tagGay MaleThe New Kid Ch. 09

The New Kid Ch. 09


The concluding chapter to this story. Hope you guys enjoyed the series and please leave some feedback on what you thought.


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays passed without any sign of Corey. That Tuesday afternoon, Zack called and I told him what I knew. I tried calling Corey twice a day those three days, but they all went to voicemail. By Friday morning I was a little disheartened. How long would Corey be gone? I kept thinking that I was never going to see him again, but I knew that that was just the pessimism talking.

The bell rang, signalling the end of period. I packed up my stuff and headed for the cafeteria. It was lunch and I was starving from missing dinner the previous night. I bought myself a couple of sandwiches before heading for the courtyard. It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky and perfect weather to have lunch outside. Upon reaching the courtyard, I realized I wasn't the only one with the same idea. The various benches were already full with students. Some sat underneath those big umbrellas while others sat on the grass. I walked to the quietest area near the library. There were still a number of students there but less so than the rest of the courtyard.

I was just about to sit on the grass when something caught my attention. My heart skipped a beat and my breathing stopped. All I could do was stand, staring across the grass to the person standing there. Part of me wanted to run to him, wrapping him in my arms and never letting go. The other part wanted to slap him across the face and wipe that smile off. How could he be smiling when he just disappeared for a week? My conflicting emotions made me stand rooted to the spot.

He approached me, a little faster than I expected. When he was a couple of feet away I expected him to stop. "What were you thinking runni..." I was cut off with him crashing his lips into mine. The feeling of déjà vu came over me, remembering our first kiss together. My eyes were wide open but he had his closed shut. I looked around and noticed some people around staring at us. I finally came to enough sense to push him away. "What are you doing? There are people around!" I whisper shouted.

"I don't care Kyle. I am so sorry." He said, pulling me into a tight hug. I couldn't help but put my arms around him and return it. The warmth that I was craving so much for the past week was back. His warmth. "I shouldn't have worried about us. There was nothing to be worried about."

I pulled away, looked around and a small crowd had gathered around us. I looked at their faces and they mostly had smiles of their faces. I felt myself blush and pulled Corey away with me, in search for a more private area. Finally we stopped behind the library and thankfully, the onlookers didn't follow. I turned back to him. I stared at him and he stared back, and I did the only thing I could think of, I slapped him. Not really hard or anything but enough to hurt him. He put his hand to his cheek, rubbing the sore spot. "I guess I deserved that." He said. I then proceeded to pull him into a hug, one so tight I must have been suffocating him, but he didn't pull away, instead, wrapping his arms around me.

"I know I owe you a lot of explaining but whatever I said I meant. I don't want to hide anymore. I am proud to have you as my boyfriend and that isn't something I want to hide." I sighed and pulled away from the hug.

"I'm glad. I really am. But is this really what you want? Emotions can make you say things that you don't really mean." He looked at me, thinking for a moment.

"You're right. I'm letting my emotions think for me." I sighed and dropped his hand that was in mine. However, he reclaimed it immediately and held it tight. "But I know that my emotions are right, because...I love you Kyle." I didn't know what I felt at that point. My heart felt like it was flying, like any moment it was going to burst out of my chest. I couldn't move, I couldn't think. All I did was stand there dumbstruck. Slowly Corey leaned in and kissed me again. I can't tell you how good that kiss was, knowing that he loved me was too much that I could bear. He softly sucked on my lower lip but never ventured further. There was no lust, just love.

We broke the kiss and he leaned his forehead on mine. "I love you too." I whispered.

"I know." We stood like that for a couple of minutes, our arms wrapped around each other. "I really missed you." He said, breaking the silence. I moved back slightly out of his grasp and leaned against the wall.

"Why did you leave then?" He sighed.

"It was just me being an idiot. After the whole Angela thing, I realized that you were too good for me and I wasn't treating you the way you should, so I left. I knew you kept saying that I should take my time, but wanted you to be happy too."

"Corey, I was happy. Happier than I had ever been."

"Me too and after I left, I was a mess. I couldn't stop thinking about you. On Saturday morning I thought about going back to see you, to apologize. Then I remembered how I must have hurt you by sending you that text and I thought that maybe it was best I didn't. So I stayed where I was, thinking."

