tagMatureThe New Nanny

The New Nanny


Nina Rodriguez was driving down a secluded road in the woods, and half of her wanted to turn around and drive back to the rough neighborhood that she lived in. She had been driving for over an hour, and the rural landscape was completely unfamiliar to her. She'd gone over the decision in her head numerous times since she had left her home, but the reason she had kept going was simple: she needed the money.

As a single woman of 46 living by herself, life had dealt her a crappy hand. Her husband of 20 years had died two years ago after a lengthy battle with cancer, she had one son serving a 10 year jail sentence for robbery, her other son had joined a crazy hippy commune in Canada that loved smoking marijuana, and her daughter was a drug-abusing delinquent that had been pregnant by about seven different men. Between medical bills, house payments, and bail money, she was all tapped out. It was hard to imagine that only 6 years ago, she had a fat 401K account that she had been planning to use to retire early and move to Florida. Now, she'd probably be working well into her late 70s.

Right now, she held two somewhat-steady part time jobs: she was a waitress at a high-end restaurant on the weekdays, and worked as a Walmart cashier on the weekends. These two jobs, along with her tight budget, were really helping to slowly pull her out of debt. The only things that were killing her right now were the unforeseen expenses, like her car. A couple of weeks ago, she had to drop over $700 on a new serpentine belt for her car, which really set her back. Thankfully, she was able to pull some extra shifts at the restaurant.

It had all started a few weeks ago at work, while she was cleaning up a table she had just waited on during the afternoon rush. She picked up a receipt from a table that had been used by four businessmen. They had left a $2 tip on a $60 bill.

"You've got to be kidding me," she grumbled.

Feeling dejected, she collapsed into a chair and rubbed at her temples, trying her best not to cry. Cheap customers were the absolute last thing she needed right now.

"Rough day?" she heard someone ask.

She looked up to see a well-dressed woman sitting at a table by herself, sipping from a teacup. The woman had short black hair and was quite beautiful, dressed in a navy blue business suit.

"I-I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there." Nina was so embarrassed that a customer had seen her in a moment of weakness. She got up quickly and straightened herself up. "Today has been rough, but I'll get through it. Can I get you anything, ma'am."

"No," the woman said. "Sit down for a second."

"I-I don't think my boss would like that."

"He better; I'm throwing a huge party here next month and I just put down a $20,000 deposit only an hour ago." The woman pointed at a chair beside her and said, "Sit."

Nina slowly sat in the chair and folded her hands into her lap. The woman took another sip of tea before speaking.

"Judging from your reaction from the skimpy tip, I'd say you were currently going through some dire financial straits."

Nina gulped. "I won't bore you with specifics, but my finances have me seriously considering welfare...or bankruptcy."

"Fortunately for you, I might have a better alternative. First, might I ask, are you a married woman?"

"No, I'm a widow."

"My condolences," the woman said with a complete lack of sincerity. "I'll get to the point: my youngest son, William, has a bit of a...high libido, higher than usual for a 19 year old. If you were to come by and give him some companionship, then I would see to it that you were well-compensated for your time."

Nina jumped out of her seat. "I'm sorry, but you have the wrong person. Please have a good day."

She pushed the chair in and turned to walk away before she heard the three words that made her stop.

"Ten thousand dollars."

Nina turned to look at the woman. "I beg your pardon?"

The woman pulled out a checkbook and began to write. "I will write you a check, right now, for ten thousand dollars. Call it a down-payment." The woman then rose from her chair and held the check out to her.

Nina stared at the check hungrily; $10,000 would really help her right now; she might even be able to take a sick day for the first time in years. But, could she really go through with something so desperate?

"Look," the woman said. "You have three choices: you can take this check as a gesture of charity and never see me again, you can refuse the check, or you can take the check, spend the night with my son, and then make another $10,000."

Nina bit her lip and weighed her options. Before the woman could possibly change her mind, she reached forward and snatched the check.

"So, is that a 'yes'?"

"I'll wait until this check clears before I make a decision," she said as she read the name on the check. "Mrs. Danforth."

Mrs. Danforth gave an amused half-smile. "Fair enough. Here's my number so you can call me, should you decide to agree to the terms. Obviously, you'll need to sign a confidentiality agreement and be tested for STDs before you meet him."

