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The New Job


I was sitting at my desk staring at the heading of the report I was supposed to be writing. But I had no idea how I was supposed to do it. My supervisor had been very short with her trainings and had made it very clear that questions were only to be asked if I had absolutely NO OTHER WAY to find out the information. I usually was a fast learner; usually I could find the information. But I had read three of the previous reports and I still had no idea how to begin this one.

Partially it had to be because I was a little afraid of her. With her perfect mix of professional badass and femme fatale I was stunned. I usually made friends with women easily. Even the few I had been more than friends with- it came easily. With her I was sure nothing was easy.

I twirled in my office chair. Having my own office was a nice perk, even if I was sure it wasn't going to last. I might as well start looking for another job because there was no way this was going to work out. I knew the last guy had been fired for incompetence. I had laughed when I was told sure I would be much better. But now? Was it possible to meet her standards? I caught a glance at my blank screen. Definitely impossible it I didn't do any work.

The clocked ticked to 11:30. I wasn't getting anything done so I might as well take lunch. I grabbed my bag and headed toward the door. Right when I was locking the glass I saw a flash of red. I tried to hurry I thought I remembered that she was wearing red today. Her office was right across from mine, and with the mostly glass construction there was little hiding.

I was too slow.

"Did you finish the report?" I froze, keys still in my hand.

"Not quite, I hope to have it to you by this afternoon." I winced as I spoke. There was no way I would have it finished by the time she left at 4:00 sharp.

"Perfect, just send me your draft before you leave for lunch." She turned back to her screen.


There was no way out of this. I had a heading and I had to send it to her right now? I figured I could spend my lunch hour applying to jobs, at least my resume was still updated- maybe a few of the offers I had turned down were still looking for people.

I unlocked my door even more slowly than I had locked it. I had to think of something. Maybe she just wanted to see a page count- I could send her one of the older ones- or! Even better I could send her what I had, and lie and tell her it wasn't the current version. Perfect.

I perched in my office chair and fired up the computer. The blank page was staring back at me but I was ready.

File - save as - April reporting v1 - attach - send.

Perfectly done. Now when I returned, if she had opened the file, I could let her know I was already working on version two and something must have gotten mixed up in the editing.

Confidant I had saved my ass for the moment I headed out again.

"Just sent!" I called out through her open door as I sashayed past.

"We'll discuss when you return." She didn't even look up and I still almost tripped, from the fear. So she fully intended to read it and from what I had heard about her whatever she intended to do got done. I almost giggled to myself, it wouldn't take long for her to read it at least.

My self-satisfaction was very short lived. Right when I sat down in the create-your-own-salad place with my salad with way too many toppings my work phone pinged with the email sound. I knew what it was before I even pulled it from my bag. My freedom had lasted less than 15 minutes.

"There is something wrong with the attachment. Please send the correct version at your earliest convenience "


Again. My earliest convenience, like in a few weeks when I had actually learned how to write a report. I may have fudged the truth in my interview just a bit, I did have experience writing reports, like for college, not for this large of an organization and then they had believed me! I was so screwed.

My salad looked even less appealing than it had before. I carefully placed the top back on and stood. Maybe if I snuck back into the office I could write something quickly to send her. Something incorrect was better than nothing right?


The door to her office was closed when I returned. She was in the office though I could see her speaking on the phone to someone. Probably to schedule the interview for my replacement.

I quickly slid in the door to my office and started up the computer. I still didn't know where to start and the page remained as blank as it had been before. I watched as the clock ticked down the minutes until the end of my lunch. 45 minutes, then 30- I still thought I could do it as the clock ticked down to 15- I was a fast writer and it was a shortish report. I could write the three pages in 15 minutes, or one and a half and turn it in as a draft! I could do it- if I had any idea of what to write.

10 minutes- 5 minutes- there was no way. I put my head in my hands there had to be some other way out of this. Maybe I could say that I was sick. Just leave the office and write it at home- but I had told her I already had something. I could cry and tell her the computer had deleted it- but then I would be expected to rewrite it in an even shorter amount of time. Or- I could tell the truth and just get fired on my own terms.