"Where did you go anyway?" I asked.

"Some motel outside of town. I stayed in my room the whole time, only going to a small store to buy some food. Other than that I spent my time thinking if I could get you back, if you ever wanted to see me again. My heart broke at the thought of that answer being no. It was then that I knew that I loved you. By Wednesday night I had made up my mind. I was going to come back and beg you to take me back."

"Wednesday? Then why weren't you here yesterday."

"Well that was the plan. So that night I finally turned my phone back on and you don't know how happy I was to hear your voice on all those voicemails, but not more happy than knowing that you were not pushing me away as I feared. But then there was this one voicemail. At first I didn't know who it was but as I listened to it I realized it was Angela.

"Angela? How did she get your number?" I thought maybe she had gotten it from Scott or someone in class.

"How about you listen to this instead of me explaining." He said, handing me his phone. He took one of my sandwiches and began eating it. I ignored him and opened the voice message and true enough Angela's voice was on the other end.

"Hey Corey, um Kyle doesn't know I'm calling you. I kinda took your number from his phone. Anyway, I uh wanted to tell you that he's really a mess. I know what I told you that day and please just pretend I didn't say anything. You have to come back. He got tested too and he...well let's just say he cares for you a lot. Bye." I put down the phone and stared at Corey.

"What did she mean 'too'?" I asked.

"Well when she came to talk to me...she kinda saw my test results." He smiled sheepishly, chewing the food in his mouth before swallowing.

"So when were you going to tell me?"

"Supposedly that Friday I left. So anyway, yeah I got tested. But you didn't tell me you did too. If I had known I probably wouldn't have left." He said, finishing up the sandwich.

"Why would you not have left just because of some test result?" He paused and gripped my hand.

"Because if I had known I was as important to you as you were to me...I wouldn't have put you through that." I was dumbstruck. That was the sweetest thing anyone had ever said to me. Couple that with the sincerity of his features made me want to melt into a puddle right there. I blushed and looked away from him.

"You still haven't explained why you didn't come back yesterday then. I mean if you heard Angela's message Wednesday night, you could be back here yesterday." I said.

"Well after hearing Angela's message, I knew I had to do something before I came back to see you."

"And what might that have been?" I asked. He smiled and reached into his jacket pocket, pulling out a small box. My eyes widened at the realization of what it was. My eyes darted between him and the blue velvet box he held in his hand. He opened it and inside was a pair of simple titanium bands.

"Kyle, I am so sorry about what I did to you and this is my promise to you that I will be there for you from now on. My time away has really made me realize that I want you in my life for as long as possible. Forever." He said, looking at me in the eyes. My eyes started to water right then. We couldn't be married officially but this was a promise to one another, much like any normal marriage. I opened my mouth wanting to say something but nothing came out. I stupidly nodded my head to show my acceptance and he smiled, slipping one of the bands around my ring finger. I looked at it, in all it's simplicity and yet meaning so much to me. I took the other ring in the box and did the same for him, slipping it onto his finger.

He lightly brushed the back of his hand across my cheek, wiping away the single tear that managed to escape. I looked up at him, grabbing his hand and placing a light kiss on it. "Does this mean I can pack my stuff and bring them to your place?" Corey asked.

I looked at him and smiled, amused that he actually needed to ask. "You had to ask?" I said, pulling his face to mine, and sealing everything with a kiss. Just then my stomach grumbled and I broke away with a chuckle. I was still genuinely hungry.

"C'mon let's head back to the dorms first. Scott should be in and we have to tell him the big news." He said. I nodded as we walked hand in hand over to the dorms. A few people stared at us but he never let go, instead, tightening his grip on my hand. I smiled to myself, but eventually pulled my hand free. He tried protesting at first but I simply took out my sandwich and started eating it.

"I need my hands to eat. I'm starving." I said, unwrapping the bread. He smiled, giving up on my hand but slid his arm around my neck, pulling me close to him as we walked side by side. It was a little difficult to walk and eat with him holding me in such a position but I didn't care.

He opened the door to his room and stepped inside, me following behind him. Scott was at his desk, probably doing some schoolwork. He turned at the sound of the opening door and stared at Corey. "Hey man." Corey said, acting nonchalant.

