stories dealing with cuckoldry and wife infidelity this is a compilation of actual events and fantasies.

Your continued comments and encouragement are appreciated.


I wake up the next morning still in a high state of arousal. I can still could taste my wife's pussy juice on my lips. I lie back lightly stroking my erection revisiting the images of my wife with Andrew and the excitement after Lynn and I returned home. I still have a hard time believing that I had witnessed my sweet wife sucking off another man. Fantasy is one thing, but seeing her acting on those fantasies took our marriage to a new plateau. A plateau that I eagerly anticipated, although accompanied by some trepidation.

I look over at my wife sleeping, her breathing slow and steady. I am tempted to reach out and caress her, but after the events of last night I let her sleep while I get up, go downstairs and make some coffee. A little while later, as I am drinking my coffee and reading the Sunday paper, my wife comes down in her robe, leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"You were wonderful last night. You were such a tiger while you ate my pussy."

As she bends over to kiss me, I cannot resist reaching into her robe and cupping the fullness of her breast. "I just got turned on watching you flirt and getting so slutty with your fantasies after we got back home."

"I guess I did get a little carried away. I had more wine than I thought."

"Probably because Andrew enjoyed the view every time he brought you a refill."

My wife just laughs, "You're so naughty. You don't think I went too far do you?"

"No. I got turned on and I am sure Andrew realizes you had a little too much wine and were just letting loose."

Later that afternoon we have another intense lovemaking session reliving the events of the previous evening. This time she sucks me off to completion just like she did to pleased Andrew.

During the week Lynn prepares for decorating Andrew's townhouse. Once she starts she stays real busy and is very intense. She has to gather paint, fabric, tile and other samples to show Andrew her ideas. She also has to contact various contractors to develop the schedule for putting it all together.

After her meeting with Andrew on Thursday, I could not tell any difference in her demeanor than she has with other clients. That night she is aggressive bed the way she was the first time she was at his townhouse. Lynn is still very responsive and her body seems to have a different feel. Is it due to the mental images that run through my mind? I still wonder about the interaction between her and Andrew. Does she brush his arm with her breasts like she did at the party? Does she lean over to give him a good view of the tops of her breasts and cleavage? Does she still sit with her legs open to display her pussy? Does he lean into her with his cock? Has she given him another blowjob? This gives me some good fantasies to go with the reality I have witnessed.

On Saturday we go out to dinner. She is wearing one of her knit tops that show the tops of her breasts. I tell her how turned on. I still am thinking about the party.

"I am too. Let's have one of our fantasy nights."

"Good idea. I am all for that."

We get home and she goes upstairs to freshen up. I get a chilled bottle of chardonnay, a couple of glass and take the upstairs. I enter the bedroom to find Lynn on our bed on her side totally nude.

Normally on fantasy night I would find her on a loveseat in the adjoining sitting room. "I thought this was fantasy night."

"It is. I thought we can stretch out." She puts both arms above her head and opens her legs. "See? Why don't you join me?"

I hurriedly undress and slide in the bed next to her. The wine is forgotten. Her lush body melds into mine. My cock is already beginning to stir. We immediately embrace and started kissing. I nuzzle her neck and move my hand down to her pussy. Even without any foreplay my fingers slide right in. While fingering her I bend down and take one of her nipples in my mouth. She spreads her legs further to give me better access. Three fingers slide right in.

"I can't believe how wet you are. Is this from thinking about the party?"

"Yes. I was thinking about how turned on you were after we got back home." Lowering her voice, "And I was thinking about other things."

"Did those other things involve Andrew?"

"Some real naughty things."

"I was wondering what you and Andrew were doing. When I was across the living room while you two were on the couch what were you talking about? It couldn't have been all about decorating?"

"No it wasn't. Andrew noticed you sneaking glances at us. He was worried you might be getting upset. I told him that you didn't mind when I flirted and showed off my breasts. In fact I told him that it turned you on. He asked me if I thought you were getting turned on right now and I said you were. I told him you wanted me to wear this outfit so I could show off. I also told him I was thinking of him when I was putting it on. He then asked me if I ever did anything more than flirt. I told him no but sometimes I was tempted. He then asked me if I was getting tempted tonight.

