tagGroup SexThe New Laura Pt. 02

The New Laura Pt. 02


This is actually the third installment about Laura Enders. I had a few formatting problems with the first, "The Truth about Laura" and I wish I knew then what I have since learned. For example the proper use of italics and bold type, where it ordinarily should have been called for would have helped the story.

Anyway, we learn, we grow. The one remaining item I'm not completely happy with concerns the use of putting references in the stories concerning events which occurred in the past. Obviously I did this so each story could, more or less, stand on its own. In the future I'll put all such references in an introduction like this one.

So once again here is Laura Enders, submitted for your consideration and (hopefully) approval and enjoyment. She's a very bright, hard working, popular, sexy almost 19 year old freshman at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, attempting to come to grips with a healthy libido which had been suppressed for five years before Laura allowed it its freedom the year before.

As always, I would invite your constructive criticism and comment, so I can do some more learning and growing.


The drive back to school was uneventful. Laura spent most of it thinking about the events which had transpired the previous evening.

Laura had been lamenting her lack of an exciting sex life to her college roommate, Margie Marx. Margie made a suggestion. One of the students at Syracuse University was getting married. His best man didn't know how to find a girl to "entertain" at the bachelor party he was organizing. He asked a friend, Kenny, for help and Kenny asked his sister Margie. Margie thought Laura would be great for the job.

Laura smiled as she remembered asking Margie, "And what is this entertainer expected to do?"

Margie had answered, "Oh the usual, I expect. Dance around, strip, give the groom-to-be a lap dance, and probably fuck every one who wants to."

Laura agreed to do it. She wasn't doing it for the money, although the $2,800 felt happy in her purse, she did it because she loved the idea of being the focal point of so many men's lust. By the end of the evening she'd had sex, either oral or conventional, more than a dozen times. What excited her most about the evening was that all her couplings were performed in plain view of all the other men at the party. They had pulled a mattress off one of the beds and Laura took on all comers in front of the whole crowd.

Twice during the course of the evening her next fuck-buddy was next to her, waiting on his knees, so he could climb aboard the moment the previous guy withdrew. More than several times she had multiple dicks in her at the same time. Laura'd really had a great night!

Margie had planned Laura's foray into the whore's life with an attention to detail that protected Laura's true identity as best she could. Laura had two cell phones, one for Laura's calls and the second one for Elle's calls. Elle was the name of her alter ego. Elle the whore.

Elle's phone rang as she pulled into her dorm's parking lot. "Hello, this is Elle."

"Hey Elle, I wanted to thank you again for an absolutely fabulous night."

Laura smiled; the voice belonged to Margie's brother Kenny. "Well I'm glad you had a good time, Kenny. It always makes me feel great when I'm told I did a good job."

"Anyway, they're having a Retro weekend here next weekend. You know, ZZ Top, Kenny Logins, a few other groups, anyway I thought you might like to come up for the weekend."

"Oh Kenny, it sounds like fun but I've already got an appointment scheduled for Saturday." Laura frantically searched for the right way to phrase what was coming next. "Listen Kenny, I'm really glad you enjoyed me last night. I know I had a really great time with you, but...

But Kenny we weren't on a date last night. You and your friends paid me to entertain you. I was hired to be your special whore for the evening and you helped make it easy for me to do my job well. I loved being fucked by you. You brought me to more orgasms than I thought I had in me, but...but I enjoyed pleasing the other guys, too. I get pleasure from giving pleasure and the reason you all thought I did such a good job was because I was having fun at my job.

Will you keep a secret for me?"

"Sure, Elle, anything."

"Your friend Eric? The one with the huge shoulders?"

"Yeah, I know who you mean."

"Well Eric was about the worst performer I've ever been with. He fumbled around and until I got him calmed down I thought he was going to shoot his load before he ever got it in me. Even after we started fucking it took everything I had to help him last a short three minutes. But Kenny, all you have had to do was look in that face of his, see the unbridled joy he was having for those three minutes and the afterglow after; well I almost cried I was so happy. He may not have been able to fuck me great, but it was a great fuck, you understand?"

"I told you this morning. The world became a better place when you decided to become a whore."

Laura sighed, "Well thank you and I sure hope you're right 'cause this body's sore, tired and in desperate need of my bed. I want to sleep thinking that I'd accomplished something that's appreciated!"

