tagRomanceThe New Neighbor

The New Neighbor


Continued from "Caught You!"

Sandy has been gone almost three months. Larry moved out almost a month ago. He wasn’t very friendly after Sandy left him and moved back to Chicago. I suspect that he knew what Sandy and I were up to. Anyway he made some excuses about his work and needing to be closer. He’s gone. His house has been on the market since he left. It’s a great house, I was in it a few times while Sandy and I were having our affair. I look out my studio window now remembering the sweet hot honey that use to live there. Every time I carry the trash out I look at the fence. Sometimes it feels like she will be standing there when I head back to the house. Sometimes I carry the trash out half full just to walk out there. Oh well, can’t go back can you?

I was actually standing at that fence daydreaming about Sandy when the sound of the moving van brought me back to reality. The back-up alarm sounded and I saw the top of the huge tree in front of Sandy’s house shake as though there was a strong wind blowing. I decided to check it out. As I approached the front yard a light blue Cadillac pulled up on the street and out steped a nice looking middle aged lady. Our eyes meet and she quickly gives me a friendly “hello.” My first thought is that it will be nice to have friendly people next door for a change.

“Hello.” I reply. “Moving in?”

“Yes.” She answered. “I’m Allison Mitchell, my friends call me Ali.”

“Well, hello Ali.” I decided we are already friends she is so nice. “I’m David Hardin, my friends call me David. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Well thank you Dave.” She smiled. I blew it off.

We approached each other and shook hands. Nice friendly firm handshake. Nice lady. About 5’ 6”, Redheaded, not sure if it’s colored, looks good no matter. Green flashy eyes. Maybe a slight bit, just a slight bit heavy around the waist, but for her age, which I guess is between thirty-five and forty, the lady looks good. Her breasts are…well, those are her husband’s. I don’t plan on playing with someone else’s wife again.

“You live here?” She nodded toward my house, still holding onto my hand.

“Yes, yes I do.” I release my grip and she let go.

“You moving into Larry and Sandy’s?” I was still lingering on the thought of Sandy.

“Well, I guess so, if this is Larry and Sandy’s.” She flipped her head at the house.

“Where are you coming from?” I asked.

“Dallas, my company is starting a printing business in this area and I’m here to get things rolling.” She answered. “I will have to have you and your wife over for a welcome to the neighborhood drink soon.”

“Divorced.” I said lifting up my ring finger.

“Oh. So sorry.” She gave me a sincere heart felt look.

“Well, things happen.” I said. “But I noticed you said “I” would have you over not we. Are you married?”

“No, widowed now for seven years.” She took on a sadder attitude.

“Oh no, I am really sorry.” I was being sincere.

“Well, Dave, excuse me, David, I better get to unloading this truck. Those gorillas will have my things smashed and scattered all over the place. But hey, that welcome drink still stands if you’re up for it.”

“I’m up.” I smiled as she walked off.

“Ok.” She disappeared into the house.

The truck was there all afternoon. She must have tons of stuff. Or she was having those poor guys moving the couch here and then there and, no, over there, and then oh, I just can’t make up my mind. I don’t envy them, not at all.

I was at my desk working late again if you consider 6:00 late. It was just starting to get dark. Ok, I wasn’t at my desk, I was on the love seat and I wasn’t working, I was watching Sandy’s video. I hated seeing someone else doing her but it was all I had left of her and damn it, I miss the girl. And if Brad hadn’t done her that day I would have never gotten to know her like I did. For not being able to go back I sure am spending a lot of time there aren’t I?

I noticed a light go on in Ali’s bedroom or at least I assume it is her bedroom. It was Sandy’s. Ali had thick maroon curtains over the window. Not much hopes of anything fun happening here. Just then a shadow crossed the curtain. At least I knew there was someone there. And I had a feeling that Ali was going to be fun living next door to. She was single, she was pretty, she was friendly, what more could a man want. She could be naked. My attention had returned to Sandy’s video. I finished watching it for the b’zillionth time. I turned it off and headed to the kitchen to round up dinner.

It was almost 10:15 when the door bell rang. I was startled out of a half conscious state. Seinfeld on the tube. I stumbled to the door and opened it. There stood Ali, wine bottle and two glasses in her hand. She had a worried look on her face and asked.