"I just leaned over and said 'Yes I am. Would you like to tempt me more?' As I leaned over I let one of my breasts rest on his arm. I could not help but look down at his cock. It was starting to strain against his slacks. I looked back up into his eyes so he knew what I was looking at."

"You told him I liked you showing your breasts?" What else did you talk about?"

"I also told him you liked me showing off my pussy. I even told him you wanted me to show my pussy to him." She has her hand around my erection. "I think telling Andrew you wanted him to look at my breasts and pussy is turning you on."

"A lot. You actually were telling him I wanted him to look at your pussy? That must have been turning you on."

"It was turning us both on." Still feeling my erection, "Mmmm... looks like I have husband who gets turned on by his wife being naughty with another man."

"You do. Then what?"

"I told him about the time you and I disappeared and found an out of the way place. He asked what we did and I just told him we could disappear and he could find out."

My cock was getting even harder hearing her I am tempted to ask if she told him about giving me a blow job, but decide to see if she will tell me everything.

"He said that people might think we were getting a bit too obvious and disappearing was a good idea. I told him we could mingle separately so we wouldn't be seen together. We arranged to meet by the stairs so we could go to our secluded place. I looked up and didn't see you in the living room. So I went into one of the other rooms to talk to some other people.

"You must have been getting excited?"

"Yes I was. I had a good idea of what he wanted and it was really making me horny. After fifteen minutes or so Andrew met me at the top of the stairs. I was getting a little worried that we were being too conspicuous, so I pretended to show him some of the Smith's period pieces. In case anyone was curious about our behavior, I told him there were more pieces downstairs I could show him. I looked around and didn't see you. so I didn't think you would be upset if we disappeared. At the foot of the stairs we looked in the rec room and there were a couple of guys shooting pool. I pointed him in the other direction to same alcove you and I found. It was when he felt my tits that he started to realize how far I would go."

"You mean when you pushed your breast into his arm?"

Still stroking my cock, she starts tonguing my ear. Her voice lowers and sounds real slutty, "There is more. You never asked what happened when we disappeared. Aren't you curious to hear what we did? Would you like me to tell you?'

At that point I experienced what a lot of cuckolds feel when their deepest desires are confirmed. My breathing grew tight and I barely whispered, "I get real turned on thinking about what you did with him. I just didn't know how to ask. Yes, tell me."

"Why don't you eat my pussy like you did last week and I will tell you."

She spreads her legs wide showing me her open pussy. There is dampness around her slit and in her light brown curls. Her labia is distended. I lie between her legs and lightly lick her pussy."

"Oh yea honey. Just nice and easy like that."

I keep licking, tasting her sweet juices eagerly anticipating what follows.

My wife continues, "When we reached the alcove and out of sight, He stopped behind me and put his arms around my waist. With the wine and my excitement, I leaned back into his chest. He was now looking over my shoulder down my top."

"I asked him, 'Do you like looking at my tits? I am glad I could show off for you tonight. I have been turned on since we first sat down.' I moved his hands from my waist until he was covering both my tits. He started kissing my neck and squeezing them. He was pinching my nipples through my top. I could feel his big cock up against my ass. That is what you wanted him to do isn't it? It wouldn't be fair for him to look but not touch."

"I was fantasying about seeing him play with your tits. Did it feel good?"

"Yes. I am glad I finally went beyond flirting. He pointed to the same love seat where I sucked you off and we went over and sat down. Are you sure you want me to tell you? I have never gone this far before. I can tell you are turned on."

"This is turning me on as much as the night of the party. I wondered when you would start to go far. I guess it just took a sexy guy like Andrew. What happened when you sat down?"

"We started kissing. He put his tongue deep in my mouth. It felt really good. I kissed him back. While we kissed he unfastened a couple of buttons on my top and put his hand in my bra right on my nipple. You don't mind do you? Would it turn you on to see him play with my nipple?"

"Yes. So that is why you were so turned on when I put my hand in your bra. You were thinking of Andrew."