Double fuck.

I had gone back to spinning in my chair when there was a sharp knock at my door.

"Come in" I couldn't even look at her.

"I didn't receive your report. You said you were familiar with Microsoft office, Macs, and report writing. I expect you have some reason why I don't have it?" Her voice was clipped but there was still something so- compelling about it, it was lower than most women's but still so deeply feminine even when just this side of scolding.

I turned my head to look at her. Her hair was pulled up into some kind of complicated bun, but there were wisps framing her face and a pen stuck in the middle. It should have looked messy but somehow just made her look more efficient. Her makeup was subtle, but her suit was the color of fresh blood. Her silk blouse was black, and her shoes were beautiful. Some kind leather and much higher and more stiletto-y than strictly appropriate for the office. Even her arches rising above the sides of the shoes were beautiful and I didn't even like feet like that.

"Did you hear me?"

I had been staring.

"Um yes, I'm familiar I just-" It was the moment of truth, or untruth. I had decided to be honest but- "I think something happened I had most of it written but when I got back to check what you said- maybe I deleted it?" I could feel the tears welling in my eyes and I wasn't sure if it was because of my lie, relief I might get away with it, guilt, or something else entirely.

"Well I hope so, it would be easy enough to recover." She walked quickly to my desk and pulled the mouse from my hand. She was so close and smelled amazing. I hadn't noticed but she smelled like flowers- lilies maybe, or lotus.

Unfortunately I had forgotten that one of her specialties was computer science. The tears gathered more quickly. I rolled my chair further from her and watched as she quickly went through a few commands on the computer, finding along the way the messages I had sent to friends, my Facebook page, and finally that I had not written anything other than my title and maybe a few expletives that I had then deleted.

My heart was pounding out of my chest and when she turned to look at me again the tears began to fall down my cheeks.

"Why would you lie?" I had no idea what to say. I just sat and cried silently.

"Why didn't you ask for help?" She spoke again after several minutes of very uncomfortable silence. I shrugged and tried to speak but the words wouldn't come, I knew this was it. My dream job was over and after only two days.

'You said not to ask questions, and I thought since there were the examples. I really don't know how to write this kind of report." My words were halting and in between sniffs. I didn't want to cry disgustingly so I had to go slowly.

She began to laugh, quietly then louder. I stared in stunned silence. Why was she laughing? I knew she was supposed to be a hard ass but damn, laughing that you had to fire you newest employee?

"I knew you didn't know how to write these reports. I just wondered how long you are going to keep up the lie. I wondered if you could pull it off. I guess not." She leaned closer and brushed my tears away from my face with her thumbs. "No one expected you to be able to finish, just when you said you had..." Her voice was light, forgiving. "But don't you lie to me ever again. This is twice now." The sternness in her tone twisted my stomach.

"I won't I'm so sorry. I just didn't want to disappoint you I thought I could do it, I'm usually good at copying and I didn't know what to do and I don't want to get fired-"

"Shh" her hands were still on my face, one lifted to put her index finger against my lips. I was so tempted to let my lips part, just for a taste. I was so surprised by the thought I didn't and then it was too late, she had stepped away.

"Take your lunch then I'll send you the outline. The data for you to enter should be in your email. I can expect that you know how to access the documents in your email?" The playful tone was back, I nodded and she was gone.


I sat stunned for a moment. My salad sat there too, just as unappealing as before. I couldn't get her smell out of my head. I imagined it had lingered in the small room. I couldn't stop thinking of her finger against my lips, the softness of her hands on my cheeks. I crossed and uncrossed my legs. My stockings were uncomfortable and I wished I could strip them off. I settled for pulling them up tighter, the seam pulled tight between my legs and I was surprised how nice it felt riding between my lips. I sat again. Rubbed my legs together again which pulled the seam deliciously against my clit. I felt myself reaching closer to an orgasm. I stopped, the glass of the office door left me a bit too exposed and I had work to do. I uncrossed my legs and placed my feet firmly on the ground. I had to get rid of this inappropriate crush and more importantly I had to find this data.