“Am I bothering you? Is it too late for that welcome drink?” She asked. I opened my eyes wide open trying to wake up. “No, not at all. Well, not for the drink. It is too late to bother me. You bothered me when I first set eyes on you and it was quiet a nice bother I might add” I said through a yawn.

“Owww aren’t you the flatterer?” She said stepping through the door. I could tell my teasing yet truthful compliment put her at ease. “Do you have a cork screw?”

I headed to the kitchen inviting her to sit down. I came back with a cheap wooden cork screw and took the bottle from her. I took a seat beside her on the couch and turned off the TV. She took the remote and turned it back on.

“How dare you turn off Seinfeld?” She smiled.

I shrugged my shoulders, smiled back and kept working on the wine. I got the cork out and set the bottle aside on the end table. She handed me the glasses. I sat them by the bottle and returned to Seinfeld. I feigned interest in the show and ignored her.

“I loved this episode, how about you?” I asked, looking down out of the corner of my eye for her response.

She was smiling. I was relieved. “Aren’t you going to pour the wine?” She looked up at me with questioning eyes.

“Yes, yes I am but it needs to breathe for fifteen or twenty minutes.” I answered, still watching the show.

“Oh, fifteen minutes huh? I think I heard that once or twice. Well, you know how us hicks are we usually buy wine with a screw-on lid. Nothing sophisticated like this.” She was still smiling.

I pointed toward the TV and said. “Let’s watch the show now.” She gave me a love tap on the knee and returned to Seinfeld.

I looked down at Ali. Her fragrance was sweet, nice perfume. Nothing too scary. She wasn’t trying to over do it or anything. She was wearing a thin strapped top that tucked nicely into some faded jeans. She had on brown loafers. She had her knees crossed kicking her leg gently, her shoe dropping off her heel and was bouncing with the sway of her leg. We laughed. It felt good to have her here. We weren’t getting too close or too friendly but it was nice. The final scene of the show cracked us up so bad we were almost rolling in the floor. That damn Kramer.

Ali leaned forward looking at the wine then looking at her watch and back to the wine. “Well mister connoisseur, is it cooked yet.” I was loving this sense of humor.” I took a glass and filled it and handed it to her. I filled the other one, sat back on the couch and took a sip. I closed my eyes and savored the wonderful liquid.

“It has been quite awhile since I have shared a glass of wine with a lovely lady. Very nice selection by the way.” It was a Bordeaux, dry, red and wonderful. I had worked in a liquor store while in college, I got to know wine pretty well. Bordeaux was always my favorite.

“Ummm.” She was downing her first sip also. “Thank you, it has been one of my favorites for years.”

I picked up the bottle and studied the label. “I don’t recognize this label but it is quite exquisite.”

“Mmmm. I’m glad you like it.” She swallowed down another sip.

“This would go great with a nice medium well New York strip.” I added.

“Oh yes, we have to do that one day.” She got excited at the thought of steak and wine. “Promise?”

“Cross my heart and hope to fry, or grill or however you like your steak cooked.” It WAS a good idea.

We sat and enjoyed wine and talked and got to know each other. We laughed at the funny stuff, got serious on the serious stuff and both tried to avoid the sad stuff. The wine was running out and we were feeling no pain. Ali leaned back into the couch and closed her eyes. I put my arm around her on the back of the couch. I leaned over and kissed her soft lips tenderly. She tasted like wine, her lips were wet with the drink. She kissed back and sighed softly. We shared several more deep kisses and I gently slipped my tongue to her lips. Her lips parted and my tongue slid into her mouth across her teeth. Her tongue met mine after I had probed her mouth for several seconds. Ali’s breathing got deeper. Her chest was rising and falling with each breath. And now that I know she has no husband I can tell you her breasts were nice. She was obviously bra-less, her nipples were slightly swollen declaring the fact. She was at least in her mid thirties and she had nice breasts for her age. They were full and round, it was all I could do to keep from touching them.

She finally broke our kiss, I sat there with my eyes closed just kissing the air for a split second. She stretched and moved to the edge of the couch. I picked up the bottle, held it to the light. It was almost empty, less than half a glass. I held it to her glass, she put her hand over the glass and shook her head no.

“I have a problem when I drink too much wine.” She smiled.

“Oh, and what might that be?” I asked.

“Hmmm…maybe I will keep that to myself for now. Maybe I will tell you later?” She said as she stood up.