"Hey? I could hit you so bad right now." Scott said.

"Don't worry I took care of that." I said, stepping out from behind Corey and dropping myself down on his bed. "Beside, I can't have you beating the man who just gave me this." I said. Scott stared at me and I lifted my left hand, showing the ring on it.

"No way." The scowl on Scott face disappeared instantly; replaced by a grin the Cheshire cat would have been jealous of. "Man I'm so happy for you guys. That was surprising to say the least." He said, walking over and patting Corey on the back, not before punching him hard in the arm.

"Tell me about it." I said, twisting the ring around my finger.

"So, do I have the room to myself from now or what?" Scott said, smiling at Corey.

"I guess you could say that. I will need a few days to get all of my stuff out though." Corey said.

"Wow okay, um I'm still processing all this. Care to fill in the gaps?" Scott asked.

"I'll let you two talk, I need to go make a call." I got up and walked out of the room, heading for the common area. It was relatively quiet since everyone was probably in class right about now. I took out my phone and scrolled through my contacts. I found the number I wanted and clicked the dial button. It rang a couple of time before it answered.


"Hey Angela." I said.

"Oh hey Kyle. Um...how are you holding up?" She asked. We haven't really talked since Monday and she probably still feeling a little guilty over everything that transpired.

"I'm good. I'm really good." I said.

"That's good to hear. Any news from Corey?" She asked cautiously. I chuckled.

"You can say that. He's back." I said.

"Really? Do I need to go talk to him or something, I can be really persuasive." She said.

"Yeah you sure can but you don't need to talk to him. It's all fine now. I guess I should thank you though."

"For?" She asked. At that moment, Corey came out to me. He mouth Angela and I nodded. He motioned for me to hand over the phone.

"Hey Angela, someone wants to talk to you." I said, handing the phone over to Corey.

"Hey Angela, Corey here." He said, pausing listening to Angela speak. "Well all I can say is that you may have broke us up, but you also brought us back together." He paused. "Yeah he knows about the message." I smiled. "By the way, I would appreciate if you didn't try to break us up again." I shook my head, smiling. "Well I guess that's something only he can decide." He said, handing the phone back to me.

"Hi." I said.

"Am I forgiven?"

"Hmm let's see...yeah I guess. You did get me a husband after all." I said. The scream that emanated from my phone was so loud I had to pull away from my phone. "Hey Angie, call you later?"

"Oh yeah okay. Oh my god..." She hung up, still breathing hard. I put the phone back into my pocket and looked up at Corey.

"Was thinking of skipping the rest of the day and head home. You wanna come?" He said.

"You are such a bad influence." I said, but followed him to the carpark anyway. We both took our own vehicles and drove to my place. Our place. I parked my truck in the driveway and he parked behind me. I went over to my door and slot the key into the lock. I opened the door and stepped in, dropping my bag onto the couch. I was surprised when I was pulled backward into the waiting arms of Corey.

He nuzzled the crook of my neck, lightly nipping the skin with his teeth. I moaned at the sensation. "I've missed you so much." He said, running his hands up and down my back, pulling me as close as possible. I rested my hands on his hips, taking in his scent. I pushed him back up to the door and ground my hip into his. I was getting really hard and his roaming hands and mouth were doing nothing to calm me down.

I moved my mouth over to his ear and nibble on it softly, eliciting a hiss from him. Trailing kisses down his jawline, I found his lips and claimed them with mine. His lips parted allowing me entry, which I gladly slid my tongue into. Our tongues intertwined, a battle of give and take. My hands slowly slid underneath his shirt and up his abs, feeling the hard muscle underneath my fingertips. He broke the kiss, trailing kisses down my jawline and to my neck. He kissed my skin with all the gentleness of a feather, inhaling every few seconds. "I forgot how good you smell." He whispered, his warm breath sending chills through my body.