"I was thinking of Andrew, but you were also turning me on. It was the fact of having two different men playing with me. Do you like another man getting me hot for you? He pushed my cup down and freed one of my tits. Then he bent down and tongued my nipple, just like you did later on. I was getting so turned on I couldn't help but moan. . I thought I heard someone coming down the hall. So I broke off our kiss."

"So did you stop?"

"No. I was too excited. I told him I thought heard someone coming"

"Did he want to stop."

"Not even. He said maybe it was you and that you could watch us. You know how turned on I get when you and I play if I think someone is secretly watching. The thought of you watching or even one of the guys playing pool turned me on even more."

I increase the pressure on her pussy as I realize what comes next. "Having someone else watch you would be hot. Did you kiss him some more?"

"Oh yea. We started kissing and he played with my tits. I kept telling him he was getting me all wet. He was getting really hard."

"How could you tell? Did you look down in his lap?"

"I was kissing his neck so I could not look down. I reached down and followed the outline of his cock through his slacks. It looked big when I was checking him out, but once I felt him he was really big. Are you still getting turned on thinking about me playing with a big cock?"

"Mmmm that would be hot. I would really like to see that. Is that all you did?"

"I had to see what his cock looked like. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped him and put my hand in. It was so hot. I pushed back his slacks to give me better access. I could feel the ridges as I stroked him."

"So what you told me last week about stroking his cock was no fantasy."

"No" Her voice is more throaty and slutty. "I got him real hard. That's it. Keep eating your slutty wife's cunt while I tell you what I did with his cock. While I was stroking him he kept playing with my tits. I might have moaned again. I think I even told him how big it was. He asked me if it was bigger than yours and I told him it was. Do you like me telling another man he has a bigger cock than yours? "

"That really turns me on when you get this slutty. I know you like to fantasize about big cocks."

I take my hands and feel the fullness of her tits just like Andrew.

"Oh yea play with my tits while you eat me. But this is no fantasy. I was stroking a much bigger cock and liking it. Then he moved his hand down to my pussy. I was so horny. I spread my legs open to give him access. How do you like your slut wife telling another man to play with her pussy?"

"I like you getting a chance to play with a bigger cock. He must have been really turned on."

"He really was. He told me to get undressed so he could fuck me."

I stop eating Lynn and kneel between her stretched legs looking at her spread out body. With the oral stimulation I cannot help playing with my hard aching cock.

"Yea that's it. Let me watch you play with your cock. There's more. Would you like to hear what I did?"

"Tell me what else you did. Play with your pussy while I watch."

My wife plays with her pussy with one hand and one of her tits with the other as she relives her slutty behavior with Andrew.

"Like that? You are horny. Your cock may not be as big as Andrew's but it sure is hard."

"You look good playing with your pussy thinking about Andrew's big cock. Did you get undressed?"

She looks at me with hooded eyes, her body exuding lust. "No. Come up here beside me and I will tell you."

I do as she instructs and pull tight against her body. She is on fire. Her hand wraps around my cock.

"Is that when you started to fantasize about sucking his cock?"

"No. I was fantasizing about sucking him earlier, but now I really wanted to feel him in my mouth." She starts tonguing my ear, "I asked him if he was curious to know what you and I did. He said he was. So I told him, 'I sucked my husband's cock and now I am going to suck yours."

I let out a moan. Even though I knew what she did, hearing her tell me sent me over the edge.

"That's right. I put Andrew's big cock in my mouth and started to suck him."She squeezes my cock tighter. "Your cock is giving you away. You really like that. I sucked him just like I told you last week. That was no fantasy. You wanted me to suck him didn't you."

"Yea. I wanted you to suck him. I was turned on thinking about you sucking him when you said you were going to disappear. I wanted to give you a chance to do more than let him look. I thought you might let him feel you. How did you like it?"

She arches her back as I palm the fullness of her breast. "I really liked it. It was so big. I had to open my mouth wider than when I suck you. I tongued him all over. When I put him back in my mouth he become even more hard than he was. Just like I told you in what you thought was a fantasy, he played with my tits while I was sucking."

"So he must have really like it."

"Mmmm.. he liked it a lot. He told me I was sucking him even better than he fantasized about. He called me a good cocksucker. Would you like hearing another man call your sweet wife a good cocksucker?"