"It's really just a form letter, except it's a report. I'm sure you won't have any trouble with it now that you know." She had said, and it had been pretty simple. And I wouldn't have had any trouble if I had been paying any attention. But her presence was so intoxicating. The way one of her legs crossed over the other, the way her heel was so dangerously high and so close to the inside of my thigh. The way her skirt pulled up and her thighs were bare under it, and how her skin looked so soft. The soft whiff of her perfume when her turned her head, how the soft wisps seemed to move in an invisible breeze and the way her lips formed each word. It was clear now why she wasn't wearing much makeup, she didn't need it. Her skin was clear with a light sprinkle of freckles, her checks lightly flushed as she was speaking- and the most distracting, her lips- full and perfectly shaped, bowed just a bit at the top.

"I'll leave you now then?" My eyes were reluctant to leave her lips, and I sat up straighter from when I had been leaning dangerously close to her.

"Mm, yeah, that's fine" my words were slow and more languid than I would have hoped for an office situation. I blinked slowly and imagined that her cheeks were a bit more flushed than before.

"Good then, just get it to me by tomorrow. Before lunch please." Her hand rested on my leg for a moment, then stayed for a moment longer. It was higher on my leg than I would have expected too, much closer to that maddening seam between my legs that to my knee.


It was difficult to write after that, but the desire to have it done, to not disappoint her again was a good motivation. It turned out that enough had gotten into my mind that I could work on the report, and it really wasn't that difficult now that I knew what I was doing. So not difficult that I could have probably figured it would if I had been focused earlier.

I ended up finishing up the project before the end of the day, and had plenty of time to edit it and send a semi final draft. I was almost disappointed I didn't have to ask any questions. I thought about making some up just to be nearer her but felt that she would somehow know. I didn't want to be caught in my third lie quite yet.


The next few days passed without incident. It was fairly quiet in the office. There were some reports to be written but these were straightforward. Some longer term projects that I was just beginning work on but nothing that needed to be submitted yet. I met some of the other coworkers and had lunch with a few of the other associates.

I had almost convinced myself that she was not as impressive as I had imagined, that I just admired her success. But then-

I was at the copier; I was trying to put more paper in fucking tray two that never worked. I had leaned forward without bending my knees and I fought with the settings trying to get the legal paper to fit when I felt a sharp smack to my ass. I rocked forward into the printer and stood up almost too quickly. I turned around and it was her, with a small smile on her face.

"I'm sorry I couldn't resist. Tight little ass you've got there."

It was almost too much of a cliché. Had I been transported into some alternative porno universe?

I turned to look at her, my ass protected by tray two and the rest of the printer.

"That's really not appropriate." I said as I straightened my skirt, and buttoned the top button of my blouse.

"Oh really, if that's true that this certainly won't be" She reached out and unbuttoned the button I had just closed, then the next one- and finally the third. Her finger slid down my sternum, squeezing its way between my breasts to flick the clasp of my bra.

It seemed absurd that such a small movement could feel so good, goose bumps raced across my skin and her finger left a trail of fire in its wake. I was as wet as I was indignant- but my hands stayed at my sides.

"I'm going to have to report you" my words were breathy and almost too quiet to be heard.

"If that's the case why should I stop?" she leaned in and began to unzip my skirt. I leaned into her to make it easier. Entranced by her touch and I'm not wearing panties and the feeling of her hand sliding across the skin of my ass is almost too much to bare.

I wiggle my hips and the skirt drops to the ground. Her hand glides around my hip, the other resting behind me, bracing on the printer and blocking me in. She slides her hand between my legs, slipping one finger between my lips. I know she can feel how wet I am. Her finger circles my clit and my hands are finally able to move. I grab her shoulders, grateful that the printer is behind me to hold me up. The slow circles are infuriating, I need more even as I charge toward orgasm.

