tagGroup SexThe New Neighbors

The New Neighbors


I awoke in a muck of hazy confusion. The first realization that dawned on me was that I was in my room and I was still wearing my clothes from the night before. The sun was shining brilliantly through my window directly into my eyes. Where I was laying there was no shade. I was finding it extremely difficult to even open my eyes. I couldn't remember much about the night before. Beyond meeting some friends after work for some drinks it all became a blur. I knew it had to be those shots of tequila that we did; they get me every time.

After moving myself well away from the sunlight I attempted to force myself to rise out of bed. My first attempt was met by a strong wave of dizziness that brought on some momentary nausea which compelled me to lay back down for another couple of minutes. After lying back down and clutching at my pounding skull for a minute or two the thought occurred to me that I knew exactly what would make me feel better. With that thought in mind I forced myself to stand and headed straight for my computer desk where I grabbed my trusty glass bong. I brought it with me out into the living room and plopped myself down onto the couch while reaching for the remote to turn on some Saturday morning cartoons.

I sat there for about a half an hour puffing on my bong and watching some of my favorite cartoons until my pounding headache began to dissipate. I soon began to feel a sharp twang of hunger in my stomach that I knew I would have to satisfy immediately despite the fact that I had no intention of leaving the soft embrace of my sofa for the entire day. After filling a ridiculously large bowl with cinnamon toast crunch I returned to my sofa and proceeded to gorge myself on it's sugary deliciousness. It was after several moments in this blissful state that I heard what I least expected to hear on a quiet Saturday morning. My mind was filled with confusion mixed with some mild paranoia of cops and suspicious smells from my apartment as three successive knocks were placed on my front door.

I quietly placed my bowl onto the coffee table in front of me and tiptoed nervously to the door wondering who it could possibly be. As I approached the door I decided to have a look through the peephole before opening the door in order to quell the paranoia that I was now experiencing. What I saw next sent a jolt of shock like lightning through my entire body. Standing before the door were two of the most drop dead gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my entire life. My next thought was do I answer the door in this condition being that I was hungover, stoned, probably smelled bad, had messy hair, and my clothes were wrinkled. After a moment of considering this I decided to open the door anyway since if I didn't I would be wondering what these girls were doing at my door for the rest of the day.

I quietly backed away from the door and then reapproached at a normal pace so as to make it seem like I was just getting to the door even though I had been staring at these girls through the peephole for about the last minute or two.

As I opened the door they both smiled knowingly at me upon observing my obviously haggard appearance to go along with my blood red eyes.

The blond girl with the full breasts on the right spoke up first, "Hi, I'm Tiffany and this is Elise. We just moved into the apartment next door and we just want to introduce ourselves around here since we're going to be neighbors now."

"Hi Tiffany, hi Elise, I'm Shane" I said flashing a smile at each of them. "Welcome to the neighborhood, I'm sure you'll find living here to be enjoyable as long as you don't mind the horrible plumbing or when they still have the heat on while its hot out. Oh, and watch out for the creepy old guy upstairs, I'm pretty sure he's a serial killer."

The two giggled like two schoolgirls sharing a secret and then Elise, the petite brunette spoke up and said, "Why do you think he's a serial killer?"

"Because you'll notice that every Saturday morning at 11 he's out in the parking lot obsessively cleaning his car and I notice him going for walks near the woods across the street at strange hours in the middle of the night. Its behavior that's typical to serial killers." As I was saying this the girls looked at each other and started giggling again. I couldn't believe my luck. These two incredibly gorgeous girls were actually going to be living next door to me.

I couldn't decide which one of them was hotter. On the one hand you had Tiffany the blond Barbie Doll type wearing a pink blouse that showed the beginning of her smooth, white, full breasts. Sneaking a glance down her body I noticed that she was wearing a tight, black miniskirt that showed off the perfect rounding of her hips and her beautiful soft, white legs. I resisted the momentary temptation to reach out and touch those wonderful legs. Elise, however, was a more petite, dark haired beauty with golden, tan skin. She was wearing a black spaghetti string tank top covering her small but perky looking breasts and a pair of dark flair jeans with a very low rise that showed off the bottom of her flat stomach. Her belly button was adorned with a small diamond piercing which completed her ensemble to give the impression of a very sexy, fashionable look.