Since that meeting, two things happened that convinced her to agree to the task. First, after her shift was done, she asked many people, including her boss, what they had heard of Mrs. Danforth. The reaction was the same: they lit up and told of the many tales of her wealth, such as her many scholarship funds, owned properties and businesses, and lavish parties.

The second was when she saw her measly checking account balance increased by $10,000. She'd celebrated by calling in sick for the whole weekend, lounging around the house, and taking a bubble bath. She couldn't remember the last time she'd had any semblance of a vacation. The relief and rest she felt was just what she needed. She called Mrs. Danforth on the following Monday.

So, after days of getting tested for STDs and signing an extensive confidentiality agreement, she was scheduled to come to the Danforth estate on Friday at 7 PM. Mrs. Danforth even pulled some strings so that Nina didn't have to work on Friday. The days seemed to fly by before she was finally on her way to this blind tryst.

Nina pulled up to the gate of a large, fenced property. After the guards let her through, she drove down a long driveway that terminated in front of an opulent mansion. She gave her keys to a valet and entered the house. A butler met her by the door and showed her to a lavish sitting room, where Mrs. Danforth was reading a magazine and drinking some wine.

"Welcome, Nina," she said. "I'm glad you made it on time."

"To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I seriously considered staying home."

"Well, I'm glad you were good enough to come anyway." Mrs. Danforth dismissed the butler, who closed the door behind him and left the two women alone in the room. "Now, we should get right to it; William's feeling especially anxious today. He's been shut up in his room, watching pornography all day. I think he's pleasured himself ten times, but, believe me, that won't slow him down."

"Oh, my," Nina said.

"That's just how he is, dear. Now, if you please, would you remove all your clothing?"

Nina looked at her, dumbstruck. "R-right here? Right now?"

"Oh, come now, don't be shy. Trust me, you're not the first woman I've seen naked in this house. Don't worry, the doctors I had test you said that you're in good shape for my William."

Nina shrugged before taking off all of her clothes. Mrs. Danforth examined her nude body intensely, walking around Nina in a circle like a judge inspecting a prize animal.

"Don't cover up, dear. Let me see you. Yes, large backside...thick thighs...your breasts are exceptionally plump. What cup size are you?"

"34K," Nina replied. To be honest, Nina had surveyed herself in the mirror naked after she had accepted the offer. Her full, rounded backside and thighs were riddled with cellulite, her breasts, though big and round, were a bit saggy, and her beautiful brown skin was plagued with stretch marks. Worse, her abdomen displayed a slight paunch with flabby, loose skin, thanks to her poor diet and birthing three children in the past.

"Hmm...I notice that you didn't trim your pubic hair. Is that a personal preference?"

"My late husband liked it that way. I can shave it really quick, if you'd like."

"No, that's fine," Mrs. Danforth said, stopping to stand in front of her. "Your unshaved legs won't be a problem, either. Let me just see..."

Nina gasped as Mrs. Danforth suddenly grabbed and squeezed her breasts. Nina fidgeted while in her grip, rubbing her thighs together.

"And, it seems you're quite responsive, too. Yes, you'll do quite nicely, Nina, so...OH!"

Mrs. Danforth was taken aback by the streams of white liquid that shot out of the Latina woman's breasts and into the air.

"I wasn't aware that you were lactating. The doctor's report that was sent to me told me that you had already gone through menopause."

Nina felt her face burn from the pleasurable sensation of making milk. "I still do it from time to time."

"Well, William will definitely enjoy that, I can guarantee. If you please, put on the robe lying on the sofa and follow me."

Nina obeyed and followed Mrs. Danforth to far side of the mansion. After about 10 minutes of walking, they went up two flights of stairs and stopped a room at the end of a long hallway.

"This is William's room. We keep him locked inside so he doesn't get tempted to roam the house when he gets aroused," Mrs. Danforth explained, while she took a key from her pocket. After unlocking the door, she peeked inside. "The coast is clear. Follow me."

Nina entered the largest bedroom she had ever seen; it was probably the size of her small house! Though most of the room maintained most of its stately charm, she found the floor littered with numerous pornographic magazines and DVDs. As they continued to walk inside the room, they heard the sound of a shower running.