As soon as Laura dropped her bags and flopped down on her bed, Margie immediately said, "Girl, you've got a problem!"

Laura groaned and rolled over, pressing her face into the bedspread. "Ohhh, I don't need any problems. I just need my pillow!" She sat up.

"Okay, what's the problem?"

"My brother has a major crush on you and we're going to have some serious problems between us if you hurt him!"

Laura pulled her feet up under so she could rest her forearms on her knees. "I know. I just got off the phone with him."


"He asked me out for next weekend. It's kind of sweet actually, but, as gently as I could, I reminded him about our respective roles. Sort of a 'You college boy, me hired whore' kind of thing. Maybe my little speech did some good, I don't know."

"Have you eaten? Are you hungry?"

Laura thought for a moment and laughed softly. The last solid food I had may have been here, before I left, but around three a.m. Kenny and I shared a protein shake."

"My brother Kenny? Kenny Marx? About six foot with brown hair Kenny Marx? Health food? Now I know you've bewitched him. He's never eaten healthy in his entire friggin' life!" Margie took a sip of her coffee.

"Well it was just Dewars and a few squirts of my cum on the rocks."

Margie sprayed her mouthful of coffee all over the wall and spilled the cup on her sheets. She stood and surveyed the mess she had made and then stripped the sheets off the bed. She left the room, went down the hall and returned with a sponge and bucket of soapy water which she used on the painted wall and any furniture which had been hit.

After returning the bucket, Margie remade her bed and sat on the neatly pressed sheets. She spoke for the first time since the accident. Her voice was soft. "Girl, you are out of your friggin' mind if you think you're getting away with that one, Scot-free! Your ass is in for a world of hurt, trust me!"

The two of them glared at each other. They lasted about ten seconds before both burst into laughter, rolling off their respective beds, coming to rest on the carpet with the tops of their heads inches apart. When the waves of laughter subsided, Laura rolled over, gave Margie a quick kiss on the lips with just a little tongue, and said, "Get your ass of that floor. It turns out I am hungry and we're going to Pop's for breakfast, my treat!" Laura pecked her again on her cheek.

"You better be treatin', you with that rich bitch Ho roll in your pocket! Sheet! I figure every sip of coffee I'll be havin' at breakfast was prob'ly paid for by about two or three thrusts o' that skanky pussy o' yours."

"Skanky? You're just jealous 'cause you prob'ly couldn't find fourteen guys who'd even consider fuggin' that hole of yours."

Laura opened the door and said over her shoulder, "And although my math skills may not be at their best this morning, I'd say the accurate ratio is closer to twenty-five to thirty thrusts per sip of coffee. I did a lot of fucking last night, Margie!"

Margie rested her hand on Laura's shoulder as they walked down the hall. "At least no one would ever be able to accuse you of not earning your money." They bounced down the steps leaving their dorm. "Fourteen! Really? Wow!"

"Yeah fourteen, but there wasn't enough time to fit them all in."

"I hear that. But at least you did fit a lot of things in."

"Oh yeah. But I just remembered, two of the guys were married and didn't want me so I guess we shouldn't count them."

"Hell, girl, the way I heard it from Kenny none of the guys really wanted you, they were just fucking you to be polite to the groom!"

"Except Kenny, I know he wanted my ass!"

"Yeah well we're not going to talk about Kenny. Not until you get your little problemo straightened out.

Oh, I forgot to mention to you, Larson announced in class on Friday that there'd be a quiz tomorrow on Chapters 14-17."

The banter continued as the two girls walked on to Pop's Diner.

Laura easily got back into the routine of classes and exams. The only other interruption to her schedule was the second bachelor party she'd scheduled for Saturday and that went off without a hitch. The following Wednesday she drove back to Syracuse for the birthday party that was in her Blackberry. She parked gave her car to the valet at the Carriage House Hotel and went in wearing her new Marc Jacobs suit. She'd never spent this much on an outfit in her life but she adored the way she felt when she was wearing it.

The hotel had a cocktail lounge which was sort of a knock-off of the famous Oak Room in the Plaza. As Laura walked into the room she was acutely aware that every male eye was riveted on her. As Laura walked to a table she noticed, using her peripheral vision, a girl at the bar take her date by the chin and re-aim his face toward her. He had been trying to look down Laura's cleavage from 20 feet away. Laura felt a little wet.

