tagIncest/TabooThe New King Ch. 01-04

The New King Ch. 01-04


Chapter 1 – Prince

I heard loud commotion from the castle's kitchen and rushed there immediately. It sounds as if someone is screaming. There, my mother Eveline was glaring at one of the young kitchen maids. Being the queen of the entire land dictated that her beauty was no less than stunning, despite her older age of thirty-nine. Her shiny, brunette hair was tied up in a coiled bun and two fancy earrings, resembling gemstones hung down freely from her ears.

The extravagant, green dress she wore matched them, hugging her curves. My mother wasn't as thin as she used to be, with a bigger backside and breasts just as large, but they suited her thicker figure very well. And besides that, she was without a doubt the prettiest woman I had ever laid eyes upon. Her pointy nose, sharp eyebrows, angular face, and fuller lips covered by red lipstick always made my heart race, even though she was my parent. She truly is a sight to behold...

Although at the moment, her gorgeous face was wrapped in anger. "You idiotic wench! Look what you've done to my dress!" The queen looked down at herself, the front of her dress darkened in liquid. "Do you know how much this dress cost!?" She lifted her head to glare at the girl again. "No, of course you don't, how could you!? You're just an insignificant spec! No more important than the very dirt on my shoe!"

"I-I am so very sorry, Your Majesty! I did not mean to spill the soup on you! Forgive me!" The blonde maid called Dorothy, if my memory serves correctly bowed her head.

"Asks the Gods for forgiveness, not me, girl!" My mother lunged for her.

My mother had always been kind to my sister Fiona and I, but it did not extend to others, unfortunately. I better step in. "Mother! I was wondering where you were!"

Her hand stopped midair to see me step into the kitchen. "August, my sweet boy." The angry expression on her face instantly transformed to one of love as she gazed happily at me. "I have not seen you all day, where have you been?"

"I was with Aunt Irene for my academic lessons." I made my way over to stand close to her. "Did you miss me?"

She chuckled. "What kind of foolish question is that? Give your mother a kiss." She held her arms out.

"Of course, Mother." I moved forward to kiss her on the cheek, but she grabbed either side of my face and kissed me on the lips instead. I awkwardly shifted as she pulled back, her still smiling happily. Since childhood she had been very affectionate, so much so that there were rumors all over the kingdom that we were in an incestuous relationship, but that was not true in the slightest. My mother just... showed her love more than others. Though she doesn't show it to anyone else as much.

"Sometimes I can't believe how much of a handsome man you've grown into..." The queen slowly ran a hand along my bicep. "Only eighteen and already so strong..."

I had always been a little more physically mature than others boys my age, already six feet since I can remember and had lean muscle, though my face had a babe's smoothness no matter how much I prayed for some fuzz. "Y-You're embarrassing me, Mum..." I glanced at the maid staring at us nervously.

"You're worried about the maid?" She snorted. "She's nobody." She then faced her. "Can't you see you're troubling my beautiful son? Be gone!"

The maid zipped out the kitchen at once.

"Mother... please don't yell like that. A woman as beautiful as you should always wear a proper smile." I smiled at her.

She let out a hearty laugh, tossing her head back. "Not only strong, but such a sweet-talker, too. Thank you, darling."

I nodded and studied the mess on her dress. "But you should change out of those wet clothes before you catch a cold."

"I think that sounds like a very smart idea." She gave a wry smile, shaking her head. "Would you be kind as to help me out of this thing?" She gestured to the dress. "It's a right nightmare to take off as it is to put on."

A troubled groan came from my throat. "Wouldn't one of the maids be better suited to that task?"

"You just saw what that clumsy whore did to me." The older woman snarled. "She's lucky I don't have her flogged... useless cunt."

For the maid's sake I should just do as she says. "Um... very well, then."

"Good lad." She smiled and grabbed my hand and started towards the bedroom chambers shared with her and Father, though he was away on business at the moment.

In the spacious room, my mother turned her back to me so I could help undue the dress. My eyes immediately took in the sight of her naked back the second it fell to the floor. The pretty underwear that was absorbed into her plump ass was narrow to begin with. Her back was pale and smooth, not a single blemish to be found.

What are you doing, man? Get a hold of yourself! "G-Goodnight, Mother. I shall see you in the morn."