"Oh, good! He's in the shower. What you'll want to do is take off the robe and lay on the bed."

Nina removed the robe, left it draped over a chair, and then walked over and climbed into the immense bed, lying on her back.

"When he gets out, he'll have his with way with you, and then, usually, he falls asleep. I should let you know a few things: first, don't run from him; if he sees a naked woman running from him, it gets him even more aroused, and, believe me, he'll catch his prey. This one poor girl from a while back tried that, only to end up tripping and falling over with her ass pointing in the air. I think you can guess what happened to her."

Nina looked at her benefactress with a fearful expression in her eyes.

"Second, he's not one for foreplay. He usually likes to get in, get out, and then he's done. Usually, he's done in about 15 to 20 minutes. Third, he doesn't really use condoms anymore; he used go through them like tissues, but, thankfully, you're not capable of bearing children anymore, so you should be fine. Though, I strongly suggest you use that bottle of lubricant in the nightstand. And, fourth..." The two women heard the shower stop. "Shoot, I've got to run. I will check in on you in about 30 minutes. Good luck."

Mrs. Danforth quickly ran to the door, exited the room, and locked it after she had closed it. Nina lay back on the silky blue bed sheets, noticing the dried, yellow-white splatter marks that littered the fabric. She tried to keep herself calm, lying still on the bed and reminding herself it would soon be over.

About five minutes later, she could hear someone entering the room. To Nina's surprise, an incredibly handsome young man walked into the bedroom. She was half-expecting some misshapen recluse with a deformed face, but, instead, she was looking at a nude male with curly blonde hair, a thin, yet muscular body, and the face of an angel.

Most of all, Nina was shocked at the size of the member that dangled between his legs. This 19 year old boy was still flaccid, yet his dick hung long and heavy between his legs, almost reaching his knees. However, once he spotted the naked Hispanic woman lying in his bed, he was fully erect in seconds. After seeing his size, Nina instinctively grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a huge glob into her hands. She would probably need a lot more, if they were going to be together for 15 minutes.

"PUSSY!" William cried.

The naked teen ran over to the bed and jumped on top of Nina. She spread her legs wide and prepared herself to be penetrated. Right before he was able to thrust himself inside of her, she grabbed his swollen dick and began to massage it with lubricant.

If he was going to put that thing inside of her, then she wanted to make sure that it went in smoothly. Still, she was amazed at the girth of his veiny rod; it seemed perfectly logical that a male as well-endowed as him would love having sex. But, right now, her plan was to use this handjob and some dirty talk to make him cum as soon as possible without having him inside of her.

William moaned as she stroked him, thinking how her warm and wet hands were almost like a pussy. He hadn't expected his mother to find him a woman so soon. So far, he thought that the older woman wasn't doing so badly.

"Yeah," Nina whispered. "You like that, don't you, niño? You like it when I stroke your huge cock?"

"Yes," William hissed. "Play with my balls."

Nina obliged by using her left hand to massage his testicles. Looking down, she thought to herself how large and swollen they looked, and how much the resembled a pair of small footballs nestled in large tufts of yellow hair. She watched his eyes flutter as she continued to deliver gentle, yet firm rubs and squeezes to his genitals.

"¡Ay, niño! Your nuts are so big and hot! Are you gonna blow?"

"Nooooo," William moaned.

Nina smiled as she saw the tiny drops of pre-cum fall on her torso, proving William's words to be false. She had used this technique on her late husband on those nights when she would be too tired or too disinterested in lengthy sex. Knowing men, she expected him to blow his load and fall asleep on top of her within seconds.

Unfortunately, right when she knew he was about to cum, William gently grabbed her wrists, and pulled them away from his crotch. Nina's smile quickly melted, her eyes widened, and her heart began to beat with trepidation. She definitely knew what was going to happen next.

"Oh, William," Nina said as he rubbed the tip of his flesh spear against her hairy slit. "Be gentle, please."

His only reply was a grunt as he pushed his burly manhood into her long-neglected vagina. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as she felt herself stuffed with all ten inches of William. The lube was definitely helping.

"Unnngh, it feels so good inside you," William groaned.

"Ohhhhhhh, my GOD!" Nina exclaimed after he had pushed himself as far as he could go.

"Yeah, now it's time for some real fucking."

