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The New Companion


Annie was sitting on a bench in the park, eating her lunch. She heard a weird noise, a combination of whirring and screeching, from behind her. She turned and saw what looked like an old English phone box. She blinked; it hadn't been there a minute before. Looking over her shoulder to see if this was some kind of joke, she stood up and slowly walked over to the box. She was about five feet away when the door popped open and a fairly tall man in a leather jacket.

"Oh, hello there," he said in what Annie would call an English accent, though he seemed very not English. His mannerisms we different from any Englishman she had ever met. He was almost a full foot taller than Annie. His features were striking and Annie found herself wanting to touch his face. It was only when she heard a throat being cleared that she realized there was someone else in the doorway.

"Doctor, are you going to move," said a more natural sounding English voice, which was behind the throat clearing.

"What? Oh yes." He moved out of the way and there was a blonde girl behind him. She was a few inches taller than Annie and looked...odd. Not bad, but there was something about her face that made her look...odd. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She smiled at Annie and stepped out of the box, looking around, just as the 'Doctor' was doing.

Annie stood still and looked at them, trying to figure out how the two of them fit into a phone box, let alone how a phone box had just appeared in the middle of the park. She looked around again, still searching for a film crew or show host or something, but she couldn't see anything.

"Excuse me," she said, her voice creeping up just a little. "But...who are you?"

He looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. "I'm sorry, miss. I'm the Doctor and this is my companion, Rose. And you are?"

Annie blinked at his rapid speech. "Um, I'm Annie. Welcome to...um...Earth. I guess."

"Earth? Fantastic," he said. "Fantastic. I'm not sure why we ended up here, but here we are. Rose, why are we here?"

"I don't know, Doctor," she replied. To Annie, she sounded like she was a bit slow. "These were the coordinates we fed into the TARDIS."

"Are you sure," he asked, looking her up and down. It seemed to Annie to be a natural thing for him to examine everything. Rose nodded and the Doctor continued. "Fantastic. We must be where we need to be, then."

Annie felt herself grow faint, simply from being in his presence. Her head swam and she felt her knees buckle. Arms like steel cable wrapped around her and she could hear voices calling out from behind her.

"Doctor," Rose said, "Those are the bobbies!"

"Bobbies?" The Doctor sounded extremely puzzled.

"Police! We have to go!"

Annie, barely conscious, felt herself being carried into...the phone box? It was too much for her and she felt herself slip away.


Annie woke some time later, finding herself on a bed with a sheet covering her. She quickly discovered that the sheet was the only thing on her body. Her clothing had been removed and she saw them lying on a chair next to the bed. Just as she started to sit up and reach for them, the door to the room opened and in walked The Doctor.

She finally got a good look at him now that he wasn't carrying her. He was tall, probably about six foot one with close cropped brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was dressed in all black, including a black leather jacket that fell to mid-thigh. He was looking her over, tilting his head from one side to the other.

"You're awake. Fantastic. I just need to look you over to see if you're okay." He grabbed the bottom of the sheet and pulled it off of Annie, leaving her completely naked in front of him. She covered herself as best she could, one hand moving to cover her crotch, the other hopelessly trying to hide her massive breasts.

"What kind of doctor are you," she asked, trying to return some semblance of order to her world.

He stopped looking at her body and looked into her brown eyes with his blue ones. Annie thought she was going to melt. "What kind? Oh. Physics, chemistry, mathematics...other disciplines you probably haven't heard of. Now, let me look at you."

"Are you a medical doctor?"

"Medical? No, dear girl. Only theoretical sciences for me. You seemed to do what Rose called 'faint' earlier. Probably do to a loss of blood to the head caused by emotional and intellectual trauma. I must say that you humans have fantastic bodies. Yours is a very good example." Without warning, he started to run his finger up the outside of Annie's leg, making her shudder and moan softly. "Such wonderful design, just a little underpowered for what you fantastic creatures are capable of. But tell me something."

Annie shook her head, pulling herself from her reverie. "Yes? What?"

He pulled his hand up and indicated her pubic hair. "What is all of...this for?"

She blinked and started to laugh, then realizing that he wasn't kidding. "That's my...um...vagina. It's used for sex."

"Sex! Oh, fantastic! I've heard all about it. How does it work?" He was staring at her so intently; it was hard not to laugh.

"Well, a male, like yourself, takes his...um...erect penis and..." Annie started, but the Doctor interrupted.

"I'm sorry. An erect what?"

Annie turned bright red and cleared her throat, but continued. "Penis. It's like...well, it's kind of..." She stopped, trying to figure out how to explain it. "Take your pants off."

