tagLoving WivesThe New Client Ch. 04

The New Client Ch. 04


(continued from Chapter 3

Even with the revelation that my wife told Andrew about my desire to have another man fuck her; I keep eating out her hot dripping cunt. I mash my lips and tongue against her clit until she arches her back and cums against my face. I pause to make a couple of light licks along her slit. Leaning back I take in the sight of her now open gash.

Lynn just lies back with a contented look and lightly strokes the top of my head. I move up between her legs, pointing the head of my cock toward her distended opening.

"That was fantastic, even better than before. Did I taste better?"

"You tasted great. Your cunt was much juicier than it has ever been."

"It was Andrew's cum mixed in. You didn't mind the taste did you?"

"No it was just a little salty and there was a lot of it."

I resist the urge to plunge at once into her freshly fucked pussy. I want to feel the velvety slickness of her passage. So I slowly ease my cock up to the hilt. Lynn has other ideas as she grabs my ass and pulls me tight up against her. She begins grinding her clit against my hard cock. As her cunt envelops my cock I am thinking of the sensation Andrew must have felt as he fucked my wife a short while ago.

"You must have looked good stretched out with Andrew between your legs plunging his cock in you. How did it feel?"

"I got really turned on feeling a strange cock stretching my pussy. I could lift my head off of the cushion and watch his cock disappearing into my pussy. Are you turned on thinking about it? Would you like to watch me fuck him?"

"I am trying to picture what you looked like. You know I would like to watch you."

It was one thing to fantasize about her fucking another man, but the sensation of her hot cunt after she actually fucked Andrew was indescribable. I slowly fuck her to prolong the feeling as long as I can.

"That's it. Fuck me nice and slow. Your cock feels so nice and hard. You must like following another man into my pussy."

"I do. Your whole body feels nice and hot."

I continue to fuck her as deep as I can get. When she cums, Lynn just lets out a low moan. She starts playing with my nipples as I pick up the pace.

"That's it baby, let me feel you cum."

I cum with an earth shattering orgasm. I collapse against the back of the love seat. After we cool down Lynn and I cuddle with each other.

"So you don't mind my making you a cuckold? Are you jealous at all?"

"No this is better than I thought it would be. I am a little jealous. I mean a husband isn't supposed to be turned on when his wife fucks another man, but the overall feeling is fantastic."

"Does this mean you don't mind if I fuck him some more? Or even other men?"

I haven't really thought about setting my wife on the path to having multiple partners but the thought causes me to stir again. Lynn reaches down and lightly strokes me.

"I can tell that would not bother you at all. I am glad because I was going to fuck him again anyway."

For the next couple of weeks our sex life is fantastic. Lynn is getting more self assertive sexually. Rather than take me upstairs after her encounters, she recreates what she and Andrew do with each other.

One afternoon, as I enter the kitchen she tells me to lean up against the counter. Lynn gets down on her knees, unbuckles my belt, unzips me and lets my slacks fall down to my ankles. She leans forward, takes my cock in her mouth, and proceeds to give me an exquisite blow job. As she works my cock with her mouth and tongue I am picturing the view Andrew had earlier that day.

"That was great. Did Andrew like it as much as I did? How do you like sucking two different cocks in the same day?"

"I'm sure he did. He loves me to suck his cock. And I love the feel of his hard shaft in my mouth. Having two different cocks is incredible. "

Another evening after she arrives home, Lynn undresses and gets on the edge of our bed on all fours.

"Quick, get down on your knees and look what I brought you."

Her cunt is messy just like her first time with Andrew. A blob of her juices and his cum starts oozing out of her swollen cunt lips. I bend forward and lap their combined juices before they hit the sheets.

"Ooohh, that's it. Clean up my pussy. Are you getting every drop?"

I reach my tongue as far as I can go into her pussy, catching every drop. I stand up and plunge my cock into her dripping cunt. For better leverage I grip her collarbone with one hand and her hip with the other.

"AAhhh..that's it slam my cunt."

"Is this how Andrew fucked you? Did he fuck you hard like this?"

"Oh God yes. He slammed me just like you are doing. His cock was deep inside me and his balls were slapping against my clit."