William dug his fingers into the pillow behind Nina's head as he began to steadily thrust in and out of her. He gazed down at the moaning MILF that he was having his way with. He'd bedded numerous escorts, porn stars, and a few supermodels, but never some random Spanish housewife.

He thought she was pretty, but not particularly beautiful. She sure had some big tits though; he loved the way they bounced with every thrust of his cock. Oddly enough, he also loved her voluptuous body, and even though her belly was a bit flabby, it jiggled as if it were a third breast of sorts. And her hairy pussy felt so great against his dick. He could feel both of their bodies getting hotter with each second.

"Unnnnngh!" Nina cried as William began to thrust faster inside of her. "Oh, William! Cum for me! Cuuuuuum!"

"No, shut up!" William cried. "If you say that, I really will cum! I love fucking your hairy pussy!"

William leaned forward and forced his mouth onto hers and then rammed his tongue into her moaning mouth. Nina reached up and held his face as she tried to reciprocate his kiss. She could feel her pussy getting wetter on its own without the lube. It had been a long time since she'd had a man inside of her. Her tummy fluttered with pleasure, she felt jolts of sensation running up her spine, and her toes were going wild as the young man plowed into her pussy...now she was actually starting to enjoy it.

She pulled William's face away from hers and growled, "Oh, Willy. I'm soooo horny, mijo. Fuck my pussy with your big pinga!"

"Oh, God!"

William put his head on her shoulder as he continued to ram inside of her. Nina wrapped her hairy legs around his slender body as she ran her hands through his soft, golden curls. Her ears were burning with every smacking noise that came from their flesh hitting. A hope began to grow within her that she would be allowed more time than what Mrs. Danforth had given her. As far as Nina was concerned, she didn't want this night to end.

She then felt a slight pause in William's thrusting; she heard him moan as though he were in some kind of pain. He raised his head and gave another moan.

"William," she said, with genuine concern as she gently held his grimaced face in her hands. "What's wrong, papi?"


"Oh, I see. Well, you cum any time you want. Cum inside of Nina, baby."

William's face was screwed up with effort as he began taking short, hard breaths. Nina could see it in his very face: he was going to blow. Seconds later, he gave a loud bellow as he climaxed. Nina was totally unprepared for the rush of hot semen that was shooting into her womb. The heat alone was enough to break her as well, and she joined William in sweet orgasm.

Fifteen seconds later, the two of them had finished. William pulled his sore love stick out of Nina's wet hole. Nina lay there on the bed, panting as she felt William's seed spilling out of her. It was simply incredible, the amount of cum he had shot inside of her.

"That...whew...felt great!" William exclaimed as he wiped his sore, wet cock with the bed sheets. "I loved your pussy."

"Thanks," Nina panted. She continued to heave as she wiped the sweat from her brow. The air in the bedroom stank of body odor, lube, and semen. "William, I want you to do me a favor."

"Yes?" William asked as he massaged his sore loins.

"Get back on top of me and suck my tits. You don't have to fuck me, baby. I just want you to lay here and suck my tits. I'm about to burst over here."

William watched as the smiling older woman squeezed her tits seductively at him. His eyes then widened with glee as he saw the small drops of milk leaking from her big, dark nipples.

"Mmmm...titty milk," he growled, before crawling back on top of Nina. He rested atop of her and took her right teat into his mouth. He closed his eyes and hummed with satisfaction as the warm liquid began to fill him. The milk tasted a tiny bit like onions, but there was an undercurrent of sweetness.

"Yes, mi amor. Drink...drink," Nina cooed as William began to fondle her other breast. It felt so good to have him suck on her breasts; usually, she would have to express her milk in the shower, whenever she felt herself getting full, but William was drinking from her like a big, sexy, overgrown baby.

She hummed a lullaby of sorts while he continued to drink. He then switched to the other breast and suckled for another five minutes before falling asleep on top of her. She fought the urge to wake him when she felt his hot, half-soft penis rubbing against her leg. Her left breast fell out of his mouth as he began to snore softly. She felt her heart warm at the sight of this cute angel, and then she too fell asleep.

She awoke a short while later and looked over at the digital alarm clock on the nightstand. Nine-thirty eight! She thought to herself. She had been his bed for over an hour.

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