"Am I so hideous that you are compelled to flee at the sight of me without clothes?" She asked without turning around.

"Of course not! You are by far the most beautiful woman I've ever seen! I have to even remind myself that you are my mother at certain times..." My eyes popped open. I didn't mean to reveal the last part!

She giggled and turned around, holding up the dress to her chest. "There you go again with your honeyed-words... Do you truly mean those things?"

"Y...Yes..." I involuntarily swallowed.

The queen let the crumpled dress fall, revealing the full, round tits behind; their weightiness made them droop a little, but they were still nothing short of magnificent. Her areolas were brown and wide since her breast were large, and her nipples were hard. "What... do you think of my breasts, then?" She cupped one in her hand.

"They're... beautiful, Mother." Another unconscious swallow went down my throat. "All of you is..."

"It's been so long since a man has told me such sweet words."

"...What about, Father?"

"Your father? Ha!" She gave a scoffing laugh. "His idea of romance is bending me over and plowing me from the back. That is if he can even get it up long enough for the two minutes of sex."

"M-Mother! You shouldn't talk about Father that way..." I glanced at the door to the side as if he might walk in at any second; her vulgar speech that made me envision her fat ass in the air while on all fours was another reason for me breaking eye contact.

"I'm sorry. I did not mean to upset you." The brunette woman stepped up to gently grab either side of my face, so were looking at each other again.

"I'm not upset, Mother... But you know how Father gets when you speak that way..." A random memory of him throwing her to the floor played in my mind. "I just want you to be safe."

Her mouth opened in surprised, then melted into a happy expression. "What did I do to deserve such a wonderful..." She pulled my head down a bit to give me a peck on the forehead. "Caring..." One more kiss on the tip of my nose. "Thoughtful..." The third kiss went straight to my lips.

Her lips are always so soft...

"Did I say sweet?" She paused to ask, smiling lovingly at me.

I laughed, feeling somewhat uncomfortable and aroused at the same time. "No... that one is still free..."

"Sweet..." She giggled and leaned in to plant several kisses along my neck.

The erection that had been growing in my trousers was at maximum length now and poked into her abdomen.

"What is..." My mother, Eveline took a step back and opened her eyes at the uninvited guest. "Oh my..."

"I-I'm sorry, Mother! I – "

"Shhh..." She stole my lips yet again. "I'm happy... It just means that the words you told me were true."

"Were you expecting I was lying?" This is so awkward that all I can do is talk.

"Of course not." She giggled. "But I might have to stop calling you a boy with that... thing."

"M-Mother, please!" I covered the bulge.

"What? As you just stated, I'm your mother. It's not like I haven't seen it before. It's just... ten times bigger." She glanced at it again, smirking.

A sigh escaped my lips. "Now you're just teasing me."

A girlish laugh came from her own mouth that made me smile, despite my uncomfortableness. Gods... She really is a sight to behold. My eyes strayed to her giant tits again.

The door sounded a moment later. "Queen Eveline. It is your humble maid, Bertha. There's a shipment of wine that just arrived that needs your royal seal." A woman's voice sounded from it.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming." She sighed and kissed me again. "I will see you tomorrow, August. Sleep well."

"You too, Mum. Goodnight." I smiled and left the room, leaning back against it as soon as it was closed. Mother and I have always been closer than what's considered normal, but is what we're doing wrong? I don't know, but it feels good to see her fat tits... I shook my head, clearing it. I'm too tired to think about all of this right now.

The next day, I ventured into town with a single guard to visit my aunt's home. She was my father's younger thirty-seven-year-old sister and had been giving me academic lessons since childhood. To say she was strict would be like saying dogs only liked to hump, but every time I saw her pretty face it was worth whatever unpleasantness followed afterwards.

Another reason I liked her was that despite being an extension of the royal family, she never accepted handouts from Father or anyone else. By her own words, 'everything one receives should be earned', or something like that.

I knocked on her modest, wooden home at the front. "Aunt Irene. It's your favorite nephew!"

"Gerald?" She answered from somewhere within.

Cousin Gerald lives half a world away. A frown formed on my lips as the guard chuckled on the chair next to me. "Very funny, Aunt. May I come in?"

