tagMind ControlThe New Gym Pt. 01

The New Gym Pt. 01


Transformations: Tingles - The New Gym

The world of Transformations is one very much like our own, but in this reality, the Church of Morpheus, a shadowy, perverse organization has taken power in Cuba. Now, they are extending their tentacles of depravity into the rest of the world.

Their aim is simple: to control the world by driving humanity into specific roles, with a class of brainwashed whores to keep the masses entertained.

The church is devious, and it will stop at nothing to draw its victims into a world of mind-controlled lust and perversion.

Tingles are short vignettes telling different stories in the world of Transformations.


It wasn't that Pam Davis minded being kissed full on the lips by another woman, it was a thing now after all. Girls were kissing each other. It didn't mean anything. It was European, she thought.

And, she had known Regina Klauss for at least five years. They were friends.

Not close friends, just pals.

Regina was about thirty-five with brown hair and brown eyes. So-so attractive. She complained constantly about her husband's job that took him all over the world on a moment's notice.

And, she took a lot of Xanax.

A LOT of Xanax.


All that was before.

The Regina Klauss who kissed her full on the lips in TGI Fridays was a good deal different from the Xanax version.

This Regina Klauss had long platinum blonde hair that flowed around her face, shoulders, and down her back. She looked ten years younger.

The old Regina had breasts that she hid in bulky sweatshirts when they volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in the Fall.

This Regina had breasts that were more commonly referred to as "fun bags" stuffed into a thin silk blouse that looked ready to send its tiny buttons flying off as plastic shrapnel capable of maiming anyone in range.

The part of being kissed in TGI Fridays by a woman that bothered Pam was that the woman was a bimbo.

"Regina? Is that you?" Pam asked as she took in the sight of Regina 2.0.

Pam's lips still tasted like strawberries from Regina's lip gloss.

Regina giggled and spun around on her Come Fuck Me Pumps. Her heart shaped ass was encased in a latex skirt that resembled a black sausage casing. It ended about two inches below her butt cheeks. "It's been a crazy six months." Her voice was all bubbles and cotton candy, high pitched and sweet.

She grinned revealing about $20,000 worth of dental work. "And, you look... great too!"

"Yeah, well, same old me, but... wow! Very different you."

"I know! Right? I have like the best gym in the whole city."

Pam motioned with her hands. "All this from the gym?"

Regina's big doe eyes blinked as she nodded.

Big, beautiful green eyes.

Contact lenses?

"It's the Morphosis Gym over on Fifth Street." She pointed to the table behind her. "We all go there."

Pam tried not to stare.

The table was full of, well, bimbos.

Blondes, brunettes, redheads, all of them tall with hourglass figures and breasts that had to require custom made bras.

"You should totes go: it's full service - more of a spa really. Makeovers, hair, nails, massage, permanent waxing, even plastic surgery, and they sell the most beautiful outfits." She spun around again.

"Yeah! Sounds like quite a place." Pam pointed to her lunch mate who was still sitting. "You remember Emma, don't you."

Regina gave Emma a vacant stare. A few seconds later, the big smile returned. "Of course, I do! So cute!" She bent at the waist and kissed Emma on the lips before the woman had time to swallow her bite of salad.

"Mmm, ranch dressing. Yummy!" Regina said as she continued to smile at Emma a few inches from her face. "I could just eat you up!"

Pam didn't hear what she said. When Regina bent forward, the skirt that had been valiantly trying to cover the bimbo's ass gave up the fight and exposed her completely.

Is that a ring in her... Could they even do that? Pam thought as she looked at the panty-less behind of Regina Klauss. There was a gleaming gold ring peeking out from her butt cheeks in the spot between her vagina and asshole.

Regina raised up to full height and tugged the rubber sheath back down her butt. "Oopsy! I keep forgetting."

Pam stared at her with her mouth slightly open.

Regina was staring intently at Pam's lips, and Pam had the uncomfortable feeling the woman was contemplating kissing her again - with tongue this time.

Instead she reached out and grabbed Pam in a tight hug, pressing the flesh balloons against her. "It was so good to see you again! You should check out the gym, it's totes fab!"

Pam drew in a sharp breath as she felt Regina's hand caress her buttocks.

"Ciao!" Regina bubbled and bounced back to her table.

Pam sat down slowly, willing herself not to look toward the table full of bimbos.

Emma spoke through a mouthful of salad. "Oh my God, did she actually say 'totes'?"