I stood up and pulled her to me. She didn’t resist. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my cock. It began to swell, I was sure she could feel it. I was embarrassed and yet I wasn’t. We hugged for several more minutes. She looked at her watch and complained about the time and moved toward the door. I opened it for her took her in my arms and kissed her one more time.

“Thank you for such a wonderful welcoming evening.” She said.

“Oh no, thank you.” I answered. “And, welcome to the neighborhood, and thanks for the wine.”

“You’re welcome.” She said. “Goodnight.”

I watched her disappear onto her porch. I heard her door shut and her porch light went out. I went back in and shut the door. I took the wine from the end table and swigged the rest of the bottle. I felt good, but I didn’t want to go to bed. Well, not to my bed anyway. I thought of the redhead next door getting ready for bed…alone. I went into the studio, hit the love seat and started Sandy’s video one last time before I hit the sack.

I closed my eyes as it started, thinking about Ali, I mean Sandy, I mean Ali. Well my thoughts might have been mixed up but I have half a bottle of wine in me and I don’t drink that often. I heard the video start and opened my eyes. To my surprise I could see Ali’s light come on in the mirror next to my computer. And the maroon curtain was parted! Not a lot but the bright light of Ali’s bedroom filled the opening. I twisted myself on the love seat and watched. The window was closed, damn the luck. I could see the bathroom door was open and the light was on. The next thing I saw brought me to a sitting position in a heartbeat. The thin strapped top Ali had been wearing flew through the air across the door opening. I quit Sandy’s video, the computer screen went black.

I moved to the window end of the love seat, raised my window and leaned my chin on the arm hoping for a nice show from my new neighbor. Soon her faded jeans followed the top. Oh, that conjured up some wonderful hot thoughts. When her panties followed the same trajectory, I stopped breathing for a second. Ali moved into view. She was as nude as the day she was born. She was standing in the bathroom, I could see her shoulder and part of a nice round breast. Her hip stuck out past the door jam but I couldn’t make out much more. Oh, Ali, I thought, just move a little to your left. Just a step, just half a step, please. Damn! Her night gown flowed down over everything covering it all up. It was pretty pink but I was hoping for some pretty red…as in pubic hair. The negligee only went down to the top of her thighs. Getting that close to seeing it all was driving me crazy.

The bathroom light went out and Ali stepped into the bedroom and disappeared from view. The bedroom went dark. Damn, shows over! But to my surprise and joy a lamp came on, I am guessing, beside her bed. The light is dim. I saw the bed clothes fly through the aid and float down to the bed. And then legs, long naked legs. I could see her legs from her knees to the hem of her negligee. Her knee bent and a hand slid up her thigh to her knee and back down to…oh damn I can’t see where it’s going. But I can guess. I unzip my pants and pull my swelling cock out. Ok Ali, let’s have a show now.

Then I see her legs fly off the bed. She throws the curtains open. I duck thinking she has seen me. No way. She opens the window and hops back into bed. The curtain is open further now, I can see much more. I guess she needed some fresh air and man am I glad. Her hand returns to her body. She lifts her leg closest to me, her hand slides up that nice white thigh and back down disappearing behind her leg. The way her hips writhe I am sure she has a handful of pussy. I can barely hear her sighing. She pulls her negligee up her stomach, I get just a glimpse of red. Her hand is working in the area of her belly button. Her other hand disappears under her negligee obviously massaging her breasts. My cock swells.

The next thing I see in her hand is a long slender phallic toy. She runs it up her leg and inside her thigh and up her stomach. She rolls toward the lamp. I get a great look at the scant growth of hair on her pussy, thick in the slit, thin on the edges. Oh Ali, thank you so much. The light goes out! I hear the dull hum of a…what is that? What the hell is that? I hear her start to moan, I can hear her bed squeak! What the…duh! Vibrator! Oh damn I wish I was there. I pull on my swollen tool hard now. I can hear Ali’s sighs getting louder. They turn to low volume screams of pleasure. “Oh Dave, Dave…David!” My heart stops! I want to answer her so much but I know she isn’t talking to me but the thought of me. I slip to the bathroom and shut the door where I can explode in private unlike Ali. I shoot cum all over the place, I have to start watching where I am aiming. I missed the towel a mile. I’m glad I can still fire it a mile. Then I have a nasty little thought.