"You may."

At her permission, I entered to see her at the kitchen stove ahead. She briefly glanced back to reveal her beautiful face. Being on my father's side of the family, her long hair was blonde and bright as the sun, almost platinum. She wasn't as slim as my sister but was in better shape in terms of tone and muscle since she did all labor required for the house alone. Her breasts were a mix between my mother's full ones and Fiona's perky ones, being a nice, size that were more tear-shaped than round.

The look on her pretty face was always serious, but it suited her tough, sharp features; even her eyebrows were thin and downturned in no-nonsense. "Come give your aunt a kiss."

"Yes, ma'am." I took a step.

"I pray to the old Gods and new that those aren't your dirty boots hitting my newly waxed floor." The tall woman commented without looking back.

Oh shit! I immediately jumped back from the shiny, wood floor.

She turned her head back this time to see the dirt where I had just been stepping, then made direct eye contact, a bored expression on her. "Do you think because you are prince and heir to the throne that you may waltz in any home you so desire with a lack of manners or etiquette?"

"N-No, I - "

"Or perhaps you expect me to clean the floor thrice?" She fully faced me now with a ladle in one hand and started tapping her feet in a dancing jig. "Shall I dance for you while I'm at it, Prince August? Surely you desire entertainment, too?"

She's as tough as ever... I let out a heavy sigh and scratched the side of my dark, short hair. "I shall clean it at once... I apologize, Aunt Irene."

She went back to cooking whatever was on the stove. "You know where the bucket is."

After removing the offending boots and cleaning up my mess, I approached from behind, making sure to get a good view of her high and tight ass along the way to grab one of the carrots she had placed on the table to the side. "The stew smells delicious."

Irene slapped my hand, forcing me to drop the long vegetable. "Instead of eating it before it's done, make yourself useful and help me."

I sighed again. "Yes ma'am." Moving to the other side, I brushed my soft penis against her firm buttcheeks. "Want me to chop the onions?" I gave her an innocent look.

"...Yes." She watched me for a moment, then returned to her business.

Why did I do that? Shit. It's getting harder and harder to control myself with these sexy women around! Trying to clear my lecherous mind, I decided to break the short silence as I chopped away. "How's your jewelry shop going?"


"That's it?" I laughed. "Talk to me, Aunt Irene. I want to hear what's going on with you."

A faint smile was on her lips, but quickly disappeared. "You're a strange boy wanting to hear about an old woman's affairs, but so be it." She went on to explain how her shop was doing well.

"That's great news that everyone seems to like your jewelry, but you don't sound very excited." I stopped cutting.

She shook her head. "I am pleased... it's just that I require more space and help to keep up with demand, and all of that, in turn, requires coin - coin that I don't have."

I know she's too prideful to ask Father for it. "I understand... But if there's anything I can do to help, then just ask and I shall be your humble servant!"

She huffed out a small laugh. "Well, humble servant. Keep chopping, or this stew will never finish."

We went to her bedroom afterwards and went over multiple subjects, sitting at the chairs at her desk in the back of the room.

"August. We've been over these problems several times before and you still get them wrong." The blonde gave me an unhappy look, pointing to a section in the textbook.

"These math problems make no sense! When I'm king, I'll ban any math with letters." A large frown dominated my face.

"Oh Gods..." She briefly covered her forehead with a hand, then stood up above me. "I'm going to bathe. You may leave after you have your fill of the stew."

I stood up and nodded. Thank the Gods the torture is over – for now, anyway.

"And bring your brain tomorrow." She reminded as I left and headed to the kitchen.

Forgetting about the recent, arduous event, I filled my belly with two bowls and stew and burped out loud. "I don't think I can move right now..." When I did gain movement again, I got up to say farewell to my aunt, but paused as her undergarments stole my attention.

Her bra and underwear lay crumpled on her bed. Are you really going to do it!? I checked further down the hall and saw the bathing room door shut before hurrying to snatch the stretchy cloth and bury my nose in it. There was a slight, bitter stench of what I guessed to be sweat mixed with a flowery fragrance. She does work hard all day. I stuck my tongue out and licked the center where her twat had recently been hugging.