I keep pounding as hard and fast as I can go. I guess I am in subliminal competition with Andrew to fuck her as hard as I can. Lynn is moaning and telling me to fuck her deeper. We both cum at the same time and just collapse on the bed.

We cuddle next to each other with one of my arms around her and Lynn's head on my shoulder, basking in the afterglow. With my other hand I lightly stroke her breasts before moving down to cup her mound. She moves my hand away.

"Not right now. I am a little sore down there. Between the two of you, my little pussy took quite a pounding today."

In spite of being so turned on by the experience, it is strange hearing my wife speak so casually about having sex with another man.

"That was fantastic. In fact the past few weeks have out of this world."

"It has been. Are you still ok with me fucking Andrew. I just love coming home with a nice hot fresh fucked pussy for you."

"You are a lot more sexual when you have been with him and then come home to me. I get turned on picturing you two together.

"I want you to know this is not going to be a long term thing with him. In fact my love for you has grown. I think most men would get jealous and more possessive."

"I know it is strange. Like I have said, there is the element of jealousy, but your body has a different feel after you have been with him.

"I have even started looking at other men differently."

"How so?"

"You know I like it when a good looking sexy man looks me over. I like to thrust out my breasts a little as they scan my body down to my pussy. And I always like to scope a man out to see if he is well endowed. But now I am starting to imagine what he would be like in bed fucking me or what it would feel like to suck his cock."

"I know. I fantasize about you meeting another guy and fucking him like you do with Andrew. Do you think you will try other guys?"

"After how sexy it makes me feel and your reaction, I am definitely going to fuck other men. You don't mind do you?"

I answer her with a deep kiss as I cup her breast and fondle her nipple.

The following Saturday afternoon, I am relaxing on the deck after working out in the yard. Lynn comes over and sits down beside me.

"Andrew invited us over tonight. We would like you to see the decorating I have been doing."

I put my arm around her waist, "Does this mean what I think it means?" As I say that I move my hand to one of her breasts.

"Yes it does. And we can't start anything this afternoon. You have to wait," she laughingly says as she moves my hand.

The rest of the afternoon, the hardest thing is to keep from playing with my dick, thinking about what will happen that evening. Later, I am on the sofa waiting for Lynn to get dressed. She comes in the room wearing the same outfit she had worn to the party! I get up and put my hands around her waist and give her a deep kiss.

"You like this outfit don't you. I am wearing this for both of you. I know this turns you on."

With that I start becoming aroused. It finally sets in that she is going to go through with fucking another man while I watch.

"You know it does," as I bend down to kiss the tops of her breasts.

We arrive at Andrew's and go up to the door of his townhouse. I cannot describe the sensations I am having realizing I am here to deliver my wife to another man.

Andrew greets us at the door. My wife's lover puts his hands on her waist and takes in her beauty and sexuality. He gives her a kiss with me standing there. After kissing my wife he turns and shakes my hand. I cannot believe I am shaking hands with a man who will be fucking my wife in a few minutes.

"You wore my favorite outfit." Turning to me he says, "Lynn looks especially sexy tonight doesn't she? Come on in and make yourself at home."

I sit in a chair while Lynn takes a seat on a couch across the room. The lights are dim. Andrew comes back with some champagne. He sits next to Lynn and raises his glass for a toast, "Here's to great decorating."

We all toast, Lynn and Andrew touching glasses and I raising my glass from my seat. We talk about the job that Lynn has done with his house. What I could see so far, she has done her usually excellent work. As we talk, Andrew takes in my wife's exposed cleavage the same as he did the night of the party. He starts to lightly stroking the tops of her breasts.

"You are a lucky man to have a hot sexy wife like Lynn."

He casually unbuttons my wife's top, alternating glances to see my reaction and the fullness of Lynn's breasts. Her breathing increases with the affect of thrusting her breasts into his hand.

"Your wife has the prettiest tits I have had my hands on. You don't mind if I play with them do you?"

I could only nod as he reaches his hand into her bra and cups the fullness of the breast in his palm. Lynn just moans and relaxes into the couch. Andrew bends over and gives her a deep kiss. I am close enough to see their tongues intertwining and his hand on her breast. Her hand moves to his lap and strokes his cock through his slacks.

Andrew moves his hand between her legs. My wife spreads her legs to give her lover access to her pussy.