I look up at her face and her lips are getting closer to mine, my lips part slightly and- the fire alarm goes off. Only it doesn't sound quite right.

She seems less solid in front of me. I hold on tighter and lean closer trying to reach her lips, but the alarm gets louder- and louder, and my eyes are opening.

I'm lying on my stomach, and my right hand is firmly between my legs, the other under my pillow.

I was so close to an orgasm but now it's fading and I have to get up and shower.

I don't know if I'm more disappointed that I woke up or that my imagination was so unoriginal.


I'm walking into the office and I'm cranky and horny and just a little bit late.

I sit at my computer and pull up my emails, there are a few things to do, easy enough things, scheduling some meeting with clients, some donors. I've been asked to organize the next monthly birthday. How it falls to me when I have been here for less than a month is a mystery but here I am.

Lunch time comes and I realize that I forgot to bring my leftovers from home. Just another thing to be cranky about.

I get some noodle thing that I put too many topping on. I ate at the store and get back to the office, almost excited to wallow in my crankieness since I've finished my assigned tasks.

I'm spinning in my office chair when a chime tells me that an email has been sent.

I'm hoping for something interesting, but just some papers to print and file. I send them to the printer and low and behold the only thing that has come true from my dream is that drawer two has an error.

I go and get the paper and on a whim try to put it in the printer as in my dream. This time it works on the first try and I sigh. Plus my skirt has a zipper on the side and I did wear panties. Really boring black cotton ones too.

I blow out a breath through my nose, not quite frustrated and slam the drawer shut. I take half a step back ready to resume printing when I have a feeling-

I turn around and there she is, standing right behind me. I hadn't seen her since the report incident, but there she is, in navy blue today with a cream blouse that draped almost too perfectly across her chest.

"Oh I didn't mean to startle you- just um. That skirt really fits you well-" She pauses for a moment before quickly walking away. If I didn't know better I would say it was almost awkward.

I looked at my skirt. It was black. Just a pencil skirt, nothing special about it. I decided to take the compliment and let it be. I went to file the papers and forgot about the whole thing.


I had forgotten to file my mileage reimbursement. This was a horrible offence and I was being punished accordingly.

The desk was cold against my chest and cheek. I could feel my nipples standing out and pressing onto the wood. The edge of the desk pushed tightly into my hip bones, but these sensations were secondary to the sensation taking most of my attention- the burning in my ass-

"Six" I say and there is a new crack and burning on my skin. "Seven" I hope the total will be ten cause this is really hurting and tears and beginning to sting my eyes. But even with the pain feeling the cool air on my ass is strangely erotic. I feel vulnerable and exposed and so, so horny.

I feel a soft hand on my ass, soothing the sting. Pausing a moment in the massage to squeeze the cheeks together, then to pull them apart. I'm so exposed and a finger traces down my crack to slide inside me. I'm so aroused and the feeling causes my knees to buckle, pushing my hips even deeper into the wood. The finger slides out and another sharp spank stings my skin.

"Eight" I say, wishing now that this will never end, unless its for something even better to happen-

But then I begin to think a bit clearer, was this really the punishment for turning in my miles late? And plus I had turned them in yesterday- and suddenly the desk isn't quite so cold, or so solid, and the burning in my ass not quite so intense and my eyes are opening.

I sigh heavily. My panties are around my ankles and I'm lying on my back, and hand between my legs and FUCK not again.

At least this time I've woken up early enough to take my time in the shower. I just got a new showerhead and it is amazing. I roll out of bed almost excited.


The cool siding of the shower is soothing in contrast to the almost too warm water and the burning need raging inside. One hand is on the showerhead, the other sliding middle and index fingers deep inside. I'm shaking and tottering on the edge. I keep telling myself that I can't cum to the image of my boss! But each time I get close all I can think of is her sweet lips against mine, her hands with their perfectly cared for fingers sliding inside me, or of sliding the zipper of her skirt down and seeing what lies underneath. Wondering if she has those light perfect freckles on her chest as well, if her skin is a smooth as it looks, if she would really spank me-

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