Pam just stared straight ahead with her mouth open. "She grabbed my ass."

Emma stopped in mid chew. "Shut up."

"Swear to God." Pam said and finally managed to close her mouth.

"Huh. I had no idea she liked vajayjay."


"Vajayjay. You know? Muff. All the kids are saying it, it's totes in now." Emma said and took a bite of salad. Her chewing in no way slowed down her talking. "'Course, that explains it."

"Explains what?"

"Her and her husband split like six months ago. That must be why." Emma looked up and spoke with dramatic intensity. "She has embraced the love that dare not speak its name."

Pam burst out laughing and put her hand over her mouth to stop giggling.

"Seriously," Emma said. "Being single, that happens to me all the time. I can't tell you how many women have propositioned me. It's sad when I tell them I'm strictly dickly. They cry, beg..."

"You've never been propositioned by a woman in your life," Pam said with a smirk.

Emma waved her fork at Pam. "No, goddamn it, I haven't. And, why not? I got perky tits."

"Non-existent tits."

"I prefer to say I don't require a bra."

"Because you have no tits."

"Tomato, tomahto." She grinned. "But, I got a vajajay that can make grown men cry."

"Please don't say that word."

"'Men'? Why not?"

"Vajay... you know what I meant. I saw enough of Regina's vajayjay... fuck, now you have me saying it."

Emma swallowed. "Whoa. Back up. When did you see her... lady bits?"

"Just now." Pam leaned closer. "When she bent over the table to kiss you..."

"Most action I've had in a year, by the way."

"When she bent over, that rubber band she's wearing as a skirt rode up. She's commando under there."

"No shit. What'd it look like?"

"A vagina," Pam said sarcastically. Then she bit her lip. "Only, with an all over tan, and no pubic hair, and no blemishes."

Emma's eyes widened. "How good a look did you get?"

Pam glanced toward Regina's table. The girls were talking with their hands and giggling.

Pam turned back to Emma. "Enough to see she had a big gold ring piercing that place between her vagina and her anus."

"Her perineum?"

"How the fuck do you know the name for that? You deliver mail."

"Ow! Words can hurt." She shrugged. "I read a lot. Porn mostly. 'He massaged her perineum with the head of his manhood, and she wondered which entrance he would choose?'"

"That's disgusting," Pam laughed.

"Yes, I read that last night in my empty bed. Holding the book one handed, while with my other hand I caressed my perineum and dreamed."

"Oh, God, stop..."

"Tell me, Pam. I don't surf internet porn, and my naughty books only have words, not pictures." She picked up a baby carrot. "What do they look like?"

"What does what look like, you freak?"

"A manhood? It's been so long, I've forgotten."

Pam sighed and slumped. "About nine inches long and determined to enter the wrong hole."

Emma leaned back. "Oh, my God, still? I thought you told Chad the Hershey Highway was closed."

"He's fixated," Pam said as she took a bite of her own salad.

"You got to be firm."

"Marriage makes that complicated. You try to cater to the other person's... fetishes."

"Yeah, no. That's why I'm single."

Pam nodded. "That is precisely why you're single." She shrugged. "It's not really a big deal. He's never hurt me, and if I tell him to stop he does."

"So, you've actually done it?"

She shook her head. "No, I chicken out every time. I'm a horrible wife."

Emma took her hand. "Hey, you hot bitch, I'd take you off his hands in a heartbeat. I'd be all up in that vajayjay. As long as it was clean and I could use a dildo."

Pam jerked her hand away. "Freak."

"And, I couldn't muff dive. I'm sorry, just no."

"Now would be a good time for you to shut up."

Regina and the bimbos got up from their table and swished and swayed toward the door. She stopped and winked at Pam and blew her a kiss.

Pam waved and smiled.

When they were out the door, Emma whistled. "Damn, that was a lot of meat in motion."

"Ain't that the truth," Pam whispered.

"Morphosis Gym on Fifth, huh?" Emma said.

"Oh, you're not."

"Not me, Kemosabe, us. Tomorrow. Lunchtime. We're checking out Bimbos'R'Us."

"Oh, no we are not."

"Oh, yes. We are."

"Stop. I'm sorry. I can't, Chad," Pam was on her knees on the bedroom floor, her ass in the air. His big cock head was a half inch inside her butt.

"Goddamn it, I'm almost in." Chad growled.

"Chad! Stop! I'm afraid."

Chad sighed and stopped pushing. "Okay. Okay. It's okay. I know you're scared."