Tiffany was the next one to speak up, "It smells like you've been having fun in there this morning." She said with a large grin looking into the open door of my apartment. They obviously knew I was smoking pot in there and Tiffany was basically inviting herself in to join in. I was more than glad to have their company since most of my other neighbors were pretty lame.

"Well if you'd like to come in, I was just about to have some more fun in there." This was almost too good to be true, now I was actually going to have these chicks hanging out in my apartment.

Tiffany looked at Elise and said, "So what do you think, girl, you up to it?"

"Sure, why not," replied Elise with a shrug.

No sooner had she said that than Tiffany walked right past me into my apartment. As she walked by she gave me an extremely enticing smile and winked at me in a very subtle manner. Elise followed behind her a little more hesitant but smiling just as enticingly as Tiffany. As she passed her hand brushed up against mine sending a shudder of delight up my spine. At this moment I was thinking that I was going to enjoy having these girls as next door neighbors. I was going to enjoy it a lot.

I followed close behind as they made their way slowly into my apartment looking all around. "This is a pretty nice place, Shane," said Tiffany looking at the paintings on the wall in my dining room. "Especially for a single guy."

"And how exactly would you know that I'm single?" I asked her.

"There's no real feminine touch in here, plus your bathroom door's open over there and the toilet seat's up," she replied with smirk.

"Ok, you caught me," I said smiling jokingly, "But I think I can assume that you two are single also."

"And what makes you think that?" asked Elise now joining in on the joking too.

"Well for starters, you two just moved in together which would more than likely preclude either of you from being in any serious relationships."

The girls looked at each other and started to giggle again. Tiffany looked back to me and with a coy smile said, "And what makes you think that we're not lovers?"

I was stunned at this statement, this was almost too good to be true. I stood there with my mouth open not saying anything for a moment while they resumed their giggling. After I recovered from my initial shock I said, "I don't think I believe that because that would make you the best looking lesbians I've ever seen outside of a porno."

"So you watch a lot of pornos than Shane?," asked Elise obviously trying to put me on the spot again.

"No more than most guys do," I replied.

"So let's see them," said Tiffany heading for the entertainment center in my living room.

Elise went straight to my couch and picked up my bong off the coffee table and proceeded to light it and take a long hit of it. She held it in for a few seconds and than expelled all the smoke from her lungs while looking up at me. "Not bad, dude," she said as she handed the bong and lighter over to me. I then sat down in the middle of the couch just to the right of her. Tiffany was still going through my DVDs as I took a hit from the glass bong.

"So where's all your pornos, Shane?" she asked while pulling each movie out to look at and then putting it back.

"Actually, I keep them in the bottom drawer to the left," I replied while blowing the pot smoke from my lungs.

She went right for the drawer with my pornos and started pulling them out, looking at each one. Finally she settled on one and put it in my DVD player and then came over to the couch and sat on the other side of me. She picked up the bong to take a hit as I grabbed the remote to push play on the DVD.

The movie that came on was a compilation of Jenna Jameson's best sex scenes called "Jenna Jameson: Girls Only." The girls settled back to relax on the couch with Elise resting her arm on my thigh. I still couldn't believe this was happening. Here were these two gorgeous girls sitting on my couch watching porn movies with me. If all goes accordingly, I just may be fucking one of these girls soon.

"So Shane, what do you do for a living?" Elise asked without taking her eyes off of the movie. The first scene was Jenna and a large breasted brunette; they were just beginning to make out and feel each other up.

"Actually I work for a contractor part time for extra money and the rest of the time I go to grad school at BC. I'm going for my masters in art history."

"What the hell could you possibly do with a degree in art history?" asked Elise perplexed by my choice of majors.

"Well I could smoke lots of pot and look at paintings all day but I was thinking of actually opening my own art gallery."

"That sounds cool," she said matter of factly.

"So what do you girls do?" I asked.

