tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe New Distraction Next Door

The New Distraction Next Door


"Who is that?!" I exclaim as I watch a young man in his twenties carrying boxes from a moving van.

"Must be the new neighbor," my husband calls out from his study down the hall. "Heard they bought it five percent higher than asking price. Competitive bidding for this neighborhood."

I roll my eyes as I hear the rustling of newspaper, as Micheal returns to his morning ritual. *He is so oblivious* I ponder to myself. *And, God, he is so boring - all of the time!* I take a sip of my coffee, returning my attention to the new neighbor.

He can't be older than his early twenties. I watch with a faint rebellious smirk as he bends down to pick up a large container. The young man, sporting a fresh haircut and clean shaven face, was wearing just some basketball shorts and a tank top. I can't seem to take my eyes off his strong, muscular arms. I gently trace the edge of my mug as I admire his broad shoulders, tight ass ...

"HMM -" I jump with shock as my husband approaches behind me, startling me from my daydream. "He seems young to be buying his own home. Must work in the STEM field. Yeah, I bet he works in the STEM field."

I close my eyes in irritation at the sound of my husband's droning, monotone voice. In every way, Micheal was opposite from the newcomer. My husband was an older man, well past his prime, with a balding head and dreary appearance. I glance over at him with a hint of disdain.

He continues to drone on about the financial opportunities of the STEM field. I blankly stare as his voice fades into the background. Everything about him seems ... stale. Boring. In fact, if not for the lifestyle he enables for me, I don't think I would stay with him. We've been married for almost fifteen years, and financially, Micheal has done quite well for himself. But, emotionally, physically, sexually ... I grimace at the thought of sleeping with him.

With a sigh of discontent, I return my gaze to the new neighbor. He has a chiseled face, with a fresh young glow about him. I ignore my husband as he walks away, done with his monologue and oblivious to my new infatuation. The young man wipes the sweat from his brow, as I continue to check out his fine, manly figure.

*If only I could have a man like THAT* I exclaim in my head.

I hear my husband pick up his keys from the entryway table. "Chelsea? See you tonight, dear!" Micheal calls out from the stairwell. "Yes, tonight!" I respond, not taking my eyes off my exciting new neighbor. I see Micheal walk down the driveway and wave. "Welcome to the neighborhood!" He calls out. "I'm Micheal."

"Thanks Micheal! I'm Jake. Pleasure." He smiles and waves in acknowledgement as Micheal enters his car and pulls out of the driveway. Jake then turns around, walking back to the task at hand. I blush and withdraw slightly from the window, unsure if he saw me. He smiles, crouches down and picks up more boxes.


I sigh contently as I feel the hot water of the shower cascading down my body. I had no where urgent to be, but I always liked to look presentable. As I lather my shoulders with soap, I picture Jake, my new next door neighbor. *I wonder if a guy like that is single ...* I think to myself, as I curl my hair around my fingers. I let my mind imagine his young body caressing mine, as if he was in the shower with me.

After a few minutes of indulging in my fantasy, I reach around and reluctantly turn off the shower. As I dry myself off, my mind continues to wander. "I wonder what his dick is like?" I say out loud to myself. Surprise and a sense of naughtiness rise in me as I proceed to the bedroom, admiring my own voice. A devilish grin grows on my face as I watch my silky figure in the full bedroom mirror. The late morning light fills the room with a soft warmth, making me pause with my beauty.

My hair, still wet and plastered in strands around my neck and shoulders, gives me a rugged, almost Amazonian appearance. My redhead locks match my hazel green eyes well. I move directly into the sunlight and let my towel drop around my knees, nodding in approval as I admire my form. I have a taller frame, and a nice, athletic hourglass figure. I run my hands along my defined abs. My height gives them a slender appearance. I run my hands up and gently press together my full breasts. Despite being in my mid thirties, they've retained a youthful perkiness. *They fit my body well.* I think to myself. I press them together seductively, as if I had an audience. I look up and down at my pale appearance, and slide my hand down between my legs, feeling the smooth skin from a fresh Brazilian wax the day before.

I smile approvingly. I may be in my mid thirties, but I still got it! I turn around and admire my beautiful ass. My hours upon hours on the stair master machine at the gym have paid off. With a soft giggle, I give myself a playful spank. Climbing onto the bed on my hands and knees, with my back still facing the mirror, I look back and sway seductively, as my mind returns to Jake's body.

