tagBDSMThe New Girl Ch. 01

The New Girl Ch. 01


Fiona and I had been together for several years. We lived a contented life together as owner and slave. She'd learned my likes and dislikes and she'd become used to my many demands, often anticipating them. We'd explored many kinks and fetishes and had done them so often that we no longer thought of them as being kinky; they'd simply become a part of our daily lives. Because I worked at home, I could enjoy Fiona whenever I wanted and as often as I wanted. Very early in the relationship I decided there was no reason she should wear clothes unless we ventured out. Besides keeping her completely exposed and vulnerable, I saved on her wardrobe and she had less laundry to do. It also allowed both of us to admire the welts, bruises and fluids on her body. She was especially fond of the welts and bruises. I liked seeing my cum on her face, tits, tummy and ass, and loved to see it leaking out of her pussy and ass, not to mention watching her lick up any that dripped onto the floor.

My job as a sexually-oriented portrait painter paid well and also allowed a lot of free time and travel. My specialty of painting in a super realistic style was of couples involved in sexual scenes, but with the faces of my client and someone of his or her choosing as the participants in the scene. I usually photographed myself with Fiona and then painted the scene from that photo, along with normal photos from the client. Practically all of my contacts and clients were in Europe so I occasionally made trips there to meet them and to deliver finished pieces.

It was during one of my trips to Germany that I was introduced to Lily, the 18-year old daughter of my biggest client. I'd painted many perverse scenes for her father over the past few years so I was shocked when told that Lily, a petite blonde girl with fair skin, was a virgin. I was even more shocked when asked to take her back home with me and train her for a life of slavery. I was offered €5000 as an initial down payment plus a monthly stipend of €1500. I was asked to do whatever was necessary and to take as long as I needed. As I started to clarify what I was being asked to do, Lily's father repeated that it was entirely up to me, that I should mold her into a slave fit for my desires. He then produced a contract prepared by his attorney which stated in no uncertain terms that he was placing his daughter into my care for any and all education I warranted, for however long that required. I looked at the young girl and then at her father and told him it would please me very much to take her with me. Her father and I signed the contract. I then looked back at her and asked if she was wearing a bra or panties under her dress, and if she was, to remove them now. She turned to leave the room, but I grabbed her by her long blonde hair and told her to stay here and remove them immediately. She blushed as she first removed the dress, then the bra, and finally her panties. Her father stared at her naked body, a bulge forming in the crotch of his pants. Before she started to put on the dress, I nudged her feet apart with my own foot and exposed her delicate pink pussy. I instructed her to raise her arms and clasp her hands behind her head.

While making her stand like that for close to a minute, I walked around her to get a good look at what was, for the next few months or more, mine. I paused behind her and admired the down-like blonde hairs on the soft curve of her ass. I leaned down far enough to reach my hand in between her thighs and slipped my middle finger inside the now wet slit of her pussy. Her body jerked once and them trembled as I slid my finger forwards and backwards through her wetness. I could hear the loud breathing of her father as I molested his daughter. Reaching farther, I pushed my finger up and over her clit a few times and then pulled all the way back, dragging my finger over the tightly puckered rim of her ass hole. I then straightened up, reached around her body and placed my wet finger to her mouth. Instinctively, she knew to lick it clean. I then told her to get dressed. As she did, I shook hands with her father and told him I'd keep him informed of my progress. He handed me two first class tickets for the flight home and wished me well.

I took her hand and escorted her out of her house. She was still trembling, either from being aroused or from not knowing what she was about to endure, or both. I told her that from that point on, she was to address me as "sir," to ask my permission to do anything and everything and to wait until I granted her permission before doing it. I explained that anytime she failed to follow my instructions, she'd be punished, and each successive failure would result in a harsher punishment.

When we arrived at my car, I opened the door and she proceeded to take her seat. I jerked her by the hair and asked if she'd forgotten something.

In perfect English she replied, "What the fuck?"

I slapped her lightly on the cheek. "Think about how you're to address me and try again."

Stunned, she responded, "What... sir? What have I forgotten, sir?"