A waiter came over and "Laura said, "Dewars with a splash, rocks, please."

"And may I check the lady's I.D., please?"

Laura handed him her $300 work of art. She had been told that it was the Rolls Royce of phony I.D.s. At least it worked with this waiter.

A man at the bar had been staring at her since she walked in. Laura could tell he was considering approaching her so she deliberately avoided looking his way. She may have been a lot of things, but she was definitely not a hotel hooker!

She was so busy avoiding his eyes that she hadn't noticed the one who had come up behind her.

"May I join you?"

Laura's head snapped around. It seemed to her like a shark feeding frenzy she'd seen on the Discovery Channel. At least this shark was a definite hottie! "No, thank you but I'm meeting someone here for dinner, but thank you."

He sat down anyway, saying, "At least I'll protect you from the lions which abound hereabouts." He signaled the waiter, "Two of whatever the lady's having."

This guy has huge balls, Laura thought, and probably a cock to match. "Lions? I think sharks, actually!"

The guy was really good looking and Laura had already noticed that his suit was hand stitched. He held out his hand.

"I'm Tony Maldonado."

Laura looked at the hand but made no move to shake it.

He left it out there and said, "This is the part where nice girls shake my hand and tell me their name."

"No, this is the part where nice girls run and hide. Hadn't you heard? Sharks can be dangerous."

Tony's gaze never wavered and the hand remained extended. "Okay, this is the part where girls with itchy cunts shake hands. I saw you rub your thighs together when the blonde at the bar got on her boyfriend for sticking his tongue up your dress. You were ready to cream in the middle of the room.

Let's begin again, shall we? I'm Tony Maldonado."

Laura shook the hand and said, "And I'm still waiting for someone." The drinks arrived and Laura picked up her new glass, gesturing a toast to Tony. "And you're very observant!"

Tony took a sip. "A scotch drinker! I knew there was something I liked about you."

"Besides my tits? You've spent quite a bit of time staring at them."

Tony downed the rest of his drink and signaled the waiter. "There are two kinds of girls who look like you and have tits like those. There are those who know that they're always the center of men's attentions and are pleased as hell about it.

And then there are those who know that they're always the center of men's attentions and are pleased as hell about it, but pretend they're totally unaware that that anyone in the room is thinking of them as being anything other than their plain Jane second cousin from Philadelphia."

Laura arched her eyebrows as if to ask which kind she was.

Tony put his hand on her thigh under the table. "You don't pretend."

Laura didn't attempt to move his hand. She continued to stare into his eyes as she said. "My date's just come into the hotel."

Tony turned around and spotted a young man in the lobby, looking around as if to orient himself. Tony rose, signaled to the waiter for their check, and dropped a few bills on the table. He also handed her a business card. "I'll be in town all week."

Laura extended her hand, "Bye, Tony."

After taking her extended hand, Tony didn't release it. He just tilted his head inquiringly.

Laura smiled. "Elle."

Laura was just leaving the bar when Bart came up to her. "Elle! You look positively ravishing."

Laura kissed his cheek. "You look great, too. So good to see you. Happy Birthday!"

"Look why don't we go to the party after a bit. I made a reservation in the Dining Room."

"Oh Bart, I was hoping the party was already in progress so I could start performing right away." She giggled. "I'm feeling a little horny."

Bart looked temporarily disappointed but smiled. Well, let's go up to the room. I guess I shouldn't want to wait to unwrap my birthday present."

Bart slipped his keycard in the lock and they entered the room.

Laura looked puzzled and asked, "Bart honey, where is everyone? I thought you said the party began at eight?"

Bart looked pleased with himself. "Well my friends had originally planned to take me to Scores in the City for my birthday, but after Bill's bachelor party I knew I'd rather be with you! You're my Birthday Date!"

Laura took Bart's hands and had him sit with her on the end of the bed. She looked in his eyes and stroked his cheek with the palm of her hand. "Oh Bart honey, I thought you knew! I'm sure I remember telling you.

I don't date, ever! I perform at parties and special functions for groups of guys, but I'm not a hooker! I know it may seem like a pretty subtle point to you but it's important to me. If I want to go out on a date, I see my boyfriend. If I want to earn my living I entertain guys, lots of guys."