"You like my ass, Jake?" I say with a sultry voice. "I bet you'd like to stick your dick in it." I imagine his body pressing up against mine. My hand slides over my bare pussy as I feel wetness between my lips. I seductively place my slippery fingers in my mouth, playing my fantasy further in my head.

"Mmm, yeah, I -" I freeze in place as I glance over through the window. Standing across from me in his window, was none other than Jake!

We stare at each other, not moving from place. Jake was in his same clothes from earlier. He stood there, pressed up into the window, mouth and eyes wide open.

"Uh - uh." I stutter in shock with my wet fingers still close to my mouth. He must've seen that! I wonder how long he has been there, watching me naked.

*He must have seen me taste myself ...* as I let my hand drift down, still on my hands and knees on the bed. From his point of view, he can see me from the side, in all of my glory. I slowly sit up, gently covering my perky nipples with one arm, until I am kneeling on the bed, facing him directly. Jake stands in his own mirror, unmovable. With a shy smile, I slowly pull away my arm, fully exposing my breasts in his direction.

Jake's arms rest against the window as he leans in for a better look. I stifle a giggle as I playfully trace the outline of my nipple. I can feel my heart pounding. I glance down, and can see my breast bounce slightly with every beat of my heart. I glance up as I cup my breasts in each hand.

He was gone.


Later that night ...


I slip on my night gown and slide wordlessly into bed, next to my husband. He is reading some financial journal, making notations with his pen and mumbling the occasional "mmmhmmm" as he flips through the pages. My mind wanders back to my exciting morning. I glance over through the window, and I can see that the lights of Jake's upper floor, where I saw him earlier, were off. I could see the glow of a TV reflecting from what must be his first floor.

I reminisce on my little impromptu show as Micheal sets his journal down. "You know, Chelsea, dear," he plainly states, "it has been a while since we've made love."

I inwardly cringe at his implication, but I knew what I had to do. You see, over the years I have regarded myself as sort of a trophy wife. I married a successful, older man several years my senior. As the marriage went on, I began to see having sex with him as paying my dues to remain in this club called marriage.

It's not like Micheal only wants me for sex, either. In fact, I believe that he truly does love me. He is just a simple man, with simple tastes, who is involved deeply in his work. All I have to do is put on a performance for him, and just like that, I've earned his devotion for a few weeks. I can then take care of my sexual needs ... other ways.

With the most sincere looking smile I could muster, I slide out from the covers and turn off the lights. As I begin to walk back to the bed, I falter a bit and pause at the window. Thinking of Jake, I fully draw back the curtains, letting the soft light from the full moon cascade over my body.

I was overdue for something special for Micheal. And maybe, just maybe, I could have a discreet audience of two. I pull off my nightgown and slide my panties down.

The moonlight cast mysterious shadows over my body, enhancing my sex appeal. I could see Micheal on the bed, anticipating his monthly award. Aware of how my silhouette appears to him in the frame of the window, and also of how my backside would appear to anyone who happened to be watching, I slowly sway back and forth. I seductively tousle my hair, letting Micheal, and just maybe Jake, take in all of me.

"You want to make love, baby?" I ask with a feigned desire. Micheal nods and slips down his pajama bottoms. I see his unimpressive, four inch member spring free. He never really was one for foreplay, which honestly, makes my job easier.

I slowly walk towards the bed, swaying my hips seductively. As I crawl onto the bed, Micheal scoots down so that he is laying flat. *looks like I'll be doing all of the work* i think to myself.

I straddle his thighs as I lower my hips onto his dick. Spitting into my hand, I lather his shaft with it as he enters me. I feel a slight pang of familiar dissatisfaction as I feel the full length of his small penis enter me. Still, appearances have to be maintained.

"Oh, yeah, baby," I call out, grinding my hips against him. "It feels so good." I lean forward and hump him, alternating between a grinding motion to a bouncing motion. Micheal keeps his eyes closed, as if he is concentrating. I went from straddling him to planting my feet on either side of him, crouching over and bouncing on him.

*Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack* *Smack*

The sound of my ass slapping down on his thighs filled the room. I leaned forward and gripped the head board, letting my breasts bounce in his face. I know how to please him. I look at him, as if I were feral and desperate for his dick. If only he knew that it wasn't his that I was craving right now.