"Actually we're both juniors at BC so we pretty much live off of our parent's money," Tiffany replied. "But I occasionally waitress at Applebee's and Elise over there works for tobacco companies going into bars and giving out free cigarettes to convince people to change brands."

"Well at least you're making a difference," I said jokingly.

At this point Jenna and the other girl were starting to go pretty hot and heavy. The brunette was beginning to eat her out while pinching at her nipples with both of her hands. I could feel myself start to get hard and I shifted myself on the couch so as to try to make my hard on a little less noticeable.

Elise squeezed my thigh gently and looked down at my crotch then up at me and asked, "Movie's starting to get to you, huh?"

All three of us laughed at this breaking the uneasy sexual tension that was in the air.

After the laughter subsided Tiffany said, "Well, as much as we'd like to stay here and watch porn all day, I think Elise and I have to take off in a minute, we have a lot of unpacking to do."

To my disappointment they both slowly stood up, moving in the direction of my door. I stood up to walk them out the door but forgot about the hard on that I was still sporting.

Elise looked at my crotch again and said half laughingly, "It was really nice to meet you Shane. I think we'll leave you by yourself for a little while but don't hesitate to come by sometime."

Tiffany's eyes lit up and she said, "Yeah, actually tomorrow night we're having a big house warming keg party at 6. You should come by."

"Oh yeah, you should totally come over. It's going to be an awesome party," said Elise.

"Ok," I said, "I get done class at 4 so I'll definitely come by around six."

"Sounds good, I'll be looking forward to seeing you," said Tiffany as they headed out the door.

"Bye again," said Elise turning around flashing me a big smile as they headed back to their apartment.

"Bye," I called one more time as I closed the door behind them.

That night I was finding it extremely difficult to sleep as visions of Tiffany and Elise consumed my mind. I was imagining them together much as the girls in the video we had watched together earlier had been. I imagined them kissing and rubbing each other and then licking each other's pussies. As I lay restlessly in bed I could stand it no longer. I gripped my rock hard cock in my palm and began to stroke myself to relieve some of the intense sexual pressure that had built up. I felt like I would come very quickly.

It was then that I heard some muffled banging around through the wall behind my bed. I figured that they must be moving things around. Although it was 1:00 in the morning which seemed strange that they would still be moving things at this hour. The banging around abruptly stopped leaving it silent. After a few moments of this I resumed my masturbating. As I was envisioning Elise lapping hungrily at Tiffany's vagina I was once again interrupted. This time it was barely audible talking. I couldn't tell what they were saying, it was far too quiet and muffled by the wall.

Then something happened that caused my heart to jump out of pure excitement. I started to hear very quiet, gentle moaning. I began to stroke my cock with a new found vigor knowing that one of them was in there probably fingering their own pussy. The moaning began to get louder and more urgent as I jerked myself faster in unison with the moaning. After about a minute of this I felt my cock get extremely hard as I was about to come. And then it happened, with me imagining them in the next room over masturbating along with me, I exploded in a mind bending orgasm spewing great wads of come all over the insides of my boxers.

As I began to come down from this I heard whoever it was in the next room reach the peak of her orgasm with a long, drawn out, guttural moan. And then it was silent once again. I got up and took a long, relaxing shower and then returned to bed. This time I easily fell asleep.

The next day I left for class in the early afternoon. As I was leaving my apartment I glanced down the hallway and saw Tiffany leaving her apartment as well. As soon as she saw me her face lit up with a big grin and she strode straight towards me.

"Hi Shane! Wow, don't you look spiffy today," she said stopping just inches away from me. I could feel her body heat and smell her sweet perfume. I wanted nothing more than to take her body into my arms and bring her into my apartment to just make love to her for the rest of the day. However I resisted this temptation and continued our flirtation. "All in good time," I thought to myself.

"Thanks Tiffany, you look absolutely stunning." She did look stunning even just in the casual jeans and t-shirt that she was wearing today. Her presumably C cup breasts looked almost like they were straining against the tight fabric of her t-shirt, yearning to burst free.

She giggled and smiled shyly while shifting her weight to her left leg cocking her hip in an enticing posture. "Thanks Shane. So are you coming to our party tonight?"

"Definitely, I wouldn't miss it," I replied.

