The New Client Ch. 04


I do not need any encouragement. I get on the bed and lay on my side facing my wife as Andrew fucks her. She has her legs spread and knees bent to give him better access. I reach out and caress her breast and lightly flick her nipple. She continues to encourage Andrew to fuck her.

She reaches over to me and plays with one of my nipples. "Can you see his big cock sliding in my cunt? Do you like it? I like you watching me. His cock feels so good stretching me out. He is getting deep in me like he always does."

"This is hotter than I thought it would be. You are looking sexier than I have ever seen you."

As Andrew picks up his pace, I put more pressure on her breast and squeeze and pinch her erect nipple.

"That's it pinch it hard. This is so hot feeling you squeeze my tit while I am getting fucked."

He starts to pound her pussy as he approaches climax. Lynn is playing with his nipples and encouraging him to cum in her pussy. His body begins to tense and I can tell he is about to orgasm. He thrusts deep in my wife's cunt as the first twitch of ejaculation begins. He pulls partially out and shoots some more so he is not as deep in her cunt. Then he pulls out and finishes cumming on the outside of her cunt coating her nether lips and leaving drops of cum in her pubic hair. He collapses against Lynn with his cock pinned between both of their bodies.

He turns over to me, "Did that turn you on? That was the best ever. I loved fucking your wife while you watched. Now it is your turn."

I cannot describe the emotions after watching Lynn fuck that many times. It is a real turn-on having another man offering my wife back to me so I can fuck her. Andrew raises himself from Lynn's body and lies on the bed next to her. I move in between her legs and take in the view. The other times when she returns home, her panties have soaked up some of his cum. Her cunt is a messier than the other times she has been fucking. His cum is all over the outside with a slim stream across her thigh left as his cock slid against her.

I move up to insert my cock.

"Not yet. I want you to taste me first."

Andrew adds, "Go ahead, she has told me you like to eat her messy pussy after she has fucked me."

I am taken aback that Lynn has told him that intimate detail of our sex life. With no way out I lean forward and lick the folds of her cunt. This is a different feeling because there have never been globs of cum on the outside of her cunt. I lick her all over and even lap up his cum from her pubic hair. Lynn grabs the back of my head the way she usually does and pulls me hard against her cunt. While I eat her, Andrew kneels by her head and feeds my wife his cock for her to clean up.

"That's it. Lick me good. Clean me while I take care of Andrew. Does this taste better than before?" She points to the stream on her thigh, "Don't forget that."

I lean up to lick up more of his cum, and go back to cleaning out her cunt.

"I think you got most of it. Now you can fuck me."

As I slide into her cunt I cannot believe how hot and wet she is.

"Does my cunt feel better than the other times?"

"This feels great. Play with my nipples. That's it. Oh my god, I am going to cum."

With that I let out a moan and add my cum to the mixture inside her well fucked pussy. As I collapse I give her a deep kiss with my cum coated lips and tongue.

"You taste good with all of that cum. Now I know why you like tasting me after I have sucked Andrew's cock."

The three of us relax on the bed with Lynn in the middle. We both lightly stroke her thighs. I cannot resist feeling her sopping cunt.

Andrew leans on his side and moves his hand to my wife's breast. "That was fantastic. I always like fucking Lynn, but with you watching it was better than I could ever have imagined. Any time you want to come over and watch let me know."

He continues, "Has Lynn ever mentioned Michael?"

Lynn interrupts, "I haven't said anything about him."

"Michael is one of my neighbors that needs some decorating. I told him how good Lynn was at decorating. I hope you don't mind."

After a while we get dressed to leave. Andrew escorts us to the door. He gives Lynn a kiss and shakes my hand.

"Come back anytime. That was fantastic."

In the car on the way home, I ask Lynn, "Who is Michael."

"Don't worry you'll find out."

Later that week Lynn comes home one evening, hugs me and gives me a deep kiss. I can sense the familiar salty taste of cum on her lips and tongue.

"Let's go upstairs and I will tell you about my new client."

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