"You're so big, Chad."

"Baby, just relax. We'll take as much time as you need. You'll stretch..."

"No!" She started to cry. "Chad, please..."

He groaned and pulled out. He sat down on the carpet behind her.

She turned around and hugged his chest. "I'm sorry. Please. I'm sorry."

He just sat there for a moment, and then he wrapped his arms around her. "It's okay, baby." He pulled her up and kissed her.

He cuddled her for awhile, whispering softly.

Pam felt like a failure. And, once again, she felt silly for being so frightened. She stood up and straddled him. "I'll make it up to you," she smiled and slowly lowered herself toward his rod.

"Yeah, you will." He wrapped his fingers in her long brown hair and pulled her back, forcing her to her knees on the floor.

"What?" she whimpered.

He guided her mouth down to his stiff prick. "All the way in, and don't you even think about using your hands."

"But... it was in my ass," she whined.

"Suck it." He pressed her lips against his cock and she opened wide.

It slid in quickly, not slowing when it touched the back of her throat and kept going, making her gag.

In the end, she did as she was told.

"Why are we waiting in here? I want to go in," Emma said.

They were sitting in a coffee shop across the street from the Morphosis Gym.

Pam had jerked Emma into the shop instead of going into the fitness center. "I just want to see who comes and goes before we go in, that's all."

The Morphosis Gym was in a building that used to hold doctor's offices. It dominated the block on its side of the street. The windows were tinted silver on the outside, making it impossible to see inside. The sign over the front door was flowing script made of pink neon.

"No, we're sitting in here because you're a pussy," Emma said.

"You mean a vajayjay..."

Emma sighed and laid her head on the bistro table. They were sitting in the front window, giving them a great view of the street.

"Hey, look," Pam said. "Bimbos."

A small group of women approached the gym. Like the girls yesterday, they were dressed in skimpy, shiny skirts and tight rubbery looking tops.

But, that's where the similarities ended. Regina and her friends were wearing CFM pumps. These women were wearing identical black thigh high stiletto boots, black rubber mini-skirts, and black rubber jackets.

They were all over six feet tall, and their breasts made Regina's look pre-pubescent.

"Jesus, is the circus in town?" Emma whispered.

A few yards behind them, a woman followed. She was as tall as they were, and dressed identically except for the color. Instead of black rubber, she was clad in white rubber with a red stripe running up the back of her boots.

"I think I've seen her in a comic book - Slut Woman," Emma said.

"Shh," Pam whispered.

The woman had platinum blonde hair falling almost to her ass.

The girls in black went in, but the woman in white paused.

Pam's breath caught in her chest.

The woman turned and stared directly at her.

The woman smiled slowly. She hooked her finger toward Pam and beckoned her.

Pam stood up and walked toward the door, never taking her eyes off the woman in white.

Emma grabbed her hand. "Whoa, where you headed?"

Pam stopped and blinked. She looked down at Emma. "Um, what?"

"Where are you going?"

She looked out the window. The woman in white was laughing. She turned and went inside the gym.

"I... I don't know." Pam said as she returned to her seat. She stared out the window at the closed door to Morphosis.

"What were you doing?"


Emma waved her hand in front of Pam's face. "Hey, sweetie, snap out of it."

Pam blinked and shook her head.

"What were you doing, Pam?"

"I... nothing..."

"No, Pam, you got up and started out the door."

Pam laughed. "No, I didn't."

"Yes! Pam, you did. You were looking at the woman in the white outfit and you went all glassy eyed."

"I did?"

A woman spoke at the table beside theirs. "Yeah, you better be kissing your friend's ass. She just saved your life."

Pam and Emma turned and stared at the woman.

She was tall and wrapped in a gray hoodie pulled over her face. White earbuds dangled from her collar. Her long, thin fingers held a large cup of coffee on the table in front of her.

"Excuse me," Emma said. "We're trying to have a private conversation."

She turned her face toward them and lowered the hood.

Short black hair framed a pretty face with a thin nose and a dusting of freckles.

Her ice chip colored eyes were ringed with dark circles - she looked as if she hadn't slept in days. "Well pardon the fuck out of me." She turned back to her coffee, but Pam noticed she was keeping her left eye on the gym.

"Do you know anything about that place?" Pam asked.

"Enough." She drank her coffee.

"Join us?" Pam asked.

The woman shook her head. "You're too close to the window. Join me."

Pam stood up.

Emma grabbed her hand. "Hey! We don't know this chick."