I smiled and said, "That's better. Before you get into my car, aren't you supposed to ask for and get my permission?"

"I'm sorry, sir. Please forgive your stupid girl, sir. May I be seated in your car, sir?"

"That's it, Lily. Yes, you may sit in my car, but pull your dress up to your waist and sit with your knees spread apart."

"Pardon me, sir, but why must I sit like that?" she asked.

"Until I return you to your father, you belong to me and you will do everything I say. You need to get used to that fact. Now, hike up your dress, tell me that you belong to me, and then sit."

As she reluctantly raised the hem of her dress up to her waist she replied, "Yes, sir. I belong to you, sir. I will do everything you tell me, sir." She eased herself inside the car and sat on the cool leather upholstery. She parted her thighs and waited for me to get in.

Once I'd gotten into the driver's seat I looked over at her. "Lift your dress higher and spread those knees wider apart. If anybody cares to look into the car I want it to be worth the trouble. You're a very pretty young girl and I'm pleased to be able to show everybody what I have."

"Thank you, sir."

I drove to my hotel to collect my things. Once parked, I opened Lily's door and waited. This time she knew what to do.

"May I get out of the car and go inside with you, sir?" she obediently asked. "May I lower the hem of my dress, sir?"

"Yes, but first check to see if you've left a wet spot on the seat. If you did, you'll have to lick it clean before we go inside the building." I waited and watched as she placed her fingers on the seat beneath her pussy.

She giggled. "Oh my god, I made a puddle, sir!"

"Well, get out and then lick it all up."

I looked around the parking garage and when I didn't see anybody, I lifted her dress and squeezed both ass cheeks as Lily bent over to lick the seat. "I think you're going to make an excellent toy. I can barely stand the thought of having to wait any longer to get inside you."

"Do you want me now, sir?"

"If you weren't a virgin, I'd fuck you right now."

"I've played with dildos, sir. Maybe you can fuck me now, sir."

I glanced around and still saw no one. There was a security camera in the far corner, but I didn't think that would display a clear picture to anybody who might be viewing it. I unzipped my trousers, pulled out my cock and positioned the bulbous head between her slightly swollen pussy lips. I started pushing but met resistance. "Hold still, girl." I leaned in but still wasn't able to enter her. "You're too tight. I'll have to break your cherry elsewhere. Get up and lick my cock clean."

"I'm sorry, sir. Your cock must be larger than the toys I played with, sir. I do so hope you'll enjoy it when you finally bury your beautiful cock deep inside me, sir. May I lick your cock now, sir? mmmmm... your cock tastes wonderful, sir!"

Although I loved the feeling of the new tongue and lips on my cock, I knew this wasn't the time or place to enjoy it. "You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the taste of my cock later. Right now, we have to get inside, get my things and check-out so we can make the flight. First class or not, we still have to make it to the airport on time. Straighten your dress and let's go inside."

Lily stood up and tried to shake out the wrinkles in her dress. "Sir, there's a large wet spot on my dress! I can't go inside like this, sir!"

"Yes, you can and you will. Everybody who sees your wet dress will think I fucked you and that you're a cum dump, and although that isn't true at the moment, eventually it will be. Just smile and stay close to me."

"I like the sound of that, sir. I'm going to be your cum dump! Oh, sir, I can feel my pussy juice dribbling down my thighs. You're getting me so hot, sir."

I raised my arm and looked at my wristwatch. "Damn! Well, there'll be no time to do anything in the room besides grab my stuff and leave. I'm going to have to wait until I get back to my house before I can use you. When we get on the plane I'll get a blanket to spread over our laps and I'll finger you during the flight. At least I'll be able to start stretching you some."

We hurriedly went in, gathered my luggage and checked-out of the hotel. In the elevators and in the lobby, many people, mostly men, stared at Lily's wet stain. Some winked at us. Some pointed and muttered under their breath. One German woman asked if we had time for a Drei-Personen-Fick (threesome).