"Awesome. Well, I have to go meet some friends to pick up the keg. So I guess I'll see you later," she said beaming at me in a way that said she'd be doing more than just "seeing" me later.

"Yeah, I have to go to class anyway but I'll definitely see you around 6 o'clock tonight," I said.

"Ok, bye," she said turning away and walking to the door to exit the apartment building. As she walked away she quickly looked back over her shoulder flashing a big smile at me. I watched her go the entire way. I was mesmerized by the way that her hips swayed back and forth as she walked. The way her tight jeans hugged her heart shaped ass made me think I will die a happy man if I can have that ass to do with as I please.

I couldn't concentrate in class at all that day. My mind was consumed by these girls. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time from being so excited about the party tonight. I knew that I had a very good chance of at least getting with Tiffany tonight. She seemed to be really into me.

As soon as I got home from class I ate a moderate dinner, smoked a bowl, and took a hot shower. I dressed myself in a pair of fashionably faded jeans, and a white, collared shirt. I wanted to look good, but I didn't want to look too dressed up, this was an undergrad party after all.

When I approached the door I could hear the thumping beat of loud music from within. I knocked loudly on the door so that I would definitely be heard over the music. I was met by a beautiful sight as the door was opened for me. There was Elise in a pair of tight low rise jeans and a belly shirt that accentuated her hot, petite body. She immediately threw her arms around my neck in a warm, friendly embrace and said, "Shane! I'm so glad that you made it."

"Hey Elise!" I replied, "You look incredible tonight."

"Thanks," she said giving me an enticing grin as she took me by the arm and led me into the apartment.

The first thing that I noticed upon entering the apartment was the beer pong table in the middle of the living room with a crowd of people around it drinking from red plastic cups.

"Do you want a drink?" Elise asked me.

"Yeah, I'm dying for a drink at this point in the day," I replied.

She led me by the arm into the kitchen where there was a big keg sitting in a tub of ice with several people standing around it. It was brighter and less noisy in there.

"Hey guys, this is Shane, he lives next door to us," she said introducing me to the people standing around the keg.

"Hey, I'm Dave," said the surfer looking guy shaking my hand. "Need a drink?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied as he began pumping the keg while I filled my plastic cup.

The girl next to him said, "Hi Shane, I'm Amber."

"Nice to meet you Amber," I replied.

"Tiffany and Elise sure do find the hotties fast. What have they been here for a day and their already luring you over here," said Amber. The rest of the group in the kitchen laughed at this statement.

"Well, they can be quite charming," I said.

It was as I took my first swig of beer that I suddenly felt a warm body come up behind me and embrace me from behind. I immediately knew that it was Tiffany as I could feel those beautiful breasts rubbing up against my back.

"I've been waiting for you, Shane," she said as she moved up to my side and looked up at me with that same smile that was making me weak in the knees.

"Hi Tiffany," I said, "Sorry I'm late but my professor held me up for a while after class today."

"Don't worry about it," she said, "But you know you have to be my beer pong partner tonight."

"As long as you're good at playing, I don't want you to embarrass me," I said jokingly.

"Oh please, if anything you'll be the one to embarrass me," she said laughing.

After a few more minutes of chatting with the group a loud voice boomed in from the other room, "Yo Tiffany, you're up!" She took me by the arm and led me to the end of the table where we filled our cups and lined them up in a triangle, ready to take on our first opponents. We won the first game easily but after my third beer I was beginning to feel a pretty strong buzz.

The next team up to the table was Elise and her friend Amber. I made the first shot and was met by a big hug from Tiffany. I was really enjoying playing beer pong with her. Since every time I sank a shot she gave me a hug and I got to feel those wonderful breasts against my chest there was added incentive to play well. Tiffany missed her shot though and it was then Elise and Amber's turn to shoot at our cups. They both made their shots which meant they got to shoot again without us getting a turn. Tiffany and I quickly drank down our cups and I got the cups ready for the next shot. The speed at which we were drinking in this game was causing a warm, intoxicating feeling in my stomach and I could tell by how Tiffany was swaying that she was getting intoxicated as well.

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