Pam rolled her eyes. "Oh, come on."

"No, Pam. Your little space out has me spooked. Let's just get out of here."

"You started this, remember?"

Emma sighed and stood up. They moved across to the other woman's table.

"I'm Pam and this is Emma."

"Helen," she said as she glanced nervously toward the gym again.

"Why do you keep looking over there?" Pam said as she sat down.

"She brain snared you. If she's interested enough, she might come over here."

"Brain snared?" Emma asked.

Helen nodded toward Pam. "The White Witch - that's what most people call them. They get in your head. Your friend saved you."

"Fuck this," Emma said. "Can we please go?"

"Emma, stop..."

"No, your friend's right," Helen said. "Run away and don't look back."

"If you're so afraid, why are you here?" Pam asked.

"My sister."

They ordered more coffee as the lunchtime crowd dissipated.

"My sister, Nancy," Helen said. "She went into that gym one day and never came out. I went to the cops, but... Nancy had issues."

"What kind of issues?" Pam asked. Her hands were cold.

"Drugs. Heroin when she could afford it, meth when she couldn't. Cops won't waste resources on a junkie. They said to go home, she'd show up. That was three months ago."

"I'm sorry," Emma said as she took her hand. "Sometimes, people get lost."

"No! No, she was getting clean. That's why she started going to the gym - she was working her body to take her mind off the dope." She pointed toward the back wall. "The coffee shop has a security camera that points out the window. I bribed the owner to let me see the footage he gave the cops. My sister walked into the gym at 9:00 AM and never came out." Tears wet Helen's cheeks.

Pam took her other hand. "Sweetie, maybe there's a door on the back of the building?"

She shook her head. "No, no, there isn't. The first thing I did was go to the gym. The other side of the gym is for VIP members only. My sister barely had two nickles to rub together. The only way in or out is through the front door. Anyway, when I started asking questions about my sister, I got the bum's rush. They wouldn't let me back in."

"So, you're, what? Staking the place out?" Emma asked.

"Sort of. I was hanging around out front for a few days. That's when the white witch took an interest in me," Helen shivered. "She walked straight up to me and puts her hands on my face, and... I'm straight, okay?"

Pam and Emma just stared at her and nodded.

"When she put her hands on my face, all I wanted to do was be with her, you know? I just wanted to take off my clothes and let her do things to me." Her eyes looked far away. She blinked and shook her head. "I was following her into the gym, when these two cars collided in the street - happens a lot, they average an accident a day from guys who get distracted by the scenery. There was a loud crash, and, I don't know, I guess it startled her, broke her voodoo. And, I ran like hell."

Helen drank down the remainder of her coffee in one gulp. "I can't sleep. When I sleep, I see the white witch."

"Why would you come back here?" Pam asked.

She shook her head. "I can't just abandon my sister. I can't go near the building, but I can keep watching as long as I buy coffee." She opened her purse and pulled out some folded paper. She opened it: it contained printouts from web sites. "I did some research. The Morphosis Gym is a chain that started six months ago. Locations in every major city in the US." She spread the papers out. "And, they're owned by the Church of Morpheus."

"No fucking way," Emma whispered as she looked through the pages.

The Church of Morpheus. Eighteen months ago, they had been all over the news. The religious order had overthrown the Cuban government and seized power in Havana, turning the once Communist nation into a playground for vice. Late night television advertised Cuban 'Sexcations' for unbelievably low airfare and rooms that were nearly free. Rumor had it the entire island was in a perpetual state of carnival with open orgies in the streets.

And, now they were opening gyms in the US?

"There's more," Helen said as she pointed to the stack of pages. "There are all these stories about abductions, people being forced into the sex trade, and people coming back from those 'sexcations' different than when they went in."

Emma shook her head and pushed the pile of papers toward Helen. "Oh, come on. You can't be serious? State sanctioned abductions? Forced prostitutions? It's the 21st century."

Helen frowned and folded the papers. "Yeah, nobody else believes me either. Just a few other nuts on the internet, and most of them are too scared to help me." She put the papers away and squeezed their hands. "Look, like I said, even if you think I'm crazy, don't go in there. It's not safe."

Pam stared at her hand in Helen's. "What are you going to do?"

She shook her head. "Keep watching till my money runs out. Maybe I'll catch a glimpse of her."

"We'll help you," Pam said.

"Uh, no, we won't," Emma said.

"What do you want us to do?" Pam asked, ignoring Emma's complaint.

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