I wish I could stick my tongue in her pussy directly and taste her sweet juices. My cock became rigid at once as I went back to sniffing the warm underwear. She's always so tough but I bet a proper cock like mine would have her begging for more... Fuck, Aunt Irene... I bet her tight ass could take a good pounding too -

"August!? What in the nine hells are you doing!?"

I twirled back in a panic to see her staring at the item in my hand with huge eyes, in the doorway with a towel wrapped around herself. "I-It's not what you think!" I raised them.

"Then, explain to me, young man, what possible reason could you have for such an unholy act?" She crossed her arms, anger taking over.

"I-I..." The truth will set you free! "I know that it's abnormal to feel such ways about your own aunt – your own blood, but I can't help it, Auntie." My pleading eyes challenged her. "You're just so beautiful and – "

"Enough." She lifted a hand. "We both will forget this event took place tonight. Now go home and reflect upon your actions before dispelling it from your mind."

"I-I understand..." I put her knickers back and timidly walked passed her but stopped when in the hall and turned around. "Will... we continue our lessons?"

She faced me. "Of course. No nephew of mine will be ignorant to arithmetic."

I gave a relieved smile. "You know, you're not the demon everyone says."

A tiny smile appeared on her lips. "And you are the smartass that everyone says. Now shoo."

I nodded one more time. "Goodnight, Aunt Irene."

Chapter 2 – Pretend

Once home again, I visited Mother in her chambers to let her know of my return, otherwise she would get upset - no, that was too light a word, she would be distraught. Of course, it meant a lot that she cared so deeply, but it grew tiresome at times. Exiting from the door and turning right in the darkened hall, I took a step when the door across opened to reveal my older sister, Fiona.

While my mother had a full, womanly figure, my sister didn't have an ounce of fat. The tight dress she wore now showed off her toned arms and legs. Her wavy, dark hair flowed easily passed the front of her shoulders and her round green eyes opened in surprise at the sight of me. A small nose and sharp face made her a striking beauty, just as the queen was.

"Headed off somewhere, Sister?" I stepped closer.

She frowned. "I don't think that's any of your business, in'it?"

My eyes studied the peasant-like dress she had on. She would only wear something like that to blend in. "Hm... Looks to me like you're headed into town where you've been strictly forbidden to go by Mother."

"She forbade me for such a moronic reason! It's hardly fair." The twenty-four-year-old girl stomped her foot.

"You were caught stealing from one of the shops, Fiona. It's plenty fair if you ask me." The funny thing is, we have more than enough coin. But she's always loved the thrill of being mischievous.

She gave a disgusted laugh, eyeing me and the door behind. "And what would an idiot like you know? You're always on her side, and hers on yours, like right lovers. I wouldn't be surprised if you were just in there fucking her."

"F-Fiona!" I sent out paranoid looks to the left and right of the entity corridor. No servants around. "Why would you say such a thing? That's how the rumors about me and Mum get started in the first place!"

She huffed out a laugh. "Well, what do you expect when you two kiss and fondle each other out in the open?"

"You know Mother is affectionate towards us..."

"No." Fiona crossed her arms. "Only you."

I opened my mouth to argue, but no words came out. She's right. A couple seconds later, I spoke again. "...Anyway, I'm telling if you leave."

"You whoreson!" She rushed and shoved me back against the door. "If you tell, I'll rip your tiny cock right off!"

I smiled. "Mother! – "

My sister hurriedly put a hand over my mouth. "You're such a cunt! I'll owe you a favor if you shut up, okay!? Please!"

It was already well into the night and a beautiful woman walking around, who was in fact a disguised princess was a bad combination any way you looked at it. "Alright, alright. But I'm coming with you. Take it or leave it."

She pressed her lips together, glaring up at me. "Fine."

We snuck out the castle afterwards, bypassing the guards and were on the dirt roads of the town below in no time, other people streaming by as they went about their own business.

"Why do you always feel the need to come out here?" My eyes zipped to the dingy buildings around. "This place is always so dirty and the stench of piss isn't exactly inviting."

"Because this is the real world, my naïve little brother." The older girl held her arms out wide. "How long do you plan to remain cooped up in that castle, remaining ignorant? Until you perish?"

I didn't answer. What she was saying had a bit of truth, but what was wrong with being safe?

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