I rushed to get to the airport. I was relieved that there were no problems when I returned the rental car and that a shuttle was waiting to take us to the terminal. When we arrived at the security check I offered to let them do a strip search of Lily, but they noted that we barely had time to get to the departure gate as it was and let us pass through.

Once on board we were told we were the only passengers in first class and were shown to our seats. Almost immediately we were offered our choice of drinks. I wanted something light so I selected a Kabinett Riesling wine for both of us. I thought that might be enough to relax Lily without putting her to sleep right away. After take off I told the flight attendant we were a bit chilled and asked for a blanket. She smiled knowingly and as she placed the blanket over us, said she wouldn't disturb us until either I hit the call button or it was time for our meal. I thanked her as she took the wine glasses and then she disappeared.

"Pull up your dress and part your thighs, Lily."

Lily raised her butt off the seat and pulled the hem of the dress up to her waist. She smiled as she spread her knees open. "I'm ready, sir."

I lifted the edge of the blanket and moved my arm underneath, reaching my hand down to her naked pussy. At first I played with the hair above her clit, twirling it around in my fingers. "You know that's all going to disappear, don't you?"


"Yes. I'll have Fiona keep you smooth and completely hairless below your eyebrows."

"Who is Fiona, sir?"

"Fiona is my slave girl. She's been with me for several years, taking care of the house, preparing our meals, and doing everything else I've wanted. I think she'll like having you with us. I rarely eat her pussy, so I know she'll enjoy having you do that."

"I thought I was just for you, sir! You want me to have sex with other girls, sir?"

"Just Fiona, at least for the time being. She'll be a good teacher, for both the girl things and the things I like. Plus, as long as you only have sex with the two of us, I won't have to worry about you picking up any diseases or getting pregnant."

"I definitely don't want any diseases, sir, but I think it could be enjoyable to have you keep me pregnant. Think of the fun you'd having playing with my huge tits and spraying my milk all over me, sir!"

"Number one, I can't get anybody pregnant. And number two, you don't have to be pregnant to produce milk, so that's still a possibility. We'll see."

I changed my concentration from playing with her pubic curls to playing with her pussy lips. I pulled on them lightly before parting them and sliding my finger in between them.

Lily whispered to me, "I wish that was your cock and not your finger, sir. When it comes time for that, I don't want you to worry about hurting me, sir. I want to feel your cock open me up - I want you to take what belongs to you, sir."

"If you get this wet just thinking about it, my cock may slide in easier than we both think. Regardless, I'm pretty sure you'll feel it even after I've fucked you. If you bleed, Fiona will take care of you."

I pushed my middle finger inside her pussy and slowly stroked it in and out. "How does that feel?"

Lily sighed and said, "Please put in another finger, sir."

It was definitely a tight fit, but with a little effort I managed to get a second finger into her.

"Eventually you'll be able to get my entire hand inside you. What do you think about that?"

The walls of her pussy clamped down around my fingers as her eyes and mouth opened wide in disbelief. "Sir?!?"

"Fiona had the same reaction when we first got together, but now she looks forward to being fisted, and not just in her pussy." I chuckled wickedly. "Don't worry! You'll be ready for it when it happens. I won't even attempt it until you're able to take Fiona's fist."

During my brief talk about fisting, Lily's breathing suddenly quickened. I felt the walls of her pussy rhythmically contracting. Her juice flowed out around my fingers and down between her ass cheeks. Her eyes closed and her face became a brighter pink as her breasts heaved.

I watched motionless until she calmed down again. "Did my little virgin have an orgasm without permission?"

She rolled her head to the side to face me, opened her eyes and blushed a deep red. "I'm sorry, sir. It happened so quickly! Please don't punish me here, sir."

I gave her clit a hard squeeze and then told her, "That's the last time you cum without permission and without being punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, sir. If I ever cum without permission, I'll expect a harsh punishment, sir."

"Good! Now, get ready to lick my fingers clean. I think it's about time for our meal."

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and out from underneath the blanket. I placed them within an inch of her mouth and paused.

"May I please lick your fingers, sir?"

"Yes, you may. Hurry, I think I hear the flight attendant heading our way."

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