The Doctor looked at her surprised for a moment and then stood up, deftly undoing his pants and shoving them down. Annie prepared herself to see an exquisite cock, maybe seven or eight inches long with a nice thick girth, something she could grab a hold of and stroke. She was disappointed when she saw that he was completely bald. No hair, no penis, no balls. Nothing.

"Oh," she said. "You don't have the right...equipment for this. It's supposed to be right here and about this long," she said, holding her hands roughly eight inches apart. "Once enough stimulation has happened, the penis shoots out sperm which fertilizes the egg, which is produced by the woman."

Annie felt very odd explaining the birds and the bees to a man who looked to be in his early forties and was so strikingly handsome that it made her stomach turn upside down. "So, sex is used for reproduction, then? Is that its only purpose?"

"Oh, no," she said quickly. "Sex can also happen just for fun."

Over the next half-hour or so, Annie explained to The Doctor about various positions, different techniques and foreplay. She brought this up so that The Doctor, no having a penis, could please a woman, if he was so inclined. She brightened when he asked her about foreplay, noticing that she seemed more animated when talking about it. Annie patiently explained that for a lot of women, oral sex was a good way to achieve orgasm, which she had to describe to him as well.

"Fantastic," he said cheerily. "Oral sex. Could you show me how it's done?"

"I can't show you," she said slowly, "But I can talk you through it, if you'd like to try it."

"Fantastic. Where do I start?"

Annie blushed again but parted her thighs, feeling very self-conscious but not being able to wait for this gorgeous man to have his head between her thighs. She instructed him to kneel on the floor, giving him her pillow to rest on. He followed her directions to the letter.

"Give me your hand," she said, taking it and making him point one finger. "Now, rub here, but gently." She placed his finger on her moist pussy lips, showing him to rub them slowly in a circle. He did this, not varying at all, Annie dropping her head back down on the bed and moaning softly, telling him that she was okay and to keep going. Annie's hands went to the puffy nipples of her large breasts, pinching them as he rubbed her.

The Doctor may not have fully understood what he was doing, but he was definitely a quick learner. He noticed that when he circled around the top, the clit, Annie's hips rose a little and she let out a gasp, which apparently was a good thing. He increased pressure slightly when he reached the top of the circle, making her hips buck a little more each time.

Annie, damning herself, showed him how to insert his fingers into the sticky wetness between her lips and pump them in and out. Once he had gotten that down, which was very quickly, she told him to curl those fingers and let out a load moan when he did, hitting her g-spot and moving his fingers back and forth across it. Her back arched and she gripped the sheet on her bed, turning her knuckles white.

Between her ragged gasps, she showed him where her clit was and that he needed to stroke his tongue across it. He did, flicking his tongue just fast enough to drive her toward the edge, but not fast enough to send her over completely, leaving her in that state of perpetual orgasmic torment, her pussy begging for relief, but being denied the pleasure.

He kept her there for what seemed like eternity, on the border between gratification and madness. He didn't know that was what he was doing, just that she was obviously enjoying every second of what he was doing. Finally, she couldn't take any more. She whispered out 'Faster.' The Doctor, not knowing which she meant, sped up both his fingers and his tongue, giving her that last push over the precipice into ecstasy, her whole body shaking, her cheeks turning red, and her orgasmic juices flooding his face and hand. The Doctor, not realizing what was happening, just kept going. Finally, she had to push him away, as she was very sensitive.

"That was fantastic," he exclaimed, his chin covered in her fluids. He scooped them up with his finger and sucked it clean, sending another small tremble through Annie's body. She laid there, her chest heaving and her body still shaking slightly. She propped herself up on her elbow.

"Doctor, that was...was...wow." That was all she could say before completely collapsing back down onto the bed and quickly dozing off into a peaceful sleep. The Doctor, not sure what to do now, stood up, pulled up his pants and covered her with the sheet. He then walked out and went to the control center for the TARDIS.


Annie awoke some time later, feeling more relaxed and rested than she had in a long time. She found her clothes and got dressed, pulling open the door and walking out, finding The Doctor and Rose at the control panel.

"Um, hi." She was trying to stay out of the way. "But where are we?"

"That, my dear girl," The Doctor said without looking up, "Is a fantastic question. The real question is WHEN are we." Rose just shook her head, smiling, as she looked down at the screen in front of her.

"Okay," Annie said. "When are we?"

"Whenever it is, Annie, we'll all get there together." The Doctor smiled at her and they were off to...whenever.

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