"That's it play with my pussy. You are getting me so wet."

I am getting extremely aroused listening as Lynn encourages another man to play with her pussy. They break off their kiss and he whispers something in her ear. Lynn gets off the sofa and with her top unbuttoned comes over to where I am sitting.

She leans over and tongues my ear, "I hope this is turning you on, because I sure am. I think you like watching."

With that she excuses her self and goes up the stairs.

"Are you alright with this? Lynn said she told you about fucking me."

With that my chest tightens and my breathing becomes strained.

"I know it may sound strange, but this is really turning me on."

"Let's go upstairs and join Lynn."

I follow Andrew upstairs to his bedroom. Lynn has done a great job matching the colors, window treatments and furniture in his room for a very classy affect. There in the center of his king size bed is my sexy wife wearing just her sheer panties and short silk robe. It is obvious from her demeanor she has been on his bed before.

"Lynn really sets the room off doesn't she? Are you ready to watch her fuck me?"

I do not answer. I am getting turned on at how sexy Lynn looks lying in another man's bed.

"Hi honey. Why don't you take the chair in the corner? Do you remember when I was looking for chairs? I picked this out especially for you. I wanted you to be comfortable while you watch us."

I cannot believe we are really going through with this, but at the same time I don't think I have ever been this turned on.

I sit down as Andrew approaches the bed. He addresses my wife, "Come here and help me off with these clothes."

Lynn gets off of the bed and stands before him. Andrew places his hands inside her robe caressing her bare skin. The front of her robe opens, exposing her bare breasts and nipples. He runs his hands up to her breasts, flicking her nipples with his thumbs. Her aureoles stiffen and her nipples become erect. I watch as my wife kisses him while unbuttoning his shirt. As Andrew slides his shirt off his shoulders, she kisses and licks his nipples. She unbuckles his slacks. Unzipping him, she puts her hands on his waist and pushes his slacks and boxers past his hips where they slide to the floor.

Lynn hungrily looks down at his exposed cock. He is still partially flaccid as she places her left hand around his thickening cock. She runs her fingers around his fat crown. He takes her hand from his cock and slides over on the bed.

"Why don't you join me so we can give your husband a good show."

My wife slides the silk robe off of her shoulders and climbs onto the bed. Their bodies meld together as they meet in a deep kiss. Andrew caresses Lynn's back as he moves his hand down under the elastic of her panties to cup her round succulent ass. He applies pressure to move his cock hard against her belly. I can see his fingers move into her crack and make contact with the rosebud in her ass.

"This feels so good keep playing with my ass. God you are hard tonight."

He takes his hand to slide Lynn's panties off of her hips down to her knees. She rolls over on her back lifting her legs to remove her panties. Now she fully opens her legs giving both of us a good view of her swollen pussy. While they were kissing, I undressed and reclined back in the chair. I have to admit she did a good job of picking out a nice comfortable chair.

Andrew leans over her kissing her neck, while moving his hand to cup her mound. I can see one of his fingers slide into her slit.

"Ohh yes, play with my pussy. Use more fingers. That's it use three."

Andrew is sliding three of his fingers in and out of my wife's cunt while I have an excellent view. He moves his head down to her breasts and kisses and licks her nipples. He sucks one of her nipples deep in his mouth. She reaches between them and wraps her hand around his cock.

"That's it. I love it when you play with my tits." She raises her upper body, "lie back I want to suck your cock."

He rolls over on his back. His cock is now very erect and his balls have tightened up. Lynn moves down the bed with her head over his cock. I watch as she begins to lick the head swirling her tongue all around the crown. She makes eye contact with me.

"Didn't I tell you he had a nice big cock. It looks like you are enjoying the view. "

I begin to stroke myself as Lynn engulfs his erection in her mouth. I can tell she is using her tongue to wrap around him. The sensation as stroke my self while watching my wife blow another man is incredible. It is even better than the night of the party since she knows I am watching.

As Andrew watches his cock disappear into my wife's mouth he says, "Turn around. I want to see your pussy while you suck me."

She shifts position with her head pointing to the foot of the bed. Spreading her legs, Andrew begins to play with her pussy.

"God you are wet. Having your husband watch must really turn you on."