My rhythm increases on his dick as Micheal begins to grunt louder and louder. After roughly forty five seconds of sex, he clamps down on my thighs and cums inside of me, with a slightly unattractive moan with each pulse. I stay crouched over him, slowly bucking my hips as I feel him grow soft and slip out of me. I slowly climb off of my husband as he begins to mumble, and then snore.

I sigh with a mixture of disappointment and relief as I walk to the bathroom and reach for my silk robe. I wipe some of his cum off of my pussy with paper, and cinch the robe belt tightly as I slip out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

I approach the kitchen sink and pour myself a cup of water. I ponder my sex life as I sip my glass. Honestly, Micheal was really a small part of it. Or, at least, he was. I think back on all of my flings and affairs. I was quite good at keeping them discreet, and Micheal's long hours and frequent trips made it a possibility.

For the first decade of my marriage, it was easy to find uncommitted, young guys who were looking for a booty call. And the things that they would do to me! It was nothing like the passive vanilla sex with Micheal.

*Gustavo. Mmm, he was a passionate lover. He could eat my pussy like a god. And, Steve, he could go all night! Then, there was Will.* I smile as I remember how he skillfully guided me through my first anal sex experience. That was a night to remember ... and every man that came after Will owes a debt of gratitude to him. He gave me an unquenchable love for dick in my ass.

All of these men have moved on, gotten married, started families. In a way, I feel frozen in time. My marriage isn't going anywhere, Micheal can't produce children, and, well, the men I would rely on to fulfill my needs aren't there anymore.

I lean over the sink and look out the window. I catch a glimpse of Jake's TV. He is watching some sort of movie. I seat myself on the counter top as I secretly join in his private showing.

I can't really find the plot of the movie, but it seems to center on a woman's life. From what I can tell, she's married, a school teacher, maybe? She appears to be helping a younger man with homework or something.

*Is this a comedy? Seems kind of gaudy. Wait a minute.*

"Oh." I giggle as the woman leans forward over the man's paperwork, filling the camera with her ample breasts. "It's a porno." I whisper to myself. I can't see Jake from this angle, but I can see the top of his head from behind the couch.

I hop off the counter and tiptoe to the dining room window, where I should be able to get a view of the couch. I stand on a chair and crane my neck to see over the fence-

"What. The. Fuck." I exclaim as I urgently press against the window for a better view. Jake was stroking a beautiful, long, thick cock!

"Holy shit!" I whisper excitedly under my breath. "Holy shit holy shit holy ... haha!" I laugh with surprise and excitement. Jake really was the whole package! I watch as he gently strokes his dick ... probably waiting for the more hardcore parts of the video.

I had to make a move. I had to have him. Without really thinking, I tiptoe to the door and slip out the front, only wearing my silk robe. Checking to see if the coast was clear, I scurry across the lawn to Jake's front door. I get another view of the TV, as the woman tugs at the man's pants, letting his impressive member spring free.

"Ohh!" I pause at the front window and admire the porn star's dick for a split second before returning to the task at hand. I lean over and ring the doorbell, then knock eagerly twice.

I hear a muffled "shit" as the TV abruptly turns off and Jake scurries around inside. For a moment, I almost get cold feet and I begin to turn around as the front door opens and Jake leans his head out.

"Oh! Umm, hi!" I exclaim, as I turn around to face him. "I'm uhmm, your next -"

"Yeah, uh, my next door neighbor. We've uh, we've met - no, no, we uh haven't." Jake stammers with embarrassment, realizing he was now face to face with the woman he was peeping on.

"Look, uh, I'm sorry about this morning," he explains urgently. "I, uh, I'm not-"

"Can I come in?" I state quickly, my heart racing in my chest. Jake stares with a shocked expression at me before saying, "Uh, yeah! Yeah, come inside." Still behind the door, he leans to the side to allow me in. I walk past him into the entry way with a sly smile. He closes the door, but still remains facing it. I bet he still has a raging hard on he is trying to hide.

"So, uhm, What can I do for you, Mrs..."

"Chelsea." I coyly reply.

"Mrs. Chelsea."

I laugh and brush a strand of hair behind my ear. "Well, you can call me Mrs. if you want, but just Chelsea is fine."