She cast her eyes to the ceiling. "Oh honey, how do I explain to you the difference between a hooker and a whore? Or at least the way I see it? Okay, look, if I fuck a guy it's very personal. Two people sharing a special moment together, loving each other.

But when I walked into the room at Bill's bachelor party I was facing 14 strangers. I can't love 14 strangers! I was working, I was entertaining. I fucked a lot of guys and made quite a few intensely personal connections, but it was work, just work!

There are a lot of guys who don't really like women very much. Oh they like fucking them, but they could care less if they ever actually got to know them, and that's okay! But it always seemed to me that if a man liked women...if he really cared about women...then being with a hooker must be really confusing for him. Spending this intensely personal time with another person when you know that the rules say you're not supposed to care what happens to her after you get your rocks off. Does any of this make sense?"

"I'm not sure, but what do we do now?"

"Can't you call some friends and share your birthday present with them?"

"Oh, they've all made other plans, by now."

"Well let's think about this, honey." Laura was still holding his hands when an idea occurred to her.

"Bart honey I told you I never date. I promised myself that I'd never break that rule. I've also never made it with only two people, either, but technically that wouldn't be breaking the rules now would it?"

"But I just told you. I wouldn't know who to call!"

"I might!" Laura started rummaging around in her bag, removing Tony's card. "Now honey, when I was waiting around for you in the bar tonight, this guy tried to pick me up. I told him that I wasn't interested but he gave me his card anyway.

Would you consider sharing your birthday present with him?"

Bart grinned. "If it's going to help me get into your pussy I'll share you with King Kong!"

Laura laughed and picked up the hotel phone. "Mr. Maldonado's room, please." The phone kept ringing until it rolled over to the answering service. "No, no, no message thanks."

She dialed the cell number on the card. Tony picked up on the third ring. "Tony?...Elle...I know! Listen stud, I've got someone here who wants to talk to you." She handed the phone to Bart.

"Hello, my name is Bart Leacock and I'd like to ask a favor of you if I might...Well I sort of barely know her too! A friend of mine had a bachelor party at the Hilton..." Bart went of to explain his entire history with Laura. Pretty much everything up to that moment was laid bare. "...So because of her rules I don't get my birthday fuck unless I can find someone else to join us. I'll pay for everything, the room, Laura, drinks, whatever you want."

Bart listened on the phone for a minute or two and hung up.

Laura couldn't contain herself. "So what'd he say?"

Bart looked down at her. "He's not coming."

Laura's heart sank. She was surprised, she asked herself, "I wonder why? I was sure..." She almost didn't hear Bart when he added. "He wants us to come up to his suite. He's in 1204."

Laura blinked, "Say what?"

"You heard me. Wanna go?"

Laura did a reasonable imitation of Marilyn singing to JFK. "Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to..." She unzipped his fly, grabbed his cock and started to lead him down the hall toward the elevators. As the elevator doors opened a man and his very young daughter were in the car. She looked to be around ten. Laura stood in front of Bart to conceal his hard on, but she didn't let go. "We're waiting for someone, we'll take the next car thanks."


When they got to the twelfth floor they discovered the door to 1204 wide open. They went in.

Tony walked up to Bart and handed him a parcel in a bag from the hotel gift shop. He said, "Happy Birthday Bart! I guessed at your size but if it's not right the hotel will exchange it."

He looked at Laura as she walked past him. "Well isn't this interesting, Miss Itchy Cunt."

From the moment Tony had started talking to Bart, Laura was aware that this might be a big mistake. She had started to get really wet and she was sure that her panties were already stained. As she turned her upper body to answer Tony's crude greeting, she flashed back on how moist she had gotten in the bar and the fact that he had noticed. She simply said, "Hello to you, Mr. Maldonado."

Although Bart didn't know it, he had just been reduced to background noise. Laura was breaking her rule about not dating. She knew it, she could see in Tony's eyes that he knew it, and whether or not Bart would ever become aware of it was completely irrelevant.

She kept her back to the men as they were talking, pretending to look out the picture window. She remembered what Tony had said about her not pretending. She realized that she agreed, so she turned around to face them, leaning back with her shoulders against the cold glass. She opened the top button of her Marc Jacobs.

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