Lynn is now rhythmically sucking his cock. She removes his cock from her mouth to lick and kiss his balls. She is no longer paying attention to me, but looks up to make contact with her lover. She puts her mouth back over his cock and slowly slides it deep into her mouth. She is able to take almost the whole thing.

"I knew you practicing would pay off. You can almost take all of me."

He applies pressure to the back of her head and she gags on his cock. Lifting her head she takes a deep breath. She licks some cum out of his slit. I watch in fascination as my wife rubs the head of his cock over her lips coating them with his cum. Then she leans up and rubs him on her nipples. In the dim light I can see the glistening of his cum as she coats her nipples and tits. All the while, Andrew is lazily playing with her pussy, watching her suck his cock.

"Do you think you will like sucking off Michael?"

Michael? Who is Michael? She has never mentioned a Michael. There is obviously a lot going on that she has not told me about. They are talking like I am not even in the room.

"If he tastes as good as you, I know I will."

"I know he will like you sucking off his black cock."

"I can't wait to suck him. I have you to thank for introducing us. What did he say?"

"He says he can't wait to fuck your hot white married pussy. I told him how nice and tight you are."

Hearing this new revelation, already in a state of high excitement watching her suck another guy causes me to take my hand from around my cock to keep from exploding.

Lynn takes his cock out of her mouth and kneels by his waist, facing him with her back to me. She reaches down between his legs and cups his tight and swollen balls.

"Mmmm..these feel nice and full. I hope this means you have a lot of cum to fill my cunt with."

Lifting her right leg she straddles his waist pointing the head of his cock aiming at her open cunt. Grabbing him she steers him into her tight opening and lowers her body onto his cock. Andrew grabs my wife by the waist and in one motion slams her body down while he thrusts his hips up.

"Ohhh god, that is so good. Stretch my cunt with that big cock."

She is rocking back and forth over his cock while he continues to make powerful upward thrusts. She is moaning and is telling him to fuck her hard. She leans over mashing her breasts into his chest and kisses his neck. I have a good angle to watch him slam his big dick into my wife's pussy. Her juices are starting to drip down out of her pussy onto his balls.

Lynn sits back up on his cock to be able to thrust back against him. She lets out a moaning cry. I can tell from my vantage point she is having an incredible orgasm.

Lynn collapses against his chest. She lets out a laugh that often accompanies release.

"God that was good."

Lynn now seems to sense my presence.

"Could you see alright? Is this turning you on watching Andrew fuck me? Glancing at my cock, "I can tell you are turned on. Keep watching because there is more."

She tells Andrew, "I want to feel you fuck me from behind."

Lynn climbs off his body and gets on all fours. She lowers her head to the bed thrusting her ass upwards. Andrew moves in behind her and spreads her legs to give him access to her pussy. With his hands on her hips, he guides his cock into her now stretched cunt. Slowly, he slides his swollen member all the way in. Lynn thrusts her ass back against him until all of his cock is in her tight slick passage. He keeps his cock all the way in and grinds up against her ass.

My wife gets real vocal and is telling him how she loves fucking him and the feel of his big dick deep in her cunt. As he grinds against her, Lynn reaches through her legs and caresses his balls with her fingernails. All the while she is telling him to fuck her.

While listening to her moaning it is taking all of my willpower not to climax. But I want to feel her slick cunt when I do.

Andrew slides his cock until just the head is penetrating my wife's cunt. He begins full thrusts into her sopping cunt. Lynn is now practically screaming in her passion.

"Oohh god, fuck me deep. I'm going to cum again."

And with that she screams with passion as she has another orgasm. She falls away from his cock and sprawls on her back with her legs splayed apart. Her cunt lips are distended and I can see into the opening. She is breathing hard and has a look of lust I have never seen before. Andrew kneels between her legs and takes in the view of her wet open cunt. He is still erect.

After a few minutes of rest, Lynn addresses me. "Can you see how wet my cunt is? Does it turn you on to watch me cum like that with some else?" Then looking up at Andrew, "Fuck me some more. I want to fell you cum inside me."

Andrew leans forward and sinks his engorged cock back in my wife's cunt. She sighs and takes steady breaths as he pumps her cunt again.

Lynn turns to me, "Why don't you join us. The view is better here on the bed."

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