Jake scoots around along the perimeter of the room, attempting to discreetly hide his boner from me. I move down the center of the room, keeping in line with his retreat. While I silently toy with him, I innocently say, "I must have locked myself out of my house, so I figured I could come over here, and ..."

"Oh, you need to use my phone?"

"Oh, sure, but you know, what's the rush. I suppose you'd let me check the weather on the TV -" I reach for the controller and press the power button.

"Wait uh, now isn't -" Jake quickly turns around, his boner pressing against his loose basketball shorts. He quickly looks down and clasps his hands over his bulge.

"Wow." I coyly smirk, glancing down long enough for him to know that I saw. We stood there for a second as the TV powered on.

"Let's see what you're watching." The screen turns on, and the porno is paused with the woman's tongue brushing the edge of the man's dick. The title scrolls across the screen on the pause menu.

"Well. 'Hot Redhead MILF Gets Hammered By Young Stud In The Ass.' I don't think I've seen this one." Jake stands behind the couch, stunned and bewildered as I proceed nonchalantly around the couch and plop down. I glance back at him and mischievously say, "won't you watch it with me?"

"This is uh, this is -" He stammers.

"A great movie, I'm sure! Let's watch it." I hit play and turn it up louder. The actress continues to lick up and down the man's shaft. Jake stays in place, and I give him a feigned look of confusion. "Aren't you going to sit down?" I ask.

He nervously laughs and sits down on the far side of his couch, nervously shifting his gaze back and forth, from the movie, to me.

I determine that I am going to toy with him for a little bit. I sit up with my legs crossed, in the most ladylike pose I could muster. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jake squirming, unsure of what to do. He reaches for a nearby pillow, which I swiftly place behind my back. He cracks a nervous smile, and settles for allowing his hard dick to create a tent in his shorts. I lean back, feigning a sort of scholarly interest in the movie, while I catch glimpses of his twitching member out of the corner of my eye.

The actress is now bobbing her head up and down the shaft, making a 'gluh' sound every time she comes up. I can feel a wetness forming in my pussy, but I play it off as I continue with my game. I shoot Jake a concerned look when I catch him gently squeeze his bulge, and he immediately lets go.

The porn stars change position, with the woman laying back on a table and the man entering her pussy. By a few strokes, he was pumping in and out of her in typical pornstar fashion. By now, I could hear Jake breathing as he squirmed uncomfortably and bounced his leg. I continue to wordlessly watch. The man flips the actress over, spits on her asshole and presses the head against her rosebud. Jake squirms with a bit more urgency, so to lead him on without frustrating him, I break my gaze and look directly at him.

"So ... you like anal sex?"

"Uh, yeah, yes I do." I watch him intently as I hear the woman on the screen let out a long grunt. I look over and see her hands clawing at the table as the pornstar's dick pushes into her.

"Have you ever had anal sex, Jake?" The woman cries out again as half of the dick works it's way into her.

"Well, no, not yet, at least." The actress lets out a string of obscenities as the man fully presses his body against her ass. I uncross my legs and turn to face Jake fully.

Jake glances over at me and asks, "What about you?"

"What about me?" I reply.

"Have you ever had anal sex?"

I smirk as I glance back at the screen. The actress is letting out a wordless, constant screeching as the man fucks her ass without restraint. "Yes, I have."

"Well, did you like it?"

I turned towards him once more and leaned in close. Whispering towards his ear, I seductively say, "I loved it." With that, I turn my attention back to the screen. The woman is sprawled out on the table, with scattered 'ohs, ahs' and grunts coming from both performers. The man climbs up onto the table, pummeling the actress' asshole. After a few minutes of this, the man's grunting increased, as he pulled out and blew his load on the back of the writhing, moaning woman. Jake let out a mixture of a laugh and a shudder.

The porno cuts out as the movie finishes. I return my attention to Jake's now massive bulge. There is a sizable wet spot from all of his precum building up on his shorts. I think I've toyed with him enough.

I stand abruptly and turn to face Jake. He wordlessly watches as I undo the tie to my robe. I feel some of my husband's cum drip down my leg. "You know what, Jake?" I stated admiringly. "I believe I left my front door unlocked."

"Yeah, I kind of fig ... ured..." Jake's voice trails off as I let my robe fall from my shoulders and to the ground. His eyes lock onto my breasts as I sway from side to side, letting him take me in at all angles.

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