My fingers found his nipples and I messaged them, squeezing slightly, making Corey moan in response. He slowly pushed us back, moving away from the front door. I wasn't paying any attention to the direction he was taking us and I didn't care. I felt my heel contact the wood of the stairs. I instinctively jumped and wrapped my legs around him, allowing him to carry me up to our room, all the while sucking on my skin. Kicking the door open, he carried me over to the bed and dropped me onto it. I looked up at him as he took off his shirt, revealing the sculpture of a body. I smiled at him as he crawled over me, resuming his assault on my mouth.

I felt his fingers pulling at the hem of my shirt, trying to get them off. I raised my arms, allowing the thin fabric separating us to come off. He threw them to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. He ran his hands up my body, each touch like a jolt of electricity. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down, craving as much contact with him as possible. His kisses across my chest made me sigh with content. That sigh changed to a moan of pleasure when he licked at my nipple, biting it lightly. He smiled against my skin before slowly traveling south, kissing my skin along the way.

His right hand cupped the growing bulge in my jeans, messaging me through the fabric. He lips stopped just below my belly button and he nuzzled his nose in my treasure trail. I couldn't take it much longer, if he was going this slowly, I was going to cum before he got my pants off. "Please Corey." I pleaded. He chuckled and slowly moved his hands to unbuckle my belt and jeans, pulling them off painfully slow, before throwing them on the floor.

He put his face inches from my hardon and breathed onto it, making it jump, restrained by my boxers. I felt his fingers slip under the waistband, inching my boxers slowly down. My cock caught on the elastic, before slapping back against my stomach. He licked the head ever so slightly, making my cock jump with need. "Evil." I muttered. This was seriously torture.

"Patience. I promise you, you'll receive your reward later." He smiled, taking me into his mouth. The warmth enveloped me. I gripped the sheets, trying to control my oncoming orgasm, wanting this to last as long as possible. He went slow, sensing I was on the edge. His tongue circled my head, stimulating just enough for it to be pleasurable but not enough to bring me over the edge. He kept it up, slowly taking more of me in until his nose hit my pelvis. I was surprised. He had never been able to deepthroat before.

"You've improved." I joked. He slid off my cock with a pop, and shot me his megawatt smile.

"I have a great teacher." He laughed before taking me back into his mouth. I threw my head back, revelling in the moment. After another five minutes, I couldn't take it anymore.

"Corey, please. I need you." I begged, my voice ragged. He pulled himself off of me and stood, taking off his jeans. I reached for the drawer and found the tube of lube and condoms, and through force of habit, took both out. He looked at the latex in my hand and raised an eyebrow.

"I think we can forgo that from now on can't we?" He said, grabbing the condom and tossing it in the general direction of the nightstand. I smiled and nodded. I made to pass him the lube but he refused. I was confused, wasn't he going to fuck me? If so he needed to prepare me. He picked up on my confusion and kissed me on the lips. "I want to do something different today." He said. I looked at him and he had a blush. My eyes widened in surprise.

"You want me to fuck you?" I asked.

"I want you to make love to me." He corrected. I placed a hand on his cheek, running it back and forth.

"You sure?"

"Very." He replied and kissed me once more. I flipped him over so he was on his back. I took the lube and squirted a generous amount on my fingers, coating them thoroughly. He raised him legs, exposing his rosebud to me. I slowly ran my fingers around it, willing him to relax. Slowly I inserted a finger. I looked at him, wanting to know if I should continue. He expression showed no discomfort so I continued, twisting my finger around. When he was sufficiently relaxed I inserted another, scissoring my finger to open him up.

"You okay?" I asked, to which he nodded his reply. I continued by adding a third finger. I twisted my fingers around, trying to open him up as well as to find his prostate.

"Kyle. I need you in me." He said. I slid my fingers out and proceeded to coat my dick with sufficient lube. I lay on my back beside him.

"You should be on top so you have more control." I said. He nodded and straddled my hips. I kissed him once more. "Just stop if you don't like it." I said. He nodded. I could tell he was nervous but I knew he wanted to do this. I helped position my cock to his hole and he tentatively lowered himself. The head pushed against the flesh, trying to gain entry. "Relax and take it slow." I said. He took a deep breath and lowered himself more. The head slid past his ring and he let out a gasp. I held him in place as he adjusted. I rubbed my hands along his arm. I slowly felt him relax and he started moving, ever so slowly down my shaft. Inch by inch he slid down until I was completely in him.

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