I slip back into the studio and hit my computer mouse. The hum from Ali’s bed still there. The bright light of the computer screen illuminates the room. I hear the humming stop. I hear what sounds like Ali shuffling out of bed. I can just imagine her kneeling at the window watching. I stand there at my computer, my ass to the window. Now, I’m not Mr. America, but I am muscular, not cut but nicely built, I look good for 46. I slide my hand down my stomach and massage my balls, I hope she can see them bounce between my legs as I rub them. I know she has to be watching by now. This must be driving her crazy. I pick up a piece of paper and act as thought I’m reading something. I lean over and switch on a floor lamp beside my computer table. She has to be going crazy now. I’ll give her something to vibrate about. I turn and walk to the bookshelf standing beside the window, my less than hard but still somewhat swollen cock dangling between my thighs. I pull a book and open it as if I’m checking a reference. I stand there for several seconds. I walk back to the computer and sit down. I look from the book to the screen and vice versa. After a little bit I get up and walk back to the bookshelf revealing my cock again. I return the book to the shelf. Walk back to the lamp, turn it off, switch off my computer, it’s dark. I head to bed hoping Ali enjoyed the show.

The next morning I see her carrying a stack of empty boxes toward the alley. I decide to check in and see how her day is going. As she gets back to the house I’m standing where Sandy and I use to stand and flirt.

“Good morning Ali, sleep well?” I ask.

“Oh better than you will ever know.” She answers looking at me as if she wanted to eat me. “And you?” Quickly she looks to the boxes.

“Like a baby. Wine always helps me sleep.” I continue, wishing she would give away something to tell me she got a great eyeful.

“Oh yes it does but only after it makes me…well.” She hesitates.

“Makes you?” I push it.

“Well, uh, feel frisky, shall we say?” She finally admits.

“Oh really, I don’t think I noticed you feeling frisky last night.” I tease wanting to play.

“Oh, you just didn’t feel in the right place.” She surprises herself with her own words and looks at me stunned with wide open eyes. “No, I mean…well…um. Oh, I stuck my foot in it, will you please help me get it out.”

“Hmmm, right place, let me see, where would a “right place” be?” I smirk at her and let my eyes drift down her body, she is standing staring at me with her arms crossed, tapping her foot.

She is still smiling but I can sense I’m on thin ice so I step lightly. “I don’t remember touching…your…TOES? No, no not toes. Uhmm…your…”

She grabbed a box from one of several stacks on her back porch and threw it over the fence at me. I laughed and she laughed and we laughed. I was remembering the sweet show she put on for me and I hoped she was remembering the one I put on for her. Of course she didn’t know she had performed.

“David, could I ask a favor of you?” She got somewhat serious in the middle of our fun and games time.

“Sure, Ali, name away.” I was about ready to do anything for this lady.

“I have to take care of some business in Dallas and I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, if you could watch the house while I’m away? It will only be five or six days a week at the most.” She looked at me with the cutest puppy dog eyes.

“You bombard me with nuclear cardboard and then want a favor?” I joke tossing her box back to her.

“You are so cute.” She says as she catches it.

“Well I have to try to make up for areas where I’m lacking.” I answer.

“Oh I don’t think you’re lacking in …” She catches herself just as she was about to really stick her foot in it. “Well, I mean, from what I saw last night…uh…from the time we spent together last night, I think you are a really nice guy.” She was squirming to get out of this.

“Well, that’s mighty big of you to say.” I was about to lose it.

“No, no. You’re quite the gentlemen. You opened my wine, you let me watch…Seinfeld, and uh you kissed me very sweetly.” She was turning red about now. “I think you are the big one.” She was so obviously flustered, she had to run for cover. “Just a minute, I’ll be right back.” With that she disappeared through the back door.

I hopped the fence and started taking the empty boxes to the Dumpster for her. I was so eating this up. What a blast to watch her self destruct like that. I had carried two loads before she got back. She thanked me for my help, grabbed some boxes and we made the next load together.

“Oh about your favor, it would be my pleasure to see after your place while you’re in Dallas.” I said honestly.

She reached over and touched my arm. “Oh, thank you so much, now I won’t worry about anything back here. You’re so, so sweet to do this for me.”

I thought to myself, if she knew what she had done for me last night she might not think I was so sweet. If she ever found out what I saw she would throw more than boxes at me for sure. We finished with our chore and she invited me in for a cold drink or something. I said a cold drink would be great but I was thinking the “or something” might be better.

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