That enflames me even more. "It does a lot. Does it turn you on to have another man call you a good cocksucker?"

She turns on her side an pushes her breasts into my arm. I feel her wet cunt on my hip., "That made feel so naughty and slutty having another man tell me I am good at cock sucking. You know how much I like the illicit feeling I get when I give you a blowjob at other people's house . This was so much more intense since it was another man I was sucking. I took his cock out of my mouth and told him, ' God I love sucking you. Your cock feels so good in my mouth.' He asked, 'How would your husband like watching you suck me'"

"How did you answer?"

"I didn't say anything. I was concentrating on giving him his blowjob. but I didn't think you would mind. While I sucked him I had a fantasy that a couple of the guys shooting pool would catch us. They would watch me suck off Andrew. Then they would pull out their cocks and I would suck them off."

I didn't reply. I just couldn't believe she was getting this wild. I picture two other men standing in front of her while she sucks them.

"And you know I told you I thought he has big balls? He does. They were nice and tight so I knew I was going to get a lot of cum. I even rubbed his cock on my nipples to coat them with his cum. I wanted you to get a taste. I didn't want to take too long sucking him. Even though it was a fantasy, I really didn't want to get caught. I started sucking him faster."

"Did you have any trouble taking all of him in your mouth."

"He is a lot bigger than I am used to with you. I couldn't take it all, but I took a lot of it. He had his hand on the back of my neck keeping his cock in my mouth."

"Did he cum a lot?"

"A whole lot. When I was telling you about taking his cum, that was real. I had to concentrate on swallowing it all. I couldn't get cum stains on my black outfit. I kept him in my mouth just like I told you until he got little soft. I squeezed some more cum in my mouth and on my lips. There was some on my chin, so I scooped up with my fingers and licked it off. If you were there you could have licked it off for me. Would you like to lick Andrew's cum from my body?"

This is going further than I imagined even in my wildest fantasies. "If that turns you on I will. Were you finished?"

"Just about. He kissed me again a put his hand back on my pussy. We started to calm down and relax. I looked down at this cock and even soft, it was still big and thick. He told me again how good I am at sucking cock. He even told me it was the best blow job he has ever had. I just told him, 'I glad you liked it. It really was a turn on.' Do you like another man telling your wife how good I am at sucking cock and giving blowjobs?"

I didn't know what to say. "I am kind of proud that I have a wife that can give another man a good blowjob. Did he try to get you off playing with your pussy?"

"No. He did ask if what I was going to do, and just told him that you would take care of me since just thinking about me showing my breasts and pussy turned you on."

"So I saw you right after you finished?'

"Yes right after. We both fastened our clothes and came up stairs where we saw you. When I kissed you could you tell anything? I didn't rinse my mouth so there would be a lot of cum taste"

"I noticed you tasted a little salty. I liked it."

We kissed passionately, both of us highly charged after Lynn's revelation.

I broke off our kiss. I guess I was looking real serious because she asked me, "What's the matter. You aren't mad at me are you?"

"No. Nothing like that. I have my own confession to make.

"What is it? Have you had sex with another woman?"

"That's not it. When you thought there was someone watching, there was. It was me."

She gives me another big kiss."Oh honey I 'm so glad it was you." Kissing one of my nipples, she strokes my cock, "And you liked it didn't you? How did you find us? How much did you see?"

"I liked it a lot. Even more that I thought I would. It was so intense watching you suck someone else's cock. You know Charles and I watched you and Andrew few minutes on the couch, then I went to get a beer and go out on the patio. I ran into Michelle and she told me she saw you and Andrew together. She noticed you getting intimate. When I returned you and Andrew weren't around. I wasn't sure if you would really disappear with him. Remembering you giving me a blowjob the last time was making me horny. So I went right down stairs. I was trying to be quiet. I could hear you kissing and making small noises. I decided to stay in the shadows. I got closer and saw you and Andrew on the love seat making out. I was already turned on just watching you flash him and flirt. This was something else. So I saw everything else. I had to hurry after you finished so you wouldn't catch me."

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